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  1. After almost a DECADE of serving fresh pasta, delicious homemade pizzas,  becoming one of #Limassol’s hot lunch spots, we THINK we’ve figured out how to be social... 📣
  3. Our Instagram is ready… SO we thought we would run a little #FreshFastFun contest.
  5. Next time you’re digging into your favourite La Boca Cyprus dish, pasta, pizza, or ANYTHING, simply post up a photo, tag @labocacy and write a short caption about your experience!! 💬
  7. 🍕 Was the cheese cheesy?
  8. 🍝 Was the pasta tasty?
  9. 🥡 Were the noodles spicy? We’d like to know!
  11. The best captions will be entered into a draw to WIN!
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