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Dec 6th, 2019
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  1. Tristan: idt its possible for phanta to get chain blocked by my monsters
  2. Resource Judge #9170: Hi
  3. Resource Judge #9170: issue?
  4. Tristan: hello judge
  5. Tristan: so i:p resolves in his turn
  6. Tristan: and b-buster and a-assault are sent to grave for the link summon
  7. Tristan: how do the chain links work?
  8. Tristan: cl1 b cl2 a cl3 phanta?
  9. Tristan: or is phanta cl1?
  10. Omar_00: ye
  11. Omar_00: ???
  12. Tristan: hes figuring it out chill
  13. Tristan: checking logs etc
  14. Omar_00: ah
  15. Resource Judge #9170: since you are the turn player
  16. Resource Judge #9170: phantazmay can activate first
  17. Omar_00: yeah
  18. Tristan: so can apollo be cl2, b and c cl3/4?
  19. Tristan: phanta isnt a public knowledge trigger eff either
  20. Tristan: so idt he can trigger before me
  21. Omar_00: i think since apollo was just summoned
  22. Omar_00: she's the last chain
  23. Resource Judge #9170: if you chain apollousa
  24. Resource Judge #9170: you cannot activate c and b later on
  25. Resource Judge #9170: anything else?
  26. Omar_00: nah thats it
  27. Omar_00: thank u
  28. Resource Judge #9170: so after phantazmay
  29. Tristan: can i appeal
  30. Tristan: idt that ruling is correct
  31. Resource Judge #9170: do you know what segoc is?
  32. Tristan: yes but i've seen before that phantazmay's trigger is different because it's in hand
  33. Resource Judge #9170: tell me what segoc is
  34. Resource Judge #9170: and how trigger effects are chained according to it
  35. Tristan: are u trying to be sarcastic
  36. Resource Judge #9170: if you get it right i'll give you the appeal
  37. Tristan: im asking for an appeal
  38. Omar_00: quest
  39. Omar_00: or nah nvm,
  40. Tristan: turn player mandatory opp mandatory turn player optional opp optional
  41. Resource Judge #9170: excactly
  42. Resource Judge #9170: where does phantazmay belong?
  43. Resource Judge #9170: from those 4?
  44. Tristan: ok u can leave if u wanna be an asshole
  45. Tristan: all i asked for was an appeal because i believe this is different
  46. Omar_00: yo
  47. Omar_00: dude he's a judge
  48. Tristan: it has been ruled differently in the ocg
  49. Tristan: yes but he has no right to dismiss my appeal
  50. Tristan: thats in the rules
  51. Resource Judge #9170: the ocg has different rules
  52. Resource Judge #9170: this is tcg rated correct?
  53. Tristan: ok u can leave
  54. Omar_00: yes
  55. Tristan: never join 1 of my judge calls again
  56. Resource Judge #9170: ok, have a nice day
  57. Tristan: thanks
  58. Resource Judge #9170: i won't remember your name though, so it's king of hard
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