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  1. Origin (Player): The Tenth God (King Murdoc)
  3. Name: Yukimura Hiroki, God of Hope
  4. Class:  Ruler, Rider, Archer
  5. Alignment: Chaotic Good
  7. Tier: D++ (Requires a fairly low amount of mana to maintain due to her low baseline physical stats, however her Hellfire Knight form makes her drain mana at a rapid pace roughly equivalent to a B-rank Servant.)
  9. Appearance: Normally appears as a young-looking girl with somewhat pale skin, standing at only 142cm tall. Her eyes are naturally a violet color and she has very long (about hip-length) silver hair of a fine consistency. Her face is best described as "princess-like," though her often-nervous expression can spoil the effect. Typically dresses in a long-sleeved, light colored blouse with undershirt and a darker-colored skirt, about knee length,, with dark leggings.(edited)
  10. Hiroki's mech is quite bulky, making her appear larger than she really is upon initially sighting her piloting it. Its most striking features are the large cannon mounted at about the elbow of the right arm, and the "wings" that are actually an array of thrusters and guns. The cannon is orange and has a hexagonal shape, extending almost down to the feet in a neutral position, with the distinctive yellow and black "caution" pattern in a stripe at the end of it. There's a squarish panel on the back underneath which many of the important systems are housed, though this is of course covered by the heaviest armor. The plating overall is a dark gray, with faulds protecting the waist area. The chest and legs are divided into four plates each. The outer and inner edges of each plate on the chest have blue stripes along them, and similar stripes are found along each joint of the mech. An orange glow can be seen leaking from underneath the plating. The mech also features a somewhat angular helmet covering her whole face, the visor leaving just her eyes and nose visible. The visor darkens in response to intense light. Finally, it also has two shoulder-mounted cannons that can be set to automatic fire or slaved to the main gun.
  11. Parameters:
  13. Strength: E (B)
  14. Endurance: D (A)
  15. Agility: E+
  16. Mana: A- (Has strong magical power in the form of Favor, but cannot use magic in the typical sense)
  17. Luck: A
  18. Phantasm: A+
  19. Class Skills:
  21. God's Resolution A+: Grants the holder two Command Seals for each Servant in the Holy Grail War. Due to the effects of her status and how she gained her abilities in life, it is possible to take the Command Seals of others if they are defeated in open battle, or if the seals are given willingly.
  23. Magic Resistance B: Cancel spells with a chant below three verses, and grants significant resistance to the effects of greater spells. Hiroki's resistance comes in the form of a sort of active rejection of magical force, rather than passively sloughing it off.
  25. True Name Discernment A: During a direct encounter, automatically reveals the status and true name of another Servant. A luck check is performed if a Servant possesses concealment abilities, but this check is made with advantage.
  26. Personal Skills:
  28. Mana Burst (Hellfire) B: A skill that Hiroki developed partway through the tournament that handed her godhood. It doesn't function as a direct attack, but is used to shove herself about with sudden bursts of speed, which can be used to ram targets or simply reposition unexpectedly.
  30. Riding C: An unusual incarnation of the Riding skill. It does not function on animals, but rather allows Hiroki to control most modern vehicles, even complex ones. Stems from her legend as a mechanized fighter.
  32. Mechanized Armor -: The effects of this skill are not present due to being subsumed by her Noble Phantasm.
  34. Noble Phantasms:
  35. Hellfire Knight: God of Three Faces (A+ Anti-Self)
  37. A multifaceted Noble Phantasm, representative of the disparate entities Hiroki holds.
  39. The first, the armored fighter, manifests as a suit of mechanized armor, capable of spewing forth prodigious amounts of plasma. While this is active, all physical parameters rise significantly due to the effects of the armor, and Hiroki can use the weapons in direct combat.
  41. The second face, that of the mysterious competitor who became the God of Hope, grants a ranking of Presence Concealment equal to C. It also masks her parameters to the casual observer, though close tracking, observation or knowledge of the user will negate the effect.
  43. The third face is simply her "normal" form, the one entrusted to the fewest people. It exerts an effect similar to the Espionage skill, causing her to appear as "one that does not pose a threat," though this is cancelled under the same conditions as the second face.
  45. In addition, all three forms register as "different entities," who must manually be connected to one another.
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