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  1. August 21st, 2018
  3. It was a beautiful rainy day outside and the BOYS were playin some overwatch mystery heroes 6v6. It was a very good day for most of them, but one of them was about
  4. to have their sweet boipussi ripped to shreds. They were playing on blizzardworld on attack. The MEN were on some of that widow, bastion, mcree, and some other shit.
  5. They weren't doing too well and kept getting FUCKED IN THE ASS and lost attack. The attack was not completely lost, however, as there were some comments that flew by
  6. THE TRAP's head. Some simple jabs about junkrat's traps were made, but they were very passive and did not erupt any questions or emotion from THE TRAP. Then came the defence,
  7. and this is where everything started to come to life. Right off the bat, THE TRAP got junkrat and some easy jokes were made from Anaan saying "Kind of ironic", Stanley
  8. telling THE TRAP to slap down one of those sweet junkrat traps in front of the enemy team's spawn and sit there to make a double trap COMBO BREAKER, and THE TRAP
  9. still didn't clue in. There were still many jokes made about junkrat's traps and those weren't making any impact, so THE THREE MUSKETEERS decided to hit that motherfucker
  10. with the ZINGER of a lifetime. It started off simple enough with Anaan asking what Junkrat's first name was, and THE TRAP replied with "Jamison" but the valiant Anaan
  11. wouldn't give up that easily. Yet again, he asked what junkrat's name was. Nobody came up with answer, so Anaan stepped in and said "Brandan." the reaction was immediate,
  12. with the trap quickly inquiring "W-What's his last name?" to which Anaan simply replied "Dent, Brandan Dent. It's kind of like Harvey Dent but more of a fucking pussy."
  13.  Anaan then went on to tell THE BOYS about Junkrat's backstory. He pipes up with "There was once a man filled with darkness... some people would call him 'Dark Man'" and
  14. at this moment Anaan paused for a second and allowed a silence to be thrown over the call like a blanket that would later be spoken of as "The calm before the storm".
  15. The silence was broken with the loud bang of THE TRAP's mic hitting the floor with a thrust so fucking weak only a trap could have thrown it. THE THREE MUSKETEERS sat
  16. there with the belief that THE TRAP had been slain with the mic being a casualty of war, THE TRAP came back and started the next chapter that would be forever known as
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