Tamako Market BD-Box solicitation TL

Dec 5th, 2014
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  1. On December 5th, Kyoto Animation and the Usagiyama Shopping Street announced a Blu-ray box set for the show "Tamako Market"! It will be released on March 18 for 25,000 yen MSRP and contain all 12 episodes on 2 BDs and include a CD inside a newly drawn "dress" box.
  3. Included on the CD is a new drama tale called "Search for the blueprints you want to draw!" which tells how Tamako, Midori, and Kanna became friends after enrolling in Usagiyama High School. Also included as bonus features are a commentary on episode 2 by Director Naoko Yamada and seiyuu Aya Suzaki (Tamako Kitashirakawa) entitled "My Select Tamako", the three "Dera's Bar" shorts, and the three "Careless Choi-chan" shorts. Japanese subtitles are present on the discs.
  5. Bonuses included in the packaging also include storyboards for episodes 2 and 9 (Naoko Yamada's "Love Blooming Valentine" and Yoshiji Kigami's "Sing a Song of Love" episodes), a booklet (collecting character information, episode summaries, newly drawn dress images, handwritten messages, and more), and newly drawn photo cards by Mochizou.
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