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  1. Chris Played by Charles Berman
  2. 1. Sapuravi, diamond, rkatsiteli, niagara, and Concord are all what?
  3. 2. What is the non-metric system called?
  4. 3. What is the difference between calibres and calipers?
  5. 4. Give an example of a retronym.
  6. 5. Chuvash, Urhobo, and Mari are examples of what?
  7. 6. Name a film featured on Rifftrax.
  8. 7. Why are butterflies called that?
  9. 8. What does it mean to be avuncular?
  10. 9. What is both a kind of mythical story and a kind of inscription?
  11. 10. What is a kind of musical instrument, a kind of fish, and a kind of beer?
  12. 11. Roman emperor Hadrion was known for building a wall where?
  13. 12. What is the difference between a yoke and a yolk?
  14. 13. What is the difference between a yogi and a yogini?
  15. 14. Why has the population of the city of Pripyat declined sharply since the 1980s?
  16. 15. What is both a kind of car and a kind of bean?
  17. 16. What city is known as the Third Rome?
  18. - So what was the second Rome?
  19. 17. What is the difference between a barrister and a barista?
  20. 18. Name a country where the main official language is not the one spoken but most of the people?
  21. 19. In what country was Chinese Checkers invented?
  22. - What about Chinese Chess?
  23. 20. What is both a kind of chew and a kind of dance?
  24. 21. What song plays when you dial (212) 736-5000?
  25. . 21. Name something only one of us has read, heard, or seen?
  26. 22. Heads or tails?
  27. 23. Why should you win?
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