(MLO) Beloved: Ch1

Mar 29th, 2013
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  1. >Beloved Chapter 1
  2. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  3. >Also be in the middle of research into silencing spells
  4. >Tomes about the lessons of Saint Francis Umbrage occupied your attention
  5. >For the past five hours
  6. >But before your lunch started getting cold a visitor walked in
  7. >”Hey Twi”
  8. “Hey Dash”
  9. >You know why she’s here
  10. “Sorry but the new Daring Doo book hasn’t come in yet”
  11. >”Oh, that’s okay, I was here for something else”
  12. >”I need a book on exotic locations. You know, places that would be cool to visit and explore?”
  13. >Huh…
  14. >You hope she isn’t planning anything stupid
  15. “Okay, but why are you looking for that?”
  16. >”Oh, I know that father’s day is coming up and I want to get my dad a gift that’s as awesome as he is!”
  17. >”He’s really hard to buy for. Like, I don’t know what the buck he wants half the time, and the other half he just wants something stupid”
  18. >”So I figure, why not a trip somewhere cool? Huh? Right? Good idea or what?”
  19. “Well… I don’t know, giving a long distance trip as a surprise gift is not usually the best idea”
  20. >”Then what would you say I should get for Father’s Day?”
  21. >Father’s day
  22. >Oh horseapples
  23. >Twilight! Stop swearing in your head!
  24. >But still, you forgot Father’s Day!
  25. >What would your parents think if you didn’t get dad something special?
  26. >Wait! Focus!
  27. >You can solve her and your gift problems at once
  28. “Oh, I know just the thing!”
  29. >You focus your locating spell, and then cross it with a quick levitation addition to bring the book to your hooves
  30. “Maxwell’s Big Book of Gifts for Ponies of All Ages!”
  31. >It’s an older book with faded red covers and brass lettering
  32. >Rainbow looks somewhat skeptical
  33. >”Uh Twilight, I don’t think my dad would like anything from that”
  34. “Oh come on Dash! It’s a world renowned source for gift ideas! See, it says so on the cover!”
  35. “It’s cool, it’s relevant, it’s…”
  36. >You notice the date on the inside cover
  37. “…Over a hundred years old…”
  38. >An audible sigh escapes your lips
  39. “Maybe we should brainstorm for a while on this…”
  42. >You are finishing up your light salad you ordered
  43. >The café you and Rainbow were eating at was a nice place to eat if you avoided the lunch time crowd
  44. “Hmm… What could I get my dad?....”
  45. >Rainbow was sitting across from you
  46. >Eating some sort of sweetened pasta dish
  47. >By stuffing it into her face with her hooves…
  48. >She pauses for a moment before meeting your gaze
  49. >”Mhhrhr mwht hwwks”
  50. “What?”
  51. >With a swallow she clarifies
  52. >”Why not some books?”
  53. >Seriously?
  54. >You give her a flat stare
  55. “Really?”
  56. >She shrugs
  57. >”I don’t know. How about something extravagant? Like a big dinner and show or one of those rock-valley tours?”
  58. “My dad-“
  59. >”Or what about some tickets to something he likes? Hoofball, racing, or even the Wonderbotls! Huh? Huh?”
  60. “I really don’t think-“
  61. >”Oh! How about one of those raunchy get-ups where they take your dad, a mare, and a lot of whipped cream-“
  62. “UH! No!”
  63. >Rainbow’s face goes to confusion
  64. >”I don’t know, those seem cool to me”
  65. “Dash, my dad isn’t that type of pony. He’s a lot more reserved…”
  66. >Dusk Sparkle, the father who raised you
  67. >He wasn’t exactly shy, but he wasn’t that type of pony
  68. >You remember one day as a kid when he took you to the market square
  69. >It seemed odd at the time, but a lot of the mares that were being real friendly with him
  70. >Like, really really friendly
  71. >Eventually it hit you that they were flirting with him
  72. >Mom was not too concerned
  73. >An eavesdropped conversation from when you were older told you that she didn’t care if he did anything
  74. >As long as he came back to her in the end
  75. >But you doubt he ever took the initiative
  76. >He was always very awkward around mares that started to flirt with him
  77. >That seemed to be a metaphor for his whole personality
  78. >Mom was always the go-getter, he was a lot more laid back and passive
  79. “Dusk is… less active in his tastes”
  80. >Rainbow paused shoveling food in her mouth for a moment before breaking out in a giggle
  81. >”Dusk? Haha, His name is Dusk and yours is Twilight? Haha”
  82. >You magic a piece of bread into her mouth to shut her up
  85. >A few hours passed from your lunch
  86. >Dash is doing some sort of low-altitude aerobatics over head
  87. >You are lying in the middle of a field
  88. >Alternating between reading a book that had something to do with wheat prices in the medieval period and reading off a list of present ideas
  89. “What about something sweet? Like a cake or something?”
  90. >Dash zooms by and loops
  91. >”Nah, he doesn’t like that type of food. He’s a huge fitness nut”
  92. >She spins her torso and begins a really agile wing flutter
  93. “Okay… what about some really nice clothing like a hat or a tie?”
  94. >”Nope. He hates fashionista ponies. He usually goes out bare or wearing weather gear”
  95. >With a push of her wings she bounced into the air and then began a tightly looped spiral
  96. “Hmm… what about just hanging out with him for a day and giving him some cider?”
  97. >”Nope. Did that one last year”
  98. >A quick thump later and she landed next to you
  99. “Alright, why don’t you tell me about him.”
  100. >”Well, he’s one of those athletic and outgoing stereotypes, sort of”
  101. >”Heck, his name is even Blitz. He’s always running and flying and playing. But he isn’t like that all the way down; he raised me by himself, and he’s a pretty cool guy. He isn’t afraid of anything! I remember one time he decided to try out a normal stall-run maneuver, but did it inside of a hurricane!”
  102. >Rainbow’s chest swells with a bit of pride
  103. >”He does dangerous stuff like that all of time!”
  104. “Hmm… I guess a sappy romantic thing is out of the question”
  105. >She shifts a bit before answering
  106. >”Yeah… He never really was a romantic kind of pony. He was always either busy with me, with the weather team, or going on an adventure of sorts”
  107. >You and Rainbow started to walk back to town
  108. >”When I left to do weather here he still never dated or anything. Something about Cloudsdale girls ‘not being his cup of tea’ and stuff”
  109. >Little hoof-quotes accompanied that
  110. >”Honestly, I just think he doesn’t like pegasus girls like that due to mom leaving or something”
  113. >The sun was beginning to set while the two of you were at one of Pinkie’s parties
  114. >It was a birthday party to be specific
  115. >Rose, one of the flower sisters
  116. >She seemed a bit sad for some reason
  117. >Rainbow nudged the two of you over to the food
  118. >”I totally need to redo that spiral dive…“ She said as she grabbed a couple of cupcakes and shoved them in her mouth
  119. “Yea. You do realize we haven’t come up with good gift ideas yet, right?”
  120. >”Mrhhh Mrhhh”
  121. >Cupcake spittle flies from her mouth as she talks
  122. “Maybe something like a small party?”
  123. >She swallows and perks up
  124. >”Oh! Oh! What about one of those fancy magical gadgets that tell you the time and where you are and what color the sky is?”
  125. “That sounds-“
  126. >”Or! What about…”
  127. >The words that came out of her mouth were mostly real words, but used in a manner that could at best be described as imaginative
  128. >You poured yourself a cup of punch and waiting for her to finish
  129. >”…With a blade that could pop out and do stuff - I got nothing”
  130. “Yea… what about a nice dinner or something?”
  131. >”Meh, not really Blitz’s style”
  132. >She joins you in the drinking of the punch
  133. “Hmm…”
  134. >Your train of thought is interrupted by seeing Rarity and Thunderlane
  135. >It looks like she’s flirting with him
  136. >”Pshh, just some stupid drama crap”
  137. >Before you notice your cup of punch is empty
  138. >And you start to think about Spike’s crush on Rarity
  139. >Then, with a few more cups of punch, your mind wanders to how a relationship like that would even work
  140. >The biological bits won’t match up… right?
  141. >Nighttime wears on as you are half-listening to Dash ramble on about Thunderlane’s drama and half-thinking about genetic drift in draconic hybrids over several generations
  144. > -Ponyville Pub-
  145. >A fairly obviously named establishment
  146. >Inside of it are several ponies drinking the night away
  147. >You and Rainbow are two of them
  148. >And on a scale of drunkenness from 1 to Griffon Ambassador you two are somewhere near Stalliongrad Tank Commander
  149. >Rainbow is leaning on the bar’s counter, and you are leaning on Rainbow
  150. >”H-HeY! Jukebox! Somep0ny! Play Freebird!”
  151. “Rainbow! Shush!”
  152. >Her face contorts as realization hits her
  153. >”HORSEAPPLES! We forgot to figure out the present things to get!”
  154. “The best- The most best presents aren’t bought with bits, but with…”
  155. >Time? Effort? Love?
  156. >The last part of that quote escapes you
  157. >”Yeah…. Yeah…”
  158. “Sometimes the best gift is to just be there for them when they need you them… for…”
  159. >You drunkenly wreck whatever you were trying to say
  160. >Dash slumps into your side some
  161. ”I’m just a bit sad that I can’t be there that often. I mean we visit Canterlot sometimes, but I usually don’t have time to see him and mom”
  162. >Her eyes gloss over and she grabs another bottle
  163. “I should get him some- MHHH!”
  164. >Which is then forced into your mouth
  165. >”Come on Twi, we just need to think of the perfect gift! It should be something fun that they won’t forget!”
  166. >With a *pop* the bottle leaves your mouth
  167. >And with a giggle you speak
  168. “Hahaha, we should get them some working ponies as gifts”
  169. >Dash giggles in response
  170. >”Hahaha, yea, but I don’t think Blitz swings that way”
  171. “Come on, n- *HIC* not all working ponies are stallions. I’m sure there’s a mare that would do that for bits”
  172. >Dash let out a loud burp before continuing in laughter
  173. >”Pffft Hahaha! Yeah! What about Berry Punch? I’d bet that she’d do anything for some bits”
  174. “Dash! How rude! She *HIC* we’re not getting the town drunk for this!”
  175. >”Okay fine. Then who?”
  176. >You take another swig
  177. “Someone nicer, and less trashy!”
  178. >”Like you?”
  179. >Both of your eyes widen and meet
  180. >…
  181. >Then you both burst into laughter
  184. “Hahaha, yea, yea, okay. But only if you do the same for Dusk!”
  185. >”Okay alright, and I might buck him out of his shyness!”
  186. >The two of your giggle a little more
  187. “I think you should ju- *HIC* just knock on his door and buck him dry. Hahaha”
  188. >Dash downs her bottle and grabs another
  189. >”Haha yea, but I gotta warn you. Blitz might be into some weird stuff”
  190. >For the next few minutes (or hours, you couldn’t really tell) the two of you talked about how what you were going to do to each other’s dads
  191. >Eventually the two of you parted ways and went home
  192. >In your drunken mind you tried to piece together how you were going to pull this off
  193. >Trip to the spa, something nice from Rarity, cloud walking spell-
  194. >Wait, were you really going to do this?
  195. >…
  196. >You did make a promise to Rainbow (you did?), and she is helping you with your father’s day gift
  197. >Also you weren’t exactly swimming in colts right now
  198. >...Sure, of course you’re going to do th-
  199. “OUCH!”
  200. >Your drunken hoof hit a step that shouldn’t have been there
  201. >As you do your best to climb into bed and not wake Spike a single idea crosses your consciousness
  202. “Yea… yea you were going to do this”
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