Home is where your love lies (TwixAnon, safe, babytalk,)

May 9th, 2019
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  1. >Ughh, finally!
  2. >A long sigh of relief escapes your lips as the castle finally enters your field of vision
  3. >You stretch your limbs and back as you start gliding down, the satisfying pops and cracks filling you with bliss after such a long, tiring and yet inconclusive day
  4. >There truly is nothing like home
  5. >Now, it's not like you have anything against Canterlot, or its castle
  6. >Or even its owners
  7. >But you could really do with less nobles next time
  8. >This meeting was only supposed to last for a few hours tops! Not SEVEN!
  9. >Gosh, it's so good to be home
  10. >You flap your aching wings one last time before touching down, your benumbed hooves finally getting some much needed action as they clop around the balcony's floor
  11. >You frown upon discovering the door was left wide open, the curtains slowly shifting as the evening breeze passes by and enters the room
  12. >It may still be summer, it's still not a reason to leave it wide open like that this late into the day!
  13. >What if she caught a cold?!
  14. >You quickly fix the situation with a flick of your horn as you trot inside
  15. >Now, to find the culprit and spend some quality time before getting back to work and finishing today's damn paperwork
  16. >...
  17. >You never thought you'd ever think negatively of paperwork
  18. >Maybe your mom was right, you really don't see things the same way once you have more than yourself to live for
  19. >Anyways, where could they be?
  20. “ANO--”
  21. >You cringe a bit as you stop yourself from making more noise, your hoof finding your lips as if to make sure they'd stay sealed
  22. >Woops, let's not do that, she could be asleep after all
  23. >So you resume your trotting, your ears twitching a bit as they're trying to detect any clues as to your targets' whereabouts
  24. >You look into the kitchen as you walk on by, then the bathroom, then into her room and then finally into yours, not that you expected to find them there
  25. >They're most likely playing in the living room
  26. >So, with a shrug, you steer left and keep going
  27. >It takes you about a minute to finally get there
  28. >This IS a castle, after all...
  29. >You slow down as you start approaching the large embrasure leading to the lounge
  30. >Maybe you could surprise them!
  31. >You keep your ears forward but can't hear anything
  32. >You even start doubting of their presence here, until your eyes finally find them
  33. >The both of them sitting onto the sofa
  34. >Or rather, your husband sitting on the sofa, and your little one curled up in his left arm
  35. >They both look to be sound asleep, no way your little girl would be so quiet otherwise, and though you cannot really see your big human's face due to it hanging back onto the backrest, you think you can notice some drool dripping down the furniture
  36. >The sight makes you melt in place and a cooing noise escapes your lips without you realizing
  37. >Gosh this is adorable
  38. >But unsafe!
  39. >What if she fell?!
  40. >What if she started screaming and he'd push her off when waking up without even realizing it?!
  41. >And it can't be comfortable for him to sleep like that, that's how you end up with a torticollis!
  42. >You have to wake him up before something bad happens
  43. >But not until you immortalize this scene with a photograph~
  44. >And just as you planned, you can finally use the emergency camera you have right here, inside this room!
  45. >Not that the other rooms aren't equipped with their own, but you never got to use this one!
  46. >He rolled his eyes when you told him you'd need those all over the castle just in case, well he's in for a treat when he wakes up!
  47. >SNAP!
  48. >Ooooh, you can't wait to develop this one! This is sooooo going onto your nightstand~
  49. >You can feel yourself bouncing in place as you telekinetically place the device onto the table
  50. >Okay, time to awaken the beast
  51. >You ponder on how to go about it for a moment, and then decide to just nudge him awake
  52. >You place your hoof onto his leg and start pushing, slowly shaking it to bring him back to the realm of the waking
  53. >His head rolls around as he starts muttering something you can't understand
  54. >You decide to push a bit harder seeing as it doesn't look to be enough
  55. >”Wuh,”
  56. >That gets a rise out of him
  57. >And your horn starts flaring as you notice his jolt, making sure you're ready to catch the little one if anything happens
  58. >But you quickly dispel it, your fear seemingly unwarranted as he still tightly holds onto the little one as he starts taking in his surroundings, starting with your daughter
  59. >Only now, being this close, do you notice she was drooling all over your husband's shirt as well
  60. >She must take it from him~
  61. >”Hey babe,”
  62. >You smile as he finally acknowledges you, and you can see him carefully shifting to the side of the sofa to leave you enough space to climb onto
  63. “Hey,”
  64. >Maybe you shouldn't...
  65. >Tired as you are, there's a big chance you'll just fall asleep if you get in there...
  66. >But...
  67. >You don't ponder on whether or not you're joining them for long, buck the paperwork, you need this right now
  68. >A jump and a quick flap of your wings later, and you're snuggling next to your lover, nuzzling his nose as he drapes his arm around your back
  69. “Mmmhh, I really needed this,”
  70. >You murmur to him, a satisfied sigh escaping your throat as you lower your head onto his chest, making sure you're placed high enough so you can keep your eyes onto her
  71. >”Long day, huh?”
  72. “You can't even imagine,”
  73. >He chuckles
  74. >”I told you you should've said no when they made you supreme ruler of the world,”
  75. >You groan as you playfully give his ribs a quick jab
  76. “For one, I am not supreme ruler of the world, only of Equestria,”
  77. >An amused sound escapes his lips
  78. “And secondly, I couldn't just say no! The princesses were counting on me,”
  79. >”Really? It doesn't sound that hard to me, look; 'Princess Celestia, I would rather not, you can keep your silly title and all the junk that comes with it, thank you very much' and there, no more having to fly to Canterlot three times a week for 'emergency meetings',”
  80. “Yeah right, I wish, but you know it wasn't that simple, and they've been princesses for over a thousand years! I think they deserved a little rest, don't you?”
  81. >”It's not so much about not wanting to allow them some well earned rest, and it's more about me wanting my wife and the mother of my child to be able to spend more time at home,”
  82. >Though it's been over a year already, hearing this from his mouth still makes your heart skip a beat
  83. >And you'd bet your right wing that he knows as much!
  84. “Cheater,”
  85. >”What? What'd I say?”
  86. “That act stopped working years ago, you can drop it you know,”
  87. >”No way, that's part of the fun,”
  88. >You shudder and your wings flutter against your sides as his fingers lazily work their way around your back
  89. >”That bad, huh?”
  90. “Yesssss, they had us sit for five hours straight, and 'We can't have you spread your wings in here, your highness! What if our guests took it as a threat?!'”
  91. >You gave your best Raven impression, before the bad memory forced a frustrated groan out of you
  92. >”Uugh, I love—Ahh! Yes, right there~!”
  93. >Thank Celestia you ended up with a finger equipped husband, those things truly do wonders on wings~
  94. “Mmmh, as I was saying, I love this mare to bits, she's a great help when it comes to managing things, but sometimes I wish she'd spend some more time considering MY feelings over 'our very important guests',”
  95. >”Well, you know, last I heard you were the one wearing the crown,”
  96. “I know, but I can't just change thousands of years of royal etiquette on a whim!”
  97. >”Why not? You're the boss now, just tell them that if they don't like it, they can send a letter to Celestia, maybe she'll reply to them with some friendship lessons too, I bet most of them could make good use of those,”
  98. >That gets a snort out of you
  99. “That sounds great and all, but I'm still so new at this, I can't just come in and change everything just like that or ponies will start wondering if I'm truly worthy of being Celestia's successor or not,”
  100. >”Who cares? It's not up to them to decide that anyway, never was, and it's not like your requests would be so outlandish, I don't think anypony would seriously think less of you for asking breaks every few hours,”
  101. “I don't know about that, you obviously didn't speak to Blueblood long enough to say that,”
  102. >”Ugh, fuck that guy,”
  103. >Another jab coming from you
  104. >”Oof!”
  105. “Language!”
  106. >”Oh come on! She can't even speak yet! And she's asleep, look at her!”
  107. “Irrelevant, you need to get used to this new rule NOW, before she's capable of understanding those words!”
  108. >You don't need to see his face to know he's rolling his eyes right now
  109. >”Yes mom,”
  110. “Good,”
  111. >”Anyways, you should still tell him to get bent,”
  112. “Anon!”
  113. >He's chuckling
  114. >”What?! I didn't say any bad words!”
  115. >You growl to show your disapproval, but you can't find it in yourself to move
  116. “You're lucky you're so good with your hands, or else I'd have the willpower to be mad at you,”
  117. >”I know right? Crazy how effective those things are on ponies, I can just do that--”
  118. >You consider voicing your disapproval of his hand leaving your right wing unattended the second it lets go of it, but the feeling is long gone as you feel his nails softly digging into your scalp and his thumb stroking the base of your ear
  119. >It's only been a day and yet you feel as if you've been missing on this feeling for months
  120. >This day truly was awful
  121. >”And just like that, they're putty in my hands!”
  122. “Mmmh, maybe you should try that on the princess' nephew the next time you see him, maybe that'll calm him down some,”
  123. >”Eww, I bet he'd get a boner,”
  124. >A part of you consider jabbing him again, but the other part finds it too funny a scene to imagine to care about such misconduct from your human
  125. >The funny bone wins this time, and a chortle escapes your lips before you can stop it
  126. >Let's not wake her up just yet
  127. >”Though I guess that could calm him down too, he'd have to go hide his shame in the toilet and you wouldn't see him in public for another three months or so,”
  128. “Or maybe that would make everything worse, what if he ended up attracted to you and he'd see me as an obstacle to his love?”
  129. >”Urk, no thanks,”
  130. >You both share a laugh
  131. >”I'd go gay for your brother though, maybe,”
  132. >What
  133. “Shining?!”
  134. >That one is enough to raise your head though
  135. >”Yeah, your only brother? Unless you have a hidden one somewhere? Maybe an evil twin? Next's season's grand villain, perhaps?”
  136. “There's no way you just said what you just said,”
  137. >”There's plenty of ways I'd say the thing I just said, Shining's a cool dude, he's funny and a bit of a dork, just like my princess right here,”
  138. “I just... didn't know you swang that way, that's all,”
  139. >”Woah, okay, let's get this straight, I'd be on top,”
  140. “Huhhhhh... I'd rather not imagine you and my bro—ewwww, why are we even talking about this!”
  141. >”Hey you're the one that started it!”
  142. “No I'm not, you're the one that talked about Blueblood's boner first!”
  143. >He lets out a faux gasp
  144. >”Your highness! Such language!”
  145. “Oh shut it you!”
  146. >”Abu!”
  147. >Your last little bout must've woken her up
  148. >Both your gazes find her as she's smiling, spreading a hand towards your face and clasping at thin air
  149. “Hey theeeere~!”
  150. >You completely ignore your tired and overworked body as you bring your face forwards to start peppering her little hand with kisses
  151. >The small giggle she lets out means the world to you
  152. “I guess it was time to wake you up anyways, huh? Wouldn't want you to stay awake the whole night after all!”
  153. >You have to put in a little more effort than usual due to how tired you are, but your horn lights up all the same and you see your daughter's eyes widen in wonder as she starts floating around your magical aura
  154. >Your husband takes advantage of it to lift himself up the couch, much to your chagrin
  155. >”Oh damn, the sun is already setting, what time is it?! Did we sleep that long?!”
  156. “Around eight-ish, maybe?”
  157. >You answer him without even looking his way, your mind too focused on lifting your little girl's shirt, bringing your lips to her round belly and motorboating the hay out of it
  158. >”And you just came home?!”
  159. “Yep, told you it was a long day,”
  160. >”You should take a leave,”
  161. “A leave?!”
  162. >You ask him, an eyebrow rising due to how out of the blue his proposition is
  163. >”Yeah, a leave, a vacation, a holiday, I don't know how royals call it, but I'm sure there's a word for it,”
  164. “Ah no, don't touch that while mommy's holding you in her magic!”
  165. >You lower her onto the couch before she starts messing with your horn, but her eyes stay transfixed on it, her left hand still reaching up trying to grab it as she uses the right one to grab onto the backrest to try and stay standing on her little hooves
  166. >Must be the sparkles
  167. >”I'm serious, you know?”
  168. “I know, but I never heard of Celestia taking a... vacation before, I don't think that's possible,”
  169. >”Not possible?! You're the princess now! Where's the mare I fell in love with that said fu-- Ahem, to hell with the rules to start her school, and what did you do with her?”
  170. “There's a difference between starting a school and ruling a country, Anon! I can't just stay away while the problems pile up! What if something really urgent happened?!”
  171. >He shrugs
  172. >”Well you could ask Celestia and luna to take back the reins for a few weeks or so, they, I mean, Celestia has ruled for a thousand years, what's a week on top of that? And what about Luna, she's only ruled for a few years before she retired!”
  173. “I know and I'm sure they'd be more than happy to say yes--”
  174. >”Good, then it's settled,”
  175. “But! I can only rely on them so often, or, once again, some ponies could start losing faith in my statecraft skills,”
  176. >”Who caaaares! What are they going to do about it? Form a rebellion or something?”
  177. “Well, that could happen,”
  178. >You state as a matter of fact, before you start giving your little bundle of joy her own little private magic firework
  179. >”You can't be serious, a rebellion? Started by PONIES?”
  180. “You know I don't like it when you talk about ponies that way, I'm a pony if you haven't noticed,”
  181. >”I know full well you're a small pastel colored horsie, and I love you and I love that part about you, but come on! PONIES! Starting a rebellion! And I bet Blueballs will be the commander in chief, whew I'm trembling in fear right now!”
  182. >You sigh in defeat
  183. “Okay, maybe they wouldn't start a rebellion over this,”
  184. >”Over anything, because they're ponies,”
  185. >He adds, trying to correct you, but you simply ignore him
  186. “But like I said, we can't just ask the princesses to cover for me whenever we feel like it! They already covered for nearly four months for the pregnancy, and that wasn't even two years ago!”
  187. >A gasp escapes his throat
  188. >Not just any gasp though, but the kind of gasp that great geniuses let out when realizing the answer to their problem was right in front of them
  189. >And you know from experience that it coming from your husband can't lead to anything good
  190. >”That's it!”
  191. >Oh no
  192. “Don't--”
  193. >”We'll just have to get you pregnant again!”
  194. >You knew it
  195. >He just had to
  196. “I am NOT getting pregnant just so I can take a leave! And how can you consider a pregnancy 'vacation' anyways?!”
  197. >The silliness of it all gets to you, and even you can hear you're having a hard time keeping your voice straight
  198. >”Why not? And it's not like you getting a few months away would be the whole point either, it'd be nice for her to have a sibling to grow up with, don't you think?”
  199. >You thought he was just being silly, but he's actually serious about this
  200. >And him sitting back down right next to you tells you as much
  201. “Wait a minute, you're serious about this aren't you?”
  202. >Another faux gasp
  203. >”How dare you imply ill of me in such a way! And in front of my daughter, no less!”
  204. >He covers her ears as he says that, before he leans down to give her forehead a loud smooch as she's still wondering what's happening
  205. >”But, yeah, I've been thinking about it for a few days,”
  206. >Your breath hitches in your throat as his eyes find yours
  207. >He's dead serious
  208. >Wait no, this is too fast!
  209. >You were supposed to wait another two or three years!
  210. “W-what about the plan?”
  211. >”What plan?”
  212. >He looks genuinely puzzled
  213. >You can't believe he doesn't remember the plan!
  214. “You know! The plan! We were supposed to give her a sibling when she was three to four years old so they could emulate what me and my brothers had when growing up!”
  215. >”Oh, that plan,”
  216. >Oh, so he still remembers!
  217. >Or he's faking it!
  218. >But before you can poke him for some answers, he shrugs
  219. >”We could just have a third one by then,”
  220. >WAIT
  221. >You can feel your wings rustling about behind you, but the only sound breaking past your heartbeat is the infant below slobbering on her father's fingers
  222. >Could you
  223. >Can
  224. >You don't know!
  225. “I—We need more time to think about this!”
  226. >He's got his huge shit eating grin plastered on his face, most likely due to seeing the state in which you are right now
  227. >You hate it when he does that
  228. >Or maybe you love it
  229. >”Of course, you know I wouldn't force you into a corner like that, I'm not a monster,”
  230. >Oh
  231. >Good
  232. >Good..
  233. >Maybe... just a few days?
  234. >Just to make sure you're ready! Another child is a lot of work!
  235. >You're going to need more plans! And t-then plans for the third one...
  236. >Oh gosh
  237. >You hope one of them will be a boy!
  238. >OH!
  239. >BABY NAMES!
  240. >You'll have to plan those too!
  241. >And what if you have twins?!
  242. >Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh
  243. >You need paper and a quill, STAT!
  244. >You really have to make sure to not forget anyth--
  245. >”I'm sure you'll have an answer by bedtime, tonight? Must be more than enough for you, right?”
  246. >WHAT
  247. “WHAT?!”
  248. >All the gears stop in the blink of an eye
  249. >And you can hear him laugh
  250. >Oh he's laughing
  251. >He's laughing his ass off
  252. “That wasn't funny!”
  253. >”It kinda was,”
  254. >Your daughter seems to agree with him, though you doubt she understands what's her dad finding so funny
  255. >And you finally join in
  256. >Okay, maybe you went a bit off the rail there
  257. “Okay, maybe, but it's still a very serious subject! We have to make sure we're ready and that we want a new baby!”
  258. >He shrugs again
  259. >”I don't have to ask myself that if you're the mother, though,”
  260. >Ugh!
  261. >You can't believe something so cheesy hit the mark as well as it did
  262. >It was so cliché, sooooo...
  263. >You'd expect to read a line like that from one of the '''''novels''''' you could find in Rarity's bed-stand
  264. >And yet it worked!
  265. >He's cheating again!
  266. >And worst of all, he's still grinning!
  267. “You win this battle, but the war is far from over,”
  268. >”I'd expect no less from the supreme ruler of the small talking magical horses, my dear,”
  269. >He leans forwards and pecks your lips
  270. >”Anyways, it'll be fine Twilight,”
  271. >He says as he lifts himself up, but not before giving your daughter the same treatment
  272. >”But supper isn't going to make itself, so I'll just get to it while you come up with baby names, alright?”
  273. >You groan in reply, annoyed by both the fact that he's still poking fun at you, but also the fact that you know he's right and you won't be able to stop yourself from reading that '1001 foals name' book your mother gave you
  274. >But he's right anyway
  275. >It'll be fine
  276. >Everything will be just fine
  277. >”I love you!”
  278. >He singsongs as he walks out of the door
  279. “I love you too,”
  280. >You whisper back as you give your daughter an eskimo kiss
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