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J15UNG5PLU5H13 Oct 15th, 2018 (edited) 25 Never
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  3. username; @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  4. password; Namjoon and Yoongi
  6. birth name; Kang Jinhyun
  7. other name; Dylan Kang
  8. nicknames; Jinnie, Prince, Dildo
  9. gender; Male
  10. age; 18
  11. birthday; 14/01/00
  12. birthplace; Seoul, South Korea
  13. hometown; Los Angeles, California
  14. nationality; Korean-American
  15. ethnicity; Korean
  16. spoken languages; Korean, English and Japanese
  17. height; 171cm
  18. weight; 52kg
  19. blood type; O
  21. personality;
  22. » Crackhead; He's the ultimate crackhead. He has bad jokes and puns all around that will definetely entertain you. With his weird actions and random phrases, you just can't help but laugh at how cute he is. Sometimes, he can be adorably funny without even trying!
  23. » Sweet; Hes really sweet and caring to everyone. He puts others before himself and he'll always be there to lend a listening ear or helping hand. He doesn't like it when the others are feeling down, so he'll do anything to put a smile on their faces.
  24. » Hardworking; He's very hardworking and determined. If he has a goal or a Dream, he won't stop trying hard until he achieves it. He's always seen practicing during his free time or helping others as well. Sometimes he tends to overwork though, but he's a stronger boy and just needs a reminder when enough is enough.
  25. » Sensitive; He's a sensitive and emotional boy who can cry easily. Even the littlest things can touch his heart and make him feel emotional. He's also very cheesy, but it's not his fault that he sometimes gets lost in romance books!
  26. » "Disrespectful"; He's a really sweet and charming boy but sometimes when he's on stage, he can show his bad side without even intending to. It's a habit of his and he can't help but be charismatic and disrespectful on stage sometimes. But offstage, he can be "disrespectful" if he wants to.
  27. background; He wasn't born as an only child in Seoul. When he turned 3, he moved to Los Angeles with his parents and grew up there. While growing up in Los Angeles with both parents working for a record label, he developed a love for music. He met many stars under his parents record label and loved the music they played. He enjoyed learning how to rap, sing and dance from some of them. He discovered kpop when he was 12 and it became Husband Favourite music genre. When he was 15, he told his parents that he wanted to be a Korean idol. His parents were very supportive of his Dream and let him fly back to Korea to audition. He auditioned for a few companies and got accepted by Be Entertainment.
  28. trivia;
  29. » He hates being known only for his visuals
  30. » He loves sports, reading and watching anime.
  31. » He prefers dogs over cats since he's allergic to cats and has a dog called Yeoko.
  32. » His Favourite food is Ramen and Favourite drink is Bubble tea.
  33. » He's always wanted to become an MC for ASC, even for just one day.
  34. » He's a Christian and has a necklace with a cross as his lucky charm.
  36. group, solo or co-ed; Group
  37. if group wich one; CLOUD9
  38. backup; KOSMOS
  39. position in that group; Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Visual
  40. backup; Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, lead Rapper
  41. face claim; Hwang Hyunjin
  42. backup; Kim Sunwoo
  43. second backup; Han Jisung
  44. stage name; Jinnie
  46. self evolution; nothing more than 380
  48. vocal; 55 / 100
  49. rap; 70 / 100
  50. dance; 85 / 100
  51. visual; 85 / 100
  52. charm; 85 / 100
  54. training years; 2 years 9 months
  55. introduction; “ Hey everyone! It's your dancing prince from Los Angeles, Jinnie here! ”
  56. audition link;
  58. requests; can he be the group crackhead?? Hehe thx
  59. extra; none
  61. message to the ceos; Thank you for accepting me into the company. This has been my dream since you g and I promise not to let you down!!
  62. message to us; hiiii I'm pretty sure this won't be my last trainee and sorry for any problems!!
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