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  1. Me:
  2. What you think about me means nothing to me, but you don't realize how I acted at vG was different than how I act now. Just because I chose to make the decisions I did -forum wise- on vG doesn't mean that's who I am.
  3. If you continue to pull your impression of me from vG to this community, then you seriously need to learn to stop holding grudges. This is a new start, not an high-school reunion.
  5. Stop being offensive and play fair.
  7. Him:
  8. I believe people can change, but I don't think you changed at all. I don't really enjoy talking to you when you get all bossy and "smart" on me. About the vG impressions, at the moment I'm playing games with people that I hated on vG, that's because I realise it's a new start, so I don't give a fuck about vG. But you're still the same Hernando, wish I could talk to you like a friend to friend, but you have to do the first step and you haven't done it yet. And as much as I think I know you, you won't even do it.
  10. Just read your PM again and see how much disgust and hate you have put in it. We won't be friends if you'll be talking to me that way...
  12. Me:
  13. Just shows how self-absorbed you are to think I want to be buddies with you. No. I just want this hate to be done with. And I see that from your posts and responses you are still going on about it, when I haven't done anything toward anyone here and now in this community. New start. Right? Well guess what? I have not given one impression here on this server that I am at all the same as I was on vG. You just -assume- I'm the same. Next time stop guessing and pay attention.
  15. Him:
  16. You're not worth my time.
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