5th KyoAni Award notes

Mar 20th, 2014
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  2. Thank you for the numerous entries into the 5th annual Kyoto Animation Award.
  4. The quality as well as the themes submitted this year were quite good. Everyone's works were able to truly answer all of our judges' question "what is so interesting about this work?" when the judges read the submissions.
  6. As a result, we have elected to award a "Grand Prize" in the novel category for the first time in this 5th award. This work truly moved our judge's hearts. It was a work that made them feel "I want to send this out into the world." "I want a lot of people to read this." The judges also chose to award two encouragement awards to works that might have the possibility of upsetting the general notion of the award winners up until now.
  8. It's difficult to create something that is original, entertaining, and something that could be entertainment for others. However, we believe that there are works that will surmount those difficulties, capture a lot of peoples' hearts, and become magnificent stories.
  10. The Kyoto Animation Award will continue to work hard daily in receiving your fiery enthusiasm in order to deliver the best entertainment we can.
  12. Please continue to send in your best works to the Kyoto Animation Award.
  14. -Kyoto Animation Award Judges
  16. Novel Category:
  17. Grand Prize:
  19. Violet Ever Garden by Kana Akatsuki
  20. Brief Review: A work suitable for our first Grand Prize. The writing clearly and simply conveys the author's message as well as allows the reader to imagine the character's emotions and scenes. It makes a strong case.
  21. Its appeal draws the reader in and makes them want to finish it all in one sitting. Connected with how it strongly moved a lot of our judges, it was elected to win the Grand Prize.
  23. Encouragement Awards:
  25. Santa Claus's Friend by Masaki Kadokura
  26. Brief Review: Though it carries a theme of "the love between a robot and human," the author skillfully crafts a story that attaches the speed of action scenes into ordinary life to vary the tempo up and down. Inside a peculiar, small setting, the characters come to life. It made us want to see what the work would be like with one more revision, thus we awarded it the encouragement award.
  28. Yesterday's Love is Today's Dream by Mushiro Kuriki
  29. Brief Review: With a strong obsession over peculiar phrases and font selection, this work's "writing" allows you to understand its heart. It matched with a unique world is this work's biggest appeal. We admire the author's ability to depict tension up until the very end, however there are some difficult to understand parts, so we awarded it the encouragement award.
  31. Scenario Category:
  32. No Prizes
  34. Manga Category:
  35. No Prizes
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