Half-Moon in Equestria 13 (sorta clop)

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  1. Wandering out of town, your thoughts turn to Trixie and the Performance tommorow. Your biggest concern was your final trick. This one you didn't tell the girls about, you figured it would be best if kept an absolute secret. Unfortunately its going to take a lot of circles.
  2. When you finaly arrive at your working grounds, you look over everything, keeping an eye out for derpy. Going to where you pinned Derpy, you are glad to see it crumbled and empty.
  3. Finishing a series of smaller shapes within the circle, you transmute the stone into an iron rod, and use it to draw a bunch of symbols between the outer rings. The sun begins to set as you finish, and you look over your handiwork. Smiling to yourself, you say "Circles done, now I need to get more materials".
  4. Taking a quick dip in the river, you head back to the library, the place you have called home for the past few days.
  5. Ariving at the Library, you notice a muffin and a note sitting on the doorstep. Picking up the muffin, you examine the note. It reads *Im sorry about yesterday, so I baked you an appology muffin. Signed Derpy Hooves*. Smiling, you put the note away, and take a bite of the muffin.
  6. The effects are immediate, and powerfull. You feel a wave of sleepyness pass over you, making you drop the muffin and fall to your knees. Keeping your eyes open feels like holding up the world. yo ubegin loosing sensations in your hands and feet, before you fall into darkness.
  8. Panic sets in as you awaken to find yourself bound to a bed that is way too small for you. You quickly realise what had, and will happen to you. The room is too dark to see anything besides vague shapes. Shifting in your bonds, you realise two things. One, you are naked. Two, your hands and arms are bound so that they sit just above your stomach, palms up.
  9. 'Derpy probably figured out how my powers worked, so she tied me up in such a way I cant use them' you think to yourself, sighing.
  10. A door to the room opens, the room beyond dark, so all you can see is a silouhette of a pony enter.
  11. "Why are you doing this?" You call out to the shadow "I already told you Im not going to be here for very long, so I dont want to get into a relationship with anypony."
  12. The voice that answers surprises you. Its not Derpys, but you know you have heard it somewhere."Thats all the more reason for me to do this now, mister Anonymous. You and your lovely hands".
  13. The voice is female, you can tell that, and it has sultry tones, confirming your suspicions as to what is going to happen.
  14. The shadow steps forward, until she is at the edge of the bed. Even at this distance, you cant make out any features, even as she climbs to straddle you, her marehood sitting just above your hands. You can hear the bed groaning in protest at the added weight, when a light green aura developes on the shadows forhead.
  15. The light reveals the culprits face. "Lyra!" you cry out, eyes going wide. She just nods, and her magic envelops your hands, which begin moving according to her will.
  16. "Lyra, please stop this" you say, before another aura of magic holds your mouth shut.
  17. Under her direction, your hands begin stroking her inner thigh, slowly moving their way inward, until they are rubbing her outer lips and clit. Two fo your fingers work their way into her Marehood,causing her to moan, while the other hand begins working on her clit, stroking and pulling it. Her mild gasps and the wetness you feel on your hands tells you she is really enjoying this. your hands speed up, and so do her gasps and moans. Suddenly she clenches up as she reaches her climax, her mare juices soaking your hands and stomach. During her climax, her spell fades, and you pull your hands out as fast as humanly possibe.
  18. "Lyra, why are you so interested in my hands?" You ask, curious.
  19. Between gasps she manages to say "Because... Becasu they are... they are so dexterous... So soft and... Wonderfull... I wish... I wish i had some".
  20. Doing your best to lie, you say "I can do much more for you with these hands of minem if you untie me and let me get cleaned up".
  21. Staring at you, she lights up her horn and says" You promise? You wont try and run away, or tell Bonbon?"
  22. "Not like I could run, you have magic remember, you could just stop me, or magically seal all the doors and windows. Also, who's Bonbon?"
  23. Slowly nodding, she unties you, and you streach, feeling her juices run down your legs. Reaching down for your clothes, your thoughts flicker to your pistol for a moment, before you think 'there's no way im becoming a murderer, because of a hand obsessed unicorn'.
  24. When you reach the bathroom, Lyra, beside you covers the window in a magical aura stepping in the room, she closes the door behind you and locks it with magic.
  25. The shower was a little small for you, but you worked with it and cleaned yourself off. leaving it on as you stepped out. Drying and putting on your clothes, you chalk a Transmutaion circle on the wall. Pumping energy into it, you make a hole large enough to get through.
  26. Climbing through, you sigh, and use one of your paper circles to transmute a patch of ground into a rather realistic fake hand. Writing a quick apology note, you climb back through the hole, and set the hand and note on the floor and turn off the shower. Crawling to freedom, you draw another circle on the outside and fill the hole. Quickly rushing back home, you practically dive through the door, and scamper into bed.
  28. While you sleep, Lyra, after a few minutes of silence, opens the bathroom door and peers in. Seeing the room empty, she rushes in and trips over the present you left her. Looking down at it, she see's the note and reads it
  29. *Dear Lyra
  30. Im sorry I had to break my promise, but I have too much on my plate to be able to spent time with you right now. While its not real, Please enjoy the gift I left you
  31. Sincerly Anonymous*
  32. Reaching down to the hand, she feels its residual warmth from you holding it. Bringing to her face, she rubs against it, the soft "skin" rubbing against her muzzle. Suddenly she has an idea. With her magic and a cloth, she "Attaches" the hand to one of her forehooves.
  33. Sneaking into hers and Bonbons bedroom, she comes up to the bed, and begins rubbing the hand along Bonbons flank. Magicing the hands shape, she begins rubbing it against Bonbons marehood, causing her to shoot awake, and jump up about 2 feet, before landing in the blankets in a pile.
  34. Lyra sits there Giggling, before helping Bonbon get untangled.
  35. Waving the hand at Bonbon, Lyra happily exclaims "Lookie at what Anon gave me".
  36. Looking at her skeptically, Bonbon says "And why did he give you that, and is it real or fake?"
  37. Cuddling the hand, Lyra replies "He gave it to me because I asked him if he would let me play with his hands, but he said he was too busy. He said it was a fake, but it feels very real."
  38. Lyra's eyes go into a half-lidded state, and she looks at Bonbon "You want to try it out?"
  39. Needless to say, neither slept at all that night.
  41. Meanwhile, you slept like a baby, until you found yourself being awoken by the sweet scent of Apple pie. Sitting up and stretching, you see the mane 6 and spike siting at the table, waiting for you to get up.
  42. "Mornin Girls" You say, standing up.
  43. "Mornin Anon, So todays the day yer gonna whoop Trixies arrogant little flank, huh" Applejack says, motioning for you to come sit at the table.
  44. "Yep" You reply simply "Who baked?"
  45. "Me! I did" Pinkie pie says happily, jumping up and down "Applejack brought some Apples, so I figured I would bake a pie to help you put that meanie in her place".
  46. "Well thanks, all of you, though I still dont realy see why you all dislike her that much, I mean she was arrogant, but her showing and bragging was just to keep the crowd interested." Grabbing a slice of pie, you dig in, much to the pleasure of your stomach. After breakfast and some discussion, you say"I got something I need to go and get, I probably wont be back in time to meet you her before going, but i will make it there on time.".
  47. Leaving town, you come to the field where you have been working for the past few days. Going to a larg tree nearby, you chalk a Transmutation circle on it. Focusing your energy into it, A midnight blue cloak with small diamonds on it falls out, followed by a small length of gold chain with 2 Half-Moon clasps on it, and a golden halfmask, that splits vertically, so it covers the left half of your face, except your eye. Picking up the items, you scrub off the circle on the tree, which is now missing branches, and some inner wood.
  48. Donning the cloak, you attach it with the half moon clasps and chain. You then pull out a large number of pieces of scrap paper, and draw assorted transmutaion circles on them. setting these in the cloak and the sleeves of your robe, you don the mask and walk into town. Putting on your sparker rings, you quickly draw the necessary flame circle on your palm. Walking around the edge of town, you manage to find your way into near the stage area, and you hide yourself between two buildings and wait.
  49. Soon, a number of ponies arrive at the stage. looking up you can see its almost noon.
  50. Time for the show to start.
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