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  1. The rig was shaking, the framework of the titanium frames shuddered and quivered, a low groan emitting in such a wrong way that it scrapped the insides of Ricky’s ears. Glancing around in the dull and dark hallways of the rig, Ricky let out a slow and shaken breath, feeling it flows out from the tight spaces between his teeth. He could feel the blood in his veins pumping faster from within the suit, he was sure he could see the faint glow of the orange emergency lights in the distance. This was supposed to be a simple job, out past the flanking quadrants of G’Uni and Nyx, where the territory in the galactic fabric was stretched too wide and unexplored; somewhere where old rigs that once transported engine fuel were left abandoned and ravaged when ships started disappearing out into the unknown void.
  2.     The cruiser that was rigged up at the other side of the old rickety rig was on it’s emergency lights, a bad sign. Ricky reached back and slipped his gloved fingers into the hoster of his plasma pistol. Faint click of the magazine being loaded and the safety being flicked off was muffled to his ears. The job was easy, it was just him and two Veiliun’s he was lookout while one of them, Narcrov, was retrieving the locker they were sent for. Kreeof was their ride in and out, but something was wrong, Narcrov went offline on the comms and not a peep from Kreeof, Ricky grasped at the tether linking him back to the cruiser as he maneuvered carefully, taking refuge behind a titanium wall of metal. Something was making the structure of the old rig groan and creak, each thud of it sent his blood rushing cool to the temperature. It was the same feeling he got back on Earth, the cold tingling in the back of his head that rushed down his spine, when a tall figure would grasp his wrist too tightly or a voice raised too high for his liking. Except right now he doubted this was something he could just grin and break a beer bottle to get out of.
  3. The emergency lights fluttered, ina  slow pulsing, it reflected off of the metal, he kept a tight grip on the pistol, bristling himself as he heard the creaking behind him, possibly a click of two. Money or not, this job was not paying enough for him to deal with this, he could figure out how to fly a Veilin cruiser just fine on his own, he helped make the ship that shot him and his friends out of Earth’s atmosphere a year or so ago and only got banged up when shit hit hyperdrive.
  4. Creeping around a pillar, something familiar catch's Ricky’s eyes the metal coil of the other tether, he saw it through the gaps of a blown out wall on the rig. Keeping one hand on the pistol and the other on his own cord, slowly reeling himself in as he approached near, Ricky quickly crossed over the divide in the walkway of the rig and carefully used the boosters on his suit to propel onto the railing by the chord. Grasping the metal frame, Ricky peered around,and grabbed the other tether, tugging on it.
  5.     “Narcrov,” he hissed, voice low and full of warning as he felt resistance on the other end, too close. Ricky clicked the safety back onto his pistol and shoved it back into the hoster, gripping Narcov’s tether with both fists and yanking back. One. Two. Three…
  6.     Reaching the end of the tether made everything too real. The resistance was lighter than what Ricky was expecting, so when he pulled to the end of the chord, Ricky saw the tattered frame of Narcov’s suit. Deep teal stained the tattered ebony structure of the materials that made up their suits, it floated off of the suit into the zero gravity space, still fresh. It was torn and ripped up from the front, like as if a jaguar had ripped Narcrov out of the front, there wee bits of viscera that stained the inside. Ricky’s shaking hands caught some on his gloved hands as he searched the inside, mind reeling as he desperately felt the inside, as if he could find Narcrov inside the leftover bits of his suit. Ricky didn’t realize he was crying until the screen on the inside of his suit warned him of the moisture leak, he can’t even wipe his face right now even if he had wanted to.
  7. His stomach churned as he sniffled from inside his suit, there was a moment where he held back a silent sobs that wracked through his tiny frame as his head started to try and restitch itself back into place. That was when Ricky heard it. A sound that sounded similar to an oxygen tank hissing with an undertone of poprocks wrinkling inside the depths of something fluid, a rushing slick sound that vibrated the core of Ricky’s body. It was like being spat on, and it broke Ricky out of his moment as he looks back to the source and stops in his tracks.
  8. Up upon one of the pillars was a creature, its body on all fours, pointed like needles around the edges, with skin that looked like it was fused with the void of space. It’d head was curved back into a tight slope, like that of a tentacle, lines ran down its frame that held a glow, speckled and eerie in a shade of glacier blue. There were eight eyes, pits that ran from the center of its face back down the spine of it’s tentacle sloped head, even it’s teeth were that of obsidian, almost opaque and shiny with teal blood, but that was not it. In its jaws was half of Narcrov’s body, it hung limply in it’s maw like that sickly similar to a gazelle in a lions grasp.
  9. Narcrov was ripped apart from his upper torso, translucent once vibrant yellow skin was dulling to a burnt pumpkin coloration, tendrils of his sea glass stained organs were half out from his chest cavity. Stringy sinews that dangled half out of his body were frozen to the sealed vacuum of space, a cruel nature of the surrounding, but Veiliun’s had blood that congealed differently in extreme cases due to their long run evolution and exposure to space from traveling and making the cosmos’s their new home.
  10. Up his shoulders where his head was, Narcrov’s lower jaw was missing, Ricky could see the peak of his skull from where the roof of his jaw was mawed open. Flesh exposed and teeth missing, his face was lifeless and dull, not as jovial and once full of life, snapping at Ricky during the ride over to put down his flask and to be sober when they got here.
  11. The rumbling sound of the hissing echoed from this creature, deep and laborious in its time coming loose from it’s thorax. Ricky glanced over to the cruiser, hand slowly trailing down his thigh to where the holster was, he was not sure how fast this thing was, but as he looked back and saw how desolate and dead Narcrov’s body was, to the predatory stance and stare down the creature was giving Ricky, he knew he had a low chance.
  12. This was almost like chess, it was Ricky’s turn and he could not wait forever, without thinking, he whipped out the plasma pistol and fired three shots at the creature. One of them missed, another lodged into Marcrov’s dismembered form and the third his the creature in it’s pointed shoulder. The cry it gave out was loud and made Ricky’s ear’s ring, but he couldn’t focus on that right now. He hit down on the emergency button for the tether, a reelback pull that will suck him back towards the cruiser. The wires whirred loudly as Ricky felt his form fly back, zipping back quickly through the rig, and maneuvering so he wouldn’t hit a pillar or debris. The creature gave pursuit. It jumped from pillar to pillar, following after Ricky, Narcrov’s body left to the waste of space. Ricky called in to Kreeof, “open the fucking air lock I’m coming back!”
  13. He pointed the pistol up and shot towards the creature, two round, missed, no call back from Kreeof. “Kreeof you fucking cunt! If you dont open the fucking air lock right NOW, I will haunt your scrawny ASS,” Ricky’s voice crack and shook, a quick glance back, he was a few clicks away from the cruiser, the emergency lights still going off. A bellowing roar came from the creature as it leapt at Ricky.
  14. Ricky felt his heart stop, he curled his legs up towards his frame and grasped the pistol too tightly in his hands, breathing in he shot out the rest of the magazine into the creature. He watched as a burst of sickly bright neon ice fluid came from the creature. It snarled and hissed as it recoiled back. Reloading a new magazine, Ricky slams his back into the side of the cruiser. The airlock was still sealed shut, taking in a deep breath, he glanced back, no sign of the bastard yet, he works at the panel on the side, smashing the password in to gain entry into the airlock.
  15. He feels the creature approach him as the panels open up and Ricky desperately slides in and slams the button to close the airlock. He’s sobbing as the clawed fingers of the beast managed to slip in through the panel doors. There was a horrid ear shattering screech as the creature scrambles to scrape and pull the panel doors open with it’s brute strength. It shakes the cruiser as it’s claws, bright and blue against ink back claws, tearing at the interior of the ship airlock.
  16.     “Shut UP!” Ricky screamed as he shot at it’s claws, aiming through the gap it was making, hoping it will weaken its grip. This was starting to work until Ricky ran out of shots, he didn’t have time to get another magazine, he was out and there were more but the main ship doors will not open until the airlock was sealed shut.
  17.     Grabbing at the edges of the panel door, Ricky gets up close with the monster, screaming his lungs out, he kicks at it’s messed up hands and muzzle, repeatedly in a moment of pure rage and violence. It snapped its giant teeth at his feet, but Ricky snarled and let out a high pitched last war cry as he reeled his feet up and launched his boots down, letting the propellers burn out from his boots as he successfully pushed the beast out of the way and felt himself knock back and hit the wall of the doors out of the airlock in recoil. With fading vision, Ricky watched the airlock doors shut and the creature stared at him, all eight eyes glinting, it’s skin injured and holes form the plasma shots sizzling. It’s bright blue blood curled up around it as it stares down Ricky with a promise.
  18. I will get you.
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