More or Less - 03

Mar 20th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

넘치거나 부족하거나 ----- Publisher Link


Notable Characters:

Yu Hanjun (MC) Director Virgin
Yeonjin Jin (FMC) PR Representative FB Sexfriend
Han Jae-Won (FB) Sales Representative FMC Boyfriend
Short Hair becomes => Red Hair (RH)

Chapter 03


Chap starts with Fmc, Rh and Black Sh staring at new barista taking the order of a girl.
Meh talk between Rh and Fmc about barista.. Then Fmc reminds her two subordinates about the fact that their lunch break end in ten minutes and they need to hurry up.


RH asks to Fmc, how was the work with Director Yu (MC) yesterday and if she spent a good day with him.
Fmc don't understand and asks her to explain more about the situation.
RH tells her that Mc is a little bit strange... She corrects herself saying, No a Lot.
She says that Jung Eun from the Planning Department told her a strange story about Mc.


Jung Eun (pale blond hair) enters Mc office and asks him if he wants some coffee.
She is startled seeing Mc cleaning his plant.
He stares lightly at her and keep cleaning his plant, calmly rejecting Jung Eun offer.
She thinks {what kind of rejection is that?}
Mc prepares his own coffee and asks Jung Eun if she knows what is it?
He drinks his coffee ignoring her, she thinks that she wants to know what he drinks.

----------------Flashback over----------------

Red Hair says that Mr.Yu is known for never eating anything that someone offer him.
BH asks if Mc does not have a kinky / eccentric penchant.

----------------Flashback Office Restroom----------------

Some women talk about their meals, one of them sees Mc and she asks him if he wants some of their dishes.
Mc wants to throw up and he tells them, if they want to eat here to not forget to ventilate the room.
They apologize in hurry.

----------------Flashback over----------------

Red Hair continues to talk about MC saying that just the smell of cup of a noddle might repel him, then she's asking why Mc is still single and that seem strange.
She says because of that a lot of rumors grow behind his back and the most recent is about him being gay.
Fmc thinks that she needs to keep her mouth shut about that matter.

----------------Water Closet----------------

MC washes his hands saying "I just finished my work, I guess.. that girl (Fmc) is also gone?"
He remembers the scene with Fb and Fmc then thinks how it's uncomfortable.
Some inner talk about how this event fucked his monotonous life..

----------------Flashback (again) of the "night"----------------

Mc makes his coffee and catches Fmc and Fb fucking on a desk near his office.
Some moans, Fb keeps banging Fmc while Mc hides behind the curtain thinking that's indecent and searches of way to exit the office unnoticed.
His body is tense and he decides to take a peak at Fmc x Fb and he recognizes the man thinking this obscene child.
He stares at the woman and thinks that she is a representative.
Mc gets an erections and don't understand what's happening, he thinks that's crazy and affirms it's for that reason that he stays virgin.


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