Spurred to Separation Event Story Parts 13-14

Jun 14th, 2018
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  1. Part 13:
  3. Momoko: The barrier's... here, but...
  4. Meru: It's gotten quite a lot bigger, hasn't it...!
  5. Kanagi: ...Just by that it means that a lot of people have been taken by it...
  6. Mifuyu: While we've all been fighting...
  7. Yachiyo: ...While we've only been concerned with what's happening to us...
  8. Yachiyo: As magical girls, no... as people, we've forgotten what's truly important.
  9. Tsuruno: ...Hmm... wait! Wait! Everyone, don't get so depressed!
  10. Mifuyu: But this is something we really should reflect on.
  11. Tsuruno: True, this definitely wasn't the time for territory battles or anything...
  12. Tsuruno: But, the reason this barrier's gotten bigger...
  13. Tsuruno: ...and this is just a maybe, but it's because of the magical girls that have been fighting each other.
  14. Mifuyu: Huh?
  15. Tsuruno: The victims of the misfortune that the witch spread...
  16. Tsuruno: This time, it was us magical girls.
  17. Tsuruno: In other words, we were its food.
  18. Kanagi: ...And that's why it wanted us to fight?
  19. Tsuruno: Yeah.
  20. Kanagi: ...Then that means we've been nothing but fools.
  21. Yachiyo: There's nothing I can say to that when it's had us dancing in the palm of its hand...
  22. Kanagi: Aye... but we'll have our payback.
  23. Mifuyu: There's so much we should reflect on.
  24. Mifuyu: But before that, we've got to do what we came here to do.
  25. Mifuyu: Yacchan!
  26. Yachiyo: Yes, let's go! Everybody stay sharp!
  28. ------
  30. Mifuyu: (That was careless...)
  31. Mifuyu: (Now that I remember last time we came, some of us got separated.)
  32. Mifuyu: (That should have been so easy to predict...)
  33. Mifuyu: But now I'm all alone... Yacchan...
  34. ???: Oh hoho, could you be a teeny bit scaaaared?
  35. Mifuyu: Huh... that voice?
  36. Mifuyu?: Ohhhhh, of couuuuurse. Because you're losing your powers, duh.
  37. Mifuyu: It's me?! Why...? What are you saying...?!
  38. Mifuyu?: Mifuyu, y'know...
  39. Mifuyu?: It ain't good that you can't use the powers you did before because of your magical power dropping.
  40. Mifuyu?: At this rate, you're just gonna be a burden on everyone, aren't ya?
  41. Mifuyu: T-that's... not true! Don't say such arbitrary things!
  42. Mifuyu?: It was so, so painful, but...
  43. Mifuyu?: To think that in the end, you'll drag down your friends and kill them!
  44. Mifuyu: Stop...! That's not true...! I...
  45. Mifuyu?: Poor Yacchan! To be killed by Mifuyu, who she trusted so much!
  46. Mifuyu: No... that's not true...! My powers aren't failing me!
  47. Mifuyu?: Buuuut, y'knoooow... that's reaaaally what it seems like~
  48. Mifuyu: Enough!!
  49. Mifuyu?: Mifuyu will kill Mifuyu for Mifuyu, k?
  51. ------
  53. Mifuyu: Haa... haa... I won... I was able to beat her...
  54. Mifuyu: It's fine... my powers aren't failing... it's fine...
  55. Mifuyu: And what's more, with that I now understand the enemy's method.
  56. Mifuyu: Fake versions of us...
  57. Mifuyu: I've got to tell Yacchan that they're something like a copy of us.
  58. Kanagi's voice: Gu... aaaaa!! What are you trying to do, Nanami?!
  59. Mifuyu: That voice is...!
  60. Yachiyo?: What, you say... what is it... I dunno...
  61. Kanagi: Guh... was this a trap?
  62. Kanagi: Were you all planning to eliminate me from the start...?
  63. Yachiyo?: Won't you fight back...? This is boring... I'm so bored...
  64. Kanagi: ...No, you're very weird. Are you being manipulated?
  65. Yachiyo?: Let's do something... painful!
  66. Kanagi: Grr... this is tricky!
  67. Mifuyu's voice: That's enough!
  68. Mifuyu: Haa!
  69. Yachiyo?: Kyah!
  70. Mifuyu: Kanagi-san, are you okay?
  71. Kanagi: ..Azusa.
  72. Mifuyu: You're not okay, are you... you've got some pretty rough injuries, and your magical power...
  73. Kanagi: ...No, it was an embarrasing defeat, but it's nothing serious.
  74. Mifuyu: Please use this.
  75. Kanagi: --?!
  76. Kanagi: Grief seeds are so precious, though. Are you sure?
  77. Mifuyu: It may only be temporary, but right now we're teammates fighting together.
  78. Mifuyu: It's an obvious thing to help my teammate in trouble.
  79. Kanagi: ...It is a help. I'll definitely pay you back for this.
  80. Mifuyu: Heh heh. Please don't worry about it so much.
  81. Mifuyu: More importantly, let's exterminate this fake Yacchan.
  82. Kanagi: Fake?
  83. Fake Yachiyo: ...It hurts... it really hurts... heh... heh heh... it hurts so good!
  84. Kanagi: ...No, you can explain it afterwards.
  85. Mifuyu: Yes, let's beat what we need to beat first.
  86. Fake Yachiyo: Hey... hey... let's do more... painful things...
  87. Kanagi: ...What a tasteless person. I'll make you pay dearly for that surprise attack.
  88. Kanagi: Azusa, you said we were teammates, right? Watch my back!
  89. Mifuyu: Yes, leave the cover to me.
  91. ------
  93. Part 14:
  95. Kanagi: ...I see, I understand your story.
  96. Kanagi: In short, that tasteless Nanami from before was merely a copy and not the real thing.
  97. Mifuyu: Yes.
  98. Mifuyu: I met a copy of myself as well. I think there are copies of everyone here.
  99. Kanagi: ...and we learn the true colors of the attack perpetrators, now.
  100. Mifuyu: That's one more piece of info for us. This explains the source of the attacks.
  101. Kanagi: I think while we try to link back up with Nanami and the others, we should try to find the inner sanctum at the same time.
  102. Kanagi: What do you think?
  103. Mifuyu: I think that's a good idea. Yacchan and others are probably also doing the same thing, too.
  105. ------
  107. Momoko?: ......
  108. Yachiyo?: ...How about that? Is that enough to convince you that we're the real ones?
  109. Kanagi: ...Aye, I can safely say you're the real Nanami and Togame.
  110. Yachiyo: As long as you understand that, good.
  111. Mifuyu: Haa... thank goodness... we were finally able to meet up with the real ones...
  112. Momoko: Your magic comes in very handy, Kanagi-san. I wish we'd met up with you quicker.
  113. Kanagi: It's hard to read someone when they're resisting it, though.
  114. Mifuyu: Now all we need to find are Tusruno-san and Meru-san.
  115. Yachiyo: ...Seriously, this is the same thing that happened the last time we were here...
  116. Kanagi: Shall we continue to look for the inner sanctum while we're searching for those two?
  117. Mifuyu: Yes, but let's be careful not to get separated...
  118. ???: Please stop! S-somebodyyyy!!
  119. Mifuyu: That voice... Meru-san?!
  120. Kanagi: Is she being attacked...?!
  121. Yachiyo: Let's go!
  122. Kanagi: Aye!
  124. ------
  126. Tsuruno?: You're so stubborn... hurry up and die!
  127. Meru?: Please stop, Tsuruno-san! What's gotten into you?!
  128. Yachiyo: Meru!
  129. Meru?: Please help me, Yachiyo-senpai! Tusurno-san's acting very strange!
  130. Mifuyu: ...Huh?
  131. Yachiyo: That Tsuruno is a fake! We'll help you now!
  132. Yachiyo: Everyone, don't hold back just because it looks like Tsuruno!
  133. Momoko: It's a bit difficult... but I understand.
  134. Mifuyu: (Something's strange...)
  135. Kanagi: Are you okay, Azusa? If it's too difficult for you, you can fall back.
  136. Mifuyu: ...No, that's not it. Something's... making me uncomfortable about this...
  137. Kanagi: Uncomfortable?
  138. Fake Tsuruno: Ha! More people who are gonna let me see what their blood looks like have shown up... this is fucking great!
  139. Yachiyo: Mifuyu, Kanagi! Quit spacing out! She's coming!
  141. ------
  143. Fake Tsuruno: Damn...
  144. Yachiyo: ...I'm putting an end to......
  145. Kanagi: I'll put her out of her misery.
  146. Kanagi: Even if her personality is completely different than the original, she still looks like your teammate, so...
  147. Yachiyo: ...I appreciate it.
  148. Kanagi: Haa!
  149. Fake Tsuruno: Guaaaaah...!
  150. Mifuyu: (Something... something... is still making me uncomfortable...)
  151. Kanagi: Anna, are you okay?
  152. Meru?: Yes! ...Huh? My legs gave out...
  153. Kanagi: ...Nothing for it, give me your hand.
  154. Meru?: Thank you very much! "I" (watashi) am grateful for the help.
  155. Mifuyu: --?!
  156. Mifuyu: Look out! Kanagi-san!
  157. Fake Meru: And for letting me deceive you.
  158. Kanagi: You...
  159. Fake Meru: Aha! You can't get away from me at this distance.
  161. (tl note: The real Meru uses "boku" to refer to herself instead of "watashi".)
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