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Mar 25th, 2014
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  1. bunnehhulk2 > Helllo
  2. Nicolas Dupre > Hi
  3. bunnehhulk2 > iv been asked to contact you about an offer made earlier
  4. Nicolas Dupre > I'm sure you have
  5. bunnehhulk2 > can you run then details by me as they may have been jumbled in the telling
  6. Nicolas Dupre > Pretty simple really. I'm prepared to leave your operation alone if you pay me 5B, which I reckon is easily less than a week's income from your mining op when it's running smoothly
  7. bunnehhulk2 > would that be a one time payment, or will you be back for more?
  8. Nicolas Dupre > One time
  9. Nicolas Dupre > I chose it as a serious figure that I believe you can cover without too much difficulty
  10. Nicolas Dupre > But which is sufficient to compensate for losing targets
  11. bunnehhulk2 > and garentees that you you wont do it again under another char?
  12. Nicolas Dupre > Correct
  13. Nicolas Dupre > It's not like I have nearly as many alts as you anyway :P
  14. bunnehhulk2 > ok then, 5B is a reasonable investment and worh the risk for peace full operation for our people.
  15. Nicolas Dupre > I'm glad you can see reason, you're a businessman after all
  16. bunnehhulk2 > do i trans the isk to you?
  17. Nicolas Dupre > If you please
  18. bunnehhulk2 > and you will cancell the war dec?
  19. Nicolas Dupre > Yes.
  20. bunnehhulk2 > ok transfering now
  21. bunnehhulk2 > wait one
  22. bunnehhulk2 > done
  23. bunnehhulk2 > we have a deal?
  24. Nicolas Dupre > Right, that covers me attacking you. Oh, but I really must ask you buy New Order permits for your miners. They're much cheaper
  25. Nicolas Dupre > Just 10M per year per character.
  26. bunnehhulk2 > what is a new order permit?
  27. Nicolas Dupre >
  28. Nicolas Dupre > The New Order controls mining in highsec
  29. Nicolas Dupre > Some people call it an extortion racket, and such a thing is of course fine EVE gameplay, but it is about improving miners.
  30. bunnehhulk2 > reading now
  31. bunnehhulk2 > i see, and who do we contact for these permits? you or James
  32. Nicolas Dupre > Any Agent of the New Order will do, I am one and of course James as the Father of the New Order counts
  33. bunnehhulk2 > and do we contact you individually or can the corp pay in bulk for say 30 permits
  34. Nicolas Dupre > Bulk payment is fine
  35. bunnehhulk2 > ok so if i transfer 300mil to you that will cover 30 char, some of our people went to NPC corps this morning but may come back and some listed corp members no longer play.
  36. bunnehhulk2 > correct?
  37. bunnehhulk2 > do you need a list of current members?
  38. Nicolas Dupre > Yes, that covers 30 characters for a year
  39. Nicolas Dupre > I do know most characters, but a list would be good
  40. bunnehhulk2 > ok, we went 5b whats 300mil more.
  41. bunnehhulk2 > will transfer isk now and email you list soon. acceptable?
  42. Nicolas Dupre > Acceptable.
  43. bunnehhulk2 > befour i do is there any other fees i need to know about?
  44. Nicolas Dupre > No, that covers the permits for a calendar year
  45. Nicolas Dupre > You'd be amazed how many miners don't see the fiscal sense of that
  46. bunnehhulk2 > i bet
  47. bunnehhulk2 > done
  48. bunnehhulk2 > and the war dec?
  49. Nicolas Dupre > Sure, I'd just like to talk a little first
  50. bunnehhulk2 > k
  51. Nicolas Dupre > It really was surprisingly easy to kill your corp members, they don't pay much attention when mining, do they?
  52. Nicolas Dupre > In fact I watched one of them warp right past me on a gate when I had the wrong point fitted then continue to mine
  53. bunnehhulk2 > that will have to be looked into in the future, we have alread disscussed the and will take stepos to protect our self in the future. as you said it is becoming costly
  54. Nicolas Dupre > This is going back a bit, but do you have an explanation for R'shaeli's bizarre behaviour in the first war?
  55. Nicolas Dupre > Undocking in your pod repeatedly is not exactly wise, especially at war.
  56. bunnehhulk2 > no and i can ask she was our fleet boost, we dont have onew not tom her opwner is nolonger with us, i could sent him an email however i dont think he would answer as im the one who fired him.
  57. bunnehhulk2 > sory cant ask
  58. Nicolas Dupre > Ah, that's a shame. I did notice that you had no orcas this time
  59. bunnehhulk2 > we are looking to recruir one if your offering
  60. bunnehhulk2 > recruit
  61. bunnehhulk2 > time to change the batters (blody wireless)
  62. Nicolas Dupre > Oh, sure, do that. Not quite done with the talk though
  63. bunnehhulk2 > k
  64. bunnehhulk2 > can we speed it up things to do
  65. Nicolas Dupre > Okay, I'll get to the point then
  66. bunnehhulk2 > k
  67. Nicolas Dupre > Every pilot in your corporation then and now exhibited bizarre behaviour
  68. bunnehhulk2 > uh
  69. Nicolas Dupre > Not one of them acted like a normal player
  70. bunnehhulk2 > mmm
  71. Nicolas Dupre > I think you know what I'm saying
  72. Nicolas Dupre > I know you know what I'm saying
  73. bunnehhulk2 > i know what your insinuating
  74. bunnehhulk2 > but can nither confirm or deny actions take by mnemberts
  75. Nicolas Dupre > I COULD overlook this but that would be costly.
  76. bunnehhulk2 > it already has been
  77. Nicolas Dupre > There's this option on the dropdown for characters that is very tempting.
  78. Nicolas Dupre > It's right above invite to duel.
  79. bunnehhulk2 > yes you took it last time
  80. bunnehhulk2 > we were cleared
  81. Nicolas Dupre > Well last time you disappeared without talking to me
  82. Nicolas Dupre > This time we're having this chat
  83. Nicolas Dupre > I was also kinda new back then
  84. bunnehhulk2 > and his time we admitted nothig denyed everthing and payed extortion money to be left alone nothing else
  85. bunnehhulk2 > so we were right your going to just keep comming for more and more cash
  86. Nicolas Dupre > So you don't mind if go through my list and make those clicks?
  87. Nicolas Dupre > I was indeed holding this back, but I was clear about what you were getting for the first payment
  88. Nicolas Dupre > The first payment is for your safety from space violence
  89. Nicolas Dupre > If you want to avoid ANOTHER kind of action that's separate.
  90. bunnehhulk2 > ok then so your just a nother con, fine 5B was cheap to find that out hell we would have paid 50B if you were legit. corps will be dispanded, public wanrning will be listed everywhere as to not to deal with you as your not a person of your word
  91. bunnehhulk2 > go for it make those click
  92. Nicolas Dupre > I'm perfectly legit.
  93. bunnehhulk2 > we though it would end like this
  94. bunnehhulk2 > your scum
  95. Nicolas Dupre > I'm not the one running software that rhymes with 'rot'
  96. bunnehhulk2 > neither are we, you cant prove shit\
  97. bunnehhulk2 > i have no reason to keep talking to you the
  98. Nicolas Dupre > Oh well, I was prepared to overlook it but I guess you'd prefer it this way
  99. Nicolas Dupre > Starting at 'abe' then I guess.
  100. Nicolas Dupre > No last minute change of heart?
  101. bunnehhulk2 > bull you were going to overlook anything, your going to try to drain every sent then do it anyway. to have already proved your not of your word. so go for it we have done nothing wrong
  102. Nicolas Dupre > It's sad that you have so little trust, but I'll do it your way
  103. bunnehhulk2 > trust we did trust and you kept comming back for more
  104. Nicolas Dupre > Well then, the deed is done.
  105. bunnehhulk2 > what ever
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