Non-payment/blacklist ledger

Jul 3rd, 2016
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  1. I hate to do it, but it's gotten pretty bad with people placing orders, receiving payment instructions, and then simply vanishing and failing to complete the order. To be fair, I make it explicitly clear in my terms--sent in advance and explained before anyone places an order--that asking for payment information constitutes an agreement to complete the sale WITHIN TWO DAYS. And even then I'm lenient, rather than just being a "48 hours and passed, go to hell now!" dick about it. I am always more than willing to work with someone who needs more time, as long as they simply stay in touch and communicate with me that they need it. But lately, more people have simply been arranging orders, receiving $info that they've requested, and then bailing.
  3. "Payment info collectors" are a risk to sellers, and it's a big deal, not just a nuisance, because it can put sellers at risk of having our methods of receiving funds compromised (it's considered so serious a violation of the rules that nearly all open-sourcing forums will immediately ban a member for doing this even once!). This ledger is also shared with networks of other sellers as a "do not sell" list.
  5. Here is a ledger of non-payers who have broken the agreement to complete the order after placing it, newest to oldest:
  7. isaiahstratford@gmail.com (this guy came to me to ask for a deal, agreed with what I offered, then told me he'd need a month to pay. Then returned again and said he was ready and would pay "tomorrow" and asked a second time for payment info. Then he backed out and badmouthed me in emails for calling him out on it.)
  9. gdice@tutanota.com
  10. hotshot@tutanota.com ("gonna roll the dice with a cheap source", ha ha! Good luck!)
  11. mail@adnanwahab.com
  12. zergrush@anonymousspeech.com
  13. reedie4@gmail.com
  14. sylerin@anonymousspeech.com
  15. dannyrob27@gmail.com
  16. e3036@anonymousspeech.com, aka ef3037@anonymousspeech.com
  17. apadronjr@yahoo.com
  18. blessthismess123@anonymousspeech.com
  19. lkj4875@sigaint.org
  20. bodybuilder0713@Safe-mail.net
  21. nattyking69@Safe-mail.net
  22. mwnphysique@anonymousspeech.com
  23. jasthace@Safe-mail.net
  24. fitbit27@anonymousspeech.com
  25. thisissoobvfake@gmail.com
  26. royal@securenym.net
  27. bigabe@hushmail.com
  28. trainingdaze@Safe-mail.net
  29. swiftinflight@Safe-mail.net
  30. Ferros@Safe-mail.net
  31. gangreen@Safe-mail.net
  32. shahvez@hushmail.com
  33. made402@gmail.com
  34. Dreamingninjapigs@Safe-mail.net
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