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Apr 28th, 2018
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  1. "W-what?"
  2. >"I asked you; Why do you think that you are the most qualified to be my personal servant, Anonymous,"
  3. >smugness is literally dripping from her face as she says that
  4. >is this some kind of joke?
  5. "What the hell are you on about?! Is this some kind of prank or something? Are you filming this?"
  6. >"Why, I'd never do such a thing! And the fact that you believe I ever could hurts me so!"
  7. "Yeah right, whatever, why did you ask me to come here out of the blue?"
  8. >her fake outrage doesn't work on you
  9. >you wouldn't call yourself friends, but you do know the kind of person she is
  10. >and her smug grin instantly reappears at your words
  11. >her eyes not quite half-lidded but still shimmering with confidence, as if she believed she'd already won
  12. >won what, you don't really know
  13. >she stands up before replying, slowly strutting her way across the desk, letting the tip of her fingers caressing the edge of the furniture as she does
  14. >"Let's just say that a close friend of mine might've stumbled on this little... blog of yours~,"
  15. >her eyes find yours right after sitting down on the desk
  16. >right in time to see your body crisp, your eyes widen and your heart skip a beat
  17. >you open your mouth to try and come up with some kind of reply but you can't seem to form words
  18. >you have to get out, right now, before the rumors spread and your life becomes hell
  19. >you'll just switch school, and if it's not enough, you'll just have to go live with your aunt in europistan
  20. >and she simply looks at you while your mind is working overtime in trying to find a way out, her smile somehow, ever so slightly widening as she relaxes back, placing her hands on the sides of the counter to support herself
  21. >she was very obviously expecting exactly that
  22. >you dumbass, maybe she's just bluffing and you're walking right into her trap!
  23. >you gotta deny it!
  24. "I-I don't know what you're talking abo--"
  25. >"Oh, I think you do, 'Puppy41',"
  26. >fuck
  27. "A-a puppy? W-where? I don't see no puppy, haha-ha,"
  28. >you're so bad at this
  30. >>32282644
  31. >"No, indeed, all I'm seeing is a silly little mutt that believes that he can deceive his mistress,"
  32. >her stare turns harsh and her smile disappears as she finishes her sentence
  33. "I--what, no, you're- you're crazy, what are you on about--"
  34. >"Oh no, you will need some training before I could call you my puppy,"
  35. >no matter how surreal and nonsensical this situation is, the prospect of her calling you that does fill you with warmth and hope
  36. >but you can't
  37. >she can't
  38. >not like this
  39. >this can't be real
  40. "I--You! You can't just say those things and-and--and--"
  41. >"Can't I?"
  42. >her confident smile comes back as she crosses her legs, an invisible force compelling your eyes to follow her limb's every moves in the hope of catching a glance of what lays in between
  43. >she can't
  44. >can she?
  45. >why
  46. >you just wanted a tranquil, boring school life
  47. >why does it have to happen now, you're only two years away from freedom
  48. "Why?"
  49. >"Well, if you really want to know, and I guess you ought to know anyway, I've been wanting to try this kind of... relationship, for a while now,"
  50. >relationship?
  51. >what the fuck
  52. >is she really serious?
  53. >is this not just a silly game for her?
  54. >why the fuck would she say relationship, as if--
  55. >"And Twi--our friend, simply bumped into your site while looking for material for one of her weird social experiment, and the subject came up one day while on lunch with the girls, and one thing led to another and then using her intellect she simply deduced that you were this 'Puppy41', I might say, I had to nag her for a while to get her to divulge this information, all the while making sure not to let out I was personally interested in you,"
  56. >interested?
  57. >what the hell is happening
  58. >this is just like in one of your chinese cartoons, there's just no fucking way this is happening
  59. >not that you're a bad pick but Rarity is like, a 9
  60. >an easy 9
  61. >she's beautiful and smart and have a bright future ahead of her
  62. >she could have literally anyone drooling at her feet
  63. "Why me?"
  65. >>32288100
  66. >"Why you? Didn't you listen to what I just said?"
  67. "It's just, I don't get it,"
  68. >she blinks in surprise
  69. >"But it's relatively simple, dear, I've been looking for someone like you for a certain amount of time now and fate brought me to this little blog of yours, and I have to say, some of the stories there left me wanting more, oh so much more, that one happening in this French restaurant? With the little footsie under the table? My, I never thought the idea of doing something so risqué in public could be so thrilling, and I had to take a really cold shower after reading that one,"
  70. >the blush spreading across her cheeks doesn't have any impact on the confidence dripping from her voice
  71. >you can't believe it
  72. >she really read it, this isn't just an elaborate scheme to get to you
  73. >you're paralyzed
  74. >your mind can't even begin to predict what's going to happen now
  75. >but you have to know
  76. >you gotta know how much does she know
  77. "Did... did you read everything?"
  78. >"Oh yes, some multiple times, even!"
  79. >you're going to be sick
  80. >she read everything
  81. >all you've written until now
  82. >all your little desires and fantasies you've been hiding from everyone for the longest time now
  83. >all your hopes and fears
  84. >you feel naked
  85. >it's as if she cleaved your head in two and looked inside your very mind
  86. >this is too much
  87. >you have to get away from here
  88. >just to think, just to get away from her gaze
  89. >so you turn around and take your first step, but you're instantly stopped and frozen in place by her hold on your wrist
  90. >"And where do you think you're going?"
  91. >her tone is bossy, but her eyes betray her by showing a tinge of anxiety in them
  92. "I... I don't know, I just, we can't..."
  93. >you don't even know what to say or do
  94. >you can't even force yourself to look her in the eye
  95. >what the hell is one supposed to do in this kind of situation?
  96. >"Don't leave, please,"
  97. >this is going too fast
  98. >everything is
  99. >"Maybe I shouldn't have been so blunt, pardon me darling, but please, don't leave,"
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