MagiReco Izumi Kanagi story translation

Aug 25th, 2018
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  1. Izumi Kanagi
  3. 1: As a Reliable Senpai
  4. in a witch barrier
  5. Kanagi: "Mm... A familiar... and a witch... they're different from ones I've seen before..."
  7. 1.1
  8. [black screen]
  9. Kanagi: *They fear us... and shrink away.*
  10. *Those are the circumstances we are forced to accept by our birth.*
  11. [in a witch barrier, which then dissolves to reveal a street in Daitou Ward, we see Kanagi detransform.]
  12. Kanagi: (Hm... This definitely isn't just a coincidence.)
  13. (Witches are definitely becoming more prevalent and stronger than before.)
  14. (Correspondingly, not only will there be more civilian casualties...)
  15. (Magical girls themselves are in danger.)
  16. (I'll have to let everyone know about this.)
  17. "..."
  18. "First, I guess I'll head to the meeting point."
  19. [in front of some apartment buildings]
  20. Tsukasa (offscreen): "Kanagi-san!"
  21. Kanagi: "You're here."
  22. Tsukasa: "How are you?"
  23. Kanagi: "Fine, you?"
  24. "Sorry for calling you out when you're busy."
  25. Tsukasa: "No worries!"
  26. "My dad's off at a trade show right now..."
  27. "So I was able to get off."
  28. Kanagi: "I'm glad to hear that."
  29. Tsukasa: "What about you, Kanagi-san?"
  30. "You're always so busy..."
  31. Kanagi: "Mm, you don't have to worry about that."
  32. "We're both very busy."
  33. Tsukasa: "Kanagi-san..."
  34. "Alright."
  35. "So, what did you want to talk about?"
  36. Kanagi: "Right. I have someone I want to introduce to you."
  37. Tsukasa: "Introduce someone? To me?"
  38. Kanagi: "Yeah. Don't worry, it's not a guy."
  39. Tsukasa: "I wasn't worried about that!"
  40. Kanagi: "Well, anyway, she will help make your witch hunting easier."
  41. "Last time I saw you, you seemed to be having some trouble with a witch."
  42. Tsukasa: "Ah..."
  43. "You noticed, Kanagi-san..."
  44. Kanagi: "Of course."
  45. "Well, it's getting late."
  46. "Why don't we get started and talk along the way."
  48. 1.2
  49. [at the Adjuster's]
  50. Mitama: "Welcome, you two."
  51. Kanagi: "I'm in your care today."
  52. Tsukasa: "Um, excuse me..."
  53. Kanagi: "This is Amane Tsukasa-kun."
  54. "She's a magical girl from the east, something like my kouhai."
  55. Tsukasa: "My name is Amane Tsukasa!"
  56. Mitama: "And I'm Yakumo Mitama."
  57. Tsukasa: "Nice to meet you, Yakumo-san."
  58. Mitama: "Yes, likewise♪"
  59. "....staaaare"
  60. Tsukasa: "U-um... Is there something on my face?"
  61. Mitama: "No, that's not it."
  62. "I was just thinking that you really look juuust like Tsukuyo-chan."
  63. Tsukasa: "Eh!?"
  64. "Why do you know Tsukuyo-chan..."
  65. Mitama: "Hehehe. How indeed?"
  66. Tsukasa: "Eh... ehhh?"
  67. Kanagi: "Yakumo and Tsukuyo-kun were once classmates."
  68. "Well, as we discussed earlier, this is for adjustment."
  69. Mitama: "Thank you very much."
  70. "Then, Tsukasa-chan, could you come over here?"
  71. Tsukasa: "Huh? Uh, yes! I'll be in your care!"
  72. [screen wipe]
  73. Tsukasa: "U...uhh..."
  74. "I feel somehow fuzzy..."
  75. Mitama: "Hehe, it takes some getting used to."
  76. "But soon, your body will begin to get accustomed to it."
  77. Tsukasa: "Yes..."
  78. Kanagi: "Yakumo, can I ask you something?"
  79. "Have you had any changes in business lately?"
  80. Mitama: "Changes? Hm... let's see..."
  81. "That reminds me, I've had more customers come lately."
  82. Kanagi: "Hm... Would they happen to be mostly magical girls from the east?"
  83. Mitama: "No. East and west, they all went up about the same."
  84. Kanagi: "Hm."
  85. (I had thought that witches were only becoming more common in the east...)
  86. (But does this mean it's happening across all of Kamihama?)
  87. Tsukasa: "What's going on, Kanagi-san?"
  88. Kanagi: "Ah..."
  89. "I've got an idea of the reason why more people have begun needing the Adjuster's services."
  90. Mitama: "Why might that be?"
  91. Kanagi: "I'm afraid that all over Kamihama, there are more witches, and they are becoming stronger."
  92. Tsukasa: "Eh!?"
  93. Kanagi: "I'm certain, at least, that this is occurring in the east."
  94. Mitama: "So that is actually what's happening."
  95. Kanagi: "Mm... you realized that already?"
  96. Mitama: "Well, more or less."
  97. Tsukasa: "..."
  98. [her phone rings]
  99. Tsukasa: "It's Tsukuyo-chan."
  100. "..."
  101. Kanagi: "What's wrong?"
  102. Tsukasa: "I'm sorry..."
  103. "I'm going over to Mizuna now!"
  104. Kanagi: "I see, then we'll go our separate ways now."
  105. Tsukasa: "Thank you for today, Kanagi-san, Yakumo-san!"
  106. Kanagi: "No need to thank me."
  107. Mitama: "I was properly paid, so you're much obliged!"
  108. "I hope you patronize the Adjuster's in the future."
  109. Kanagi: "I too have to excuse myself now... What will you do?"
  110. Mitama: "I'm going to close down the shop for today."
  111. "Why don't we go home together?"
  112. [now outdoors in Shinsei Ward, in the evening]
  113. Mitama: "It might be a lot of trouble for everyone..."
  114. "That witches are increasing in number..."
  115. "But it's easier to get grief seeds now, right?"
  116. "Hehe, it's gonna be big business for the Adjuster♪"
  117. Kanagi: "Hm... How business minded."
  118. [we see two random girls]
  119. girl A: "!"
  120. "Look... Daitou uniforms..."
  121. girl B: "What do you think they're doing around here?"
  122. Mitama: "..."
  123. Kanagi: "..."
  125. 1.3
  126. [night turns into day, and then we're in Kanagi's maid cafe]
  127. *clang clang*
  128. man: "Nagi-tan! I'm here!"
  129. Kanagi: "Welcome home, Master. Allow me to guide you to your seat."
  130. [screen wipe]
  131. guy: "Maid! Could I order now?"
  132. maid: "Yes, Master."
  133. *clang clang*
  134. Kanagi: "Welcome home, ma-"
  135. [it's Tsukasa looking worried]
  136. Tsukasa: "..."
  137. Kanagi: "Isn't it Tsukasa-kun!?"
  138. "It's unusual for you for you to come here..."
  139. Tsukasa: "Ah, umm..."
  140. "..."
  141. Kanagi: "What happened?"
  142. "For now, allow me to guide you to your seat. Over here."
  143. Tsukasa: "O-okay..."
  144. [screen wipe]
  145. Kanagi: "Have you calmed down a bit?"
  146. Tsukasa: "U-um..."
  147. Kanagi: "..."
  148. Tsukasa: "Uh, I-I... I..."
  149. "..."
  150. Kanagi: "Sorry for trying to rush you."
  151. "I'll bring you something to drink."
  152. "Do you have something you want?"
  153. Tsukasa: "Y-yesterday...!"
  154. Kanagi: "Mm?"
  155. Tsukasa: "Yesterday, at Mizuna... Tsukuyo-chan..."
  156. *CRASH!!*
  157. maid (offscreen): "Excuse me."
  158. "Ouch!"
  159. Kanagi: "!?"
  160. "I apologize, Tsukasa-kun. I'll be right back!"
  161. [over with the other maid]
  162. Kanagi: "What happened!?"
  163. maid: "Ah, I cut myself on a piece of broken glass..."
  164. Kanagi: "That's no good."
  165. "Leave the dining hall to me, hurry and get that cleaned up..."
  166. customer (offscreen): "Excuse me, maid!? Do you have a moment!?"
  167. Kanagi: "Uh, yeah, I'm on my way."
  168. [screen wipe]
  169. Tsukasa: "..."
  170. manager: "Here, have an herb tea."
  171. Tsukasa: "Huh?"
  172. manager: "Sorry about that. Nagi-tan is busy right now."
  173. "So this is On. The. House."
  174. Tsukasa: "T-thank you..."
  175. manager: "Are you one of Nagi-tan's friends?"
  176. Tsukasa: "Um, rather than a f-friend, I'm N-Nagi-tan's... kouhai..."
  177. manager: "Oh my, so you came to the shop to have fun?"
  178. "I'm so glad!"
  179. Tsukasa: "...Umm, I'm..."
  180. "Not here... for fun..."
  181. manager: "Mmm... Then, you're here for advice from Nagi-tan?"
  182. Tsukasa: "Ah, umm..."
  183. manager: "Ehehe, I hit the mark?"
  184. "Then, I'll arrange things so that Nagi-tan has a bit more free time."
  185. "Could you wait just a bit longer?"
  186. [he leaves]
  187. Tsukasa: "..."
  188. "Kanagi-san, I'm..."
  189. "..."
  190. "I'm leaving after all!"
  191. [she runs away]
  192. Kanagi: "T-Tsukasa-kun!?"
  193. kitchen: "One parfait done! Please bring it to the table!"
  194. Kanagi: "Mm, I got it..."
  195. [now outside on a walkway in Shinsei in the evening]
  196. Kanagi: (It's late now...)
  197. (The manager said that he thinks Tsukasa-kun came for advice...)
  198. "Let's ask the person in question."
  199. [she composes a text]
  200. Kanagi: *Sorry about today. It's a bit late, but do you have time right now?*
  201. *I want to hear what you had to say. Could you tell me where you are? I'll head there now.*
  202. [she receives a reply]
  203. Tsukasa: *Sorry for barging in on your work. Everything's already resolved, so don't worry about it.*
  204. [back on the street]
  205. Kanagi: "..."
  206. "Hm..."
  207. "Was it really resolved?"
  208. [battle]
  209. [at Kanagi's apartment]
  210. Kanagi: "I'm home."
  211. Kanagi's father: "Welcome back, Kanagi."
  212. Kanagi's mother: "Welcome home."
  213. "I'm still in the middle of making dinner, so wait just a bit longer."
  214. Kanagi: "No, I'll help you prepare it."
  215. "Mm, mom, can I ask you something?"
  216. Kanagi's mother: "What?"
  217. "It doesn't seem like the rice in the cooker is cooked..."
  218. Kanagi's mother: "Hm?"
  219. "Oh, I thought I started it, but I guess I forgot to press the button."
  220. Kanagi: "Well, that does happen."
  221. Kanagi's brother: "I'm hooome! I'm hungry!! Where's food!?"
  222. Kanagi: "Welcome home."
  223. "Dinner's not ready yet."
  224. "The side dishes are going to be ready soon, but we're starting the rice now."
  225. Kanagi's brother: "Starting now!?"
  226. Kanagi: "Yeah. I'm sure you're hungry, but please hold on a bit more."
  227. Kanagi's brother: "Ah, oh well..."
  228. Kanagi: "I'll be helping mom cook. Could you set the table?"
  229. Kanagi's brother: "Right away."
  230. Kanagi's father: "Ah, ouch..."
  231. Kanagi's brother: "Dad, your leg hurt?"
  232. Kanagi's father: "Yeah... just a bit..."
  233. Kanagi's brother: "I'll massage it, so sit down."
  234. Kanagi's father: "Sorry about this..."
  235. "If only I hadn't gotten hurt..."
  236. "All of us would have it so much easier..."
  237. Kanagi: "Don't mind us."
  238. "As a family, we help each other and support each other. It's natural."
  239. Kanagi's brother: "That's right, dad!"
  240. Kanagi's father: "Thank you both..."
  241. "Hm?"
  242. "You've got a bruise on your hand..."
  243. Kanagi's brother: "Ah, uhh, this is..."
  244. "This is... before, some guys from the west tried to pick a fight..."
  245. Kanagi's father: "...Did you join in?"
  246. Kanagi's brother: "I didn't! I was angry, but I ignored them."
  247. "But afterwards, I was so pissed... I punched a wall..."
  248. Kanagi's father: "You shouldn't hit things."
  249. Kanagi's brother: "I'm sorry..."
  250. Kanagi's father: "But... good job holding it in."
  251. Kanagi's brother: "Dad..."
  252. Kanagi: "..."
  253. [screen wipe]
  254. Kanagi: "Well then..."
  255. "..."
  256. [flashback to the maid cafe]
  257. Tsukasa: "Yesterday, at Mizuna... Tsukuyo-chan..."
  258. [back to the apartment]
  259. Kanagi: (I wonder if Tsukasa-kun is alright...)
  260. (Maybe something happened between her and Tsukuyo-kun?)
  261. "..."
  262. (I am worried about Tsukasa-kun...)
  263. [flashback to the Adjuster's]
  264. Kanagi: "I'm afraid that all over Kamihama, there are more witches, and they are becoming stronger."
  265. Tsukasa: "Eh!?"
  266. Kanagi: "I'm certain, at least, that this is occurring in the east."
  267. [back to the apartment]
  268. Kanagi: (But I'm also worried about all the other magical girls...)
  269. (I should inform them all as soon as possible...)
  270. Kanagi (aloud): "I don't often talk about this with others, so listen carefully."
  272. 2: As a Magical Girl of the East
  273. on a street in Daitou Ward
  274. Kanagi: "Today's going to be busy... I guess I'll start around here."
  276. 2.1
  277. [flashback to Kanagi's apartment]
  278. Kanagi: (But I'm also worried about all the other magical girls...)
  279. (I should inform them all as soon as possible...)
  280. [on the street in Daitou Ward]
  281. Kanagi: "Well, first up is..."
  282. [in Himika's house]
  283. Himika: "Sigh... I see..."
  284. "It's becoming more dangerous because witches are increasing in number and getting stronger..."
  285. "Hmmm... that's troublesome..."
  286. Kanagi: "Yeah."
  287. Himika: "..."
  288. Kanagi: "What's wrong? Anything you're worried about?"
  289. Himika: "Ah, no! How do I put it, uhh..."
  290. "There are more witches than before, and they're getting stronger, or something?"
  291. "I don't really get that sense..."
  292. Kanagi: "Ah, yeah..."
  293. "Mao-kun, you haven't been a magical girl for that long."
  294. Himika: "Yeah..."
  295. Kanagi: "And so, you especially should take extra care."
  296. "Even if it's a weak enemy, don't let your guard down."
  297. Himika: "I-I know! I'll be careful!"
  298. Kanagi: "Mm."
  299. "If anything happens, feel free to call me anytime."
  300. Himika: "Ehh?!"
  301. "Umm, well, I'm really grateful, but..."
  302. Kanagi: "Don't be so reserved."
  303. "When in trouble, we help each other out."
  304. Himika: "Okay! Thank you very much!"
  305. Kanagi: "Mm. Then, I'll be going."
  306. "I have to let other magical girls know too."
  307. "See you."
  308. Himika: "Umm, Kanagi-san!"
  309. Kanagi: "Hm? What?"
  310. Himika: "If you'd like, have this to drink!"
  311. Kanagi: "This is...?"
  312. Himika: "My family's special energy drink!"
  313. "You're going to be running around, so you need to recover first!"
  314. Kanagi: "Hm... Thanks, I'm glad to have it."
  316. 2.2
  317. [at the courtyard of an apartment complex]
  318. Kanagi: "Ugh..."
  319. "Kuh... my eyes are stinging..."
  320. (What on Earth is in that energy drink?)
  321. "I've wasted a lot of time."
  322. "I need to hurry and do the rounds..."
  323. [in a park inside an apartment complex]
  324. Seika: "...I-I knew it..."
  325. Reira: "Yeah... I had thought something was going on."
  326. Kanagi: "I see, so you already noticed."
  327. Reira: "Yeah..."
  328. "Their strength is on a whole new level now..."
  329. Kanagi: "Mm..."
  330. Reira: "Recently, we met with Mito..."
  331. "She said that they're also getting stronger where she lives too."
  332. "And also that there are more than there used to be..."
  333. "So the three of us discussed about how the same thing is happening in Daitou."
  334. Kanagi: "I see. Aino-kun doesn't live in Daitou, right?"
  335. Reira: "Yeah..."
  336. [flashback to the Adjuster's]
  337. Kanagi: "Hm... Would they happen to be mostly magical girls from the east?"
  338. Mitama: "No. East and west, they all went up about the same."
  339. [back to the park]
  340. Kanagi: "..."
  341. (Considering what Yakumo was talking about...)
  342. (It's pretty clear that this abnormality is occurring throughout Kamihama...)
  343. Seika: "K...Kanagi-san?"
  344. Reira: "...Um...?"
  345. Kanagi: "Ah, sorry. I was just thinking."
  346. "I think you already know this..."
  347. "But when you hunt witches, make sure to work in groups of at least two."
  348. Seika: "A-alright..."
  349. Reira: "We'll tell Mito too..."
  350. "Not to fight witches alone."
  351. Kanagi: "Mm, thanks."
  352. Seika: "Ah, umm..."
  353. Kanagi: "What is it?"
  354. "T-t-thank you... f-for coming and..."
  355. "...telling us this!"
  356. Kanagi: "No need to thank me."
  357. "As long as I can help my friends, that alone is enough."
  358. "Whenever you're in trouble, feel free to call me."
  359. "Then, if you'll excuse me..."
  360. [she leaves]
  361. Reira: "..."
  362. Seika: "..."
  363. Reira: "Kanagi-san is so cool."
  364. Seika: "Yeah!"
  366. 2.3
  367. [on a road in Daitou in the evening]
  368. Kanagi: (Alright...)
  369. (I'm mostly done calling out the magical girls...)
  370. "..."
  371. "I guess... I'll head over to the Adjuster's."
  372. [in an alley]
  373. Kanagi: "..."
  374. (Almost to the Adjuster's...)
  375. "...Hm, that's...)
  376. [we see the Amane sisters]
  377. Kanagi (offscreen): "Tsukasa-kun!"
  378. Tsukasa: "!? Kanagi-san..."
  379. Kanagi: "What a coincidence. On your way back from the Adjuster's?"
  380. "That reminds me, about the time at the maid cafe..."
  381. Tsukasa: "I-I'm sorry, Kanagi-san!"
  382. "Let's go, Tsukuyo-chan!"
  383. Tsukuyo: "A-alright."
  384. Kanagi: "Mm..."
  385. "Is she avoiding me?"
  386. [at the Adjuster's]
  387. Mitama: "Then it's just as you thought, Kanagi."
  388. "There's definitely something going on across all of Kamihama..."
  389. Kanagi: "You should be careful, Yakumo."
  390. "After all, you don't have any ability to fight."
  391. Mitama: "Yeah, I'll be careful."
  392. Kanagi: "It might be an effect of this abnormality..."
  393. "But around the Adjuster's there have been more familiars."
  394. Mitama: "That's right..."
  395. "I can't fight them, so it's a bit troublesome."
  396. Kanagi: "Sorry..."
  397. "Lately, I haven't been hunting familiars in this area."
  398. Mitama: "I know you're busy, Kanagi. I don't really mind."
  399. "Your concern is plenty."
  400. "And also, lately, Momoko has been dealing with the familiars for me."
  401. Kanagi: "Mm, Togame?"
  402. "That's good."
  403. Mitama: "Yeah, she's been a big help."
  404. "And just before, I'd never even really talked with a girl from the west."
  405. Kanagi: "That's right..."
  406. [flashback to the Shinsei ward street in the evening]
  407. girl A: "Look... Daitou uniforms..."
  408. girl B: "What do you think they're doing around here?"
  409. [flashback to Kanagi's apartment]
  410. Kanagi's brother: "This is... before, some guys from the west tried to pick a fight..."
  411. [back to the Adjuster's]
  412. Kanagi: "..."
  413. "The conflict between east and west has calmed down..."
  414. "And contact with magical girls from the west has increased..."
  415. "You'd never have imagined that back in the days when you went to school in the west."
  416. Mitama: "...That's right."
  417. [battle]
  418. [back in the Adjuster's]
  419. Kanagi: "If Togame is here, then I don't think it'll be an immediate danger."
  420. "But if something happens, leave it to me."
  421. "I'll come running anytime for the sake of a comrade."
  422. Mitama: "Thank you, Kanagi."
  423. "I don't like scary things, so when that happens I'll take you up on that."
  424. Kanagi: "Mm."
  425. "Well, now that this place is doing good business-"
  426. Mitama: "But it isn't."
  427. "Most of them don't get adjusted enough."
  428. "You say I'm doing good business, but most guests are first-timers..."
  429. Kanagi: "Oh, I see..."
  430. "..."
  431. [flashback to the alley]
  432. Kanagi: "Tsukasa-kun!"
  433. Tsukasa: "!?"
  434. [back to the Adjuster's]
  435. Mitama: "What's wrong, Kanagi?"
  436. Kanagi: "No, it's just that I saw Tsukasa and her sister when I was on my way here."
  437. "Did they come to be adjusted?"
  438. Mitama: "Yeah, they're both important customers of mine."
  439. Kanagi: "I see... Seems she's putting it to good use..."
  440. "..."
  441. Mitama: "Hey, what's wrong? You seem bothered by something..."
  442. Kanagi: "Ah, no..."
  443. "When I spotted them, I called out..."
  444. "But I get the feeling Tsukasa-kun is avoiding me."
  445. "It makes me wonder if I did something to her..."
  446. "I have no idea..."
  447. Mitama: "..."
  448. "Well..."
  449. "Tsukasa-chan and Tsukuyo-chan both seemed to be in a very serious mood."
  450. Kanagi: "Hm... I wonder what happened."
  451. Mitama: "Kanagi, you're fairly friendly with Tsukasa-chan, right?"
  452. "I think it might be good to hear to what she has to say."
  453. Kanagi: "...Maybe so."
  454. "Okay. Thanks for the advice, Yakumo."
  455. "I'll contact Tsukasa-kun."
  456. Mitama: "Yeah..."
  457. (Because I'm certain this will be an important talk for you...)
  458. Kanagi (aloud): "We've always been held back by the past."
  460. 3: As a Person of Kamihama
  461. on a street in Artisan Ward in the evening
  462. Kanagi: "I don't like this method, but there's no other way."
  464. 3.1
  465. [in a residential area of Artisan Ward in the evening]
  466. Kanagi: "..."
  467. (I tried to contact Tsukasa-kun, but got no reply...)
  468. (If she's trying to avoid me...)
  469. (Then I'll wait for her by her house... this is my only option.)
  470. "..."
  471. (...Not home yet? No, she should be coming soon?)
  472. "...Mm!"
  473. [screen wipe; we see Tsukasa]
  474. Kanagi (offscreen): "Tsukasa-kun!"
  475. [Kanagi shows up onscreen]
  476. Tsukasa: "Eh!? K-Kanagi-san!?"
  477. "Why are you... here..."
  478. Kanagi: "I came to hear what you had to say."
  479. Tsukasa: "..."
  480. "...I-I'm sorry!"
  481. [she runs away]
  482. Kanagi: "Hey, wait!!"
  483. [now on a major street]
  484. Tsukasa: "pant... pant..."
  485. [Kanagi shows up]
  486. Kanagi: "Tsukasa-kun! Why are you running away!?"
  487. Tsukasa: "No... Please stay away!!"
  488. [she runs]
  489. Kanagi: "I won't stop until you explain!"
  490. [it's nighttime now in a park, and Kanagi has caught up]
  491. Tsukasa: "pant... pant... pant..."
  492. Kanagi: "..."
  493. "Our little game of tag has been decided."
  494. Tsukasa: "..."
  495. "...Ahh... I lost..."
  496. Kanagi: "Mm."
  497. Kanagi: "So... Why are you avoiding me? What's going on?"
  498. Tsukasa: "..."
  499. Kanagi: "I'm worried about you, Tsukasa-kun."
  500. Tsukasa: "Huh?"
  501. Kanagi: "Are you worried about something?"
  502. "Or have you been involved in some kind of trouble?"
  503. "Is there any way I can help you out?"
  504. Tsukasa: "..."
  505. Kanagi: "I've known you since before you became a magical girl."
  506. "I wouldn't be so tactless as to read your mind using my power."
  507. Tsukasa: "Kanagi-san..."
  508. Kanagi: "..."
  509. Tsukasa: "..."
  510. "...Kanagi-san, are you... interested?"
  511. Kanagi: "Hm?"
  512. Tsukasa: "In the release of magical girls..."
  513. Kanagi: "The release of magical girls? What on earth do you mean?"
  514. Tsukasa: "I mean..."
  515. "Release from the fate of becoming a witch. That's what."
  516. Kanagi: "! So you knew the truth about witches..."
  517. Tsukasa: "..."
  518. "I... don't want to become a witch..."
  519. "Even though I've become a magical girl, there's still something I have unfulfilled..."
  520. "I just can't accept... that we're going to become witches..."
  521. Kanagi: "Even if you didn't know the truth about witches..."
  522. "You are the only one who is responsible for choosing to bear the fate of a magical girl."
  523. "No one but yourself."
  524. Tsukasa: "T-that's...!"
  525. Kanagi: "You find that fate inconvenient, and so you want to renounce it?"
  526. "Isn't that awfully naive?"
  527. Tsukasa: "But you can be freed of the fate of becoming a witch!"
  528. "If you join the Wings of Magius!"
  529. Kanagi: "The Wings of Magius?"
  530. Tsukasa: "It's a name, of an organization aiming for the release of magical girls..."
  531. "I think that it would be a good deal even for you, Kanagi-san."
  532. "Won't you join the Wings of Magius?"
  533. Kanagi: "..."
  534. "Tsukasa-kun, you're joining these Wings of Magius people?"
  535. Tsukasa: "Yeah, I intend to."
  536. Kanagi: "Hm."
  537. "Are you aware of how far they're willing to go..."
  538. "For the sake of their goal?"
  539. Tsukasa: "Huh?"
  540. Kanagi: "As I suspected, you don't know."
  541. "Have you considered the possibility that Magius's goal is nonsense?"
  542. "Just a trap to lure in and use magical girls?"
  543. Tsukasa: "B-but, they'll definitely be able to release magical girls from their fate!"
  544. "They promised that to me!"
  545. Kanagi: "Hm... So you trust what they say..."
  546. "Who even are these people you're talking with?"
  547. Tsukasa: "I was invited by Tsukuyo-chan..."
  548. "Tsukuyo-chan was invited by Mifuyu-san..."
  549. Kanagi: "Mifuyu... Azusa Mifuyu?"
  550. "..."
  551. "Is the west laying the groundwork for something?"
  552. Tsukasa: "It's not about the east or the west!"
  553. "If you join the Wings of Magius, magical girls will be saved!"
  554. Kanagi: "You really trust someone whose methods and true intentions you don't know?"
  555. "You were taken by a pipe dream like that?"
  556. "Pathetic!"
  557. Tsukasa: "Wha!?"
  558. "..."
  559. "No matter how you feel, Kanagi-san, you won't change my feelings."
  560. Kanagi: "What?"
  562. 3.2
  563. [in a park at night]
  564. Tsukasa: "..."
  565. "I was raised in Artisan Ward, and Tsukuyo-chan was raised in Mizuna..."
  566. "Even if we can't erase our differences in upbringing, in order to always be with Tsukuyo-chan..."
  567. "We wished to Kyubey, and became magical girls."
  568. "As a result of our wishes... we were able to change our own minds..."
  569. "But as for the differences in our upbringing..."
  570. "We weren't able to change other people's minds..."
  571. Kanagi: "..."
  572. [flashback to the street in Shinsei Ward]
  573. girl A: "Look... Daitou uniforms..."
  574. girl B: "What do you think they're doing around here?"
  575. [flashback to Kanagi's apartment]
  576. Kanagi's brother: "This is... before, some guys from the west tried to pick a fight..."
  577. [back to the park]
  578. Kanagi: "You can't so easily change your environment or people's minds..."
  579. "I myself know this well."
  580. Tsukasa: "Kanagi-san..."
  581. "So that's why we thought..."
  582. "In order to change our own environment, once we graduate from high school, we'll leave home."
  583. "I'm sure we'll be able to live happily, free from everything else..."
  584. "That's our ideal..."
  585. Kanagi: "But even if you change your environment, that doesn't change your fate as magical girls."
  586. Tsukasa: "That one day, we'll become witches..."
  587. "At this rate, our ideal will never come to be..."
  588. Kanagi: "..."
  589. "So that's why you seek salvation..."
  590. Tsukasa: "Yes..."
  591. Kanagi: "..."
  592. "It's your own wish and your own ideals..."
  593. "You're free to join some convenient organization in order to fulfill them."
  594. Tsukasa: "Then..."
  595. Kanagi: "But you can't accept the present, which you already wished for from Kyubey."
  596. "So now you're clinging to the Wings of Magius."
  597. "Once you get what you want from them, what happens if you're not satisfied yet?"
  598. "Then what will you do?"
  599. Tsukasa: "!"
  600. "Well..."
  601. Kanagi: "It sure looks like these Wings of Magius..."
  602. "They control people by preying on their weaknesses."
  603. "Even if we suppose that their goal is just, if their methods are not, I cannot approve."
  604. Tsukasa: "..."
  605. Kanagi: "I will not join the Wings of Magius."
  606. "As I always have, I intend to to the very best thing I can think of."
  607. Tsukasa: "Very best?"
  608. Kanagi: "That's right."
  609. "Here in Kamihama with witches proliferating, protecting the magical girls of the east."
  610. "That's the very best I can do."
  611. Tsukasa: "Protecting... magical girls..."
  612. Kanagi: "Of course, that includes you, Tsukasa-kun."
  613. Tsukasa: "Me too?"
  614. Kanagi: "No matter what you think or do, that's your prerogative."
  615. "But I cannot overlook a kouhai who is straying from the path."
  616. Tsukasa: "..."
  617. "It's probably not just me."
  618. Kanagi: "Hm?"
  619. Tsukasa: "All of the magical girls in the east are probably feeling the same way I am..."
  620. "Even if they can't escape the circumstances in the east, they want to be free from the fate of becoming a witch."
  621. "For that, there's only the Wings of Magius."
  622. "Even if their methods deviate from the straight and true!"
  623. Kanagi: "..."
  624. "I may be unable to save everyone from the fate of becoming a witch..."
  625. "But I am working to change our circumstances..."
  626. "And to bring peace to Kamihama."
  627. Tsukasa: "..."
  628. Kanagi: "That's why... I want you to lend me your strength, Tsukasa-kun..."
  629. Tsukasa: "..."
  630. "I'm sorry, Kanagi-san..."
  631. "I'm... too weak..."
  632. "For everyone? For all of Kamihama?"
  633. "I can't think that way..."
  634. Kanagi: "I... see..."
  635. Tsukasa: "Thanks for everything up until now."
  636. "Well then..."
  637. [she leaves]
  638. Kanagi: "..."
  639. "...tch"
  641. 3.3
  642. [black screen]
  643. Kanagi: *Being feared... and being avoided.*
  644. *That was the environment we were born into and forced to accept.*
  645. *In addition, when we from the east became magical girls, we added to that burden the fate of becoming witches.*
  646. *...*
  647. *Even if I didn't know about becoming witches, I was the one who decided to become a magical girl.*
  648. *And so, that's how I was able to accept that I might turn into a witch.*
  649. *But...*
  650. *I haven't accepted our circumstances.*
  651. [we see two girls]
  652. girl A: "It's a girl from the east..."
  653. girl B: "Scary..."
  654. [and two guys]
  655. guy A: "From the east again?"
  656. guy B: "What'd they do this time?"
  657. [black screen]
  658. Kanagi: *Why is their impression of us from the east so bad? How can we improve their impression of us?*
  659. *What should I do, not just for the people from the east, but so everyone in Kamihama can live in peace and equality?*
  660. *I've always thought about this, even before I became a magical girl.*
  661. *And so, he appeared before me.*
  662. [flashback to Kanagi's apartment]
  663. Kyubey: "Hey, nice to meet you, Izumi Kanagi."
  664. Kanagi: "Mm, what on earth are you?"
  665. Kyubey: "I'm Kyubey."
  666. [fade to black]
  667. Kanagi: *To the one who told me they could grant any wish...*
  668. *I wished:*
  669. [flashback to Kanagi's apartment]
  670. Kanagi: "'I want to change everyone's opinions of this town... of Daitou.'"
  671. Kyubey: "Change their opinions... Meaning, what exactly?"
  672. Kanagi: "'People from Daitou are dangerous.'"
  673. "That's what people in Kamihama think..."
  674. "But I think the cause of that is in the history of Kamihama."
  675. "So please, erase the history of Kamihama."
  676. Kyubey: "...You sure about that?"
  677. "If you wish so, Kamihama's history will certainly be changed."
  678. "But will the change you desire occur tomorrow?"
  679. "Or will it occur hundreds of years into the future?"
  680. "Even I can't know that."
  681. Kanagi: "Hmm..."
  682. Kyubey: "You have more wishes that might meet your expectations."
  683. "Don't you think so, Izumi Kanagi?"
  684. Kanagi: "..."
  685. [fade to black]
  686. Kanagi: *I see, now that I think about it, even if Kamihama's history changes, there's no guarantee that everyone's opinion of Daitou will be changed for the better...*
  687. *It seems my wish would not resolve the root of the problem.*
  688. *In that case...*
  689. *If there's anything aside from Kamihama's history that I can improve with my own hands, I want to know it, and reform it...*
  690. *And... guide along the right path both everyone's impressions of Daitou, and the beloved town I was born and raised in itself.*
  691. *With those hopes in mind, I wished.*
  692. [flashback to Kanagi's apartment]
  693. Kanagi: "Then... I..."
  694. "'I wish to know the reason why everyone hates Daitou.'"
  695. [fade to gray]
  696. Kanagi: *As a result of my wish, I obtained the power to read minds.*
  697. *And what I learned...*
  698. [fade to black]
  699. Kanagi: *Was that there was no definite reason why everyone hated Daitou.*
  700. "From Kamihama's history, and the generally poor safety of this town, people just began fearing and hating the whole east of the city without knowing why."
  701. [flashback to the street in Shinsei Ward]
  702. girl A: "Look... Daitou uniforms..."
  703. girl B: "What do you think they're doing around here?"
  704. [flashback to Kanagi's apartment]
  705. Kanagi's brother: "This is... before, some guys from the west tried to pick a fight..."
  706. [flashback to the park]
  707. Tsukasa: "As a result of our wishes... we were able to change our own minds..."
  708. "But as for the differences in our upbringing..."
  709. "We weren't able to change other people's minds..."
  710. [fade to black, but we see Kanagi]
  711. Kanagi: *The people of Kamihama don't see individuals. They judge individuals based on the circumstances surrounding them.*
  712. *This is the reason that Daitou, the town that I love, is thought badly of.
  713. *Over the years, this invisible enemy, rooted in the feelings of the people of Kamihama...*
  714. *Caused people to unconsciously hurt others... Forced innocent people to choke back tears...*
  715. *This cycle of getting hurt and hurting others just continued on forever in Kamihama...*
  716. [at the Adjuster's]
  717. Kanagi: "..."
  718. Mitama: "Alright, your adjustment is complete."
  719. Kanagi: "Thanks."
  720. Mitama: "You were deep in thought, huh."
  721. Kanagi: "Mm..."
  722. [battle]
  723. [at the Adjuster's]
  724. Kanagi: "..."
  725. [insert image of the Amane sisters and Mifuyu]
  726. Kanagi: *Starting with Tsukasa-kun...*
  727. *Many of the magical girls from the east were pulled away from me by Magius...*
  728. [back to the Adjuster's]
  729. Kanagi: "..."
  730. [flashback to the park]
  731. Tsukasa: "All of the magical girls in the east are probably feeling the same way I am..."
  732. "Even if they can't escape the circumstances in the east, they want to be free from the fate of becoming a witch."
  733. "For that, there's only the Wings of Magius."
  734. "Even if their methods deviate from the straight and true!"
  735. [back to the Adjuster's]
  736. Kanagi: "Tsukasa-kun was right, in the end..."
  737. Mitama: "That's because they had been treated unfairly."
  738. "They are the ones who most strongly desire salvation from their circumstances.*
  739. "So it's no wonder that they sympathized with the goals of Magius.*
  740. Kanagi: "You think that's why?"
  741. "..."
  742. "I love Daitou, the city where I was born and raised."
  743. "And it's not just Daitou..."
  744. "I want all of Kamihama to be able to live in peace and harmony.*
  745. "That's how I feel."
  746. "And so, what should I do for that?"
  747. "I already have the answer."
  748. [flashback to Kanagi's apartment]
  749. Kanagi: "So please, erase the history of Kamihama."
  750. [back to the Adjuster's]
  751. Mitama: "The destruction of the history pervading the town..."
  752. "And also of the status quo that resulted from it..."
  753. Kanagi: "That's right."
  754. "And to destroy the history..."
  755. "I need to completely destroy Kamihama itself."
  756. "The people who lost everything..."
  757. "Regardless of social standing or wealth, can return to fair and harmonious relations."
  758. "If they're forced to take each others' hands and cooperate..."
  759. "The influence of history and regional impressions will fade away."
  760. [in an alley]
  761. Kanagi: "..."
  762. [fade to black]
  763. Kanagi: *But in fact... On top of not having the power to destroy Kamihama...*
  764. *The best I can do is protect the city from witches and save the remaining magical girls in the east. That's it.*
  765. [back to the alley]
  766. Kanagi: "..."
  767. (I'll overcome the best that I can do now.)
  768. (If I can do that, I'll be able to realize my dream.)
  769. (If that time comes...)
  770. [insert image of the Amane sisters, Mifuyu, and two black feathers walking away from Kanagi amid raging flames]
  771. (With my own two hands, for the sake of the town I love, I will destroy Kamihama.)
  772. Kanagi (aloud): "I know it seems futile, but there's a reason this city must go away..."
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