Kansas April 29 2007

Nov 19th, 2013
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  1. Kansas
  2. Sunday April 29 2007
  3. Target store inside Ward Parkway Centre
  5. >Gunman David W. Logsdon, 51
  6. ^Sister Kathryn Cagg
  8. >Police believe Logsdon beat his neighbor, Patricia Reed, to death, then stole her credit card, rifle and car and began living out of her home in the 3700 block of 93rd Street. His filthy house next door had no food, running water or electricity, police said
  10. >Logsdon bought three empty 20-round magazines from the Bullet Hole in Overland Park on April 24
  11. >He paid $48.40, according to a receipt police found inside Reed’s car
  12. >Based on the Bullet Hole purchase, investigators think Reed was dead by at least that date — which means Logsdon may have been living in her house, stepping over her body, for nearly a week
  13. >Investigators said Logsdon also used Reed’s credit card to buy beer Saturday from the Valero Express Mart on Bannister Road
  14. >Reed’s stepdaughter, Pamela Reed, said Logsdon approached her stepmother 18 months to two years ago and asked whether he could use her rifle to “shoot people up.”
  16. >The man pulled into a parking space and fired at the cars on either side of him, killing Leslie N. Ballew, 33, of Kansas City, and Luke A. Nilges, 30, of Shawnee, Kan.
  18. >Wounded seven others
  20. >A police officer was wounded in an earlier nearby incident
  22. >Police identified the woman found dead in her home as Patricia Ann Reed, 67
  24. >Bomb squad crews were called to Logsdon's home Monday after police reported his house had been "booby-trapped with a self-made bomb." But police later said the device was "a propane tank with boxes surrounding it" and was harmless
  26. >"When a tragedy like this occurs, we want to understand the reasons," Cagg said. "There is no way to understand this senseless act and so we must, we must turn it over to God."
  28. >Kathy Cagg, voice message
  29. "Kathy, it's your crazy brother. Go to the house. Go to the back yard. Go to the tool shed," Logsdon said in the message. "Take care of my kitties -- they're the only thing I have left that I love. Take care of my kitties. It's too late for me. Take care of my beautiful baby kitties."
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