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  1. One day, if we ever seperate, just know that there would be a reason, and that
  2. i would love you.
  3. if we ever do, please move on even without me.
  4.  thing is, i want to keep a relationship, but i know it wont work out if its online..
  5. all this time we're spending together will be memorable and it'll be in my heart forever.
  6. All the romantic times we've spent were so important to me. I'm sure you could
  7. find a girl right away. You're so attractive and your personality is amazing.
  8. You're such a kind person and you've treated me so nicely and just know
  9. that i would never forget you even if i leave you. Its okay even if you hate me,
  10. i just hope you remember i just want you to be happy and i will always love you.
  11. it's just impossible for an online relationship to even become an actual relationship.
  12. I hope this doesnt effect you too much as much as it effected me. Please.. this
  13. was one of the hardest seperations i've ever went through. I want you to make this
  14. easier and just move on. I'll be okay, and just please know.. there's always a reason for
  15. every action i make. I can't tell you the reason but it's important and its personal. I could
  16. write so much more for you to comprehend on how important you were in my life. I can't
  17. say that you weren't even a piece in my life. Instead, you were the biggest part and one of
  18. the most heart breaking relationships i've ever had. In fact, I will try really hard to move on.
  19. I hate that i'm doing this and I hate myself for even thinking about this. You probably must
  20. think this is funny and just a normal break up. It's really not. I won't change my mind,
  21. and I can't really try to change my mind. I'm so sorry for doing this...
  22. You're so important, (yes i've said it a million times).
  23.  It's alright if you expose me and shit. It's alright if you were the one doing
  24. so. I love you. I truly do, but i just knew online relationships.. it just doesn't work out :/.
  25. Thank you so much for making my life a happier experience. I'll support you all the way.
  26. I hope this doesn't make anything awkward for us and I want us to peacefully seperate
  27. from becoming bf and gf. Thank you.. I love you. (If you're reading this, it probably means
  28. i broke up with u eh.. i tried making it short and i wanted to express all my feelings in this letter..
  29. If i gave you this, just know, I won't respond due to embarrassness, and also being
  30. ashamed of myself. But, I'll be supporting you from a far away, and we can be secret long
  31. distance friends forever. ~thank you.)
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