Tsuruno's Story

Nov 30th, 2017
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  1. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  2. Part One: I Want to Become Stronger!
  3. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  4. Rena: Uwaaah!
  5. Tsuruno: Haaaah!
  6. Rena: Kuu...!
  7. Tsuruno: And this is the final...!
  8. Rena: Whoa, stop, stop! ...Geez! ...It's Rena's loss!
  9. Tsuruno: Eh? It is? ...Then, Momoko! Duel me!
  10. Momoko: Eh--? I just fought you earlier, remember?
  11. Tsuruno: Earlier is earlier, now is now, duh!
  12. Momoko: I'm telling you, you're too harsh... I'm already beat...
  13. Tsuruno: I'm telling you, you can keep going! Please?
  14. Momoko: Give me a break--
  15. Tsuruno: ...Eh--... Then, Kaede!
  16. Kaede: Eh? Me? No way, no way, no way!
  17. Rena: There's no way Kaede would.
  18. Momoko: Yeah, there's no way.
  19. Kaede: ...T, That's a bit...
  20. Tsuruno: Uu... I want to train more though! I need to train more and become even stronger!
  21. Momoko: But it's not like if you train, you're become strong...right?
  22. Rena: That doesn't seem very magical girl-like.
  23. Tsuruno: If that's the case, how'd Master Yachiyo become that strong?
  24. Kaede: Nn--... experience?
  25. Tsuruno: How do I gain experience...?
  26. Momoko: ...Doesn't that mean you have to fight a lot?
  27. Tsuruno: See? Exactly as I thought! It means more training, right!?
  28. Rena: Well, uh, that might be true, but!
  29. Momoko: Wait, wait! I have to ask...what made you want to become stronger in the first place, Tsuruno?
  30. Rena: Yeah, yeah! That!
  31. Tsuruno: Oyo? The reason I want to become strong? That's...
  34. Tsuruno: The reason why my family runs a Chinese restaurant is because...
  35. Momoko: Well, I knew that.
  36. Tsuruno: Right, the one who set up the restaurant was my great-grandpa.
  37. Kaede: Heh~, that's a really long time ago.
  38. Tsuruno: Then the one that made it more successful was my grandpa. I really respect those two, you see. They started from something close to zero then made it the number one place in all of Kamihama...
  39. Rena: It was...number one?
  40. Tsuruno: It was number one! I'll affirm it!
  41. Rena: Ah, ahhh, sorry, sorry...
  42. Kaede: Rena-chan's being pushed back...
  43. Momoko: Tsuruno doesn't hold back when it comes to pouring her emotions into something...
  44. Tsuruno: But! ...My dad was the problem. When my dad started being in charge of it, the ratings for the food started to drop...
  45. Rena: Oh man...
  46. Tsuruno: But, my grandma and my mom are all about luxuries from a long time ago... Our family budget is, totally not...okay. Finally, they started to worry about money and those two tried to put their hands on great-grandpa and grandpa's keepsakes...
  47. Momoko: So there were things that still had value...
  48. Tsuruno: I was really against it. Furthermore, they wanted to just because they wanted to buy a car...
  49. Rena: Uwaa... that's pretty bad...
  50. Tsuruno: That's where I made a wish to win the first place prize in the lottery...
  51. Kaede: Eh? You made a wish like that to Kyuubey!?
  52. Tsuruno: Yeah. Then I won 800 million yen.
  53. Rena: 800 MILLION!?
  54. Tsuruno: ...And that's why.
  55. Momoko: ........No, we still don't get it at all! You've got a few more details to explain!
  56. Tsuruno: Eh, I do? ...U--m, then...
  59. Tsuruno: I won the 800 million yen, then I kinda managed to protect the keepsakes. But, the family itself still couldn't recover...
  60. Kaede: Don't tell me, the 800 million still wasn't enough...?
  61. Tsuruno: No, that was enough, yeah! But, my grandma and my mom...left, you see. On a luxury passenger cruise...after putting the 800 million into their own bank accounts.
  62. Momoko: Y, You're saying they took it and ran off with it?
  63. Tsuruno: What are you saying!? That's rude! ...They didn't run away, they're still on their trip.
  64. Rena: Hey, wait, but...
  65. Tsuruno: Anyway, that's the reason why the future of my family's counting on me! That's why I'll become just like my great-grandpa and my grandpa! I think they got by because they were both strong! That's why I've gotta become stronger too!
  66. Momoko: ...My head's starting to spin for some reason...
  67. Rena: Um, you know...there's still a lot of things Rena wants to ask...
  68. Tsuruno: You still have questions?
  69. Rena: U--m...isn't there a difference between their strength and the strength you're talking about?
  70. Tsuruno: Human strength is the exact same at its roots! ...That's what my grandpa used to say.
  71. Rena: ...No, uh... how can Rena say this...
  72. Momoko: Isn't it enough if you manage to bring your grandma and your mom back?
  73. Tsuruno: Wrong. That's not the problem. Basically, if I become strong then it'll solve all of our problems!
  74. Momoko: ...Not good, she's not getting it...
  75. Tsuruno: I said it earlier, didn't I? That at its roots, our strength is the same. I contracted to become a magical girl in exchange for 800 million yen... but, that opened my eyes! If I energize my family, everything from money to the family problems will be solved!
  76. In order to do that, I need to become strong! When I'm strong, I'll be able to do anything!
  77. Rena: ...Rena's kind of thought this before, but Tsuruno's from a different planet, isn't she...?
  78. Tsuruno: Eh--? I explained it in this much detail and you still don't get it? Geez--!
  79. Kaede: Um...u--h...In other words...If you become strong as a magical girl, you'll have the confidence to do anything...or something like that?
  80. Tsuruno: Right, right! That's kinda how it is! ...But, I've still got a long ways to go... I still can't win against Master Yachiyo...Besides, it's my duty to become the strongest and revive the Yui family! A long time ago, we were members of the local high class society, but now we've fallen...After the war, my grandpa and the others did their best, but right now even the Chinese restaurant's starting to decline...
  81. And that's where this strongest magical girl Yui Tsuruno has to pull off a comeback!!
  82. Momoko: Hey, hold it, hold it! More than the 800 million yen and all the stuff, don't you think that's the main problem!?
  83. Tsuruno: Alrighty, in order to achieve some great things, I'm headed off on the road to becoming the strongest magical girl! Now, Rena, let's do this!
  84. Rena: Uwaaaa---wait! I told you, it's seriously impossible for me!
  85. Tsuruno: No waaaaay~! ...What am I supposed to do now!?
  86. Rena: No, don't ask Rena...ahh!
  87. Tsuruno: What, what!? Do you have a good idea or something?
  88. Rena: ...Ahh--, um, how about this idea?
  91. Rena: You see, Rena read about this on the internet.
  92. Tsuruno: What, what!?
  93. Rena: ...It said there's a person in Kamihama that'll give you some really straight-to-the-point advice.
  94. Momoko: Advice?
  95. Kaede: You're talking about a...counselor?
  96. Rena: Right! On top of that, it sounds like they opened up something like a counseling office.
  97. Momoko: In other words...
  98. Rena: You should ask that person!
  99. Tsuruno: ...What's with that!?
  100. Rena: What's with that response!? There's no way Rena's group can help you!
  101. Momoko: But I'm guessing it'll be okay. You're getting what they call a, um...objective opinion? You might get a hint or something?
  102. Tsuruno: ...Really?
  103. Kaede: ...Maybe. I think that's a good idea too.
  104. Rena: Right!? Right!?
  105. Momoko: ...How about it, Tsuruno?
  106. Tsuruno: Mumumu... True...I might get something out of'll probably be a nice change of pace too...I guess I'll try going there.
  107. Rena: Okaaay--! Then it's settled! Rena will look up the place and send it to you!
  108. Tsuruno: ...Yeah, thanks. Then I'll go home today...bye-bye.
  109. Momoko: Yeah, good work today--
  110. Kaede: See you later!
  111. Rena: Rena will send it soon--!
  113. Rena: ...Whew~! We're free...
  114. Momoko: Rena, nice call!
  115. Kaede: was really hard on you two...
  116. Rena: Well duh...When you're up against Tsuruno, it's a huge hassle!
  117. Momoko: She's really strong after all... She's got an amazing amount of spirit too.
  118. Kaede: Yeah, I thought that too while I stood by and watched from the sidelines. That's why, she's serious about what she says too...
  119. Rena: Right.
  120. Momoko: I hope she gets good advice, but...
  123. Tsuruno: I'm going in for counseling, huh--... No, no! I gotta give it a try!
  125. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  126. Part Two: I Want to Train More!
  127. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  128. Tsuruno: (This place is... "Emiri's Room". There's a small desk where you sit face-to-face...It's like the fortune tellers in front of the station...But there's quite a few people here...does that mean this is that amazing?)
  129. Akira: Ah, next in line please--
  130. Tsuruno: Ah, y, yeah!
  131. Akira: Emiri-chan, she's all yours.
  132. Emiri: Whee---ee.
  133. Tsuruno: N, Nice to meet you! ... Emiri...sensei?
  134. Emiri: Wait! Seriously, don't do use sensei, okay? Emiri's fine.
  135. Akira: (I wonder if it'll be hard for her to just drop the formalities like that..)
  136. Tsuruno: ...Then, Emiri.
  137. Akira: (She just went with it...)
  138. Tsuruno: I heard from someone I know that you can give me advice that's straight-to-the-point...
  139. Emiri: Nn--, we just talk.
  140. Tsuruno: Heh?
  141. Emiri: You talk with me, and you end up feeling refreshed. Something like that. That's how it goes!
  142. Tsuruno: That's how it... goes...
  143. Emiri: When you're worried about something, doesn't it make you wanna talk about it? When you do, your heart kinda gets su--per hard and stiff! And you can just talk those feelings out here.
  144. Tsuruno: T, That's it...?
  145. Emiri: I love talking with people too! On top of that, I get to know more people.
  146. Tsuruno: And that's why you built this place...?
  147. Emiri: Built...more like I made this place? Everyone told me you should totally make it so then I went and made it. Something like that. Well...that's how it goes!
  148. Tsuruno: Just like I thought...goes...I'm going home, okay...
  149. Akira: Ah--, please wait! ...You should just say what you're comfortable with saying...
  150. Tsuruno: But I'm...!
  151. Akira: No, it'll surprise you, so you should!
  152. Tsuruno: Surprise me how?
  153. Emiri: Eh--, you're leaving? Let's talk a bit more--!
  154. Tsuruno: ....... (...Well, since I came this far...) Um, the thing is...
  157. Tsuruno: ...So anyway, I want to become strong...
  158. Emiri: ...I see~ ...though I don't really get it.
  159. Tsuruno: What!?
  160. Emiri: But you know, so like basically, you want to become strong, right?
  161. Tsuruno: ...Well, yeah, but...
  162. Emiri: If you're going to become strong, I heard that...
  163. Tsuruno: Eh? What...?
  164. Emiri: To get gotta train!
  165. Tsuruno: Training!? ...No, but, I've been doing exercises...
  166. Emiri: Excerising is kinda like practicing, right?
  167. Tsuruno: Practice...I, I're right...?
  168. Akira: (That's not quite right, but...)
  169. Emiri: But training is kinda feels more, you know, super hard? So, after that's done, you'll become su--per strong.
  170. I read that in a manga once, so I know about training! It's like, you know how it feels super good when you go into a pool on a super hot day? It's the same thing!
  171. Tsuruno: ........
  172. Akira: (...I tried to hold her back, but she probably doesn't understand what she said...)
  173. Tsuruno: I, I see~!
  174. Akira: (She understood what she said...that's amazing, Emiri-chan...)
  175. Tsuruno: True! So I gotta torture myself...huh! In other words, Rena and the others shouldn't be my opponent. It should be against me, myself and I...! That's a method I haven't tried yet!
  176. Emiri--! No, Emiri-sensei!
  177. Emiri: I'm telling you, seriously, don't do use sensei!
  178. Tsuruno: So how exactly should I do that?
  179. Emiri: Exactly...? Ah--, Akira, hey, Akira--!
  180. Akira: Eh? Wh, What...? (I got a bad feeling about this...)
  181. Emiri: Um... oh, what was your name again?
  182. Tsuruno: Yui Tsuruno!
  183. Emiri: Then...Tsurupii.
  184. Tsuruno: Tsurupii...y, yes!
  185. Emiri: This girl is Akira.
  186. Akira: I...I'm Shinobu Akira.
  187. Tsuruno: Nice to meet you!
  188. Emiri: Akiracchi helps out here.
  189. Akira: Well, more like that's how things turned out...
  190. Emiri: And so--, this is just something I heard, but she's super strong at karate!
  191. Tsuruno: Karate!? Strong!?
  192. Akira: No, it's true I do karate but...
  193. Emiri: I heard Akiracchi seriously made a legend of herself.
  194. Akira: What's this about a legend!? Don't say weird things!
  195. Emiri: Training is something you do at a super strong person's place, right? That's why you should go to Akiracchi's place!
  196. Akira: Hold on a second, hold it, hold it! How is that suppposed to...
  197. Tsuruno: I'm counting on you, Akira-sensei!
  198. Akira: You're really quick on the uptake, aren't you!? Ahhh geez!
  201. Akira: How's it going? Did you find him?
  202. Tsuruno: I did not!
  203. Akira: ...Sorry about that. Making you help me like this.
  204. Tsuruno: ...But Akira-sensei, do you always do this kind of stuff? Uh...looking for lost dogs?
  205. Akira: ...Yeah, first, as far as the "sensei" thing goes, I'm tired so I won't correct you.
  206. ...Anyway, I don't always look for lost dogs. You see, they ask me to. The neighbors and people like that, you see...
  207. And I can't say no, so this is what happens, I guess...
  208. Tsuruno: I see...they're counting on you...that's why you're strong!
  209. Akira: ...I don't really get how those things are connected, but...But again, sorry about making you come with me like this.
  210. As far as training goes, I've still got a long ways to go myself, so...while I was trying and failing to come up with something, it ended up like this.
  211. Tsuruno: No! I'll do it in a snap! This kind of honest and hard work...this is what training is truly like!
  212. Akira: Is But, I guess if you think about it like that...
  214. Akira: Eh? Oh, it is! You're right!
  215. Tsuruno: Leave it to me! Waiiiii~t!
  216. Akira: Heh? Wait a second, wait! If you cut across there!
  219. Akira: That's someone's home garden! Ahhh--, I'm telling you, don't break anything!
  220. Tsuruno: Kuuuu~! It's fast! Not yet, not yet~!
  221. Akira: Uwaaaah! Ah--!
  223. Tsuruno: S, So close! In that case...touu!
  224. Akira: ...Ah--, ....Ah--, this is already, geez...
  225. Tsuruno: Alrighty! I gotcha! Yeah--!
  226. Akira: .............What'll we do...
  229. Tsuruno: ...Um...I'm very sorry...
  230. Akira: ...No, it's okay. It's fine...though they were really mad at us...
  231. Tsuruno: ..........
  232. Akira: B, But! I'm glad we found him! Yeah! That's better than not finding him, right?
  233. Tsuruno: R, Really!?
  234. Akira: ...Well. ...though they were really mad at us...
  235. Tsuruno: I, I'm truly sorry~!
  236. Akira: Ah, it just slipped...I'm sorry! ...I'm no good either...
  237. Tsuruno: No! Akira-sensei, not at all!
  238. Akira: ...Ah, that's right. About that sensei...
  239. Tsuruno: ?
  240. Akira: In my opinion, there's someone more suited to being your sensei than me.
  241. Tsuruno: N, No way! From now on I'll take it more seriously...!
  242. Akira: No! I'm not cutting you off or anything! It's just like I thought, I'm still inexperienced, so I'm not fit to teach other people...besides, the person I'm going to introduce you to is really strong!
  243. Tsuruno: ...Strong? Are you serious!?
  244. Akira: She's definitely strong! I guarantee it! I think it'd probably be better if you train under that person.
  245. Tsuruno: If Akira-sensei is going to recommend that person that much...then, please tell me who it is!
  246. Akira: Yeah! Then I'll contact you tomorrow, okay? Let's meet up somewhere then go to her together.
  247. Tsuruno: ...Uuuuuuuuu! I'm fired up---! I'm gonna become stronger--!
  248. Akira: That's right! Do your best! (...That being said...I am worried...)
  251. Tsuruno: This time I'll train really really hard and become the number one magical girl!
  253. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  254. Part Three: I Do Want to Become Stronger After All!
  255. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  257. Meiyui: Training?
  258. Akira: That's right, training. Tsuruno-chan, this person's really strong when it comes to kenpou.
  259. Tsuruno: Please! Meiyui-sensei!
  260. Meiyui: Could you please stop calling me "Sensei"? My rank is not that high...
  261. Akira: Meiyui, you should give up on that...
  262. Meiyui: Nn? What do you mean by that?
  263. Akira: Anyway, please train Tsuruno-chan!
  264. Tsuruno: Please!
  265. Meiyui: I am still inexperienced. I still have not accumulated enough experience in kung fu. Besides, what will you accomplish by training? The power to do the same things as me? That is not good. If my master knew that I taught others, they would be upset! If I am not careful, I could be expelled!
  266. Akira: ...So, no?
  267. Meiyui: No. I am going home.
  268. Tsuruno: Please don't! I'll do anything~!
  269. Meiyui: ...Anything?
  270. Akira: R, Right! Tsuruno-chan really wants to train hard! That's why she, uh...wants to go through a hard challenge...Is that okay with you?
  271. Tsuruno: That's right! I want to have my back against the wall! If I put myself in a tight spot, then I'm sure I'll get stronger!
  272. Meiyui: Well...I guess that might be true, but...
  273. Tsuruno: That's why I'm asking you to please put me through some really tough training!
  274. Akira: Me too! Tsuruno-chan's been worried about this... So I was hoping this could serve as some kind of trigger...
  275. Meiyui: Akira, why are you not good?
  276. Akira: Well, I didn't have the it troubled me...
  277. Meiyui: I am the exact same...
  278. Akira: Sorry...
  279. Meiyui: ...But that's okay. I accept.
  280. Tsuruno: R, Really!?
  281. Meiyui: You're really okay with anything?
  282. Tsuruno: Yes! Yay--!
  283. Akira: Thank you, Meiyui! Good for you, Tsuruno-chan!
  284. Meiyui: I do not know how it will turn out... Well, I will think of something.
  286. Meiyui: Here.
  287. Tsuruno: A...factory?
  288. Meiyui: Correct. We will help here...Oh, training. I will have you train here.
  289. Tsuruno: Yes!
  290. Meiyui: Now then...there he is. I will introduce you, factory manager!
  291. Factory Manager: Ohh, Meiyui-chan. You're here.
  292. Meiyui: We will be in your care today. This here, her name is Tsuruno.
  293. Tsuruno: Nice to meet you!
  294. Meiyui: Over here, is the factory manager who manages this place.
  295. Factory Manager: Nice to meet you. Are you going to work here part-time for the day?
  296. Tsuruno: That's right!
  297. Factory Manager: I'm glad to see you have the energy! But, are you going to be okay? It's pretty rough here?
  298. Meiyui: This girl says she wants to strengthen herself. And, she is a pretty tough girl. It will be fine.
  299. Tsuruno: I'll be fine!
  300. Factory Manager: ...Yeah! Then, I'm counting on you!
  301. Meiyui: There are a lot of heavy things here. Your job is to carry them, Tsuruno. If you carry heavy things you can strengthen your body.
  302. Tsuruno: I get it...! Got it! Let's go, no time to waste!
  303. Factory Manager: Then, could you take this over there? You can even use a hand cart if you need...
  304. Tsuruno: Fuuhn! ...I got it!
  305. Meiyui: !
  306. Factory Manager: ...Wow...that's a surprise!
  307. Tsuruno: Now then! Excuse me, I'm coming from behi--nd!
  308. Meiyui: (...Normal girls would not be able to hold that...She is already rather strong...or maybe, she is not normal...?)
  309. Factory Manager: Meiyui-chan, what's wrong?
  310. Meiyui: Nn...No, it's nothing.
  311. Factory Manager: Nah--, we were short on people so I'm glad you introduced her to us! On top of that, she's energetic and cheerful, she'll brighten up the workplace!
  312. Meiyui: On the contrary, I must thank you. Sorry to ask you on such short notice.
  313. Factory Manager: No, no, no! It's fi--ne! ...After all, we've been indebt to the Soukaihou since a long time ago...!
  316. Yachiyo: ...Oh? Tsuruno? What are you doing in a place like this?
  317. Tsuruno: Oh! ...U, u, u...Master Yachiyo--!
  318. Yachiyo: Wai, Wait! You suddenly burst into tears! What's wrong!? What happened!?
  319. Tsuruno: ...I...I~!!
  321. Yachiyo: ...So you failed, even at the factory?
  322. Tsuruno: That's right, uu...uu...I dripped and the barts went scattering all ober...[1]
  323. Yachiyo: Tsuruno, blow your nose. Here, blo--w.
  324. Tsuruno: Uu...blo---w! ...So, I tripped and the parts scattered all over the place...
  325. Yachiyo: And they got mad at you?
  326. Tsuruno: No, everyone was so nice to me...So they said it was okay...But on the contrary, that just! M, Made me feel worse~~!
  327. Yachiyo: Ah---, you're crying again... Could you try to hold it back a bit?
  328. Tsuruno: Y, Yes...uguu...That's why, I can't, go back anymore...
  329. Yachiyo: So, you're done training?
  330. Tsuruno: Uu! That', I guess it is...It wasn't! It wasn't supposed to be like this, and yet~!
  331. Yachiyo: Tsuruno...
  332. Tsuruno: I haven't accomplished anything yet. Even though I have to become stronger! At the rate things are going, my house will...the restaurant will...the family will...! Even though I have to become strong and shoulder everything!!
  333. ...Uu...
  334. Yachiyo: Calm down, okay? ...Don't focus so much on the big picture.
  335. Tsuruno: ...Eh?
  336. Yachiyo: Don't think about it so hard and try to relax a bit more, okay?
  337. Tsuruno: But...
  338. Yachiyo: There has to be something you can do. I think it's just as important to take care of the little things a little at a time, don't you?
  339. Tsuruno: ...something I can do...
  340. Yachiyo: If you accumulate those little accomplishments, I'm sure one day, you'll be rewarded for them. Don't be so dejected and give it a try, alright?
  341. Tsuruno: Master Yachiyo--!
  342. Yachiyo: Ahh--geez, here... okay, blo--w.
  343. Tsuruno: Uu...blo--w!
  344. Yachiyo: Alright! Then, what should we start with?
  345. Tsuruno: ...sniff......First I should...
  348. Tsuruno: ...Hello.
  349. Emiri: Oh, if it isn't Tsurupii! How're you doing? What's up? That's right, what about the training? How was it? Did you get stronger?
  350. Tsuruno: Akira-sensei here today...?
  351. Emiri: Akiracchi? She should be here in a bit, but...?
  352. Tsuruno: ...Is that so? ...Then, first I need to apologize to you, Emiri-sensei...And after that, Akira-sensei and Meiyui-sensei too...
  353. Emiri: Apologizeee? ...Why?
  354. Tsuruno: That's, you see...
  355. Akira: Oh--! It's Tsuruno-chan! Good timing!
  356. Tsuruno: Akira-sensei...!
  357. Akira: Meiyui! Tsuruno-chan's here!
  358. Meiyui: Mu! Tsuruno, what a coincidence!
  359. Tsuruno: Hiiie! Even Meiyui-sensei...!
  360. Emiri: Hey, it's ChunChun! It's been a lo--ng time--!
  361. Meiyui: Please stop calling me that...
  362. Tsuruno: ...I, I'm truly sorry about, um...uh...a, all that happened the other day!
  363. Akira: Heh? Why are you apologizing?
  364. Tsuruno: No, um, about what happened at the factory, um...I screwed up and uh...
  365. Meiyui: That's it! The factory manager asked me to deliver a message to you!
  366. Tsuruno: Eh!? ...Uu, so he is mad...
  367. Meiyui: He wanted to tell you "I want you to come back and help out again"
  368. Tsuruno: ...Eh?
  369. Meiyui: Tsuruno, you worked very hard. That made everyone at the factory very happy. It was fun, and it made them cheerful. That's why he told me to tell you to come back again.
  370. Tsuruno: ...Eh? Eh?
  371. Akira: I have a message for you too, Tsuruno-chan! From the owner of the lost dog! They wanted me to tell you "thank you very much for finding our dog"! You see, the owner is an old lady that lives by herself. So that dog was her one and only family. That's why she was really happy, and she's really grateful for what you did, Tsuruno-chan!
  372. Tsuruno: Eh? Eh? Eh?
  373. Emiri: 'Atta girl, Tsurupii!
  374. Akira: Tsuruno-chan, thanks!
  375. Meiyui: Will you come help again?
  376. Tsuruno: ...Y, Yes!
  379. Tsuruno: ...And that's how it ended!
  380. Yachiyo: Good for you, Tsuruno!
  381. Tsuruno: In other words... the training was a success!
  382. Yachiyo: Ah, it, it was? ...I don't really understand, but...Well, anyway, I guess all's well that ends well?
  383. Tsuruno: Yes, that's right! And with this, I too...became strong!
  384. Yachiyo: ...Hm? ...You mean mentally...right?
  385. Tsuruno: No, I mean, generally! It was a good experience, I think!
  386. Yachiyo: ...No, probably, I don't think it went tha~t well...
  387. Tsuruno: Master Yachiyo--! Allow me to demonstrate my current power!
  388. Yachiyo: Ah, I guess she didn't hear me, yeah...
  389. Tsuruno: Now, let's practice! Please be my opponent!
  390. Yachiyo: .......I'll go call Momoko and the others, okay?
  392. Tsuruno: In the end, Yachiyo-san ran away from me...Tha---t's right! Where's Rena---!?
  394. ================================================================
  395. General Note: Emily uses "a-shi" instead of "atashi".
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