3/16 The Defense of Crafthold

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  1.  {NARRATION} It's a beautiful day outside. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming.
  2. On days like these, people in Crafthold...
  4. Are enjoying their time together. Word of the Undead Legion has reached the ears of many, given the horde does not move with stealth or care. It has spent weeks riding through the mountains from the rumored Skeleton Tower that rises higher and higher each day with aims to charge across the only bridge that stretches across the southern river and into the merchant city.
  6. As this particular day went on, the temperate air of the trade city began to dry. A wave of heat, carrying with it the putrid scent of death, wafted through the streets upon the wind. Upon the northern horizon, a brownish smog grew thicker and thicker, something that marked the signature approach of what was once Arthur Rowan's army of thralls.
  8. Crafthold had always been a place of variety, where people who came from all over Agartha could come together and speak. Would the city enjoy this luxury in its time of need?
  10. (This is a CoI event where rewards/injuries will be rolled for at the end. Join at your own risk.)
  11. [18:00] Est quietly snags a perfectly ordinary staff and pretends she was totally armed all along. Is she even prepared for this?
  12. (Est)
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15.  Mizuki Tatasuki whispers something.
  16.  Denier waited.
  18. (If you need a guild invite for safe participation, ping and move to Shizuko Megumi)
  19. (Denier Nevus)
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  22. Renegin Billard whispers something.
  23. Salvas Voss whispers something.
  24.  Kairi whispers something.
  25.  Chaaca Khan whispers something.
  26.  Kairi whispers something.
  27.  … should be burning in Hell, you mean.
  29. Well, they're not going to be burning in Hell, PK is afraid.
  31. He's very cold, and Eiphraem is very watery, and he's sticking to him like white on rice, and no, that's not a Jianghese pun, it just means that he'll be DAMNED if he's going to let sweet Eiphraem get hurt.
  33. He's at full readiness; aura flaring, wings extended, and weapon unsheathed, positively radiating an intense aura of voracious, freezing emptiness which will rip the attackers asunder.
  35. "On days like these, undead like them... should be returned to a peaceful rest. This is despicable."
  36. (Perseus Kang)
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  38.  With her mask already on, Roanna was more than prepared to go into battle, though not with the same fire that others might. This action was one of somber mercy. Release for souls enslaved to selfish power.
  40. A soft and gentle prayer was uttered aloud.
  42. "May The Dreamer bless my actions in releasing these poor souls from this hell. This... sacrilege of the most holy of arts cannot be taken lightly.
  44. May Sareen protect those who do this act in her service today."
  45. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  46. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. Acedia had been spending most of her days here in crafthold as of late - mostly because Gehenna had gotten weird and her rat friends had started living here. She didn't know what was going on, but today seemed pretty busy - and tense. It reminded her, almost, of that one time walking skeletons had attacked Gehenna.
  50. Though decidedly unloyal to most things in the world; the dryad was loyal to the simplicity of life and nature. So - without any particular reason to dedicate herself to the cause beyond general good will, she would follow the mass here and see what was even going on.
  51. (Acedia)
  52. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  54.  A young boy carrying a halberd much to large for him had been idling in Crafthold for a few hours. He didn't speak with anyone, and simply sat off near the cliffs while watching the horizon, as if he was waiting for something. Once the heat wave hit, he nodded to himself and stood with the aid of his weapon. With a sigh he ran a hand through his sandy blond hair and looked around at the populace who had shown up. He wondered how many of them were from Dawn itself, how many had simply ignored Arthur and allowed this to happen...
  56. It was not something he wanted to dwell on for long. He wasn't there to chastise them for their mistakes or tell them of the painful past they had brought upon his family.
  58. The fighter's ire was aimed at the Legion that was marching this way, the undead who had taken so much from so many. Today he would fight for those he had lost and begin his crusade against the Ghoul King.
  59. (Leon)
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  62.  Kit Megumi whispers something.
  63. Ra'Kamel waited knowing of the undead that approached the demon swelled inside with excitement. It had not yet had a foe it could defeat and thus it would take its time using its newly evolved powers to defeat the undead that have gone rouge.
  65. It needed power after all and controlling it meant doing whatever it needed to. The power of Dark Matter had not yet been fully realized within the creature but it would attempt to use its newly formed skills to defeat the foes who came forth.
  67. As the creature waited it watched all of those who came to defend Crafthold in tandem.
  68. (Ra'Kamel)
  69. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  71.  ReeX watches everyone and looks sideways and says,
  73. "Hmm, that's going to be interesting. At least a little action, I was needing it."
  75. ReeX watches everyone and sits quietly ...
  77. "Who will be my first victim?!"
  78. (ReeX)
  79. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. The seconds began to feel like minutes and the minutes began to feel like hours the longer they waited. When would they come? They knew of the encroaching army, but 'when' had never been made clear.
  82. That changed when the atmosphere was suddenly tainted by something absolutely dreadful, though. The warmth in the air was muggy. Humid. It was the worst kind of heat-- and to Brina? Any heat at all was the worst of the worst. Between that and the stench of death, she was uncomfortable.
  84. 'Be calm' had been the advice given to her, but now? Now she was anything but as she stood there with her newfound gun wrapped tightly in hand. She didn't know how to use it, though she fiddled with everything she could. If it had a trigger? She dangerously fiddled with that, though fortunately didn't dare to pull it.
  86. "... Ksixus," she suddenly spoke, her blue-eyes swiveling to hopefully fall upon the floating boy. "I am only now remembering the fortune you gave to me." And for very good reason, she was having second thoughts about her being there.
  88. "The stars said I would make a decision that there would be no going back from." Her brows furrowed and her gaze yet again turned towards the horizon. "Is this the decision, you think?"
  89. (Brina)
  90. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  92.  Aldrah had come, it was his duty to be part of the legion, but even so, that was not why he was there to deal with the horde of undeaders approaching, he did not even care what would happen to the town, he was just looking to study the undeads to increase his knowledge of necromancy. But even so, he would have to defend himself since he was there, so he had his armor and staff ready for combat.
  93. (Aldrah)
  94. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  96.  Leoda had followed her orders to aid Crafthold, undead were running around rampant and that was something she could not tolerate, dogs without a leash. They needed to be put down like any rabid creature. Holy lightning surrounded the girls form as she drew forth a crackling Arcanium blade from unknown depths controlled by her gravity magic. She looked forward to seeing how many of the ill minded creations could stand against her.
  98. "Undead should never be used like this.. they shouldn't be used at all. People and bodies are not tools meant for play."
  99. (Leoda)
  100. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  102.  "Is it time already?"
  104. The Lightbreaker crafted by Roanna was drawn, Neo had prepped himself for this coming assault. This was a service to a family member, on top of that he was defending one of his most enjoyed areas. Crafthold as a whole is very amusing.
  106. "Paris, stick by my side. You cannot comprehend how upset I'll be if you are to be hurt in any type of way."
  107. (Neo Invidia)
  108. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  110.  The man knew this foolish. This was indeed a thing about trial and error. Though he knew his family came first. He needed to protect them before anything else. He had to what he could protect them to the end.
  112. Towah would feel the flames damper down. Water rising.
  114. "Protect my family. Guide over me. Watch me mom."
  116. The man would say in a prayer and then grip his fist. Taking his blade in hand he would keep his hood on tight. The man would look to his daemon and nod.
  118. "Rosa. You be needed very much in this time. Do your best."
  119. (Towah Tatasuki)
  120. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  122.  {NARRATION} There's a little warm flicker in Roanna's heart.
  123.  "Can't believe we're getting dragged into this over some beers." The medic said in annoyance as she pulled out an odd focus from her pockets. A mixture of orichalcum and mithril holding a massive collection of blood around it.
  125. It forged itself into a staff of blood in her hands as she uses it to keep herself steady on her bum prosthetic leg. What would be the consequences of this? Her and her sire fighting the undead legion of the land they both had called home?
  127. Well, it seemed Vedran would be fighting, which meant the ghoul had to fight as well. "We better be paid a good meal at the very least for this." The Ghoul calls out as her body soon found itself coated in a massive coalescence of blood that coagulated into a thick, sticky armor around her.
  129. Her eyes bore her sin as they turned black as the void itself and her shadow twisted and contorted around her figure in an unworldly way.
  131. An abomination. A human teetering over between life and unlife.
  132. (Jennifer Ivanovich)
  133. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  135. Renegin readied himself for this, he gripped Roanna's shoulder and squeezed it gently and re-assuringly. Not that she was affeered, but more so to remind her that he and many others with on her side this day.
  137. Then, the runes on his cumbersome Nyeshk sword lit up and he un-sheathed the monster. It was massive and un-weildable by many normal people, even possibly some experienced magi. He however hefted it with a great deal of bruiths precision.
  139. His gentle blue eyes glinted with determination to protect those around whether they be friend or foe, however his main goal in this fight was to ensure the safety of his lady and crafthold.
  141. He turned his gaze towards the direction of the stench, his grip tightening as he readied himself. Him emotions silently charging up within him....this fight he was killing. No doubt about it.
  143. "Mmmm, bad day tah do this shite Undead. Real bad fuckin day."
  144. (Renegin Billard)
  145. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  147. Ser Artaghh would grip the handle of his blade with a steadfast nod, cracking his knuckles briefly before unsheathing the mithril blade and standing from his quite comfortable chair. With a yawn, the bald paladin would prepare himself to face the undead. It was really just like a field trip, but with more chance of crippling injury. The joy of it.
  148. (Artaghh)
  149. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  151. The Nagual came to help not only because it was told by the Eternal, but Crafthold was a neutral party... and non-combatant for the most part.. She hoped to see other settlements here also... This place was one-of-a-kind on Agartha.. it deserved to be protected by all..
  153. Corrupted lightning envelops her form as her blade floats to her hand...
  155. Already she could feel the storm pushing against her will... she wouldn't be able to hold it back long...
  157. A small amount of blood leaks from the corner of one eye....
  158. (Jessi Ann)
  159. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  161. Denier patiently waited for the undead swarm to arrive, he was not inactive, however, cosmic energy drawn in from the stars above, channeled along the draining tyrium into a field of magic dampening energy to be utilized and repurposed as was needed.
  163. His eyes remained on the skys as he calculated potential damage that would be done if this horde was not stopped. His logical mind and his emotional connection both desired this to not be so, slowly clearing his mind of distractions. Friends, social ties, crushes, none of it mattered if he could not protect it.
  165. He closes his eyes momentarily as he began to return the cosmic energy to the sky, seeding it with his mana in preparation for bombardment upon any enemies that dare come into the range of his stellar arsenal. He was prepared to defend his home.
  166. (Denier Nevus)
  167. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  168. It hadn't been long since Artaghh had formerly introduced Cainite to Crafthold. Within such a span of time? He'd grown quite found of the bustling merchant city! It was less out of duty, then a desire to smack around a legion of lesser undead..
  170. "Well! This should be a wonderful little fight, all these lovely people.." Huangzhou. Dawn. 'Obsidia'. All united in once..
  171. (Vedran Ivanovich)
  172. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  174.  There seemed to be a gathered crowd at this place, much more so than usual. He wasn't really aware of an assault on this place, or rather he did not care enough to pay attention to whomever may have relayed the message. Ending up here on some business.
  176. Unfortunately or fortunately that coincided with whatever was about to happen now. As apathetic a human he was, he still cared if his local drug pitstop got destroyed. Hence he would have no choice but to aid in it's defense. That and ever since his recent incident his father had been keeping a close eye on him.
  178. Several tentacles grew out, wiggling and at ready, though his sword was not yet drawn. Arms crossed as he looked towards Neo.
  180. "I'll be fine father. It's those around me you should be worried about. Not that I intend to hold back."
  181. (Paris Invidia)
  182. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  184. [18:09] There were many faces about, some she had no issue with and some she wanted to slam into the ground, but she wasn't here for that. She was here to stop the spread of undeath from growing any further. Especially with a horde that was already as large as it was.
  186. She'd draw her staff, tapping it on the ground as she usually does. Cracked earthy skin that seemed to ooze lava here and there would surround her as she floated about in the air. This was the most of her preparations for fighting, other than bracing herself for the horrors to come.
  188. She knew what she was dealing with from last time yet she hoped to not have a repeat of such. She had been left injured from the last clash at her home with this undead army, yet she helped repel them. This time there was a difference though, she had a mission more than just protecting her home, she had to end all these undead. To cleanse this land of their presence.
  190. She had no words really, she just wished to fight, repel the undead, and then leave. That was her plan and she'd make sure she carried it out fully.
  191. (Evi Tatasuki)
  192. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  194.  Shizuko lifts herself from the ground with gravity magic. An aura of holy water sweeps around her as he arcanium bracers begin to glow. The bracers freeze the water around her, forming a ice longsword.
  196. She wrinkles her nose at the stench and looks towards the brown smog. She takes a deep breath to calm down. She immediately regrets this and slightly gags. She steadies herself for a possible battle. Her hands lightly sweat in nervousness against the icy blade, sticking her hands upon it. She reaches a hand towards her bag, feeling for the healing elixirs and she looks around at everyone that has gathered.
  197. (Shizuko Megumi)
  198. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  200. The nagual golden hues moving around the crowd of people, searching for the victims of the Lich. The rotten air just made him nauseous.. "The undead.. I feel pity for the spirits.. trapped in a bodies that smells like junk.. "
  202. His face showed contempt for the act.
  203. "Now is time for them to disappear.. "
  204. (Ksixus)
  205. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  207. Many of those from the Legion were told to attend the defense of Crafthold, the undead were slow and loud, easily being watched by many, when they come to the merchant city however? Dawn was obligated to clean up the mess.
  209. Alex would proudly wait in the city for them to come, a chance to kill the creations Arthur had made, Alex not fully agreeing with his act, he gets to finally kill some of them, put them out of misery and not look like a traitor for it.
  211. As the scent of death rolls in and the brown smog hovers closer Alex can't help but feel deja vu, a reminder of when the Nethradin attacked Dawn long ago.
  213. He waits for them to come closer, the others around were ready as well.
  214. (Alex Monolyn)
  215. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  217. "Well it looks like the rumors were true." Sugarboy would mutter to himself as he stood up from his perch on the wooden fence. He'd draw his dark oaken staff adorned with bones of the damned as he joined the files of magi and warriors prepared to defend the bastion that anyone was welcome to.
  219. Wails of the fallen would echo in his head, a cursed staff given to him by a disgraced chieftain. Their screams would only serve to drive him to prevent his allies from falling in battle.
  221. "And here I was, enjoying a nice cigarette with some good friends, got a new mithril pegleg. It's been a good day." He'd muse with a chuckle. He'd been scoping Crafthold out as a place to move to should Gehenna fall or become plagued with ignorance like he found in other factions.
  223. "Let's seeif we can keep it a good day, eh fam?" He'd elbow a couple between him with a laugh. He fought undead hoardes before, and this would be no different.
  224. (Sugarboy)
  225. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  227. And, amdist all those truly geared for a battle, there was one spectral girl flitting about, determined to remain at her Lord's side. A tendril of water and ice wrapped around a staff she just purchased from the store. She didn't look ready for combat. Unable to hold her own weapon without her body breaking down into mist, she barely even seemed capable of living normally at all.
  229. And yet here she was, keen to remain at Eiphraem's side, keen to repel the invading undead. Ever the factotum, her eyes darted between Eiphraem, the approaching horde, and all those that had gathered to defend the peaceful merchant town.
  231. Dawn - so many citizens of Dawn. A few vampires, too. The lack of Huangzhou presence was not unexpected, but visibly disappointed her all the same. "...Their 'righteousness' at work," she said, perhaps to herself - perhaps to Eiphraem or Denier - in a voice ill-suited for the battlefield. "...No matter. Regardless- I cannot allow innocents to suffer here," she continued on, relating the present situation just a little too much to her own circumstances. It wasn't a perfectly identical setup - but innocents and non-magi at risk of being caught in the crossfire was something that troubled her deeply.
  233. She wasn't prepared - not at all - but she'd fight anyway, because there were those that couldn't.
  234. (Est)
  235. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  236.  The smell of rot fell over her before the heat did. For someone raised among the dead, the stench didn't do much to bother her. There was little in this world that COULD make the woman sick! But, as the little rest came to an end, so too did the anxious feeling in her stomach. "Alright, seems out newest target is coming in. No rest for the wicked-- But I think this a little more important than, you know, one guy on a mountain.."
  238. Pulling the gun off her strap, the but of the gun is pressed firmly to the magi's shoulders as rippling waves of reality twist and shudder. Tearing open above her, an arch of rifts cause multiple gun barrels to point through them.
  240. "Hey, Vedran, whoever kills the most undead get's free drinks. What do you say..?"
  241. (Josephine Dusk)
  242. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  244.  Here he was - strapping up to fight for Dawn on the field of war for a second time. Only this time.. it was as Artaghh's squire.
  246. He promised to give it his best shot, and so.. that's what he would do. The loaded AK on his back is removed and cocked, ready to do what needed to be done.
  248. Alright. I'm ready, Paladin."
  249. (Ramsey)
  250. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  252.  Alvi, on the other hand, is very hot. In more ways than one. They had left the dark confines of the jail to come upon a veritable army of magi, all of them ready to defend Crafthold in spite of their differences.
  254. If they still had functioning tear ducts, they'd be shedding some right now.
  256. With a flick of their wrist, a torrent of purple flames pick up around the witch's feet, carried by gusts of heated, tainted wind that picks up loose blades of grass and ruffles foliage. With their conversation with Eiphraem fresh on their mind, Alvi takes in a deep, airless breath.
  258. "I am the master of my own fate," they murmur to themselves. "I am the one in control."
  259. (Alvi Slade)
  260. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  262.  Devin takes a moment to wake up, and look around. He stiffens awake.
  263. (Devin Attic)
  264. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  266.  "That's what you're going to say."
  267.   "Time that I did not see several people together in one place for a purpose. Well, I hope this is interesting, I think I'll get along."
  269. ReeX looks at his opponents and thinks
  271. "They look intimidating and formidable. It should be fun."
  272. (ReeX)
  273. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  275.  Having to feel the environment change so suddenly because of some outside force. Mizuki felt it was only safe to keep her wits about her. It seemed something dangerous and scary was coming from the shadows. Dark thoughts and the stench of death had risen. She wasn't sure what might happen in the next few moments. Though this would scare her off, unless something huge and creepy appeared. She was decently strong for some mages, although she didn't want to act too tough.
  277. Keeping a leveled head would be a safe bet, should she managed to do that. The woman's body had begun to heat up and holy magic surrounded the woman's body like a shell. She was working on new magic, something strong enough to repel all forms of occult magic. Slight murmurs were emitting from her voice.
  279. Golden bright flames rose into the form of orbs, and fire was visible. As the orbs spun faster and faster into a rotation motion, the fire soon surrounded both of the woman's arms. "Protect..purify...purge.." Slight enchantments that enhanced the intensity of both arms. The two rings of fire became stronger with each passing moment. "Protect....purify...purge..". Soon the enchantment was finished, and the two weapons of flaming rings was perfected.
  281. Used as a offensive weapon, and both defensive weapon, some instrument users of fire can only create. It was finally time, the fox could test this new weapon in battle. Though thoughts rambled her brain, would the fire be strong enough to break through the enemy lines. She pondered the question for a moment and decided to find out.
  283. Soon after preparations, the woman's magic rockets passed what it's original state was. She apparently had a method to increasing her own power, and her armor was capable of handling it. Although it started to grow very hot and very fast. The metal was turning into a furnace, very soon. Mizuki's power has reached it's peeked and capable of high potential.
  285. With a wave of death coming knocking at the door of Crafthold, she was still on high alert. It seemed many other warriors and mages were prepping themselves too. Still, the woman wondered why hasn't the horde shown up yet? It would be a matter of time, and she had that patience needed. Having her power fully at it's max, this fox was prepared for anything to come.
  286. (Mizuki Tatasuki)
  287. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  289.  Vedran Ivanovich whispers something.
  290.  Josephine Dusk whispers something.
  291. Roanna suddenly feels... strange. A flush of emotion she wasn't prepared for suddenly. It feels immensely good and gratifying. Her hold on her weapon tightened, suddenly feeling more certain of herself.
  293. "Well then, I suppose we'll see to our work. Renegin, stick close to me and I'll keep you patched up as best I can.
  295. Remember what I said: make this as quick and painless for them as you can."
  296. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  297. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  299.  Jennifer Ivanovich whispers something.
  300. Jennifer Ivanovich whispers something.
  301.  Renegin Billard says, "Aye, right on Rose. Sugarboy will back us up as well."
  302. It is far from unexpected.
  304. The warnings of the advance scouts and Salvas' investigation has warned them of the movements of Arthur's abandoned, enslaved souls moving towards the realm.
  306. Preparations had been made. Crafthold was an oft decentralized region- Notices and pamphlets were made to outlying hamlets and farmlands, urging an evacuation of the living and livestock to across the river, with temporary lodgings.
  308. It was a strain on the infrastructure, but with a relatively solid front to defend upon.
  310. With the realm alerted to the impending threat, as Eiphraem nods his head to Shizuko and softly slides to Perseus' side, he emits a gentle hum, gazing over the prepared masses, the armies and magi e'er-do-wells of Agartha.
  312. His earfins are pricked up and forwards, eyes bright as he purses his lips gently. In spite of the masses and the roar of the crowd that overwhelmed him-
  314. It was a good sign.
  316. His telepathy rings out, echoing above the noise directly into the minds of others.
  318. Good evening. I know many of you are coming and coordinating for the greater good- You are welcomed, and appreciated. Ensure you are close to your fellow Agarthans; If you are not militarily trained, try to hold your ground, and avoid panic.
  320. Many of those enslaved souls beyond will not be well coordinated, but so long as we can hold the line, the threat should be able to be repulsed. Ensure you are aware where healers and retreat points are, and try to shoot upwards into the air if your area is getting overwhelmed, or if there is a more deadly conglomeration.
  322. I am certain we can redouble our efforts, and we will try to ensure your safety.
  323. (Eiphraem Kang)
  324. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  326.  Devin Attic whispers something.
  327. Devin Attic whispers something.
  328.  Ume Ixis Kimyona whispers something.
  329.  Devin Attic whispers something.
  330.  Ashera would begin to prepare herself. She would grab her blade tight. And would look towards the enemy before her. The matching army would smell the undead depravity that had arisen. The disgusting smell of flesh would fill the air.
  332. Ashera would feel the emotions of righteousness at this moment. She had felt obligated to fight and protect the non-magi, as well as the lifestream from the harm it was getting from these undead abominations. She would most certainly stop at nothing to get rid of plague like this.
  334. The people in Crafthold were neutral at best. So that every kind of person would be able to enjoy and live in this place as freely as they so desired. And These undead were twisted, contorted. And reformed to be the pinnacle of depravity they were.
  336. Ashera would raise her blade high in the sky, As she wanted to put an end to this cycle of plague, one step at a time. She would stop the reak of depravity before her. And put all of the undead before her into their rightful rest.
  338. "Oh Kraus. Before us an enemy with depravity beyond imaginable. The depravity that would damage the lifestream that you have worked so hard to give us. Give me strength to continue to fight. And protect against the evils, Give me strength to protect the innocent. And put an end to this."
  340. The Iron paladin would utter. Providing a strong stream of holy light around her body. She will act and enact the good of Kraus in doing so.
  342. "Let us put an end to this."
  345. (Ashera Ixis)
  346. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  348.  Ume Ixis Kimyona whispers something.
  349. "Well, It would seem that our attackers have arrived- from where I do not know but without a doubt- they are here." Salvas would get up from his seat, this was something he was clearly waiting on... for a while.
  352. His rapier would slide from it's sheath without being touch and land it's self within his hand, blue eyes now turning a bright crimson red- there was no secret that the vampire was using magic to hide his more vile features upon his face- something he was unable to do when using cains magic(or full strength) to fight against a enemy.
  355. With his family here he felt as though he had nothing to be afraid of he knew very well that he was in good hands. There were few that could defeat them together.
  357. This was just another trial for them, even after how much they have grown there was still trials to be held- Things needing to be conquered.. Enemies that needed to be crushed.
  360. At least that is one thing you can look forward to in a immortal life.. There will always be an enemy.
  361. (Salvas Voss)
  362. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  365.  Ume Ixis Kimyona whispers something.
  366.  Alvi Slade says, "Try not to destroy the crops from the surrounding farms if you can help it, please."
  367.  Acedia whispers something.
  368.  Ashera Ixis says, "Noted."
  369.  Artaghh whispers: Howdy Vedran.
  370.  Ume Ixis Kimyona whispers something.
  371.  Vedran Ivanovich whispers: Howdy, Artaghh.
  372.  Nuwan whispers something.
  373.  Acedia whispers something.
  374.  The nameless boy was floating along moving towards craft hold til he noticed something. He follows along as curiosity got the best of him.
  375. (Nameless)
  376. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  378.  Denier Nevus exclaims, "Not bonetaghh!"
  379.  Ume Ixis Kimyona whispers something.
  380. Josephine Dusk whispers something.
  381.  Ume Ixis Kimyona whispers something.
  382.  Josephine Dusk whispers something.
  383.  Vedran Ivanovich whispers: Aye..
  384. Josephine Dusk whispers something.
  385.  Nameless says, "<Undead..>"
  386.  Vedran Ivanovich whispers: Ha!
  387.  {NARRATION} The Legion rounded a corner, a force that had only grown with each defeat they had suffered at the hands of the living upon Agartha. With each retreat they had collected bodies, with each failure they had simply grown larger. Fighting the dead worked like that, and once they were left entirely unattended, the Legion had only thrived.
  389. The force sent to Crafthold was a unique one; the soldiers were not simply footmen with spears and axes. Many had been outfitted with flaming weapons doused in occultic influences and continuous electrical currents that charged their bodies with heinous heat.
  391. The smog that had risen into the sky could be traced down to the thick smoke that was billowing out of many of the undead soldiers very bodies.
  393. There were ready to charge headlong into Crafthold's defense.
  395. They were ready to turn Thalassia to ash.
  396.  Devin is only here because unlike Dawn, this army reeks of undead, and he could smell it far away. This army literally smells.
  397. (Devin Attic)
  398. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  400.  It wasn't especially heart warming that Acedia's suspicion was correct, and that this was, in fact, another undead attack! She had uncanny luck with this sort of thing, every time she moved into a new place the undead attacked! That was remarkably spooky.
  402. Staff in hand, she glared as angrily at the undead army as she could and prepared to fight with the other assorted forces. Not like she had anything else to do.
  403. (Acedia)
  404. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  406.  Jennifer Ivanovich asks, "...Is that one wielding a guitar?"
  407.  Leoda faced the undead horde with a smirk on her face, she had no words to offer towards them, not because she had nothing to say, but because they weren't worthy of her words. She held her arcanium sword high into the air and a bolt of lightning came crashing down into it. Instead of exploding it as one might expect, the bolt seemed to wrap around it, remaining in place on the sword.
  409. Today these undead would fall, and while some people may get injured, Leoda looked forward to seeing exactly how quickly the attackers would fail.
  410. (Leoda)
  411. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  413. He continues to follow the crowd and saw an army of undead, The smell caused him to gag as he flinches away.
  415. "Undead.....Very bad." He mutters, The Gehennian boy threw caution to the wind, Those who were brought back by the betrayer's magic was always an enemy.
  417. A growl escapes his lips as he pulls his scythe off his back and took the skies.
  418. (Nameless)
  419. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  421.  Now standing in front of the undeads, Aldrah intended to take one or another of the bodies, to study.. See the dead that Arthur had revived.
  423. "This will be interesting.." He spoke in low tone.
  425. He was not there to help the city, it was more for his own reasons.
  426. (Aldrah)
  427. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  429.  They were brought against the undead legion. Those who had been dragged from their homes and slaughtered. Those who had been forced into forms ill-suited for humanity. These were not attempts to create perfection or copy mankind.
  431. They were monsters and reveled in it.
  433. "Monstrous... To create such creatures from nonsentient flesh is one thing... But to twist humanity into such fell forms and enslave them..."
  435. She grit her teeth, thoroughly displeased. No, she was livid. Every show of Arthur's madness invigorated her heart to rage. It was power abused. All these people could have lived full lives or been brought over to the truth.
  437. Now, they were mere puppets for an egotist.
  439. "This blasphemy will not stand. Try to eradicate them all cleanly. Don't let scavengers get away.
  441. This must end."
  442. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  443. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  445.  Ser Artaghh would smile as he gazed through the crowd of undead, putting a hand on his forehead to gaze through the distant legion of undead that the militia would shortly need to put down to see if he recognized any of his old mates. Lenny perhaps? Potentially one of the various peasants they'd killed when that one mob got uppity outside Dawn.
  447. The bald paladin would shrug, he lived in Dawn. Undead was nothing new, he'd take fire over poison any day. Vedran probably wouldn't though. Puffing away at his corn cob pipe, Ser Artaghh would bark out in laughter at the prospect of his pretty boy hair catching aflame. Silly vampires.
  448. (Artaghh)
  449. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  451.  ReeX for a second looks scared and says,
  453. "Wow, there are a lot of them, but they're just skeletons or not ... What the hell, I'm going to finish them all."
  455. Soon after he takes a few seconds of courage and shouts:
  457. "YOU CAN COME!"
  459. ReeX said that, but he knew he could not underestimate his opponents.
  460. (ReeX)
  461. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  463.  Denier had felt it, the march of many feet upon the earth, the shift in gravity. The mass had arrived to be washed over.
  465. His eyes slowly moved to turn to he waves of undead that stood before them. The seeded skies began to condense their cosmic mana under his influence, stars seeming to form in the atmosphere. He was not the most powerful among the impromptu army, being a scholar and teacher, but he was not weak of will any longer. He had but one battle cry for the occasion before the stars would begin their bombardment upon the battlefield.
  467. "Make it rain!"
  468. (Denier Nevus)
  469. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  470.  The Paladin would float above the crowd black lightning erupting forth crackling along her blade... The Nagual would roar the sound of the great lightning spirit she had absorbed added to her own.. the sound like thunder rolling...
  472. She pulls her hood over her head the runs glowing softly as they become active...
  474. As the fighting would start corrupted lightning would already be striking down foes from a distance until she got close enough to truly devastate....
  475. (Jessi Ann)
  476. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  478.  With his blade going across the ground. He would let the water flow over his body. The man was ready. He was prepared. The kitsune knew how to handle this and would deal with it.
  480. He made sure to watch his girls.
  482. The man would need to destroy and destroy.
  484. "Do your best everyone." He would then nod as the water flow over.
  485. (Towah Tatasuki)
  486. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  488. "An undead army... How ironic." Salvas said with a smirk not much more to talk about at least for now. He took notice to the strange heat emitting from their bodies and would watch the fight with close inspection to what was going on.
  489. (Salvas Voss)
  490. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  492.  The spirit of Ouriel Melym appears behind Jesse, swinging the legendary blade Dawnbringer and consuming him in a pillar of light. This power only came to him in the most dire of times of need, when his Star knew that holding back would be death. As the light washes off of him, he emerges bathed in a wonderous starlight.
  494. He's dazzling, a beacon of hope and cosmic order against this backdrop of insanity.
  496. "Alright!" He readies his blade.
  498. "Let's do this."
  499. (Jesse Hawke)
  500. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  502.  "A bet is a bet, Josie! And one that you'll lose." Competitive. Stakes were set. As the mighty legion of Arthur's rogue undead; they weren't outfitted like common peasant! "Artaghh! Try not ta' get your ass kicked this time.." Giving him a nudge with elbow.
  504. Vedran happily faced the undead.. with Dawn's Legion, Huangzhou's Fourfold and Crafthold's… giant serpent man leading the way! All that fire certainly made the vampire weary, or atleast annoyed.
  506. Drawing his blade, he was ready.
  507. (Vedran Ivanovich)
  508. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  510.  Esme floated on the spot behind Ramsey, feeling an obligation to be here at the aid of Crafthold given that this rogue Legion of Undead was beginning to attack neutral parties without specific order from Dawn.
  512. Surrounded by a shroud of blackened flame, she peers over the hat-clad young man in front of her, over his shoulder so that she can get a good view at the congregation of resurrected souls. It was never a pretty sight, but some had once commented on undeath being an 'acquired taste'. Perhaps they where right, since growing up around so many had made them less of an intimidating force to look upon.
  514. Though she would never underestimate their capabilities. Esme knew full well how powerful the undead can become, having met many of her father's resurrectees in the past.
  516. The line would of course, move forward eventually, with Esme following suite behind Ramsey with a plan to aid the front line fighters with waves of flames and cosmic magic.
  517. (Esme Rowan)
  518. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  520.  Salvas Voss says, "Or shot.. Don't get shot."
  521.  Artaghh says, "Oh sure, says the flammable one."
  522.  Vedran Ivanovich asks, "Pfft.. you think that'll stop me?"
  523.  The heat worsened, and with it, Brina's faulty confidence further waned. Heat wasn't something she enjoyed. Hell, heat wasn't something any Sirenian enjoyed! But when coupled with the terrible smog that only proved to grow thicker?
  525. She felt her breath catch in the back of her throat. Nevertheless? With a shaky grip, she lifted her gun and did well to try and steady it. She'd seen someone aim down the barrel before. Was that all she was meant to do? Mana guns weren't actual guns, of course. Maybe she should've gone with the staff instead...
  527. "... Be careful, yes?" Her gaze flickered to her friend. "I imagine we are bound to lose each other in-... in all of this. I will stay in the back, so you'll find me there, safe and sound." Biting back her fear, she drew in a deep, shaky breath.
  529. "Promise."
  530. (Brina)
  531. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  533.  Shizuko Megumi whispers something.
  534. Artaghh says, "Well, les' fin' out."
  535. The forces of Thalassia weren't the most organized squadron, all coming from different backgrounds as they marched against the undead. Sugarboy was used to fighting with tribals, so the disorganization didn't bother him in the slightest. Nah, Sugarboy was a water magi after all, the epitome of going with the flow .
  537. He found himself beside Renegin and Roanna, two friends of his. "Well alright then, stick close to me famski's and I'll keep us up. Don't hold back and I'll kiss your booboo's when we win this shit."
  539. Blood would begin swirling around him, a cloud of steam as his life essence began to bubble around him. Sugarboy, admittedly, wasn't the best duelist. But with his friends beside him, their lives on the line? This is where he shined.
  541. One last drag of his cigarette before spitting it out, dashing it under his mithrilboot as he set his sights on one of their generals.
  543. "Let's fuck it up, fam!"
  544. (Sugarboy)
  545. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  547.  The forces of the undead were approaching from the north. Not that it was unexpected or surprising to say the least. He decided to head there as well, joined by the mass of others though he wasn't much for a team player.
  549. They were outfitted with fire. And he hated fire more than anything. Not because he had a weakness to it, but due to internal family issues. He was not the least bit pleased.
  551. Standing on an elevated ground and scouting the plains. Finally unfolding his arms and summoning his own small legion of demons to fight for him. The accursed himself staying his distance while his tentacles spread out wide like a net.
  552. (Paris Invidia)
  553. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  555.  Ramsey removes his hat for the first time since his arrival, allowing his hair to flow freely in the wind. More importantly, this allows that lingering guardian of his to force its way into a physical manifestation.
  557. Two large, obsidian arms come from the back of his head, making the sound of flesh tearing - despite the youth being perfectly fine.
  559. The Dark Guardian would fight with Ramsey and Crafthold this time around - hopefully.
  560. (Ramsey)
  561. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  563.  Sighs as he mentally focuses on his breathing. All he ever did was spar and that wasn't too often, but this was his home and he had his family with him. His blood starting to boil while he held his staff in his hand, flames flickering around his body. Surely with all these people they could defend Crafthold.
  565. (Kit Megumi)
  566. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  568.  Ra'Kamel looked upon the corpses that rode into Craftholds plains flaming weapons and other instruments of death it was impressive the demon could feel the tainted mana sifting off of their bodies, So much chaotic mana to absorb by consuming their flesh afterwards.
  570. The demon had only but to rejoice since the majority of undead were protected by the Laws of Dawn, Crafthold and the Vampire mountain he had no chance of feasting upon their corruption until now. The one that bled of the occultic mana made him all the more hungry for its energy.
  572. As the fore of magi stood united the Voidling emitted its occultic influence drawing smaller Demons to its side. As the corpses dragged their broken bodies across the plains Ra'Kamel ignited itself within a flame of occultic power. Now was the time for it to feast.
  574. Shadows dripped and splashed from its body finally a battle where ti could win something that was deserving it moved in and began drawing upon its power. With each passing seconds as the legion marched he waited for the ununited forces to charge forwards into battle.
  576. After all he could not let Crafthold be destroyed just yet there was far to much knowledge to extract from its soil to let it go to such waste."Come then dead things and I will claim your corruption for my own. "
  578. (Ra'Kamel)
  579. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  581.  Eiphraem's right hand lands on Fool's Cold.
  583. The accursed, ancient tyrium blade burns against the palm of his hand, a deathly void emitting from it as it is withdrawn from it's sealing, gentle sheath. It prickles against his palm, as though familiarizing itself with the rejuvenated flesh of the demon's hand.
  585. It's master is ready for a combat that necessitates it.
  587. As he stares over the roiling, corruptive miasma that threatens on the horizon, the stench of decayed viscera and guts dispensed with burning flesh and tallow from their own flaming weapons.
  589. The heat erodes at the moisture in the air, an almost untenable cloud assaulting the water elemental's very senses. His entire form stiffens, reflexively sliding backwards towards the more humid air behind him. powered by the soft wisps of those magi similarly aligned to him.
  591. He swings the blade down through the air, the black bastard sword threatening to undo any enchantments going forwards, and a pluck at the flask on his belt flows in a glimmering, silver river of mercury.
  593. The silver serpent was prepared.
  594. (Eiphraem Kang)
  595. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  597.  The horde had changed. They weren't merely just random bodies with cheap weapons thrown at them. No, they were outfitted this time, weapons spewing occult and they themselves letting out a smog into the air. This clearly was going to be tougher than last time, but she to was tougher than last time.
  599. She'd once more aim her staff at the horde before her. She didn't plan to fall to them but things were unpredictable in a fight. She would do her best to keep herself up though, with the aid of the two closest two her. She knew in the end they'd have this.
  601. She'd give a glance around though, her enemies were some rather unlikely allies this time yet, she felt no hostility towards them at this moment. They all had a common goal, to push this horde of unruly undead back to whence it came, or destroy it outright. She was hoping for the second part but with an army that only seemed to grow?
  603. That was very unlikely. It was time for her to carry out her duty, to cleanse these undead of their curse and to return them to thei8r lfiestream. Where they belonged.
  604. (Evi Tatasuki)
  605. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  607. For the swaths of occult flame, Perseus takes to the skies, slicing walls of freezing light in wondrous, beautiful arcs. Like an angel of death he flies over the hordes, attempting to disable as many as he can with each swing.
  609. His entire being pulses with a distinct form of that undead aura as wings of molten cyan glass drip and sublimate, exploding into tenebrous clouds of blue and silver mist. He swoops down into the thick of battle, cleaving long lines through the undying legion.
  611. "In death, may you find the peace you deserve. In death, may your pain and scars be erased.
  613. What happens after, I am sorry for. You, as you were, have been dead for longer than you can know."
  615. In the beginning of the clash, Perseus speaks a kind of eulogy dedicated to those undead he fells.
  616. (Perseus Kang)
  617. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  619. The more Alex watched the army come the more he was reminded of the horrible creatures that were Nethradin. Their very bodies fell from the smog, multiple rotting corpses marched forward to the city of Crafthold. Alex was disgusted by the abuse of Azrael's gift.
  621. He pulls out his scepter and clenches it tightly, lightning magic statics and crackles potently, mists swirl around his weapon as well. His hand flicks and snaps at his daemon, Chowo sprouts and shakes her head, the puppeteer controlling his puppet.
  623. He jabs his hand forward and commands Chowo to be ready, Alex floats idly, waiting for them to come and waiting for them to fall one by one from the combined rallying force that will fight under Crafthold's banner.
  624. (Alex Monolyn)
  625. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  627.  Renegin had joined the defensive formation of his comrades and allies. So many different sides here today fighting together in defense of one place. He was, at the very least sated and satisfied by this. His emotional charge only bolstered by the representation of unification here today.
  629. He was certain were the island ever threatened by a foe bigger then them all, alliances would be garnered and perhaps each side could overcome their views to work together and end the threat. Still though, such hopes were simply his and his alone.
  631. His blade was charged and ready, as his muscles waited patiently to release their tension into an undead's unlucky body. He grinned, feeling his emotions cascade over one another as they fueled the blue aura around his person. This would certainly be a fun fight.
  633. He waited until the fighting started, before briefly his blue aura lit up brightly, and he charged with unimaginable ferocity into the crowd of undead ready to strike.
  635. "Ye bastards are being freed! Don't try an keep living, it'll hurt ye more!"
  636. (Renegin Billard)
  637. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  639.  As the army approached and Crafthold rode out to meet them, the ghost girl... paused. As she got a closer look at the invading force, her eyes went wide and her entire body flickered into mist, like static on a screen. "Wait, no," she murmured, her pause allowing her Archon Lord to slither on ahead without her doggedly and perhaps obnoxiously at his side for once. "No, no, no," she said, reciting the word like a mantra.
  641. Peasants who weren't so lucky. The failed rebellion, or those caught in the crossfire of war - just like her. "Lord Eiphraem- that's what I would have been-" she whimpered, "Oh Gods, those aremy people..." The only difference was that she survived.
  643. The tendril clutching her staff dissipated, and the mythril rod hit the ground as Est glided back, seemingly keen to flee back into Crafthold. But- no, she couldn't. Lord Eiphraem and his Peacekeeper were still there. Denier and Alvi were still there, too, as was the Megumi boy years younger than her. No, no, she couldn't leave. A small pillar of ice shot up from the ground, raising her staff upward so that she could grab it with her own two hands for the first time. No smoke, no mist - she finally managed to hold something.
  645. No fleeing, and no crying until the end either.
  646. (Est)
  647. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  649.  Leon trudged along, listening to the words of Crafthold's leaders. His halberd and armor glowed with a soft holy light when he first stepped foot onto the plain and the boy carried himself with some determination toward the great cloud of smoke that was approaching. The heat was unique, the last time he had encountered these creatures there had been a deliberate coldness to them, an aura of death that clung to each body.
  651. Though it wasn't as if it mattered. These were the Ghoul King's pawns, the toys he'd sent to begin his conquest. They only wanted more bodies, destroying a city was a consolation prize at best.
  653. Release as many as we can. Keep fatalities to a minimum.
  655. Trail the retreat. he thought to himself.
  657. As the undead soldiers themselves emerged flaming and dark, he took in a deep breath and prepared for battle.
  658. (Leon)
  659. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  661.  The corner of Alvi's mouth wrinkles in distaste at the absolute state the undead army was in. Ragged and rotting, the witch could've sworn they saw one's arm fall off and get kicked around like a football.
  663. "You people seem to forget who raised them in the first place," Alvi said in response to Roanna's comments to whatever Dawn denizens were within earshot. They wanted them to fully realize the hypocrisy inherent with being complacent with a genocidal army of mindless undead, only willing to take action against it when it went rogue.
  665. Regardless of their personal feelings on the matter, the witch merely shook their head and went back to murmuring their quiet mantra.
  667. "I am the master of my own fate. I control my magic. It does not control me."
  668. (Alvi Slade)
  669. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  671.  Galahad was scared. It felt weird, as it wasn't... Any normal fear he's ever experienced before. He was trembling, and although it wasn't cold outside... He felt cold. As if it was snowing, and snowflakes lightly descended upon his body, wetting him to the bone.
  673. Alas, this wasn't the weather. It was an army of undead soldiers, ready to massacre innocent people. A knight in-training or not, it wasn't something he'd be able to simply witness, and not fight against.
  675. It wasn't who he is.
  677. Magic flowed through his veins, gravity bending to allow him to float and ascend, as cosmic energies began to bless him - allowing the blond to carry a certain... Defensive sparkle. It wasn't long before he'd will meteors to appear and conjure them against the mass of undead.
  679. A deep inhale, the teen closing his eyes.
  681. Doubt was a warrior's biggest weakness, so there was no place for it today. A silent prayer is taken as the Gwynne continues to float- he asked for one thing from his star. Safety. Not just for himself of course, but for everyone else involved, too.
  683. And then his eyes opened, the knight staring down at the Undead with a squint. He was ready.
  684. (Galahad Gwynne)
  685. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  687.  Ume holds his gaze upon the undead, but only for a moment would he look over to his wife, holding himself in a prayer...
  689. He lifted his eyes back on the undead, A bead of sweat ran down Ume's face,
  691. The man was concerned, for his own safety? No, for the sake of others. He didn't much care to see the bodies of an azraelite or a vampire shake, but some of those in the field were the lives he was taught were innocent.
  693. Ume lifted himself and stared at those he'd decided to be companions with. "You two, I've got a load of experience with these hands and staff, ifyou are simply not confident in your abilities, well first, you should not have come here, for a brave heart does not go down in history for those who don't have the strength to possess it, rather a daft bastard. Though, there's no turning back now, boy, follow my lead."
  694. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  695. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  697.  The smell of rot, the sensation of depravity...How familiar it all was. Never before had Josephine believe she would be faced against Arthurs army. Never before had the red haired man been considered traitorous. Perhaps he just could not hold a decent enough grip on them all! But one thing was certain.
  699. He had failed Ruiel.
  701. Now he failed Dawn...
  703. "What a guy-- And Jenny? It's called a banjo. Come on, your dad is a hick, you should know this. As for you Vedran-- Don't even believe for a second I'll lose." That said, a laugh fell from her lips as a hand extends upwards. All around the magi, reality twisted and distorted. The sickening sensation of the magic would hit the holy users particularly heard and those who were not used to it? They too would find their stomach being twisted in knots. But none of that stopped her.
  705. "This party needs some fireworks! Let's fix that little problem..." From above, the tear of multiple rifts pushed cannon barrels, rifles, pistols and even a few shotguns from the violet vortexes. Slowly lowering said hand, a finger points in the undead army's direction, causing the armory itself to point in that direction.
  707. "Let's just automatically assume I'll win the bet, my love. Your butter knife has nothing on my beautiful babies."
  708. (Josephine Dusk)
  709. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  711. Jennifer was going to make her "adoptive father", Vedran, proud today. Another large scale invasion she would fight side by side with him in. And this time, she refused to be knocked down like in Baukengard. Her leg ached from the numb pain that shot through it now and again. A reminder of what she was fighting for.
  713. Survival.
  715. "Watch me Vedran. i'll prove myself here today. I'm more than just a doctor." She huffs out in defiance to her own doubts. She slams her staff forward as blood tendrils lashed feverishly out in front of her, just waiting for the horde to get close for her to strike.
  717. As she waited, she twirled her left wrist around as plumes of flame snapped into being. A horde of undead would be nothing compared to the demon onslaught at Dawn.
  719. Right?
  720. (Jennifer Ivanovich)
  721. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  723.  Alvi Slade says, "Imagine being so vehemently against the idea of mindless undead only after your leader somehow manages to botch up his necromancy so badly that they go rogue."
  724.  Alvi Slade says, "But otherwise? Completely complacent."
  725.  The serpent hears Est's tiny, quiet cries.
  727. His head turns-
  729. He touches against her mind.
  731. You will be okay. Stand firm. Free them. The people need you. These- Are prisoners.
  732. (Eiphraem Kang)
  733. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  734. Chhaca took a deep breathe before gently tapping his staff against the ground, as he prepared his wide variety of magics to be cast. As he stared down the crowd of Undead, his eyes were immediately locked onto undead with the guitar on his back. Clearly that undead had to be the leader of the group.
  736. Chaaca turned his attention to Chroma, and Galahad. "Right, I'll do my best to keep you lot alive." He'd crack a smirk before continuing. "Let's kick some ass, yea?"
  738. With that music was that was being emmited from the crystal in his staff began to change. It was now music more fit for battle, than a relaxing hum, as it was previously.
  740. Chaaca would then do his best to not die.
  741. (Chaaca Khan)
  742. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  743.  The golden hues starring at the undead.. Ixchel rage moved in his veins. Such a grotesque view, how could someone enjoy walking around dead bodies.
  745. "The Priest. This is the fate the undead will receive? Cleanse.. They will be eliminated from this land."
  747. The star blessings surrounding the nagual, the claws around his fingers growing and the iris in his eyes turning thinner.
  750. (Ksixus)
  751. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  753. The woman viewed the entire army of undead as each of them seemed to be strong. She wouldn't think that this undead leader would bring a bunch of foot soldiers. Unless he actually did and knew he could take us all on by himself. It seemed foolish and yet cocky. Although, she honestly wanted to see where this would go, after it's all done. If it wasn't for the huge army of people behind her, she would be worry for this war. But she was not.
  755. It seemed it was about to begin, and she was fully prepared. The woman's fire was spinning faster and heavier, as the rotation of her magic spiraled into a flaming, burning ray of heat and energy. The two rings placed on both arms, was combining in front of her body. Should the fight begin, Mizuki would start the battle with a huge fireball, forged in the power of herself. After it was formed, the spell was soon dissipated into thin air, as it slightly shocked her. She hadn't think for even a moment, that the undead was capable of over powering her, but it happened.
  757. The woman's burning fiery rings spun faster and faster, catching her entire armor into flames. The power was slightly growing from the anticipation. She was damn near growing excited from this, the thought of death nearing her throat. Able to suffocate her lungs with the evil aura. This was a extremely dangerous battle and would prove to be just that.
  759. The woman would becoming addicted to the hunt, something that a man in Gehenna had taught her. And perhaps he was right about her, the woman's instincts were revealing like a show. She was uncapable of ignoring her true feelings for battle and death. It seems her true colors would begin to reveal themselves.
  761. It was time to stop thinking, and time to feed on this emotion. To feel the power of the undead and face death in the eyes. Should she be granted this chance, she would not miss it.
  762. (Mizuki Tatasuki)
  763. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  765.  Salvas Voss says, "- Man... I would really like to hear that archon say something like , you subservant bacteria... Or something of that nature."
  766.  Finding a small bit of solace within this conflict as they finally intercepted the undead horde at the fields,"Ugly bastards...."
  768. Chroma would do his best to remain calm as they went to halt these propelling forces, feeling a sort of resonance with them after his repeated meditations.
  770. He'd been practicing the art of taking his head out of certain actions and just allowing the spirit of battle to take ahold he'd drift into the events around him and then unleash his might in a broad array, dashing forth upon the undead soldiers.
  772. Utilizing his hard hitting, and defensive style, he'd swing waves of powerful energy throughout the fields, feeling his muscles becoming further embossed by his attunement to his own humanity.
  774. His eyes radiating his Human spirit, this instance turned him into a beast of the battlefield, and nothing but destruction left in his wake as their Crafthold forces warred against the others.
  776. Hearing Chaaca's words amidst the dawning of this complete and utter chaos, he'd nod to the Sirenian. "Aye, lets take care of this, together."
  777. (Chroma Zanders)
  778. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  780.  Josephine Dusk exclaims, "And remember kids, be safe and have fun!"
  781.  Nameless says, "Okay."
  782.  Renegin Billard says, "Mmmm."
  783.  Artaghh says, "Alrigh' Vedran."
  784.  Artaghh says, "I'm goin' after Dean."
  785.  Leoda says, "Same."
  786.  Ume Ixis Kimyona says, "Tch, to think this is somewhere to have fun.. "
  787. Vedran Ivanovich says, "That's lovely, I dunno why the fuck yer' telling me."
  788.  Alvi Slade asks, "How do you know his name?"
  789.  Ashera would finally see the army of undead magi before her. The look of the enemy before her was painfull. Having to look at the warped enemies before her.. It would not sit well with her at all. Just being used as puppets to enact corruption. And suffering. She would see that these undead creatures were those robbed of their humanity..
  791. Ashera would be disgusted at that fact. Their rotting corpses would emanate rot from their bodies. These were most likely spirits that were forced against their will. And placed into corpses that hold them down like they were shackles.
  793. Ashera would allow maintain her fighting stance before her. She was Her Holy aura made the depravity filtered out. And much more easier to breathe in the depraved smog of flesh and rot that usual. She would grit her teeth. She could not believe that the depravity would be allowed so freely.
  795. She would hold up her sword in the air. She has certainly dealt with enough of these corpses beforehand.
  797. "These spirits shall become free once more. May the atmos harbor the lost once more."
  798. (Ashera Ixis)
  799. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  801. Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "This isn't fun... It's merely a mercy."
  802.  Artaghh says, "Cause after he kicks me arse, ye' are next.."
  803. Denier Nevus says, "Incoming stellar bombardment and black hole event."
  804.  Neo Invidia says, "Be sure to protect Josie, Veddybear."
  805.  Vedran Ivanovich says, ". . . Neo."
  806. Josephine Dusk asks, "What are you gonna do Arty, blind him with the glare from your head?"
  807.  Vedran Ivanovich says, "I'll fight you right now."
  808.  Josephine Dusk says, "--HAH."
  809.  Artaghh says, "I mean."
  810.  Artaghh says, "Bet."
  811.  Jessi Ann says, "Veddybear...."
  812.  Josephine Dusk says, "...IF you blind him with your head, I will buy your drinks tonight."
  813.  Ashera Ixis says, "This abomination."
  814. Vedran Ivanovich says, "We're gonna' end up alcoholics.."
  815.  Leoda says, "Baldylocks."
  816.  Renegin Billard says, "Gonna be buyin an awful lotta drink"
  817.  Ashera Ixis says, "I shall put an end to it."
  818.  Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Hmm... Ashera. We're of one mind, though for different reasons."
  819.  Denier Nevus says, "<Commodery, unity.. We grow closer, even so far apart.>"
  820.  Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Humorous."
  821.  Josephine Dusk exclaims, "Aww, you say that like I'm not Veddybear!"
  822.  Ashera Ixis says, "Its quite odd Roanna."
  823.  Ashera Ixis says, "Though Despite our positions."
  824.  Roanna Rosenkreuz asks, "Is it?"
  825.  Ashera Ixis says, "Its good to see you."
  826.  Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Mmm, agreed. Perhaps we can have some tea in Crafthold Neutrally."
  827.  Ume Ixis Kimyona says, "<...You can do this Ume, you are a sexy plum man... nothing stands in your way, except for 5 children...>"
  828.  Places his hands on shizuko's cheeks and gives her a good luck kiss. "Trust in me I will not let you fall.. I promise."
  831. He gave a light smile before turning and continuing his glare at the army of the undead.....
  834. "...…. If it get's to hairy I want you to go back and tend to the wounded that come to crafthold… "
  835. (Salvas Voss)
  836. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  838. Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "After this, of course."
  839.  "This is going to be a mess ... I hope everyone does well."
  841. I said to myself as I trembled with emotion.
  842. (ReeX)
  843. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  845.  Ashera Ixis says, "Mmm."
  846.  Ashera Ixis says, "Maybe."
  847.  Josephine Dusk says, ". . ."
  848. Ashera Ixis says, "Though I have kids to deal with back at home."
  849.  Josephine Dusk whispers something.
  850.  Vedran Ivanovich whispers: He's complicated.
  851.  Alvi Slade says, "Again. Please try not to burn down the nearby farms if you can help it."
  852.  Shizuko returns the kiss, smiles lovingly at him, and nods.
  853. (Shizuko Megumi)
  854. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  855. Josephine Dusk whispers something.
  856.  Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Of course. We must perform our duties."
  857. Renegin Billard says, "Yer child is kind, miss Ixis. I can say that much."
  858. Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Hopefully you'll have time."
  859.  Ashera Ixis says, "Maybe."
  860.  Ashera Ixis says, "But first."
  861.  Alvi Slade says, "Especially don't burn down my farm, or I'll be very cross."
  862.  Ashera Ixis says, "I would like to remove the depravity first."
  863.  Josephine Dusk whispers something.
  864.  Vedran Ivanovich says, "Man"
  865.  Ja'romeh whispers something.
  866.  Dean whispers something.
  867.  Nuwan whispers something.
  868.  Towah Tatasuki whispers something.
  869. Ramsey whispers something.
  870. Esme Rowan whispers something.
  871. Ramsey whispers something.
  872. Esme Rowan whispers: Mh... I try.
  873.  Esme Rowan whispers: Got knocked back by a pretty big explosion, though.
  874.  Acedia did not like that one bit. She summoned as many plants, but they set her on fire, and fire hurts. This would be a valuable lesson to learn for the years going on; do not stand in fire. It is very hot. Picking herself up and dusting herself off, she grabbed her staff again and got ready to renew the fight. This time it was personal. Or something like that.
  875. (Acedia)
  876. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  878.  Shizuko rushes to Eiphraem's side and inspects his condition. She channels water magic, creating healing waters. She runs the water over any wounds visible.
  880. "Are you okay Eiphraem? I have a healing elixir should you need it. If you would like I can use holy water magic, unless that would burn you."
  882. She continues to bathe Eiphraem in healing water magic. As she looks at him worriedly.
  883. (Shizuko Megumi)
  884. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  886.  Towah was so busy fighting. But he was also forgetting to focus. The man was so focused on his wives. So focused to protect them he forgot he was even taking damage. The man was running through constant flames and other matters without a care in the world.
  888. He would fight and fight but not notice he was bleeding or fire was over him.
  890. That was until he fell down.
  892. "...dammit." He would say struggling to get up and then grit his teeth.
  893. (Towah Tatasuki)
  894. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  896.  Devin was one of the last to fall. He was howling and raising the morale of his team the entire time, to make sure that everyone else could do well. He also tried to hit a few times, and got hit instead, having gotten a large gash on his arm. He was not down yet however.
  897. (Devin Attic)
  898. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  900.  Ser Artaghh would spot Dean across the battlefield, and with peasant certainty know it was his responsibility to devote all his efforts towards bringing the undead down. That one, at least, was his personal responsibility. After all, he'd been in the legion the day they'd.....killed all the peasants that Dean was with when they did one of those whole revolt thingies.
  902. The bald paladin would weave through spellcraft and clashing blades as the great battle began, barely capable of seeking out the banjo baring undead through all the chaos and clamor. Yet, in the final throws of the battle, Ser Artaghh was able to engage upon the peasant undead, clashing mithril blade to banjo and seeing to it with the aid of Crafthold's militia that the beast known as Dean fell.
  904. Shortly after, stumbling, he would end up falling to a knee, collapsing from the foul winds of one of Dean's companion skeletons that didn't look familiar. Maybe it was his name. Hard topronounce.
  905. (Artaghh)
  906. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  908.  Esme fought alongside Ramsey, bolstering the line with wave after wave of rolling blackened flames. Aided by gravity and cosmic magic, she'd zip and dart across the battlefield; driving her sword through undead she passed, putting them to rest in a flurry of dust and blades.
  910. The clanging of weapons filled the air, and the shouts and cries of battle filled her ears. With her heart still pumping, she turned to meet another of the undead leaders in battle. Though this turned out to be a poor move, and she was knocked back onto one knee. Though it wasn't enough to keep her down and out, and Esme was still seen doing her best to keep the frontline well backed up until the end of the battle.
  912. Floating up to reform with Ramsey just ahead of her, she'd reach up to wipe some of the dirt that'd formed up on her face and robes.
  913. (Esme Rowan)
  914. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  916.  Once more Roanna had the good grace to be able to duck out of the fight as things seemed to go sour for her. Freezing cold and other damages wracked her form, but she never fell down to serious injury. Within a fair bit, she was capable of regenerating the damage to her body with her magic and did the same for her allies.
  918. Still, a great many of the undead were being brought down.
  920. For once in her life, she began relentlessly desecrating the corpses. In bursts of holy energy, their mana circuits were fried as best as she could manage to keep them down for good.
  922. While she wouldn't be able to resurrect them in their state, she was making sure that whatever tricks Arthur had, they wouldn't be used to return them from the grave as shambling bodies once again.
  924. "Is it over? Damn those things take a beating and kept bashing us...
  926. Rene, are you alright, dear? Sugarboy?"
  927. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  928. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  930.  He tried to play a supportive role, dashing in to slash his foe and cutting them many times before he leaves the area allowing the older more experience fighters to take charge. Eventually he was knocked clean out of the air by a particular strong pulse of occultic energy!
  932. He hits the ground with a thud, but luckily though, They all pick up the slack. He gets back up and shakes himself briefly.
  934. "Undead are annoying...Is it over?" He mutters to themselves, A lot of them didn't seem to tire.
  936. (Nameless)
  937. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  939. Jesse dices and slices, his cosmic radiance shining through any and all undead that stood before. His blade is swift, vicious, cutting through the rabble with precision and grace. All seems to be well...
  941. Until he ate a beam of darkness to the face.
  943. Jesse is thrown back by a sudden explosion of occult magic, flying through the air before gracelessly tumbling through the dirt. He lays smoldering on the ground, still and lifeless for a moment. It had knocked the wind right out of him, honestly, leaving him barely capable of staying conscious.
  945. Ugh.
  947. He forces himself back to his feet slowly, his clothing torn and burnt.
  948. (Jesse Hawke)
  949. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  951. Jesse Hawke says, "That was... bullshit."
  952.  "Definitely...No peasant revolt." Jennifer huffed out, wiping a mixture of blood, bone dust and sweat from her forehead. She was still standing, and she had even managed to knock a few skeletons and zombies out for the count!
  954. The Ghoul quickly looked around the battlefield. Was this it? Was the fighting over, or were there still stragglers? "VEDRAN!? JOSE!? Where are you!?" The ghoul shouted out over the clashing of swords and exploding magic.
  956. She sighed in relief, noticing that, while they had been knocked down to the ground that they were still alive. "Oh praise Ca-Mhh…" Well, she shut up quick.
  957. (Jennifer Ivanovich)
  958. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  960.  The woman's attacks had little to no affect on him, except for the holy magic that she possessed. She wasn't expecting the fight to end in a fiery blazing of attacks. Multiple mages blessed the fields with intense magic. Thought as she was caught off guard. Dean's magic was much greater than hers and smacked her into the dirt. Over powering her completely Dean had broken her defense, with the help of an undead beating on her body like a drum. She wasn't enjoying the feeling, but it beats sustaining any heavy injuries.
  961. (Mizuki Tatasuki)
  962. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  964. Leon charged in, blasting back waves of fire and smoke with as much water and energy as he could muster. The halberd coated itself with sparking electricity that he used to dash straight through waves of plasma and shadowflame, and each undead he met was put left to contend with the exorcist's might. He kicked into their bodies and rolled across the grass of the plains to avoid injury himself.
  966. Once the undead had quieted, he smirked and dusted off his shoulder. Leon turned to the fallen and started helping them up with a simple nod instead of any words to pass as a greeting.
  968. The Legion was sure to be on the retreat, and he intended to scout after them instead of linger in Thalassia any longer.
  969. (Leon)
  970. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  972. Everything seemed to be going so well for Chaaca, he was standing in the back healing as many people as he could... And then disaster struck. Well, it was probably the protect spell that lead to his downfall, but that wasn't important... I think.
  974. Either way, he sustained an immense amount of damage from the use of his protect spell, and probably standing in fire or something. Either way he was in a fair amount of pain right now. He grimaced a bit, as he was left laying on the plains.
  976. A few moments had passed as he laid on the ground, a frown had now formed on his face, as Chaaca glanced around the area, it seems like they had won the first round. His frown disappeared as he reached for his staff. Which he then promptly used to help himself stand up.
  978. Here's hoping he does better this time.
  979. (Chaaca Khan)
  980. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  982. Yet again she was lain out and pushed back by the horde, at least for now. Their strength was overwhelming but she wasn't going to fault herself because of that. She had to keep going, even if she was beaten down on the battlefield.
  984. She'd pick herself back up, she expected there to be more like last time. More undead, or some monstrosity to come from them. That's what she had expected.
  986. "Can't fall here. I can keep going."
  988. Those were more words to pump herself more than anything. She wasn't going to die here and become one of this armies ever growing pawns.
  989. (Evi Tatasuki)
  990. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  992. And the doctor thought that Gehennan's were chaotic, this was a goddamn clusterfuck. Meators raining down, the grass alight with fires of all varieties, floods left and right. It was so hard to keep track of everything.
  994. The best Sugarboy could do was have faith in his comrades. Renigen would be downed by the undead savages so it was just Roanna and the him surfing on these dead fools.
  996. Admittedly, these soldiers though mindless, hurt way more than the wolves or behemoth he fought in the corrupted woods. Sugarboy kept his cool, the battle field thinning out for a moment as he sustained his own injuries. Holy water would wash over him as he continued laying a barrage of boiling blood and water into the enemy.
  998. He'd regroup with the mercenary and follower of Sareen. "I'm hanging in tough, I'm gonna stick closer to Rene so he doesn't get knocked down again.. You holding up well enough?"
  999. (Sugarboy)
  1000. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1002. Perseus continues his role of the eternal harasser.
  1004. He swings between covering himself in a defensive shell and slamming through the waves of animated corpses and flying towards the healers (thanks Shizuko) for recovery. He is never in one spot for very long --
  1006. but his position of advantage allows him sight of Eiphraem taking the brunt of an assault. It is, of course, in the undead's nature to BEELINE through the undead's frontlines and clear the area surrounding Eiphraem so that Shizuko can do her magic and help him recover before more of them capitalize on that moment of vulnerability and injure him further.
  1008. "May the bond which shackles your minds be rent in twain. May your slaver's sins never be forgiven. May your own, unwilling, be forgotten as you cease to exist."
  1010. Fuck everyone else who's getting hurt though, really. He's kind of one-minded in the whole 'undead-freeing' and 'Eiphraem-saving' thing.
  1011. (Perseus Kang)
  1012. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1014. The nagual jumped to the matchw tihout thinking twice, dashing and slashing all around the battlefield but the concentration of attack was too much in the middle. He lost track of the situation and before he could notice his floor was in the floor. Claws nailed in the soil as he tries to stand.
  1016. "Brina.. where are you? Are you alright?"
  1018. He ask, looking all around the place for his friend.
  1019. (Ksixus)
  1020. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1022. Undead were everywhere, the smell of burning flesh filled his nose, Chowo slides into freeze and shatter the undead as much as she could while Alex would strike those who were chilled.
  1024. Lightning bolts blast and erupt some undead, many more flood forward at Alex and he find himself surrounded by the rogue grave walkers, eventually getting struck hard by one of them, taken to the ground but not giving up yet.
  1026. Alex zips past the undead with his lightning magic, gravity propels him up and he gains his composure, his body aches from that hard impact but he can still fight.
  1028. Taking stance once more the puppeteer controls Chowo, ready to command her to attack. His face sweaty, mask bent and clothes dirtied, he'll still fight.
  1029. (Alex Monolyn)
  1030. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1031. Another few clips fall to the ground, empty. The barrel of the boy's gun is still smoking.
  1033. At the mention of Esme falling to the ground, the marksman aims to help her up and brush her off, ensuring that she was alright before things continued. He was fighting to prove himself to the Paladins, but if Esme were to fall here, all of it would be for naut.
  1035. Not the mention the large, obsidian guardian that was pulling more of himself out from the 'void' as the battle went on. By the time the first wave of combat ended, half of the guardian's form had manifested, including the gruny, yellow teeth barely hidden by thick layers of what appears to be duct tape over its mouth.
  1037. "We're just getting started, aren't we?"
  1038. (Ramsey)
  1039. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1041. When the battle begins, ReeX is toppled quickly and he had barely shown his skills. Immediately he thought and said:
  1043. "Wow, what happened ?! It was so fast I dropped it I did not see it, I thought it was strong, I'm far from it compared to the powers of these guys."
  1045. ReeX was surprised at how easily the undead defeated him.
  1047. "I have to train soon enough to stay strong and not fail again. It's a promise."
  1049. "I'll come back and it will not be like today, I promise!"
  1051. ReeX is discouraged and badly injured, because the wounds were ugly, but because of his skin Drak he could regenerate faster than a normal human.
  1052. (ReeX)
  1053. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1055. A multitude of area effect magic took hold Tornados and flames of occultism shot forth from the undead Legions ripping quickly through all of the united fronts weaker soldiers. One after another they were torn and slashed and burned although none of their injuries were fatal the battle continued for those who remained.
  1057. Ra'Kamel took its time, Keeping its distance away from the trio of the strongest undead. Firing off blasts of occultism one after the other slamming them with barrages of cursed bullets and spheres of void energy. Using the demons it summoned as shields to cover off any damage that was intended for it to sustain.
  1059. Ra'Kamel began charging powerful occultism within its body within after its power it released a powerful beam of shadows that rippled onto the battle field striking undead after undead tearing through them one at a time.
  1061. As the shadow slithered across the ground it recovered as many of the corpses as it could absorbing the corrupted mana from their remains storing it within its Tyrium core. The battle was amazing and the reward of feasting upon the corrupted mana was intoxicating.
  1063. The demon thirsted for more hungered for it. Battle had been instilled in its DNA and finally it was able to let loose without worry of the laws enforced by the settlements.
  1064. (Ra'Kamel)
  1065. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1067.  Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "They're... painful. Those weapons are enchanted for damage. Thankfully I managed to get away and repair my minor injuries..."
  1068.  Roanna Rosenkreuz says, "Stay on your toes."
  1069.  He darts, in and out.
  1071. Powerful, brutal swipes of that massive sword being wielded one handed, cleaving through bone and rotted flesh. His blade severs through the necromantic bonds and energy, when he moves.
  1073. As it clears, he drives for one of the central sources of the heat, his body moving across the ground in little more than a blur, sliding across the ground as his tail whips as he closes the distance-
  1075. Ah.
  1078. No, he made a mistake. He realizes, in painfully slow motion, the concentrated blast of darkness and fire that sears at his form, blasting him in a ropy tumble of silver, the mercury about him hissing into toxic fumes as it's burned away.
  1080. He becomes a rolling ball, dragging and digging into the earth before he tumbles to the ground
  1082. He screams. He has no shame, crying out for aid.
  1084. It would probably end up being a wash of Shizuko's soft, gentle exorcistic waters that bring life back to his pale flesh, gasping audibly.The damage of burns was far more dramatic to the eye on his form than the actual issue, but only once adrenaline ebbed would
  1086. "hhh- Hhh- It won't burn. Please," He grasps for her- Holding up his blade, ready to defend her from anything that might come up upon them as he readied himself. Relief steals across his features as Perseus handles their flank, glancing towards Perseus, and back towards Shizuko.
  1088. (Eiphraem Kang)
  1089. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1091. It was chaos. Magic was thrown left and right, making every step a dangerous one to take. She was blinded. She could hardly tell one person from another. Staying back? Staying back was hardly an option when several things seemed to be pushing her forward.
  1093. She tripped, bumbled, and staggered into this, that, and just about everything the battlefield had to offer. Fortunately? None of it seemed to hurt! Not until a blinding jolt of electricity just so happened to surge throughout her body. It was as if she'd just been stricken amidst a storm, fried to a molecular pulp in the blink of an eye.
  1095. It made her wheeze, crumple, and fall, her breaths catching in her throat. Everything hurt, but she could at least tell everything was still intact long enough for her to find her footing again-- with or without the help of someone nearby.
  1097. "… I am beginning to understand that things are far more terrifying than I thoughtthey'd be." This was no mere hunt beneath the sea. No, Brina knew that now, and with a wheeze, she did her best to bring herself upright again.
  1099. "--Ksixus?" Through the midst of it all, she had almost forgotten about her friend. And through some stroke of luck? She heard his voice somewhere in the mix. Burned, frazzled, and stumbling, she made her way over to him, feigning a hunky-dory smile.
  1101. "Everything is-... is fine. I am fine! I just got a little tripped up, yes?"
  1102. (Brina)
  1103. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1105. Chroma would hunker down, slamming undead and foe alike, hunkering deep down into his humanity in order to slam down upon multiple different enemies. He'd be able to stay up with simply the skin of his teeth, panting at the contention of the skirmish, but not yet giving up.
  1107. Summoning all he had left, he'd unleash a mighty Energy Burst through the field, and in the small bit of respite, he'd look over to Chaaca, and go to give the man a hand back up.
  1109. "Aye! You alright fish!?" he'd scream as he swooped around in a hobble.
  1110. (Chroma Zanders)
  1111. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1113.  Denier was not the hardiest of magi, even the metal skin was merely a compensation and a studious pursuit to further his knowledge. But he completed the task given to himself. While others might have aimed for the primary sources of magic among the masses, Denier's orbital bombardment of cosmic meteors landed amisdst the chaos of the fight among the lesser undead masses, each star landing amidst a wave of the rattling and shambling horde before exploding in a violently beautiful display of colors and light, purifying the bodies of the the foe with pure, uncaring cosmic energy until those that could be destroyed outright were naught but ash.
  1115. When his job was done in clearing the immediate wave of enemies that would cause issue for the other fighters along with the aid of many others, he took to holding his arms up to his body, forcing his mana into a feedback loop over the tyrium armor, dampening as much of the damage as he could to try and survive as the others dealt with the stronger foes, finding himself thrown around by the chaotic battlefield's forces until he lie upon the ground in pain.
  1117. But it seemed there was a lull in combat, if but brief, perhaps he could regenerate his power in time to try again.
  1121. He pushes up off the ground slowly and begins to channel what remained in his veins should the dead continue their onslaught. Using whatever he had at his disposal to protect the future he sought to help make.
  1122. (Denier Nevus)
  1123. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1125.  Renegin was ferocious in his assault. He cut down meager undead left and right, slicing through their decomposed corpses easily with his sharpened Nyeshk heavy hitter. Soon though, he found himself in a battlelust and attempted to contend with one of the leaders of these undead, a wielder of shadow magics.
  1127. He jumped into the fray with Ja'romeh and sliced and diced, even when the shadows punctured and stung as his skin through his armor....he was doing it...he was hitting the bastard and it was hurting. Overcome by his triumphant emotions of actually doing damage to a big boy he was momentarily distracted.
  1129. Neo nearby, jumped and and sliced the vampire moving at much higher speed and hitting with much more power. He figured that's why suddenly, the Thrall before them unleashed a gigantic cannon of shadow energy that blasted both him and the Vampire Lord back onto the ground. He gritted his teeth, and very briefly looked over at Neo.
  1131. The vampire was not surrendering to that, neither would he. Gritting his teeth and in immense pain he got back up and kept fighting. He would not be giving up so easily on this day....he had his lady to protect and all.
  1133. "Mmmm, im alright my lady. Fine, just got blasted with something sent Neo into tha dirt too."
  1135. He chuckled, spitting some blood onto the ground as he took a deep breath his aura flaring back up.
  1136. (Renegin Billard)
  1137. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1139.  They seemed to stood valiantly against the army of undead, and Galahad found that... Weird, almost. Something felt wrong. What was missing? Was this really it - or was this only the beginning?
  1141. With an army of dead, it was hard to figure out anything from their expressions. As they mostly... Lacked any, really. It's not as if he could tell if they were scared, or perhaps confident. It was confusing, really. He wished he'd been able to just tell if something else would soon attempt to strike.
  1143. The combat itself wasn't easy though. Not even close to it. Blasts of crippling gravity magic are shot at nearby deads, as time itself seems to work against them - slowing those who aren't meant to be here. Those who have rose from their graves.
  1145. "What is dead is... Meant to stay that way!" A meteor struck against another axe-wielding skeleton, just as another one hit the blond from behindwith their sword.
  1147. He didn't see that coming.
  1149. Nevertheless, a purplish glow surrounded his back, Galahad himself allowing his magic to heal the cuts and slashes slowly– and it's Chaaca's efforts that make this a reality. He's more than thankful for the fact that Sirenian stood here with him.
  1150. (Galahad Gwynne)
  1151. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1152.  The battle field was a nightmare.
  1154. Open fields with large amounts of allies getting in her way was never fun. It was like having someone hand you a grenade to throw into a field of mice and having a crazy expectation none of them would get blown to high heavens! That, of course, did not stop her.
  1156. Well, no, it actually did...
  1158. In the confusion of trying to multitask multiple rifle barrels and cannons, while staying on her toes and rushing across the field with a gun in HER hands, the woman was faced with a very, VERY unpleasant surprise. An ungodly amount of magic. A howling tornado of correcption sent her spinning, a horrific banjo song distracted her, and! If that was not bad enough?
  1160. A stupid Skeleton knocked her lights right out!
  1162. Laying on the ground, slowly coming back to the land of the living, a hiss escapes her lips. "...Well fuck ME! That was bullshit!" Wincing, hands lift to cover her ears as a deafening hum rang out. From her ear, a mythril device fell away into sprinkles of broken devices. Dean's evil banjo music had busted Josie's hearing aids! "...I HATE banjos..."
  1163. (Josephine Dusk)
  1164. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1166. Arriving late and without a weapon, crap. Well the young warrior would simply rely on her own natural magical prowess. Without missing a beat she'd join the horde of allied warriors. Perhaps a bit in over her head without her staff. With a whistle she'd set Juniberry to battle.
  1168. "Well, let's fight some deadites."
  1169. (Ulyssa)
  1170. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1172.  Shizuko accepts Eiphraem's grasp, assisting him as best she can. She nods and infuses holy magic into her water healing. She continues to wash holy water magic over Eiphraem in order to assist him.
  1173. (Shizuko Megumi)
  1174. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1175.  Dashes into to the chaos, shooting flames towards the enemies. Most of his skills missing through out the fight. The crowd confusing him since he wasn't experienced with such a large fight. So many skills on the ground he couldn't tell whose was whose but the fight had to go on. Once he took his eyes off for a mere moment, Kit was out cold. He didn't even know what hit him.
  1176. (Kit Megumi)
  1177. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1179. Eiphraem's words were enough to keep Est going. Yes, as long as he framed it like that - that they were prisoners to be freed - she'd do it. It was precisely because they were her own people that she had to do it. In the end, the one most suitable to put undead peasants to rest was, indeed, another peasant - someone who came from the same circumstances, and perhaps even the same village as some of the skeletal army.
  1181. It's what they would have wanted.
  1183. And so, despite her weakness and lack of preparation, she undertook this task in earnest, just as she undertook anything Eiphraem asked of her. From the ever-present cloud of mist that surrounded her she expelled sharpened shards of ice, seeking to put as many of the dead back into the ground as she could. Quickly. Painlessly, too; even if the undead couldn't feel it, it helped if she thought of it like that.
  1185. She had never been in a fight before, but instinct and the will to live alone drove her through, weaving through the army's assault. It was only the sight of Eiphraem going down that inspired her to engage more directly.
  1187. "No, no, no no no, get off of him," she called ouyt in that quiet, whispery voice of hers, using her winds to launch herself into the fray and call up a protective wall of ice. The damage had been done - but she had to stop any more damage from occurring. She'd be even more a failure, otherwise.
  1189. "...Lord Eiphraem... I apologize- I'll do better next time- this won't happen again-" she stammered, hand on the frozen wall to keep it steady. Nothing would get past it. She couldn't afford to let anything get past it.
  1190. (Est)
  1191. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1192.  Ashera would grab her blade. And would charge forth immediately. The head of battle to stop the will of depravity would begin to rage on. Ashera would absolutely determined to stop this madness. In truth, it made her sad to see her own kind manipulated and morphed into things like this Destroying the lifestream and releasing corruption here on purpose.
  1194. They weren't people anymore... They were weapons used to continue the cycle of enslavement. And Ashera was truly disgusted with that fact. She would swing her blade. Crushing the bones and rotting flesh from each of the undead army. She would Use her imbue her very own blade with holy magic before she had began to swing. weakening and slowly cleansing the undead with each lethal strike.
  1196. Ashera would continue to keep moving. Continuing to push herself even more than before. She would not allow a single undead being to continue to be in this state of enslavement. This time, her goal was to break the shackles from them,so that the spirits can return to the atmos. She would continue fighting.
  1198. "May you rest in peace."
  1200. The krausite would say continuing on.
  1203. (Ashera Ixis)
  1204. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1205. {NARRATION} The fighting had ended, and only a small fraction of the infernal Legion that had arrived was able to retreat. Dead corpses laid across the plains in melted slime and gore, almost entirely defeated by the brave force that had come to repel them.
  1207. However the smoke still lingered, and the purplish flames that had licked the ground continued producing the smog. A voice cackled in the air and to some, the distant visage of a face peering through the cloud could be seen.
  1209. "Interesting... they fight well." it began. "But my fun isn't over yet..."
  1211. An explosion of green light erupted from the center of the mound of bodies, it circled outward toward Thalassia's finest.
  1213. And yet everything was still...
  1215. Until one bone rolled across the ground, followed by a skull, a dismembered, bloody arm. More and more chunks of the undead who had marched on Crafthold began to come together in a great mound that coiled together. Every piece, every body of the dead smashed together in a hideous display until finally a massive monstrosity that had manifested a mouth filled with shattered bones for teeth roared out toward the makeshift army.
  1217. "How about we try again?" said the voice in the smoke.
  1219.  Ser Artaghh would blink steadily, gauging that he had no fucking clue that Dawn's undead could megamorph with each other to make a giant monster. That was so cool! Why didn't they do that more often? The bald paladin would scratch his chin in genuine curiosity, squinting with his remaining eye across the battlefield as he gripped his mithril longsword tightly. Here, there be monsters.
  1220. (Artaghh)
  1221. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1223.  Acedia says, "Gross. Dawn has worms."
  1224.  Ksixus says, "Eww."
  1225.  Neo was caught off guard, taken down. It was nothing he always rises. Upon rising he was greeted with the sight of this worm creature. Neo is someone void of fear, but even this was something that could shake him.
  1227. "Oh dear..."
  1228. (Neo Invidia)
  1229. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1231. [19:10] During the first match Aldrah was able to stand. The bodies of the living dead on the ground could soon be analyzed calmly, but before it could react, another creature emerged, a giant worm.
  1233. Looking at the creature, Aldrah said, "Now this .. This is new."
  1234. (Aldrah)
  1235. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1237. Artaghh exclaims, "I didn't even know we could do that!"
  1238.  Aldrah says, "Mhm."
  1239.  Chaaca's stares in either Awe, or Horror, as the bodies of all the fallen undead begant to fuse together or something. He wasn't really sure what was going on, but he knew one thing. That worm probably needed to die. He nodded to himself as he readied himself for combat, hopefully he'd be fine...
  1241. Hopefully.
  1242. (Chaaca Khan)
  1243. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1244.  It wasn't over it seems, A giant worm made of the corpses of the skeleton increase.
  1246. He sniffs it briefly before retching, The smell was horrific, He only hoped it didn't taste as badly as it smells! But knowing his luck?....It definetly was.
  1248. He pulls his scythe out once more and begin to float upwards into the sky, The fight was not yet done.
  1249. (Nameless)
  1250. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1252. At first Shizuko was hesitant to fall back behind Eiphraem. Until she saw the gigantic corpse worm form from the undead corpses. She looks up at the behemoth with wide eyes as she shifts to accept Eiphraem's protection. She continues to wash healing holy waters over Eiphraem for as long as the worm forms.
  1253. (Shizuko Megumi)
  1254. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1255. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1256.  As the smoke cleared, Ume's eyes would dilate at the sight of the giant creature which stood before them, fear in his heart but bravery in his arms.. Ume would stutter for but a moment,
  1258. Ume clapped his face repeatedly snapping out of his fear, he'd grip his weapon once again, determined to fight alongside the others.
  1259. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  1260. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1262.  With the conjunction of so many corpses into a giant monster. She'd give a soft whistle, that was horrific. Without missing a beat she'd call upon her divine magics to wreath herself and those nearest in a protective barrier. It should hold, probably, maybe.
  1263. (Ulyssa)
  1264. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1266.  ReeX looks impressed at what he is seeing and thinks:
  1268. "Well, I do not know, but I'll try again and now I'll defeat them!"
  1270. "Come your giant monster, you will fall, just like the living dead who created it."
  1272. ReeX says with a confident tone, but inside he was afraid. Fear of what could happen, afraid of everything around, as it looked really scary that giant monster.
  1274. "Damn, I'm scared, but it will not stop me!"
  1276. Soon after, ReeX attacks with everyone around him.
  1277. (ReeX)
  1278. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1280.  "..."
  1282. Some people were focused on the conglomeration of dying flesh and calcium into a massive, wormlike being.
  1284. Eiphraem, as the soft, tender flow of healing energies brought moisture and folded blistered flesh back together, focuses on that voice.
  1286. SHOW YOURSELF a blunt and powerful psionic broadcast, shunted forwards. He wobbles faintly on his coils, Fool's Cold singing with joy at the pain of it's master, siphoning away the sensation into a numb blur.
  1288. Gripping firmly to Shizuko's arm, he slides to get into a flanking position and to pull her out of the immediate way before engaging; to begin hacking at the worm's rear. The irony of the in and out, opportunistic style of Eiphraem's bladework to such a challenge would doubtless be palpable.
  1289. (Eiphraem Kang)
  1290. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1292.  Sugarboy would watch in horror as bodies flew and contorted to make the disgusting amalgam infront of them. He was shaking in his boots, but the river the flowed in his soul kept pushing him forward, driving him to fight. There was only one thing he could say with a shakey voice.
  1294. "H-hey Renegin?.. You uh, think that'd make good fishing bait?" Comedy, Sugarboy's only solace in all this shit.
  1295. (Sugarboy)
  1296. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1298.  Even Ra'Kamel could not predict what it saw, Violently the ground echoed a voice lingered above the clouds and with a flash of tainted mana the bones, the flesh, the corpses themselves all molded together contorting and shifting into a hideous monstrosity of death.
  1300. Ra'Kamel watched and over joyed so much corruption spilled onto this land so much more to be consumed by the creature. The fighting was not yet concluded and the demon as far glad for it. Summoning its pawns once more Ra'Kamel reconstituted the mana it had lost and began to rally behind the united front.
  1302. Shadows bent and flickered towards the undead monster as it rose towards it awaiting for the great battle to begin.
  1303. (Ra'Kamel)
  1304. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1306.  As the.... whatever in the name of Azrael that was... came together the Nagual smiled in something akin to amusement... It was never this simple...
  1308. She pointed her blade into the haze of smoke at the large worm... lightning exploded from the tip to strike the undead beast... intent on trying to wipe it from existence...
  1310. Though she was no Necromancer... she wasn't sure how this was possible... what exactly was this... 'Ghoul King'... she hadn't even heard of Arthur being able to do such things...
  1312. This seemed like a problem...
  1313. (Jessi Ann)
  1314. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1316.  Ser Artaghh, you didn't mention anything like this! I'm not scared or anything, but dinner is on you if we make it through this!" The man with a dark behemoth coming from his head and an ak in his hand is staring up at the monster, idly.
  1318. He was going to need more bullets.
  1319. (Ramsey)
  1320. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1322. The next scene, it was a horrific stomach turning one. An explosion of green light would erupt, tearing the undead that were present apart, until the flesh and bone had gathered together to form, a monstrosity. She couldn't describe what it was, but every part of the corpses were used, even the bones as teeth for the monster.
  1324. "Such... vile acts. This thing must be brought down and these tortured souls must be cleansed."
  1326. She was not having this as she once more began to float there, her staff pointed at the giant creature. Alone she could not take this thing down but all of them? There was no doubt they would fell this creature and return the souls trapped within to the lifestream.
  1328. She was certain on that, even if this place was filled with their enemies and allies alike.
  1329. (Evi Tatasuki)
  1330. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1332. Jennifer spun her staff around. The battle was over, she could begin the messy procedure of getting everyone cleaned up, stitched up and-
  1334. Oh God Oh Fuck
  1336. A giant, heaping mass of bone and teeth! It was like something her attempts at haemalchemy had produced, but on a gargantuam scale rather than hers being overgrown rodents with spines, tendons and ligaments everywhere.
  1338. The staff raised itself up in defence as Jennifer conjured blood and flame once again. "ARTHUR WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?"
  1339. (Jennifer Ivanovich)
  1340. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1342.  Devin Attic says, "..."
  1343.  Devin Attic asks, "Fishing bait?"
  1344.  It was a long drawn out battle. A real big clusterfuck. Movements difficult. Aiming was a problem. Or perhaps his lack of interest in the entire affair displayed in his combat abilities. However he didn't expect himself to go down rather quickly.
  1346. Angered yet keeping control. His eyes widened as a giant worm formed out of undead parts. Frankenstein's monster, or rather his pet. Either way now he needed to take things seriously.
  1347. (Paris Invidia)
  1348. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1350.  Artaghh says, "Jokes on you Ramsey."
  1351.  "Oh, Kraus. WHY were you so retarded."
  1353. So many times, he had been called an abomination (even by himself). Many times, people had screamed the word over and over, using it to justify any number of genuinely terrible, awful things. And yet -
  1355. no, no, THAT. That is an abomination.
  1357. "Eiphraem, don't let them take you down again. This thing needs to be permanently dead and we're going to kill it. Keep moving. Rely on Shizuko when you can."
  1359. Perseus rises high above the battlefield, filling the sheath around him and the solid, shimmering edge of mana atop the arcanium blade.
  1361. "May this carnival end in the cessation of tragedy and the return to peace. The ending will be painless -
  1363. and so, may it be quick."
  1364. (Perseus Kang)
  1365. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1367. Artaghh exclaims, "I'm broke, bahahahahahah!"
  1368.  This... Was...
  1370. "Sacrilege!"
  1372. She knew what to do, sprinting forward towards the monster. There were two purposes of undead she could abide.
  1374. Those thought sought to improve and perfect life. The kind that restored a person in the fullness of their being. The sort that Azrael himself desired to create and gift humanity when he was still sane.
  1376. … And the other were warbeasts. Unintelligent creations made for the purposes of defense. The sort whose pain was irrelevant being insentient flesh. This was... an abominable blending of the two. She prayed with all her heart that those spirits stored within were not cognizant of the horror they were inflicted to.
  1378. "Bring it down at once! The monster must be put to rest, release those humanoid spirits powering this disgusting abomination!"
  1380. Her sword followed her body, rushing forward in righteous fury.
  1382. "In the name of Sareen, I shall release your spirits from this hell!"
  1383. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  1384. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1386.  .. For a short while, Galahad felt as if maybe, just maybe, this was it. Maybe he was wrong to think that more was coming, that the dead wouldn't give up so soon– no. He wasn't wrong.
  1388. Through the smoke, a voice spoke. It drew the attention of any of the remaining warriors; Galahad included. He shook his head slowly, and then slightly quicker as the dead bodies began to move... As if gravity itself attracted them together.
  1390. Whatever it was- it was huge.
  1392. Another silent prayer was made then, this time being a tad bit longer. Galahad really hoped his star was listening.
  1393. (Galahad Gwynne)
  1394. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1396.  Kit Megumi asks, "What the heck is that!!?"
  1397.  Towah would look and see the many bubbly folks had come out from the deadly mess. He would grip his blade and would then shake his head. Just couldn't catch a break huh?
  1399. "Damn this gonna be a problem."
  1401. He would see the smoke lingering and he knew now. The time was right to fire it up.
  1403. "This will not slow me down."
  1405. The man would dust himself off and then let the steam overheat his body.
  1407. "Go time."
  1408. (Towah Tatasuki)
  1409. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1411.  Leoda tilted her head as something massive began to form in front of her eyes, it was a hideous monster that needed to be dealt with!
  1413. She began to smile as she stretched her arms out high and a few clouds bursting with holy and lightning magic began to collect overhead.
  1415. Today was a good day to die.
  1416. (Leoda)
  1417. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1419.  Alex tightens the grip on his scepter, he points it towards the massive necrotic worm of bodies, his daemon shivers not from her own chill but from the sheer size and power of this creature.
  1421. He unsummons Chowo and summons Telrer, the fox flares out and looks around the scene to see this massive creature, the fog, all the hideous magic but at least he'd still attack with Alex.
  1422. (Alex Monolyn)
  1423. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1425.  It was only then that Brina had actually realized her friend himself had been downed. Then? Then it was easy to forget about her own injuries. "Here, let me help you up. I believe everything is-!" Fine, she wanted to say!
  1427. But the sudden eruption spoke otherwise, and as the earth itself rattled as a result, her balance faltered and she yet again found herself toppling onto her backside with a startled intake of air. "What-... what is that?" In all her years beneath the sea, she had not seen something as grotesque as that. She had seen things-- things with many rows of serrated teeth! Monstrous things! Yet even still? That thing paled in comparison.
  1429. Swallowing hard, she brought herself back upon her own two trembling feet. "... I think what I said was right, Ksixus. That fortune of yours?" Her blue eyes drifted upwards for what felt like an eternity until she laid eyes upon the head of the beast. "It is coming true, and not in a good way."
  1430. (Brina)
  1431. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1433.  What a nightmare! As Josephine lit the advancing legion with a multitude of rifts and a cacophony of gunfire, cannons, rifles, pistols.. It was effective! Vedran couldn't let her win, the man was focused on besting her-- Warping across the field like a phantom in the wind, cleaving the undead one after another..
  1435. But, compared to the last siege? This could've barely been considered 'one-sided' like the peasant revolt, either way that didn't slow down Vedran's assault. This 'legion' was the result of Dawn's former battles and sins, if anything?
  1437. It was a monument to never ending suffering, at Arthur's hands, at Dawn's hands, and at his own! Especially as a bright blast of emerald light erupted from forth from the center, bathing Thalassia in it's putrid and foul presence. "Well! That.. ain't normal."
  1439. Carefully observing as every hacked away chunk, bone, severed limb converged and formed something-.. Unholy. All Vedran could think in that moment? "Well! If Arthur's undead could've done that all this time! Why wasn't it revealed sooner!? It was a waste of potential!
  1441. And all he had to say in a time like this..?
  1443. "Josie . . . Whoever kills that thing is buyin' drinks." Terms were changed! If they all had to face an ungodly abomination, why couldn't he benefit from it?
  1444. (Vedran Ivanovich)
  1445. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1447.  Renegin was ready to make the undead pay....but then a grand fusion HA! happened before his very eyes. The three combined powers, or so he guessed and created a giant fuck off worm they would have to all contend with.
  1449. He was breathing heavy not, the fighting having taken a toll on the mans stamina and focus. He had been hit hard once....if it happened again this fight may not go so well for him. However, he must keep everyone safe and so he would fight on.
  1451. He re-stanced, his gaze hardening into a much more serious one. His sword was held in a death grip and he was ready to slice this slug on two. As he charged back into the fray he let out an immense cry, his aura lighting up with an intensity never seen before....he would kill this thing and live to tell the tale.
  1453. "Arrrrrgh!! Hell if ah know Sugar, but once we kill tha bastard we can try it out!"
  1455. He yelled his words as Sugar followed behind his charge, along with the rest of the people defending this place.
  1456. (Renegin Billard)
  1457. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1459.  He had thought it was over.
  1461. Leon had taken a few steps to follow the retreating undead when the ground shook, when the voice echoed outward. It can't be... he said as the sickening, vile thing spoke through the cloud. He narrowed his eyes while the great worm formed, while the undead that were supposed to be released were tethered in a nightmarish and ugly thing.
  1463. I will not let you keep them.
  1465. Without another thought he hefted the halberd up and was aglow with holy light once more.
  1466. (Leon)
  1467. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1469. The emergence of the worm caused Alvi to step back in pure and utter shock. It was huge! The undead sputtered and shook their head wildly, trying to comprehend how such a thing could even exist. Demons and all were one thing, but in all their years they hadn't seen anything like this.
  1471. "What was that incompetent idiot even up to this whole time?!" Alvi shouted, quite loudly, of what seemed to be yet another one of Arthur Rowan's half-cocked plans.
  1473. For a moment, they glanced towards Eiphraem, but it seemed like he had his own personal honor guard watching his back. This was good, since in all honesty Alvi tended to garner better results when they didn't have to worry about anyone else.
  1475. Then suddenly, Alvi gets a realization.
  1477. Worms eat plants.
  1479. Crops are plants.
  1481. Alvi had a lot of crops growing just north of here.
  1483. "By Azrael, my crops! Kill it! Kill it!"
  1484. (Alvi Slade)
  1485. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1486.  Denier began panting. He felt it now, he felt absolute fear, not in the continued onslaught, but the fear in something far beyond his current comprehension. Fear for Eiphraem, for Crafthold, for Est. The colors of Grey and Crimson flashed before his mind before he closed his eyes and dipped back purely into logical thought, shedding himself of his entire emotional attachment to everything simply because 'It must be so'.
  1488. His eyes open once more as the tyrium that coated his form shifted further.. covering his eyes, mouth and nose. His energy surged as the gaps between his body and the world around him shifted it's cause to a potentially cataclysmic kamakazi. He was no longer afraid to do what must be done, hopefully it did not need to be so.
  1490. Cosmic energy flooded to his body, prepared to go supernova himself as stars form in the sky once more. He did not say a word, how could he?
  1491. (Denier Nevus)
  1492. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1493.  Watching as the large worm erupted from the ground, the Red Paladin would only let loose a pretty awestruck
  1495. "Well....shit." as he'd steel himself again for the upcoming second round. He wasn't sure they'd make it but letting himself once again drift between the physical, and spiritual planes..he'd be prepared.
  1497. "Let's...make this a hunt."
  1498. (Chroma Zanders)
  1499. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1500.  Once she was sure the fighting was over, the danger was gone, and Eiphraem was safe, the spectral attendant's hand slipped away from her protective wall of ice. It lowered just in time to see that worm-like ebomination piece itself together from the fallen.
  1502. Oh, Gods, and it could talk, too.
  1504. "This is a mockery," she growled. "These are my own people. Stop puppeting them around like this."
  1506. It wasn't an impressive battlecry. Est wasn't that clever, and she wasn't that cool either - but she was livid. Fighting the risen undead army was a matter of freeing them, because she cared about them all. But this? This abomination needed to die.
  1507. (Est)
  1508. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1509. Jesse breathes deeply, summoning up his power once more! Beaten and bruised, that wouldn't stop the tenacious soldier from fighting through his wounds to sparkle once more! The bright light erupts around him, his desperation causing his magic to roar uncontrollably!
  1511. Versus a giant worm like that... he had no clue how to handle a combatant like this. An impossible foe, perhaps? But with as many as they had today, surely a beast even as mighty as this could be felled!
  1513. "Alright! Let's do this!"
  1514. (Jesse Hawke)
  1515. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1516. Roanna Rosenkreuz exclaims, "Bring it down!"
  1517.  Alvi Slade exclaims, "My pumpkins!"
  1518. Ume Ixis Kimyona says, "Honestly, Dawn.. Azraelites really be like, this my wife.."
  1519.  Ume points at the worm
  1520. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  1521. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1522. Slowly pushing herself up, still covering one ear with a hand, wide eyes gawk at all the bits of undead floating across the ground. What. The. Fuck? Feeling a whimper spill from her lips, her hand lowers to once more grip her gun and ready for a fight.
  1524. "Why isn't it ever something cute, or...OR fluffy! WHY is it always disgusting?!" Sighing, a glance is given over to her husband, still in good nature. "That thing, huh? WELL! Let's both give it a hellva time and see who comes out on top. Your butter knife or my guns.."
  1526. Might as well have some fun and make this into a game! Otherwise it would be far too serious and grim. That just was not her style.
  1527. (Josephine Dusk)
  1528. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1529.  Artaghh says, "I mean....he's not entirely wrong."
  1530.  Denier Nevus says, "<Kill at all costs. Kill at all costs. Kill at all costs.>"
  1531.  Renegin Billard exclaims, "Just fuckin hit tha bastard!"
  1532.  Ra'Kamel says, "< I'll consume it all....>"
  1533.  Roanna Rosenkreuz exclaims, "This is an affront to Lady Sareen and the Krausites. We are one will in this: Slay at will!"
  1534.  Josephine Dusk says, "Listen..."
  1535.  Josephine Dusk says, "Not all the women look like that."
  1536.  Ume Ixis Kimyona says, "I'll take your word..."
  1537.  Alvi Slade says, "...That worm does kind of look like Stella on a bad day."
  1538.  Nameless asks, "Blonde lady?"
  1539.  Ume Ixis Kimyona says, "And shove it down that fat worm things throat, like my kraus, how do you live knowing that thing even has a presence."
  1540.  Vedran Ivanovich says, "You should.. I'm pretty sure ya' tried to convert one of them, and got fed poison."
  1541.  Neo Invidia says, "Stella killed my mom."
  1542.  Nameless says, "Ohh.."
  1543.  Alvi Slade asks, "Who was your mother?"
  1544.  Jennifer Ivanovich says, "Oof."
  1545.  Neo Invidia says, "I don't know."
  1546. Ashera would look up and down. She would be quite determined. She would look towards the corpse worm before her. She would see this. And she would pause. This slowly did not feel like a normal battle... To her it felt like an actual chimera.. Something that was completely beyond her strength.
  1548. She would be overcome with the fear from within... It would knaw at her... Knaw at her even more than before. This transformation would be powerfull, unmoving. And unending. Ever so powerfull. This was beyond what she had expected....
  1550. But then she had rose up. And would draw her sword. She would not let the people get harmed by this. Not one bit. Even if this place right here would be her resting place. She will not give in to this....
  1552. "Let us ALL put an end to this darkness... Let us finish what we had started."
  1554. She would say. Mustering all of her courage to keep fighting on...
  1555. (Ashera Ixis)
  1556. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1557.  Alvi Slade says, "...Alright."
  1558.  Vedran Ivanovich says, "Orphans. See."
  1559.  Vedran Ivanovich says, "Orphans. Everywhere."
  1560.  Nameless says, "It's okay, don't know mother either."
  1561.  Josephine Dusk says, "Wow.."
  1562.  Ashera Ixis asks, "Wait. Where are the orhpans?"
  1563.  Ume Ixis Kimyona says, "...We might as well adopt this giant worm thing Ashera."
  1564. Vedran Ivanovich says, "I was referrin' to Neo."
  1565.  Josephine Dusk says, "That was in poor taste, I approve."
  1566. Ashera Ixis says, "Oh."
  1567.  Nameless exclaims, "Mist burns! Bad touch!"
  1568.  Denier Nevus whispers something.
  1569.  Eiphraem Kang whispers something.
  1570.  Kit Megumi says, "He's dead."
  1571.  Brina says, "he's dead jim"
  1572.  Est says, "Kill it twice."
  1573.  {NARRATION} The worm tunneled forth, carving through the dirt of the plains and leaving a great inferno in its wake. Blood and gore ebbed down its side while it roared and thrashed at the defenders of Thalassia who it had come to devour and destroy. Each time it opened its mouth, the screams of the enslaved souls who had very nearly been freed only to be rebound to a massive, combined corpse echoed throughout the area.
  1575. The smoke shifted, clearly sentient now, watching those who had spoken out toward the VOICE instead of the PET.
  1577. "How brave... how... futile." it laughed.
  1579. Though the battle shifted, and the combined power of all that had come to push the Legion back was able to break the creature in half. As the union was severed, the pieces of the dead that had brought it all together fell apart, and through its maw came a terrible and defeated cry.
  1581. Bodies and corpses rained down from the creatures while it dissolved into an unmoving mass, and the great smoke cloud growled in frustration.
  1583. "...too early then. Too soon... I should have saved this for the savages.
  1585. Well done, Thalassians.. and Dawnsmen... and others. Do send my regards to my master."
  1587. Though its voice was dripping with spite, there was some enthusiasm there, and as the battle ended, the cloud disappeared as well, leaving everything as it should be.
  1588.  Ume throws a sword at the vapor "Let us train!" Nothing happened.
  1589. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  1590. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1592.  Shizuko Megumi whispers: Are you okay my love?
  1594. If you did not go down line up in the center beginning with me and going south. Injuries will be handled first.)
  1595. [19:39] After a long fight, ReeX looks at things around him and is happy because we win after all.
  1597. "It was quite a fight. We had no losses, but it was fun!"
  1599. "Next time, you better bet."
  1601. ReeX laughs and is happy to have won the battle.
  1603. "Now, just celebrate."
  1604. (ReeX)
  1605. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1607.  Leoda fought as hard as she could, using powerful lightning magic, and illusions against the worm, Leoda did what she couldto keep her distance so that she didn't get overwhelmed herself!
  1608. (Leoda)
  1609. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1610.  He was once more rag doll threw the air by the worm, He falls out of the sky and crashes into the ground with an audible thud.
  1612. "...…"
  1614. Pain blossoms through is body as he moves to stand up,He tries to move but he was in a lot of pain...
  1616. He walks over to the remains of the worm corpse as if searching for something, If he went to this much trouble, He might as well take a damn trophy! He sniffs around hoping to find-
  1618. A bone! He picks it up, It was his now.
  1619. (Nameless)
  1620. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1621.  Towah would see they all manage this time. He would sigh as he would still feel the effects from the earlier stand off. But the man would know it was fine. All he needed to do was.
  1623. He was concentrating and trying to prepare himself.
  1625. The corpses. Falling all over. It was a sight. A disgusting sight.
  1627. "So this what will come upon us." Towah would then look to the others. It was time.
  1628. (Towah Tatasuki)
  1629. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1631.  With the worm defeated, Leon wiped the grim from his face and his halberd along the grass. The voice disappeared, much to his displeasure. He didn't waste another moment and took off after the still retreating undead.
  1632. (Leon)
  1633. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1635. It was over now. "Arthur has...Truly gone insane." She huffs out as the focus she held in her hands dulled in power as the blood that sprouted from it receeded back into it. It disappears into a labcoat pocket.
  1637. She looked around the carnage for some time, trying to pry wounded out of the literal boneyard everyone had found themselves in. Not ocne had she fell in that battle, and she haddone her fair share of fighting.
  1639. Pride swelled within her. She'd have to tell Vedran. hopefully now she had done something to get him to notice how far she had come in her studies!
  1641. Speaking of the vampire, she made a beeline for him. She needed to check how badly he and Josie had been wounded.
  1642. (Jennifer Ivanovich)
  1643. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1645.  The fight had been arduous. Untold numbers were injured, but the combined group of Thalassians, Azraelites, and the others had successfully pulled through despite the odds.
  1647. Roanna doffed her mask, rubbed a painful bruise she'd received to the chest with cooling holy water. The relief was measurable in her face.
  1649. The moment things were done, she dropped to her knees.
  1651. "My endless thanks and praise to My Beloved Lady. I know you watch over me, and I shall not disappoint you. Thank you for this victory, and allowing me to release these poor tortured souls."
  1653. She sheathed her sword, and began moving around to tend to those around her with healing waters as best she could. As always she'd ask whether they were inclined to occultic energies or not to prevent undue pain.
  1654. (Roanna Rosenkreuz)
  1655. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1657.  Ser Artaghh would face off against the great worm without fear of bodily injury, figuring it was really just another one of those things you just ended up having to do at some point as a Paladin of Dawn. The peasant swordsman could now contently scratch giant undead worm abomination off his list. Well, he would if he hadn't been ploughed into the ground by the great beast in the midst of the melee in a fierce inferno of occultic flames. Rolling around on the ground, the bald swordsman would attempt to extinguish them while Crafthold celebrated its well earned victory against the legions of undead. That was the life of a swordsman.
  1658. (Artaghh)
  1659. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1660.  Ramsey spends the next few minutes after the battle concludes trying to push the Dark Guardian back into the shadow from which it came.
  1662. It is a very difficult task, all things considered.
  1663. (Ramsey)
  1664. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1665. Putting some distance between herself and the corpses Ulyssa gave a disheartened sigh. Necromancy was supposed to be about saving people from death and sorrow. Yet, whenever she'd experienced it first hand it was brining sorrow or grief. Why was that? Was it because of the Necromancer's themselves or something else? She'd have to ponder that one, perhaps she may figure out an answer in time.
  1666. (Ulyssa)
  1667. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1668.  She had better results fighting this thing rather than the Army herself. She wasn't pushed back nearly as much this time. Though when the beast was defeated, severed in half it seemed spew guts and corpses out everywhere, raining them down on all present. It was a rather nasty thing to happen, but all in all the giant monster had been felled.
  1670. For the better of course.
  1672. "It is felled, our duty is done. At least for now."
  1674. She had helped slay the beast and hopefully return some of the undead back to their rightful place, though it seemed that their next target was the Gehennans. She would have another place to help defend it seemed.
  1676. "They leave us with more work in the future though, more corpses to fight. I will be there to fight them."
  1677. (Evi Tatasuki)
  1678. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1679.  Spells flew at the massive creature of many different schools, among it was Alex casting his spells which did nothing to the worn, a single bee string from a swarm of bees is what it was like.
  1681. It fell after multiple hits, again Alex can only think of the nethradin from long ago, perhaps he was scarred from those events? It didn't bring him fear exactly however.
  1683. He stands with the rest of the magi, in pain from the undead army but proud that he helped slay the horrific threat and protected the merchant city.
  1684. (Alex Monolyn)
  1685. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1686. The Nagual would do a mixture of movements... sometimes shooting through the air... sometimes running along the ground... others teleporting or dissolving into black lightning...
  1688. She would strike in every way she was able... lightning both corrupted and holy striking the massive foe... taking chunks of flesh each strike... most dissolving to ash.... The thing was resilient... but the might of those gathered was much greater..
  1690. Finally she saw it... as if.. everyone still standing shared a moment of true unity... though her vantage point above most of the others so they likely didn't see it the same way.... she knew what she had to do... and as if hive-minded so did everyone else...
  1692. She roars again exploding into motion as suddenly appears next to the /neck/ of the worm.. just under the head... a blade full of corrupted lightning going in to the crossguard as the charge is released... and though it was a mighty strike... it still wasn't all that much tothe undead... but it was her part...
  1694. The final attacks of the others however... all striking before, after, or in unison with her own... was enough to bring it down... the strength of the worm no match for all of them giving it their all in concordance with one another...
  1696. "Now.... when's the next time we save a settlement..? Seems to be happening a lot lately..."
  1697. (Jessi Ann)
  1698. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1699.  A faint purple glow sparkles around Galahad's build as the last fight commences– different from his ordinary, purple wispy aura. It's never sparkled, or shined so brightly before. It has also never made the blond feel so. . . Euphoric. His emotions weren't truly in control. Was it the taste of the fight that made him act so strange; or was it this day..?
  1701. The smoke spoke as it did before, a terrible voice that clearly wasn't satisfied by these results. Galahad, however, was. The slaying of the deads and the worm made him feel at the top of the world, and not even a dumb speaking smoke could ruin that mood..!
  1703. "We will!" The knight shouted back at the voice, his eyes squinting as the cloud began to disappear, "The day he shows up and fights with his army!"
  1705. Arrogant. A strange quality that wasn't usually defining for Galahad, but there it was. Poisoning his tone and words.
  1707. The blond descended slowly from the skies, the wispy purple smoke that surrounded his figure began to fade away; the sparkles of the same color remaining. "..That was epic."
  1709. Another moment, and then the sparkles disappeared too. He wasn't shiny anymore.
  1710. (Galahad Gwynne)
  1711. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1712. The worm was immensely powerful as expected, though the former Justiciar wouldn't fall as easily as he did last. He spent majority of the fight airborne and out of the way. Awaiting for an opening to land perfect attacks. It was a hit and run strategy. He'd weaken the monster so that the mob of Magi would have an even easier time dealing with it.
  1714. Cainites, Azrealites, the crafters of crafthold, and even some krausites were all working in unison with the goal of defeating one.
  1716. The value of this district was shown today as these people would put forth their best effort to bring down such a beast. The fight was surprisingly easier than before due to their being only one target. There seemed to be no causalities either. A success!
  1718. "I need to get out more, I am slowing down."
  1720. Neo had probably sustained an injury due to his foolishness early on.
  1721. (Neo Invidia)
  1722. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1723.  The worm squirmed and the corpses it held within its body cried out a harmonious tune of damnation. As the Demon Voidling continued to assault it with its barrages of occultism Ra'Kamel could feel itself growing hunger each strike piercing the undead abominations body licking its wounds and feeling the thrill of battle.
  1726. The sounds of the screams that echoed only filled the demon with more lust and more hunger, He wanted to enjoy the corruption that fueled their souls shimmering with black light the Ra'Kamel etched runes of power within his soul forcing more power to be drawn from his attacks.
  1728. Using the Tyrium within his body to sap some of the force of the attacks that came his way reducing its over all power. The creature spewed poison and death upon those weaker ad unable to escape the horrid bile that spewed from the creature.
  1730. Ra'Kamel created orbs of shadows and easily threw them forwards damaging his foe and before calling upon the void once more to shoot a powerful beam of occultism towards the creature slamming it down for its final end.
  1732. As the bodies rained down and the voice of spite echoed within the sky once more the demon could only cackle in excitement. It went over to each body within its range and began draining all of the corrupted essences from the undead souls that remained.
  1734. As its feast was concluded it watched as those who were broken and battered by the creature licked their own wounds the demon having felt powerful for once enjoyed and savored its victory before deciding it should continue to grow its powers in various ways.
  1736. (Ra'Kamel)
  1737. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1738.  Held on by the call of battle, and his enhanced strength taking hold of his body and fueling his spirit to persevere through the onslaught that the Corpse Worm had cooked up.
  1740. "This is one to tell the grand kids..." he'd remark in a growl of effort.
  1742. Finding himself dashing about, and calling forth the will of Azrael to put these mockeries of his blessing down, as well as the humanity within him to burn brighter than a beacon of light, the man would be able to stay on his feet, even when the worst rolled through and he felt the might bare down without relent of the seemingly epic beast.
  1744. Closing his eyes, and then easing he'd spring forth, putting all woes, and inhibitions behind him, his mortal coil would be furthered by the will to win the day, as Crafthold somehow emerged victorious.
  1746. When the smoke cleared, he'd be unscathed bar undead guts, and a few minor nicks and dents upon his cuirass. "Damn..that was actually pretty fun."
  1747. (Chroma Zanders)
  1748. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1749.  They gave it their all, each and every fighter worked together to take down the beast of a worm. Slashing, attacking with magic....whatever they might have been proficient in using.
  1751. Renegins aura burned brightly the entire fight as he put his life on the line, slashing deep cuts onto the worm and dodging the fire and earth that was short up from the colossal beasts movement.
  1753. Though he was hit a decent amount by the flames and was nothing compared to the shadows that had blasted into his frame just moments ago. He persevered over it all and despite his injuries struck massive and powerful blows into the bastard of a worm.
  1755. After the worm fell and its corpse went still, he collapsed to a knee as his expended energy was at an all time high. His aura glowed oddly bright during that battle as his emotions carried his energy output to new if the limit on his mana grew with each strike he took.
  1757. However now that the adrenaline wared off he began to feel the hardships and injuries of battle. He was in pain, and sore...he could only wonder what that beam did to him. Still, he felt had had grown as a combatant and most successfully he had kept his lady Roanna safe during the fight. He was proud of his accomplishments....and his new found strength.
  1758. (Renegin Billard)
  1759. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1760.  No crying until the end.
  1762. Est's focus was never on the smoke or the voice. It simply couldn't be. Those were her people. Villagers and peasants just like her, caught in a war they never signed up for. Some of them were even from her own little town. Even if it was the mastermind, that voice wasn't her problem right now. It was the tortured souls of her people, killed twice, and then stuffed into an abomination to be puppeteered around. That was the focus of all her ire now, puppetmaster be damned.
  1764. And so as it tunneled beneath the ground she kept swinging her arm downward, dropping icicle after icicle into the ground predictively. She knew she couldn't kill the thing - but she could slow it. She could hinder it. She could offer that one little bit of support the real fighters needed in order to succeed.
  1766. Even as the creature was felled and most of the gathered defenders set their sights on the smoke, hers was still on all the remains. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "In another timeline I would have been one of you. Maybe I should have been one of you," she said. "Or maybe one of you should have survived instead of me. I-"
  1768. Her gaze drifted to Eiphraem before returning to the pile of corpses, dead for real this time. "I'm sorry. And- if you're all ever reborn into this world- maybe I'll get to say it in person. I'm sorry for surviving, Gods knows it wasn't for merit."
  1770. It was the end - and so she could finally cry.
  1771. (Est)
  1772. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1773. The beast would carve it's way through the fields, drenching it in the blood of the fallen. Sugarboy found it very beneficial to him as it only gave him more artillery, skating across the surface as he fired torrents of scalding blood and water into the beast.
  1775. Just a drop in the bucket to everyone else's damage, but he was keeping people standing with holy water to heal them, and divine light that encouraged his friends and allies to keep fighting. Ominous words spoken, perhaps a warning he should ready his fellow Gehennans for another attack.
  1777. But they won! Celebrations would hopefully soon follow, and the blonde would kick it off by pulling a cigarette of soothing reed and lighting it with a snap of his finger. A deep inhale, and a billow of smoke to follow.
  1779. Nothing like a good smoke after a well earned fight.
  1780. (Sugarboy)
  1781. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1782.  It was after all a massive clusterfuck even if their target was just a massive corpse worm. Fighting with others had always been a problem for him. Fighting when there were a lot of holy magi? Well it was hard to keep up and concentrate while his own body was getting a negative reaction from it.
  1784. A down pour of magic giving the beast barely enough time to recover it time it got hit. Eventually it got downed, defeated and put to an end. The accursed panting hard, getting into a crouch as he checked himself over. Probably getting injured when he got careless with one of the undead from before when he didn't focus. Adrenaline causing him to forget whatever pain it might have brought.
  1785. (Paris Invidia)
  1786. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1787.  He holds a personal stake.
  1789. The release of hundreds - thousands. The prevention of the harm of more. The defense of Crafthold, and the primal need to vent his restrained angst.
  1791. Perseus soars across the gigantic corpseworm's side, a bright and blinding light amidst hails of rampaging flame. He draws lines across it, rending its body asunder as his blade slices through the fabric of the lifestream itself. Pieces of corpseflesh are sent through miniature rifts in the layer so thinned by the presence of so many undead.
  1793. He forces bubbles of violent light shooting through its center, exploding and sending rotting flesh, muscles, and tendons flying alongside shattering bones.
  1795. "Return to the rest from which you were stolen. Know that your life has reached its end, and that you may never be taken from your perch once more.
  1797. You will be forgotten in time by those who knew you in life. But I will never forget the crimes done in your name so long as I remain."
  1799. As the integrity of the beast finally disintegrates, Perseus hovers above the battlefield, once again the image of an angel of death, wings and aura dyed an icy cyan. He overlooks the casualties with what can only be described as solemnity.
  1801. "Those gathered here. If you will, assist in putting these men and women to rest.
  1803. They will be buried, as they all should be."
  1804. (Perseus Kang)
  1805. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1807.  Jennifer sweats in medic.
  1808. (Jennifer Ivanovich)
  1809. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1811.  Ume is humming to the tunes of a banjo in his head
  1812. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  1813. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1814.  Brina sweats audibly
  1815. (Brina)
  1816. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1817.  Denier's body shook slightly as the combat had lead to a defusal of the worm's body in a defeated state. He couldn't quite see or hear the fighting, only feel the lack of violence at the end. He couldn't breath or feel the world around him, only noting where metal was clashing against something by those who stuck close to melee, his body surging towards them and exploding in violent supernovae himself. All of his body was being used in this, becoming a vessel for his power to be amplified by the tyrium for a rather kamikaze style combat until.. finally it was over.
  1819. He couldn't breath, suddenly filled once more with a sudden fear for his life the tyrium retreated from his eyes, mouth, ears and nose, allowing him to once more sense the world around himself, gasping for air and dropping to his knees to cough up the excess of bad air in his lungs. The sound of people speaking and then Persus making a request. Tonight, he would be digging. He scanned the battlefield.. he could see at least that Eiphraem lived, many he knew were unscathed, some were harmed.. He could feel a warmth across his body beneath the tyrium shell.. It would appear that the crack in his metal armor had allowed a set of burns to cross his flesh.
  1822. (Denier Nevus)
  1823. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1824.  Ashera would Grip her blade. And would charge towards the worm. Was she afraid? Most definitely. But she did not want this being to ravage crafthold. She wouldn't even wish this on her greatest enemies. Her muscles would tighten. As she would run towards the abomination in front of her.
  1826. Her blade would begin to make cuts on the worms flesh. As the cuts would grow deeper and deeper over time. She would not let up. With the assistance of the others here. She would stab into the Worms armor. Continuing to break it even more. Chunks and sparks would be seen flying from her trusted blade ragnell. As it was very likely that people were keeping up.
  1828. Her combinations of holy attacks as well as more swords strikes would begin to overwhelm the Giant worm. As every magi Present would continue their goal to help destroy and get rid of the abomination before them. And at that moment. Everyone was ready to attack in unison...
  1830. And so was she... She would charge her sword ragnell, and imbue it with holy light. She would charge at the exact moment when everyone was using their abilities. And help defeat the abomination with a heavy strike of her own.
  1832. The corpse worm would finally give in. The people were finally safe from the chimera that was the corpse worm. Every magi, experienced or not. Had helped overcome this adversity. The worm finally disinergrated into nothingness.
  1834. Ashera would stab her sword on ther ground. Huffing heavily.
  1836. "The undead here should finally be put rest. The people responsible for forcing every single of one of you will answer for their crimes. And that punishment will be as heavy as the weight of their sins."
  1838. Ashera would then get to work. Digging up plots of land and forming gravestones with her earth magic. They at least deserved rightfull rest in her eyes...
  1839. (Ashera Ixis)
  1840. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1841.  Perseus works side by side with Ashera, helping her to bury the bodies. Honestly, he's just happy that someone listened to him when he asked people to help.
  1843. "On at least one thing, we can agree."
  1844. (Perseus Kang)
  1845. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1846.  Devin looked at the carnage around him, his head began to swirl. He wasn't sure what was going on anymore, and faceplanted into the dirt. Passing out.
  1847. (Devin Attic)
  1848. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1849.  Ume bury body left right he bury.
  1850. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  1851. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1853.  ** TattlesDM has inflicted an injury upon Artaghh. ("Major Burns", "Artaghh has been scorched alive by the insidious power of the flame unit legion. Occult-tinged flames surface along their body, leaving not only their skin tender, but affecting their mental psyche as well! These flames seared through both their body and mind, and consistently bring pain. Many parts of his limbs will be unable to function right until this injury is treated.", "Permanent", "Severity: MODERATE (-20 Vit)") **
  1854. [20:11] Devin wakes up, to find his world covered with corpses and the like. He began to bury corpses hapzardly, and sighed.
  1855. (Devin Attic)
  1856. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1858. The young ookami boy just realized he was covered in burns across his arms and chest. He suddenly falls over dropping the bone he had stolen!
  1860. "Oooow…"
  1861. (Nameless)
  1862. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1864.  Vedran Ivanovich whispers something.
  1865.  Galahad Gwynne whispers something.
  1866.  Towah Takes her hand
  1867. (Towah Tatasuki)
  1868. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1870.  Towah Tatasuki whispers something.
  1871.  Shizuko Megumi says, "Free lax essence for the injured, i'll brew it as needed."
  1872.  {Item} You picked up Fire Crystal x8.
  1873. Jennifer Ivanovich whispers something.
  1875.  Ser Artaghh was burnt into incoherence. He'd probably regain consciousness in a couple hours. But for now, he was out in a shrub.
  1876. (Artaghh)
  1877. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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