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  1. (This is possibly non-canon, and there are spoilers for a future plot point. I'll put a spoiler box in where that occurs if you want to remain pure. This all happens after Laurent loses once to the Yorigami sisters. He is not fused with Remilia at the moment.)
  2. You walk into Yukari's house, following the purple-clad woman as she puts her large, fluffy fan into a large wall holder in the entrance hall, along with a dozen others. There's another stand, where another dozen parasols hang, mostly some variation of pink, purple, white, and one black one, strangely.
  3. "Come in, make yourself comfortable. Ran will be awake soon to cook, if you're hungry." Yukari calls to you. You slip your sturdy hiking shoes off, placing them next to the other three pairs (One small pair of black mary-janes, one larger purple pair with points, and Yukari's light pink ones with red bows). You then go to the next room, curious as to how this woman lives. You can already tell they use electricity, as there's a soft, white light globe above you, as well as a switch for it on the wall.
  4. What you see slightly throws you off: It's a modern house, with a couch, a large LCD TV, some game systems and a DVR underneath... There's also a small fish tank with what appears to be basic house-pet fish floating in it. It's almost disturbingly normal, for such an eccentric family as this. You also feel air conditioning, something you haven't had in months.
  5. Yukari notes your confusion. "I hope you weren't excepting me to live like Reimu does, when such modern convenience is available?" She gestures you towards the hall. "Come, I want to talk to you where we won't be interrupted by Chen and Ran when they awaken."
  6. You nod, noting the pictures on the wall in the hall. There's a baby Chen, being held by Ran (who looks the same), a MUCH younger Ran with only eight tails (and her fur is more reddish here, interesting). There's also some of Yukari, with or without her little family, including older forms like portraits and charcoal sketches. The artwork is all very good, from your limited understanding.
  7. You enter the room Yukari designates, and feel a small nervousness in your chest as you realize where you are: Yukari's bedroom. It's very... purple, with some red to accent it. Somehow, you aren't surprised. There's a gigantic canopy bed, which Yukari plops down on gracelessly.
  8. "Oof. I spent all night fighting with pairs of ladies, testing them. I'll be honest, Laurent, you and the vampire were the best by far. It's almost unfair how well you two took to it." She frowns as you shift your weight uncomfortably. "Oh, come over here and sit. I'm not going to put another hole in your chest."
  9. You nod, though your nerves stem more from how intimate the setting is. After all, you have Remilia... Well, that's un in the air, isn't it.
  10. Yukari appears to read your mind, sighing once you gingerly sit an appropriate distance away. "I know that Remilia sorta pushed you away, back there. It's something you have to work out for yourself."
  11. "She said... That we jumped in too fast. That we need to take a while to figure out what we want in a relationship." You shake your head. "I don't get it. We were doing fine."
  12. Yukari nods sympathetically. "You have to understand, she isn't used to having someone treat her like you do."
  13. You give Yukari a sideways glance. "How do you know so much, anyways?"
  14. "Because it is in my best interest to keep an eye on you, as often as I can. It's not like I'm trying to spy on your intimate moments, but... I can't help but pick up on things." Yukari turns towards you, sitting sideways on the bed. "Want to talk more about it?"
  15. "... Yeah, I guess." You flop back onto the bed, marveling at how comfy a proper bed is after a few months of using futons and the ground. "So... Remilia and I were always at ease around one another. I don't know why she'd flip around and say something like that."
  16. "Possibly because she's afraid. Of what... I don't know." Yukari lies down next to you. You do your best to avoid looking at the curve of her breasts as she does, but it's PAINFULLY apparent. Also, this suddenly feels a lot more scandalous, being alone and laying this close. You push it out of your mind.
  17. "If she's afraid, why doesn't she just talk to me about it?"
  18. "Because she probably can't, or thinks you won't understand properly."
  19. You shake your head. "But-"
  20. "You aren't immortal, and even if you somehow become immortal, you haven't lived very long." Yukari points her finger at the head of the bed, and a pillow falls through a gap. She catches it when it emerges over her head, sticking it under her. "So, from my point of view, you have two options."
  21. "And what are those?" You put your hands behind your head.
  22. "You continue to pursue her, or you move on. I know the choice seems obvious, but you really should consider it carefully." Yukari turns on her side, facing you. Christ, those tits are big. You've looked before, but this is the first time you've been in a situation like... this one. Even when she was drunk at Yuyuko's place, you didn't feel this tension. "Your first possibility: You go after her, making it clear that you are interested, and that won't change. There's a problem, though. If she doesn't reciprocate, you're left devestated."
  23. You nod. "Second, I just say fuck it and move on?"
  24. "That is an option, sure. There's plenty of women who won't give you trouble like this. And, while I am sure she's just doing what feels right to her, I also don't think you deserve it." Yukari reaches out and pats your head. "You're a sweet man, whatever your flaws."
  25. You blush despite yourself.
  26. "Your third option: Give yourself some time to stew on it. Rebound, jerk it a few times yourself, whatever it takes to go 'sage mode' and consider Remilia without a sexual outlook." Yukari gives a knowing smile.
  27. You stare back at her, the tension in your chest increasing tenfold.
  28. "Hmm. What's that look for?"
  29. "I just... Well, we're alone in your room when you said it." You swallow hard, trying to somehow push the sensation down.
  30. "So we are. Would you like some help?" Yukari's smile widens. "I don't mind, you know. You've certainly earned that much."
  31. Your mouth dries out. Should you? Remilia very clearly broke up with you, based on what she said...
  32. Your lower half has no compunctions about the situation. It immediately reacts, despite your attempts to stay in control. Damnit.
  33. Yukari shifts closer to you, laying a hand on your chest. "We should have plenty of time before the others awaken. I won't say a word if you won't. Just think of it as... a friend, helping you through a tough time."
  34. Your resistance breaks. "Ah... All right."
  35. Yukari sits up, grinning. "Good boy. Stand, please."
  36. You get to your feet, pushing down the growing anticipation of a new partner... a feeling compounded by the relationship you already have with this woman. She's always been alluring and mysterious. A part of you hated walking away from her that night at Yuyuko's...
  37. Yukari moves herself in front of you, tapping a finger to her lip. "Hmm. I think, first, that shirt has to go. Excuse me for a moment." She points at you, and your arms and legs suddenly pull apart, keeping them at your sides, unable to move.
  38. "What...?" You look to your wrists, feeling the most resistance there. Around your hands is a gap in space, effectively limiting your range of motion. "Why did you do that?"
  39. "I prefer it. Besides, I'm just helping you out. You don't have to do anything for the moment." Yukari purrs at you. Another large gap forms over your head, before descending over you. As it passes, your shirt disappears, winding up on the bed next to her. Your companion then runs her hand across your torso, clearly approving of the musculature you've developed over the last few months.
  40. "Mm. Yes, you're coming along quite well." Yukari lowers her hand to your pants, where she opens your zipper.
  41. "That makes it sound like you planned for all this." You mention, more than a little suspicious of her intentions.
  42. "Oh, not at all. I'm just taking advantage of a good situation." Her impossibly soft hands fish out your dick, which is about as erect as it can be. "Very nice. Westerners are always much more impressive."
  43. You shrug as best you can. "I do all right, I guess."
  44. She begins to stroke you, and it feels pretty incredible. Yukari has a polished technique, hitting the sweet spot towards the tip.
  45. "Hmm. You should let me know when you get close, okay? I don't want to ruin this dress."
  46. "Yeah... No problem." You manage to grunt out. You can feel that moment approaching rapidly...
  47. There's a knock on the door. "Miss Yukari, are you in?" It's Ran's voice.
  48. Immediately, you're freed, and your cock is neatly put away. "Put your shirt on, this won't take long." Yukari hisses out. You rush to do so, sitting down in a way that hides your bulge... you hope.
  49. "Yes, come in, Ran." Yukari calls out. The door opens, and Ran's adorably cute face pokes in. "Ah, good. I was... Oh." Her eyes narrow suspiciously. "Hello... Laurent. I didn't realize... What are you two doing?"
  50. Yukari sighs. "We're discussing the Yorigami sisters. I've chosen Laurent as my partner for the coming operation. In addition... Remilia has... how to put this... Broken off their arrangement?"
  51. Ran's face falls. "Oh. I didn't... I'm sorry."
  52. You shake your head, but jump as a warm, soft sensation covers your penis. You glance at Yukari, whose face appears completely calm. What is she doing?
  53. Whatever it is... it feels kind of amazing.
  54. Ran tilts her head. "Are you all right?"
  55. "I'm..." You take a moment to get your thoughts in order, which isn't easy when it feels like you're being ridden by a woman at the moment. "I'm as good as can be expected. Yukari is talking it out with me."
  56. Ran nods. "I see. Well, my condolences. I'll do anything I can to help, so do not hesitate to ask." She bows, and your eyes are drawn to her enormous rack, even bigger than Yukari's. Your erection twitches, causing Yukari's smile to widen even more.
  57. She isn't... surely, she wouldn't... Not in front of Ran?
  58. Fuck, she probably is.
  59. Ran finishes her bow. "I will be making some food. Miss, would you prefer dinner?"
  60. Yukari nods. "Yes, I haven't eaten in a while."
  61. "And Laurent, breakfast or dinner?" Her eyes turn to you.
  62. You struggle to keep your rising climax down, but it seems to be coming regardless. "B-breakfast is fine, th-thanks." As you finish the sentence, you erupt, shooting your semen all over wherever Yukari has placed you. It feels especially good from the taboo of the situation. If Ran only knew... she'd probably be disgusted with the both of you.
  63. "All right. Give me about half an hour. Again..." She locks eyes with you, even as you continue to pump the last of this climax out. "Don't hesitate to ask me, okay?"
  64. You nod, and the kitsune leaves, closing the door. Yukari locks it from where she sits.
  65. You turn to her. "Where ecactly did I just-"
  66. "Hmm, I wonder." She lies back, and a gap passes over the length of her body, leaving her nude in its wake. Your eyes bug out as you take in her well-developed form, but that's not the most incredible sight. That honor goes to the line of silvery fluid leaking from her vagina.
  67. "I knew it. You're awful, aren't you?"
  68. Yukari doesn't respond to that. Instead, she lifts her arms toward you. "Come on, I know you have more than that. Let it all out for me."
  69. You don't hesitate (like Ran advised), and unzip your fly again, still completely ready to go. Yukari helps you position yourself over her, and you plunge (back) into her. It feels warm and soft, just like the rest of Yukari. Speaking of soft, you finally get a hand on her breasts, enjoying the (rare, for you) sensation of squeezing and kneading them.
  70. Yukari accepts you without restraint, locking her legs behind you. You don't rush your motions, instead taking your time to enjoy her body. After a minute, she pulls your head to one nipple, and you accept her guidance, licking at her larger areola. They wrinkle and stiffen as you do, providing an interesting texture.
  71. "Hmm. You're very good at this, aren't you?" Yukari commends you, as your face is buried in her chest. "You can go a little harder, however. I won't come from just this."
  72. "If you say so..." You grin, and pick up the pace, driving your cock into her. Your seed from before squishes out around you, helping to keep things lubricated.
  73. Yukari starts to make small, adorable panting moans, pulling you closer to her. You take that as a good sign, and continue to fuck her steadily, not getting ahead of yourself.
  74. You can feel the end coming, but luckily, Yukari seems to be on the same wavelength, and her long, well-shaped legs spasm around you.
  75. "Mmmmmm. That's good... Keep... going..." Yukari whispers, her normally commanding voice is softened, sounding more like she's begging instead of ordering you.
  76. You can't take it anymore, grunting in response. You feel another wave of pleasure, splashing more of your semen inside of her to replace the amount she lost. Yukari's moans ring in your head, pushing everything else out. The two of you almost exist completely separate from the world, just for a brief moment.
  77. Then, reality comes crashing back, and you collapse onto her. Yukari's nails stroke your back, and you realize she clawed you, white-hot lines of pain somehow amplying the aftershocks of your release.
  78. "That was quite good. I didn't expect to have fun myself, you know." You pick yourself up from Yukari's embrace, slipping your flagging member from her pussy. "I'm impressed."
  79. You chuckle, managing to sit up and catch your breath. "I'm glad I could be of service."
  80. Yukari rolls onto her stomach, giving you a great view of her plump ass. "I may ask for it again someday, if you're available. Hmm..." She arches her back, stretching out. Your eyes are glued to her as she does. "Maybe you can marry Ran?"
  81. You blink. "Well, I guess that's an option."
  82. "A joke, of course." Yukari picks herself up, before drawing another gap across her body. it reclothes her instantly, which... just isn't fair, jeez. Even her sweat disappears into the twisted space, leaving Yukari pristine as she always appears.
  83. She then does the same to you, which feels... strangely nice. Even the beads of moisture in your hair disappear, vanishing into the ether.
  84. "Well, how about we go have something to eat? You can see for yourself how well Ran would do as a wife."
  85. You shake your head, laughing quietly. Yukari is terrible... but you don't hate it.
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