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Switching Sides

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  1. Title: Switching Sides
  2. Published: 11-13-10, Updated: 11-13-10
  3. Chapters: 2, Words: 4,276
  4. Chapter 1: Laboratory Fiasco
  6. McCain wiped the sweat from his brow. After working for so long, he had finally created the machine, the scientific breakthrough of the century. It modified a creature's DNA on a genetic level, and swapped the chromosome composure to the opposite, effectively changing said creature's gender and giving them the proper sexual organs through a less-than-pleasant, extremely painful process. He huffed triumphantly and slapped the wrench down on the metallic table beside him and beamed widely at his creation. His lab was located underneath the school, carved out from the thick rock using high-powered machinery supplied by his shady employer. Of course, McCain did not enjoy lying to Sue – his mind was in turmoil regarding his feelings for her – but no one was to know about his secret lab. As such, it's entrance was hidden well in the boy's bathroom in the East wing of the building.
  8. He peeled the turquoise gloves off of his hand and slapped them down on the table and stuffed one hand into his lab coat. He used his other to vigorously scratch his chin as he examined the machine. He stood there for a few moments before shaking his head and approaching the rear end of the room. His boots clacked against the tiled flooring as he bore down on a small metallic cage containing a quivering child. The small girl scrunched up against the back of the cage as McCain's hand fumbled with the lock. A satisfactory click signaled its release and the door swung open. McCain squatted down and extended his hand to the young child with a warm grin on his face.
  10. "Now, now Molly! Don't be scared of Uncle McCain."
  12. Molly was quivering slightly and vigorously shook her head when implored by McCain to exit the cage. He frowned slightly and knew he would have to resort to violent methods in order to force her to leave the cage. He straightened up and moved to the side of the cage, leaning over the nearby counter to open up a cabinet. He fiddled inside of it for a few moments before his hand emerged, wrapped around a large syringe with a dark liquid sloshing inside of the glass capsule. He tapped it with his finger slightly to check the potency of the liquid. When it was apparent it was at full strength, he approached the small girl and, with a quick jab, stuck her with the needle through the grating of the cage.
  14. Molly shrieked at the sudden burst of pain, but nearly immediately the sedative went to work. She fell to her side in a deep sleep and McCain laid the needle back down upon the counter. He mustered his strength and dragged the cage over to the machine. With a great heave, he pushed the cage up and Molly's limp body slid out of its confines onto a circular platform in the middle of the machine. It was a fearsome creation indeed. It was reminiscent of a large pod and its sheen was full of luster. It was colored a dark gray and several multicolored knobs and buttons were on its control panel. On top of it were several exhaust pipes that constantly spit out hot air. McCain positioned Molly as best he could within the machine and removed her clothes. Subsequently, two glass doors slid around her.
  16. He approached the control panel of the machine and fiddled with the knobs. The machine was set to an automatic setting and two robotic arms emerged from within, setting course to begin transformation. A plume of dark purple smoke jetted into the machine and within seconds, Molly was awake. Her screams were muffled by the heavy metal of the pod and McCain averted his gaze, morally disgusted by the work he had no choice but to do. Her screams seemed to deepen, only by a bit, as the smoke cleared and a horrifying revelation was made to McCain. Her body was in the air, floating above the pod's floor and suspended by an ethereal force. Her vagina had all but disappeared, and a disgusting snake-life figure was bubbling from her groin, extending down only by a few. Testicles soon followed as Molly's facial structure reconstructed itself to be less soft. Her hair shortened and found itself in a style similar to Abbey's. Molly's body slowly dropped down to the pod's floor and a small bell rung, signaling the end of genetic realignment. Molly had become Moe!
  18. McCain approached the pod. By this time, the machine's automated setting had already opened the door and a stready stream of purple smoke spilled from the machine's interior. Moe grumbled quietly and McCain couldn't help but smile at the success of his machine. He bent down and scooped up the sleeping boy and carried him back over to a fresh cage. He draped it with a specially-fit cover to prevent anyone from seeing Moe's naked body and exited the room in a rush. He emerged in the main lobby of the lab and passed the empty secretarial desk, making a dash for the lab's tram system.
  20. As he departed from the lab, a figure from the shadows stepped into the light, followed by a mischievous chuckle. This intruder was of course Augustus, having snuck into McCain's lab long before he had finished the machine. He smoothed his leather jacket and strolled casually over to McCain's work room. He stepped into the small and cold room and breathed in the fresh scent of evil. The walls were the same shade of white as the tiled floor, and the room itself was cold. He casually inspected the myriad of scientific instruments that lay on the several metal tables around the room before setting his sights on the machine itself.
  22. He approached it and stared at it. It appeared to be dormant. He leaned forward and pressed a finger against its cool side but shrugged as it did not react. However, something he had not expected happened. Two robotic arms shot from inside the machine and grabbed Augustus by the arms. It lifted him off of his feet and positioned him in front of it. A red light appeared on the front of the machine and a layer of light enveloped Augustus, scanning him from his head to his feet.
  24. "What is this? Put me down!" He shouted feebly, struggling against the machine's unwavering grasp.
  26. "Test Subject Beta: Male of the age of 17. Penile length: 7.532 inches."
  28. "What?"
  30. "Clothing detected. Impedes gender realignment. Removing now."
  32. Augustus froze for a moment as a third hand was extended towards him. His clothes were torn from his body and his flaccid penis was exposed to the cool air of the laboratory. The machine emitted a flurry of beeps before it threw Augustus into the machine. He immediately turned to run, but the glass doors shut in front of him. He pounded his fists against them, but they were made of Plexiglas and would not break at all. He grunted in frustration and turned to examine his prison. It was large enough for him to lie down in, and it smelled foul. His voice and breathing were amplified as they were thrown back by the thick metal walls.
  34. "Fuck. I'm stuck in here…"
  36. He gagged suddenly as purple gas began to flood the chamber. He wrapped his hands around his throat as he started to cough.
  38. 'Gas? Am I going to die in here?' He thought in a panic.
  40. His body was lifted off of the machine's flooring and he tilted his head to stare down the length of his body. Without warning, a heavy pain shot through his body as his entire nervous system reeled back in agony. Augustus couldn't help but scream in pain as his penis was absorbed back into his body before his own eyes. His pelvis nearly split as a soft pink slit materialized between his legs. His toned chest rippled and bulged before two fleshy mounds popped forth, bouncing wildly from his body's turmoil. He could feel his face reshapen and his hair fell over his eye, extending back in length. A small ding from outside caused the doors to open and Augustine fell forward onto the lab's cold floor.
  42. She was breathing heavily. Augustine immediately scrambled to her feet and stared down at her new body. She had been endowed with a rather large set of breasts and her fur had lost its coarse texture. It was now soft and pleasurable to touch. She ran her hand over her new body and awkwardly felt her groin, disbelief at the disappearance of her penis.
  44. "What… what happened to me?" She asked aloud.
  46. Immediately she placed a hand over her mouth, as her voice had lost its deepness and was now soft as a pillow. She brushed the hair from her eye and fell to her knees in shock.
  48. "No, I… I can't be…"
  50. Once again she felt her vagina to make sure she actually was Augustine. A shock of pleasure from the soft spot caught her off guard as she felt it, and she scrambled back onto her elbows. She brought her hand back up to her face to spy a clear and viscous liquid covering two of her fingers.
  52. "I… I'm wet…"
  54. She jumped to her feet and quickly searched around the room for a mirror. One was indeed located nearby and she examined her body in its reflection. The fur around her vagina was slightly wet and she absentmindedly moved her hand between her legs. Another shot of pleasure shocked her body and she was surprised she was enjoying this act. She moved her fingers slightly faster as her muscles struggled to maintain strength, her vagina reeling with each stroke of its tender walls. She was panting heavily by the time she removed her hand.
  56. "There's n-nothing wrong with… a little exploration." She said aloud.
  58. She laid down on the floor of the lab and once again placed her fingers into her sweet spot. The pleasure tantalized her and forced her to increase her speed. She tiled her head back and uttered a low moan as her body neared orgasm, heightened as she felt her vagina tighten around her fingers, imploring them to dig deeper.
  60. "Oh, oh yes! Yes!" She cried in pleasure, biting her lips as her fingers continued to explore the inside of her womanhood.
  62. Her free hand absentmindedly found her breast and she began to stroke it's nipple, enlarged by her arousal. The soft feeling of her own breast within her hand proved to be too much for her to handle, and a sharp yelp signaled her orgasm. Her body fell limp back to the lab floor and she gasped for air, panting heavily. She removed her fingers from her spent vagina and brought them up to her flushed face, inspecting the coat of thick liquid that covered the gray fur of her hand. She slid them into her mouth and sucked the sweet liquid off of them before setting to work on pleasing herself a second time.
  64. It wasn't enough for her, she felt empty. Something was required to please her fully, and she knew just what she needed. She needed to sleep with a man. After yet another masturbation session, she rose from the floor and searched the room for proper clothing. All that was around was a secretarial outfit and she was forced to slip into the casual pair of slacks and blue turtleneck. As she approached the exit to the lab, only one though crossed her sex-starved mind: Men.
  65. Chapter 2: The Nurse's Office
  67. Augustine emerged from the lab's entrance in the boy's bathroom – much to the dismay of the men already in there – and straightened her hair. No more than five seconds after exiting the bathroom was she stopped by a male, this one an orange Somali with good looks. He put his arm in front of her and leaned against the wall, smiling widely at her.
  69. "Hello, nurse." He cooed. Augustine chuckled and crossed her arms.
  71. "Well, hello there." She whispered as sensually as she could.
  73. "Say, babe, what say you and I get together after school?"
  75. Augustine pretended to think about his request and was ready to answer when something stopped her. She ran her eyes over the Somali before her. He was absolutely gorgeous and rippled, but something inside of her turned her nose up in disgust at him. He didn't turn her on. She frowned at herself and sighed, next shaking her head.
  77. "Sorry kid, I can't."
  79. She brushed past him and continued to walk down the hall, constantly being harassed by boys for dates. None of them turned her on, and none looked as if they could quell her fire. As she turned down the fifteenth suitor, she tripped over a large green object and fell to the ground, shrieking in pain and grabbing her ankle. It appeared she had twisted it. She howled in pain and tried to find the strength to stand up, but was unable to. She closed her eyes and sighed, but a sweet voice called out to her and caused her ears to immediately prick up.
  81. "Are you okay, miss? Do you need some help?"
  83. Augustine would know that voice anywhere. She looked up to find Abbey's warm face staring down at her with a gentle smile on his face. Augustine went to make a snappy remark and insult his family, but something caught her before she could speak. Suddenly, she recognized every feature of Abbey: His caring smile and concerned expression, his soft and brilliant fur that seemed to have a sheen all of its own under the school's fluorescent lights, and his wonderful male figure. All Augustine could do was utter a quite "meep "sound as Abbey extended his hand to her. She grasped it tightly and continued to be entranced by his eyes that sparkled like emeralds. He helped her off the ground, but the moment she placed weight on that ankle she yelped in pain and soon found herself back on the linoleum flooring of the hallway. Abbey crossed his arms and sighed.
  85. "Looks like you've sprained it. Would you allow me to carry you to the nurse's office?"
  87. Augustine blushed heavily and nodded. "Y-yes, I… I'd like that very much."
  89. Abbey obliged and once again helped her off of her feet, allowing her to use him as a makeshift crutch. Augustine could feel her heart skip a beat as Abbey placed his hand on her back and the pair slowly made their way to the nurse's office. She looked over at her side and Abbey's expression, which was contorted with physical exertion and exhaustion.
  91. 'He's putting himself through so much just to help me… I… I think I'm in love.' She thought to herself.
  93. Abbey groaned as they neared the nurse's office and Augustine felt genuinely terrible about his plight.
  95. "Look, Abbey, you don't have to carry me all the way… just go and get the nurse, please don't hurt yourself."
  97. Abbey took a few deep breaths and looked back up to her, smiling warmly.
  99. "I could never leave a lady in pain, especially one as pretty as you."
  101. Augustine blushed and averted her gaze as Abbey once again started their journey towards the nurse's office. Within a few moments, the two were safely inside and Abbey helped Augustine up on one of the exam beds, plopping down in a nearby waiting chair to catch his breath. Her ankle was throbbing slightly, but Augustine was far too engrossed with Abbey to care. The office smelled heavily of gauze and other medicine, but the nurse was nowhere to be found. Abbey sighed and straightened up in his chair.
  103. "I guess Nurse Rhodes is out to lunch right now." He observed.
  105. Augustine nodded and smiled at Abbey, the first time she had ever done so without him being in pain.
  107. "Thank you… for carrying me here."
  109. Abbey returned her smile and rose from the chair to approach her. He took her hand a kissed it, causing her to nearly melt.
  111. "Think nothing of it, madam. However, if you no longer require my services, I must depart from your lovely company."
  113. As Abbey turned to leave, Augustine placed a hand on his shoulder and sighed.
  115. "Do… do you think you could stay with me for a little?"
  117. Abbey chuckled and turned to face her. "I'd be glad to, miss."
  119. He took his seat in the nearby red waiting chair and the two talked quietly for half an hour before it was apparent that Nurse Rhodes would not be returning for awhile. Abbey was upset by this as he could not stand to see Augustine in pain from her throbbing ankle. He took it upon himself to treat it, and so he rose from the chair and began to search the office for the needed supplies. Augustine watched him intently, infatuated with him beyond all recognition. Abbey returned in a few minutes with a tube of Asperecreme and gauze and set to work wrapping her ankle. As soon as he began to rub the cream onto her foot, Augustine bit her lip and held back tears from the pain. It took about 5 minutes before her ankle was fully wrapped and it barely hurt anymore. Abbey stepped back and admired his wonderful bandage work and Augustine smiled at him.
  121. "Wow, that's pretty handy Abbey!" She giggled, examining her foot. "Where did you learn to wrap bandages like that?"
  123. Abbey bowed gracefully. "Thank you, miss. I learned it because I had to take care of my younger sister for awhile and she does so enjoy inflicting damage upon herself on accident." He leaned forward and began to gently massage her foot. "Does it hurt anymore?"
  125. Augustine winced. "Just a tad, but not as bad as before. Thanks, Abbey."
  127. "Think nothing of it."
  129. There was a quiet silence as Augustine sat up and stared at Abbey's face. She blushed deeply and Abbey did so too, but he did not pull his face back away from her.
  131. "Abbey…?" She whispered, entranced by his eyes yet again.
  133. "Yes, Augustine?"
  135. "Abbey, I… I… I think I…"
  137. "Yes?"
  139. Augustine looked away for but a moment. Suddenly, she grabbed Abbey's face and pulled his lips to hers, and began to tenderly kiss him. Abbey was shocked by this, but he did not fight her as she continued to assault his lips with her own, using her tongue to dance with his as they swapped kisses. Abbey broke the kiss but kept his face close to hers.
  141. "Abbey, I want you to take me." Augustine whispered into his ear, running a hand through his chest hair.
  143. "Augustine, I don't think—" He began, but she placed a finger over his lips and quieted him.
  145. "Don't think, Abbey. Savor the moment. Please, Abbey… I love you."
  147. He began to answer, but Augustine pulled his face in close to hers again and firmly clasped her lips over his. Soon enough, Abbey began to nuzzle at her neck and Augustine let out a low moan as his lips traced their way down to the neck of her sweater. He stared up at her and she nodded at him, feeling him pull her sweater up and over her head. Her breasts were exposed to the cool air of the nurse's office and Abbey set to work diligently playing with her enlarged nipples, a symbol of her own arousal. She bit her lip and sighed as Abbey's tongue ran over the soft and tender mounds of flesh, playing with their sensitive tips like a child with his toys.
  149. "Oh, Abbey… Yes, please don't stop…"
  151. "As you wish, Augustine." He mumbled through her breasts.
  153. She tiled her head back and moaned as Abbey slipped his hand down her pants and began to play with her wet vagina, sliding his fingers in and out of the pink slit. She gasped quietly as he took a step back from her, his face flushed a deep shade of red. She laid back as he began to remove her pants, carefully sliding the leg over her injured ankle to prevent her from feeling any other pain. She was completely naked now, and Abbey knelt down between her legs and buried his face into her vagina. She yelped from the sudden burst of pleasure.
  155. "Abbey, yes! Mmm…"
  157. The feeling of Abbey's tongue against the walls of her vagina sent her head spinning in all directions from the experience of this newfound pleasure. Her womanhood began to tighten around his tongue as it continued to intrude upon the inside of her body. He lovingly licked each and every drop of the sweet liquid that emerged from her body as Augustine watched, midway to her orgasm. Abbey stopped what he was doing and stood up, grasping his own thick member in his hands.
  159. "Abbey…" Augustine began, panting heavily. "I'm not on the pill… does the nurse have…"
  161. "Yes, she does." Abbey finished, disappearing for a moment behind a nearby screen. He emerged a few moments later with a condom securely wrapped over his penis.
  163. She rose from the exam table and leaned on her good ankle, allowing him to lie down on the bedding. His penis was quivering in the air as Augustine positioned herself over him, lowering her pelvis towards his penis.
  165. "Please, Abbey." Augustine begged ass he positioned herself above him, brushing the head of his throbbing cock against the opening to her vagina. "Take me. I love you, Abbey. Please take me."
  167. Abbey slowly began to insert his dick into Augustine and she tilted her head back as its length entered her body. She began to ride him, bouncing up and down on his member. He gasped quietly as she continued on, but Augustine was having a hard time enjoying herself as her ankle kept throbbing with each motion. Noticing the expression of pain on her face, Abbey tried to speak through the heavy veil of pleasure that surrounded his body.
  169. "Augustine, if your ankle is hurting, we need to switch positions. I want you to enjoy this."
  171. "R-really? You… you care about me that much…?"
  173. Abbey sat up and caressed her face with his hand.
  175. "Of course I do, I don't want to see you hurt."
  177. She obliged and slid off of his member and the two switched positions, this time Abbey found himself between her legs with his penis in his hand, poised to try again. Augustine nodded gently and Abbey slowly inserted his dick into her. She moaned as Abbey began to retract his member and force it back into her, keeping a slow and steady pace. Her body was begging for him to speed up and her claws tore at the side of the exam table from the frustration, followed by a series of low moans and gasps from their owner.
  179. "Am I going to slow, Augustine? Does it hurt, are you alright?" Abbey asked in a concern manner, his speech impeded by his gasps of pleasure.
  181. "Shut the fuck up and keep going!" She screamed, her claws tearing the bedding apart.
  183. Abbey seemed to be even more aroused by her vulgarity and immediately picked up speed, trying his best to satisfy her insatiable wants.
  185. "Yes, keep fucking going, Abbey! God damn it, go faster!"
  187. "I'm trying, sweetheart… I… Oh God."
  189. She howled as her vaginal walls tightened around his throbbing member. She could feel he was as close as she was and by now, the bedding underneath her was torn to shreds. She shrieked at the top of her lungs as Abbey plowed faster and harder, sending her breasts flopping in all directions.
  191. "Augustine… I'm so close…" He gasped, his body nearing release.
  193. "Then pick up the f-fucking pace, holy sh-shit…"
  195. Abbey moaned loudly as he made his final thrust before his cock erupted and his seed spilled out, held back by the rubber net that was so securely fastened around his penis. Almost simultaneously, Augustine yelped as she hit her orgasm, too, and collapsed back onto the bed, spent and released. Her head was light and the room seemed to be spinning, but she was awoken from her stupor as Abbey collapsed forward onto her and sighed. She could feel his hot breath against her body and it made her heart skip. She slid one arm around his back and used the other to lift his head, pressing her lips firmly against his.
  197. "I love you, Abbey. Don't ever leave me."
  199. "I… I love you too, Augustine."
  201. He rested his head against her and the two laid there for a few moments as Abbey struggled to catch his breath. Augustine sighed heavily and held Abbey in her arms, feeling complete at last. A small crossed her face and she made the last remark the Augustus side of her would ever say to him.
  203. "So tell me, Abbey, was I as good as your sister?"
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