May 8th, 2012
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  1. We anons were once again wandering through the darknet, and again found lolita city
  2. and freedom hosting, the pedophiles have grown stronger since our previous attacks,
  3. they grow stronger every day. As history has shown, our attacks were not futile,
  4. anonymous put a gaping hole in lolita city and freedom hosting and gained widespread
  5. media attention causing the press to constantly mention lolita city on the news,
  6. outing them as the sick pedophiles they are. Although our attacks were succesful, it
  7. seems the pedophiles are intent on keeping their undeserved place on the internet.
  8. This is absolutely unacceptable, the disgusting content on over 40 child pornography
  9. sites grow larger and we will not sit back and watch, we will make a stand once
  10. again with the destruction of freedom hosting, lolita city, and any other website
  11. geared towards the trading of content with rape/pedophilia. Tor is not our target,
  12. only the sites hosting the child pornography are the targets. We shall return with
  13. bear rugs. Chris Hansen is coming. Expect us.
  14. #OpDarknetV2 engaged.
  15. #OpPedoHunt engaged.
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