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true_velocity Dec 29th, 2011 137 Never
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  1. TEACHERS (name/teaching class/timezone)
  3. True_velocity----scout,demo,medic (all but those are my mains)----UTC+01:00 (CET)
  4. Counter Llamacide Unit----?----?
  5. NRG | Reindears----Demoman, Spy, Pyro, Engineer (decent)----UK/GMT
  6. JackofSpades ----pyro (Airblasting, Flanking), Demo, Solly, Engi, Spy----Central European
  7. PIetro Crespi----all classes----Alaska
  8. pandereta----All competitive 6v6 classes (Scout, Solly, Demo and Medic)----CET+3 / GMT+4
  9. Trefle----Almost every of it.----Istanbul/Europe
  10. Shadowknife392 [Music] ----Scout, soldier, bit of pyro----NZT
  11. gIFFY[gr7] ----scout ,sniper----utc-05:00 eastern time
  12. Needs More Dakka----Medic, Spy, Scout and a little bit of Pyro and Soldier.----West Coast (-8 PST)
  13. Commodore Perry ----scout----(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada
  14. ☭ C0mm!E ☭----Soldier(476), Spy(110), Demo(105), Heavy(60), Sniper(55)----East
  15. [MiT]Gaberoll ----engi (~63 hours), heavy (~40 hours), maybe pyro/medic----Central I think
  16. Crescent----Spy (Main), Medic, Pyro----GMT +10
  17. KKKasper----Pyro, Medic, Engineer----EST (East Coast USA)
  18. FlootsyGaz ----Soldier, Engineer, Scout, Demoman, Medic----GMT -5
  19. Sine----I can do pretty much anything but scout or sniper. Though I don't really like heavy, medic, or engineer. I would much rather teach pyro, soldier, demo, or spy.----EST
  20. [QuS]Thedavid38----Sniper(67) and Scout(38)----Eastern Time
  21. ShadeElite----pyro or spy---- -6 UTC | Central Standard Time
  22. And The Gunslinger Followed----Medic, Engineer, Spy, and Demo to a lesser extent.----EST (GMT - 5)
  23. =A0G= Bone----Spy+Demo----Pacific standard
  24. Stupid, Sexy Flanders----Any, but pyro and medic are my mains.----EST
  25. NullPtr----pyro (maybe soldier,demo,medic)----US West Coast, PST (GMT -8),
  26. Litterbawx----Pyro and Demo.----UTC -6:00 Central
  27. Salohcin | WUSS----pyro,engy----EST
  28. Reddit_Johnny 10|HC----I can teach Pyro, Medic, and Demoman. I can also teach general tactics. Spy is not my best class though. But I can give general advice them.----UTC-8:00 (PST)
  31. STUDENTS (name/learning class/timezone)
  33. ToXeh----(in order) Sniper/Medic/Demo (currently demo is my worst class)----Aus EST = GMT+ 10
  34. WNDFSH----Pyro----Mountain Daylight (GMT -7)
  35. Renewist----medic, sniper----GMT +8 (Singapore)
  36. [SNSD] Polaris----spy, engineer----GST+8 (hong kong), but I play a lot in the mornings so I can play with people from the West Coast
  37. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ----scout----(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  38. PolloFrio----engy,medic if possible all---- am from australia, but often, I am up at normal times for US.
  39. Kapzylen----scout----CET (Europe)
  40. Dreadcor----demo----EST -5
  41. suji----scout----GMT +8 (phillipines)
  42. Derechliet7----spy----EST
  43. [SLPH]Chromatose ----scout,heavy----EST
  44. [<3]The Hypnotoad ----Pyro with a bit of soldier and medic----GMT
  45. balt11t ----all----EST
  46. 7thSistersHigh----soldier----GMT -4
  47. Litterbawx----any----UTC-6:00 Central
  48. snozzberryclock ----scout, spy, engineer, demo, heavy, sniper----GMT+10
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