Valour Rift Additional Info

May 13th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. This paste contains some additional data and information for VRift. The main progression guide is located here: and the main Vrift guide is at:
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  5. Valour Rift Upgrade Order: Ignore the Target TEs but the general order is still correct.
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  11. Simulators Available: (Re's) or (Aaron's). These simulators are exclusive to Google Sheets and DO NOT WORK IN EXCEL. (You'd know if it's wrong if you see shade 5 on first run)
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  15. How to use Re's VRift Simulator (thanks to stormight)
  17. Steps - Current steps of your run, 0 if you're calcing for a fresh new run
  18. Sync - Hunts left in your run
  19. Speed - Your Speed upgrade level
  20. Siphon - Hunts gained from catching a Shade/TE that is dependent on your upgrade level of Siphon, double this value if Super Siphon is turned on
  21. CF - True if using Champion's Fire every hunt, False if not using Champion's Fire
  22. CF EC - Champion's Fire is toggled on for Shade/TE
  23. UU - Ultimate Umbra augmentation, on or off
  24. Str. Step - String Stepping augmentation, on or off
  25. Bail Flr - Designated floor to retreat upon reaching, set it to a high floor unless you're calcing for retreating after a shade/TE, set it to the floor after those mice if you're planning on retreating/re-calcing midrun
  27. Stats on the righthand side:
  28. Power and Luck values for each stage in vrift
  30. EC - shade/Total Eclipse floor
  31. Lap 1 - floors 1-7
  32. Lap 2 - floors 9-15
  33. Lap 3 - floors 17-23
  34. Lap 4 - floors 25-31+
  36. Charts at the bottom
  37. Floor - Floor reached
  38. Eclipses - Eclipse reached
  39. Frags - Fragments/Cores looted from the respective Shade/TE (discounting CF)
  40. Exactly - Chances of reaching exactly that floor/Eclipse
  41. At least - Chances of reaching at least that floor/Eclipse (a run that has a 50% chance of reaching TE7 might have a 100% chance of reaching at least TE5 for example)
  42. i don't believe the values for secrets/sigils on the left side accounts for caches, so math accordingly
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  46. Calcing mid-run upgrades utilising Re's VRift simulator
  48. 1. Calculate with bail floor on desired TE floor +1
  49. 2. Take the minimum steps taken for that TE floor from wiki, add your speed to that step count (and add one more if CF is toggled on)
  50. 3. Take your base hunts, add the extra hunts you gained from Siphon, subtract the hunts taken to catch your desired TE (found in the sim)
  51. 4. Plug these step/sync numbers into the sim again with your new upgrade levels
  52. Let's pretend in this example we get a 3rd extra core from TE1 (via LNY or SEH). In order to calculate the effect of being able to upgrade from speed 6 to 7 after TE1, we'll need to change our sim inputs.
  54. Input your details as per usual, but set your Bail Floor to 9 (the floor after you catch TE1).
  56. Look up on the wiki to see the minimum steps taken to reach TE1, then account for the steps you'll take after catching it. In this example it would be 140 + 6 + 1 = 147.(minimum steps to reach TE1, our speed level and 1 for having CF toggled on)
  58. Then we take our base hunts (60 due to level 4 sync), add the hunts we gain due to having level 4 siphon (40 since there's only 1 TE caught), and subtract the hunts taken in order to catch TE1. That gives us a result of 77.
  60. <- image of simulator pre and post upgrade
  62. We put the values of 147 and 77 into the Steps and Sync boxes, remove the limit we placed on our Bail Floor, and increase our Speed from 6 to 7 and re-calculate.
  64. Now we'll see that the run has been re-calculated while accounting for a mid-run upgrade. (refer to image link)
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  69. Questions on VRift (written by Lhwhatever)
  71. When do I use Secret Research (SR)?
  72. - If your upgrades still cost sigils, probably not.
  73. - Before Siphon 5, whenever you can (you should be able to do this permanently starting Speed 7)
  74. - After Siphon 5, you can start using it with Super Siphon (SSi). The difference between SR only and SSi+SR isn't big, though (SSi+SR gives +0.01 secret/hunt).
  75. - If you're going to commit a lot of resources to your UU runs, you can consider activating this as well as you will probably be hitting a higher floor than your usual runs anyway.
  77. When do I use Super Siphon (SSi)?
  78. - As you may imagine, SSi helps you reach higher floors and higher eclipses, hence getting more Fragments.
  79. - However, SSi isn't as good for farming secrets. Efficiency: SSi+SR (Siphon 5) ~ SR only > SSi+SR (Siphon 4) > SSi
  80. - This is because SSi+SR is heavily sigil negative and you will need to do SH-only runs to farm back the sigils.
  81. - At Speed 6 / Sync 4-5 / Siphon 4, you may need to do a SSi run to hit F25 for unlocking UU (unless you upgrade Sync all the way to 6; see the next point on whether you should do that).
  82. - Use this for UU runs or if you need to farm Fragments (if fragments are somehow your bottleneck rather than secrets, e.g. due to mass map leeching).
  83. - Once you get Siphon 5, SSi+SR once again becomes viable for farming secrets (i.e. together with Secret Research).
  85. Should I get Sync 5 and 6?
  86. - Sync 5 and 6 make a miniscule improvement on your ability to get secrets faster (at best, 1 additional secret every 50 hunts). So Sync 5 and 6 will set back your ability to earn secrets.
  87. - But you may need these upgrades to get a better chance at your next TE in a UU run. As this is setup-dependent (auras, charms, CF, etc.), there isn't a rule of thumb on whether you need them; consult the simulator for the setup you plan on using and see if it helps your chances significantly.
  88. - The conclusion is to get them as late as possible, i.e. just before a UU run which you need those upgrades.
  89. Speed 9 or Siphon 5 first?
  90. - Speed 9 helps you get secrets faster but Siphon 5 helps you get to a higher floor (with SSi).
  91. - Upgrade whichever gives you more TEs in your current or next UU run.
  92. - If tied (or if both give you enough TEs), go Speed 9 > Siphon 5 > Speed 10.
  94. How do I plan out my UU runs / use my cores?
  95. - You need a total of 123 cores to get everything (incl. PB and CDT).
  96. - Since upgrading sync mid-run will still give you the 10 hunts, you can get the last 3 cores (for Sync 7) during your push.
  97. - Hence, you only need 120 cores before pushing.
  98. - Assuming no event boost[note 2], there are 3 combinations of runs that will get you 120+ cores.
  99. - 2 UU runs: TE5 (30 cores) + TE9 (90) = 120
  100. - 3 UU runs: TE4 (20 cores) + TE5 (30) + TE8 (72) = 122
  101. - 4 UU runs: TE3 (12 cores) + TE4 (20) + TE6 (42) + TE7 (56) = 128
  102. - Don't forget to turn on CF.
  103. - Use the sims to plan what level of charms and auras you need. Expect to use lightning or spooky at the very least with CF and R2021+ for 2/3UU.
  104. - You should almost never start UU without enough secrets for all upgrades you plan to get during that run. See note 3 and 4 for exceptions.
  106. Get upgrades in this order:
  107. Speed 7 -> PB[note 1] -> Speed 8 -> Speed 9 + Siphon 5 (see above) -> Speed 10 -> CDT[note 3] -> Sync 7
  109. Notes:
  110. [1] If doing 4 UU runs, delay this after Speed 8.
  111. [2] If event boosted, you should calculate the number of TEs required based on your situation but the upgrade order stays roughly the same.
  112. [3] You might want to rush a UU run during LNY because the tripled cores save a lot of time. It's fine if you don't have time to farm secrets -- just do the run. If you don't have enough secrets for an upgrade, but getting (C)CDT would help you get an additional TE, then get CDT.
  113. [4] For some upgrades, you only get enough cores after the last TE in that run. In that case, you can just farm the secrets for that upgrade after the UU run (with all the bonuses you have from the upgrades/PB you got in the mid-run).
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