Domination 2: Dominate Harder (Yang smut)

Sep 7th, 2014
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  1. “Come on Anon, You know you wanna,” Yang pestered you from her spot on your bed.
  3. “Yes, I want to,” You tell her from your desk.
  5. Yang was horny...and wearing nothing but a long t-shirt and her underwear...and laying on your bed.
  7. “I really REALLY want to, But if I don't get this report done for Professor Ports class, I'm boned. And not in the good way.”
  9. Yang gets off the bed and struts over to you, draping her arms around you, her breasts lay on your head.
  11. “Come oooon Anon,” she pleaded, “I'll be gentle this time, I promise.”
  13. “I've heard that one before,” You tell her, doing your best not to get distracted from the task at hand, “The last time you said that, I had to get sent to the infirmary cause of my cracked ribs.”
  15. “Oh don't be such a baby Anon,” she pouted, “It was only the ONE rib.”
  17. “It still hurt,” You argue.
  19. “You know you'll give in soon enough,” she continues, undeterred, and you feel her kissing your neck.
  21. You don't give her a response, and try your best to ignore her and just try to focus on your work.
  23. Honestly it was a bit of a turn on when Yang kissed your neck like this, but she knows that and doesn't hesitate to use it to get what she wants, and what she wants is you. Yang doesn't like the lack of attention she's getting in return.
  25. She turns your chair around and straddles your lap, giving you a face full of her chest in the progress.
  27. “I'm running out of polite ways to say it anon,” she said, her hand running through your hair, “I want you to fuck me senseless. Now.”
  29. She started grinding on your lap as she spoke, and playfully tugging at your hair.
  31. “Well I'm a little bu-”
  33. She cuts off your argument when she raises your head and presses her lips to yours, and her tongue decides to invite itself inside your mouth. You hate when she pulls this card, because it means there's no more room for debate now.
  35. She finally pulls away for a minute and smirks at you.
  37. “You know what I wanna hear next right,” She asks you.
  39. “Yes,” you feel a tug at your hair, “...Mistress.”
  41. You made the mistake of playfully calling her that one night the two of you were together, and now she loves making you call her mistress before getting down to buisness.
  43. She gets off your lap and picks you up bridal style and heads for the bed.
  45. “I'm perfectly capable of walking you know,” you protest her action.
  47. She drops you on the bed with a 'thud', apparently not hearing, or not caring, about your argument.
  49. She then takes her panties off and sits on your bed facing you, giving you a good view up her shirt.
  51. “Alright Anon, you know the drill,” She says, licking her lips.
  53. You nod, and stick your head under her shirt, coming face to face with her bare lips, and give it a small lick.
  55. You tease it with small, short licks around the clit, and soon you can feel Yang's hand on your head, and you close your eyes in anticipation of her pulling it again. But the pull never comes, and instead you just feel her rubbing it.
  57. “Hurry up Anon,” she says, her thighs starting to squeeze against your head, “Hurry it up so we can get to the main course already.”
  59. Yang must be really need to get off today. You think back to the last time you two had sex, and after the rib cracking incident, you hadn't really done anything together while it healed. That was just a little over a month ago.
  61. You continue to eat her out, and after a few minutes you hear Yang moan in ecstasy, as her thighs catch you in a vice grip. You have to start tapping out to get her attention.
  63. She pulls your head up by your hair from under her shirt and shoves you back down on the bed before getting on top of you and biting at your neck.
  65. You could feel her teeth tugging at your skin up and down both sides of your neck, and you can feel yourself getting hard the more she did it. She notices this, and grins before giving you another deep kiss, her hand pulling your head up by your shirt collar, as the other hand slid down and undid your pants.
  67. Yang wasted no time in taking you inside her, and begin bouncing her ass up and down, as she continued to kiss you before breaking away again.
  69. “God Anon,” she said as she continued to ride you, “You're the best fuck I've ever had.”
  71. She continued bouncing on you, a distinctive slapping noise being made every time your bodies came together. She got off of you briefly, just long enough to turn around and continue fucking you reverse cow girl style, giving you and amazing view of her ass, and you reached out and grabbed a handful in each of your hands.
  73. As you kept on, you couldn't help but be surprised at how tame Yang was being compared to the other times. You could still tell she was the one in control, but maybe the comment about your ribs got her to ease up. As soon as you think this however, Yang gets off of you again and turns back around and pulls you against her as she lays back on the bed.
  75. She positions you in front of her opening, and you thrust yourself inside her.
  77. “Don't you fucking stop anon,” Yang cries out, “I'm so fucking close, keep going.”
  79. “Of course mistress,” you smirk and kiss her neck.
  81. You keep pumping, in and out of Yang, and she moans in pleasure. Then you feel her hand sliding up your back before stopping in it's usual spot. Your hair, which is a pretty clear indication of what's going to happen next.
  83. “Fuck, Fuck, FUCK,” Yang scream out.
  85. And sure enough, as you feel Yang tightening around your erect member, she grabs a hand full of your hair and pulls. Hard.
  87. You'd never admit this to Yang, but even though it hurts a little every time she yanks your hair like that, it's become a bit of a turn on for you ever since that first night. Then you feel yourself getting ready to cum.
  89. “Y-Yang, I'm about to-”
  91. “Don't fucking stop Anon,” She says as she continues to tighten up, “I kill you if you pull out right now Anon.”
  93. You know you're not going to last much longer, but she was pretty clear about her desires, so you make your choice. You lean your head in, despite Yang's tugging force, and kiss Yang, and with one last thrust you release your seed inside, and the two of you moan in each others mouth.
  95. The two of you remain lip locked, as your bodies finally slow down their shudders from your mutual climax, till finally you break away.
  97. Yang pulls your hair a little again, and your neck arches back and she kisses it a few times before falling back on the bed.
  99. “Best. Fuck toy. Ever,” Yang pants out.
  101. You roll your eyes and put yourself away, re doing your pants. You were used to the routine by now. Yang wants sex, You have sex, Yang says thanks and leaves. You didn't mind at first, but you were a little tired of just being her 'territory'. You decide that with Yang satisfied now, you can finally finish your work, but as you get up to leave the bed, Yang tugs on your arm.
  103. “Where do you think you're going stud?” Yang raises her eyebrow at you.
  105. “I need to finish my work.”
  107. Yang pulls you back into bed.
  109. “Nah,” Yang objects, “we're going to try something new now.”
  111. “Yang please,” you say dejectedly, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.”
  113. “I'm talking about after sex cuddling,” She rolls her eyes, “apparently it's supposed to be nice.”
  115. “Since when have you been the cuddling type,” You question her.
  117. “Since you came inside without permission.”
  119. “You said you would kill me if I pulled out.”
  121. She smirks at you.
  123. Damn. You've been hoodwinked.
  125. “Alright, you win,” you say as she wraps her arms around you, “I'll go from fuck toy to cuddle buddy for an hour, but then I need to finish my report.”
  127. “Hey, you're not just a fuck toy,” yang says, flicking you in the head, “you're MY fuck toy.”
  129. “Is that your idea of being romantic?” You ask, as you make yourself comfortable
  131. “Pretty much.”
  133. You decide to take what you can get, that's an upgrade from her usual way of ending things.
  135. “You know something else Anon?”
  137. “What?”
  139. “I think you looked better when you where a little...'messy' after our first time.”
  141. “...Shut up.”
  143. So Yang pulls you against her, facing outwards, and puts her chin on your head. Within minutes you can hear her snoring.
  145. You roll your eyes again, but you smile as you put your hand on hers.
  147. “Good night Yang.”
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