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  1. Right after they were married, Jess and Sherri split the chores equally. Jess would wash the dishes and Sherri would vacuum, Jess would take out the garbage and Sherri would go through the mail, and so on. But it didn't take long for that balance to shift. Sherri was a workaholic who, by her own admission, liked to stay busy. So whenever her less motivated partner came up short on the chores, she was happy to say those magic words: "I can take care of it". Jess never actively avoided work, she was just a forgetful person by nature and Sherri was always there to pick up the slack. Once a job moved off Jess' plate, she never made an effort to do it again. Sherri took care of it. So gradually, Sherri's workload grew and Jess' shrunk. By the time Sherri was doing all the work and Jess was doing none at all, the pair was totally used to it. Jess had grown to love being doted on by her partner, and Sherri loved nothing more than seeing a smile on her lovely wife's face. So Sherri took care of everything, and Jess was left with unlimited time to do whatever she wanted.
  3. As it turns out, she mostly did two things with that time. She ate, and she slept.
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  7. It was a little before one in the afternoon when Jess' eyes fluttered open to greet the day. Without being all the way conscious, she extended her arm over to the end table on her side of the bed, and picked up the plate she knew would be sitting there. She sat up, a sweet smell in the air finally leading her towards full awareness. On the plate in her hand was a stack of chocolate chip waffles, covered in a generous amount of syrup and butter, a fork, a knife, and a small folded note card that had "Jess" written on it in a tight, curlicue script. Jess shook the last bit of sleep out of her head, sending her blonde shock of bedhead whipping in every direction, before settling back over her shoulders.  She sat the plate of waffles on her lap, and opened the card. "Good morning, honey," The card said inside, "Chocolate chip waffles today. I hope you enjoy! I have some other snacks ready for you downstairs. I hope you have a good day! Love you!" After reading the note, Jess simply smiled warmly, picked up the fork and knife, and started to eat her breakfast.
  9. Once a couple settles into marriage, a little bit of weight gain is something to be expected. But that's without as much pampering as Jess had come to expect from her wife. She had breakfast in bed every day, and her snacks and dinner were always prepared for her and set in arms reach, so it was only natural that Jess' weight had grown more-or-less out of control. Her once thin body had grown soft and flabby everywhere it could. A second chin bloomed from her round face as she looked down at her waffles, her thick, soft arms jiggled as she cut each bite. While every part of her body had a new layer of extra fat, her belly and thighs had done particularly well for themselves. In her tradition of eating breakfast in bed, Jess always set the plate on her lap. Over time, the table her lap provided had grown wider and wider. Two soft pillows of lard that had pushed out further than her hips as Jess continued to gain weight. Her plates of breakfast weren't the only thing taking up that space, though. As her off-handed indulgence continued, her belly steadily grew into a round ball of fat that bloomed from her formerly toned stomach. Light pink stretch marks were starting to show on her skin, proving just how fast she was swelling. As she continued to eat, a drop of syrup fell from her mouth onto her ratty pajama shirt. None of Jess' pajamas could cover her entire belly anymore, but this one in particular was more of a painted-on tube top that was stained with more than a few drops of meals past. Jess interrupted her meal briefly to look down at the drip of syrup, before shrugging and continuing her breakfast binge.
  11. After some time, her meal was finally finished, the stack of pancakes reduced to nothing but crumbs on her plate and a ball of calories in her stomach. Her eyelids drooped a little, tempting her to go right back to a nap after her meal, but she powered through. A minute passed of Jess sitting there on the bed, hand on her stomach, basking in a bit of post food ecstasy. But, eventually, the overweight housewife slid to the side of the bed and heaved herself to her feet in a smooth, if exhausting, motion. She stretched to the ceiling, yawning as if she hadn't awoken in the mid afternoon. As if awoken by the surge of physical activity, the old version of Jess stirred slightly in her brain, the Jess from before she'd grown fat, spoiled, and lazy. "Change out of those clothes!" The old Jess said to her, "You look like a slob!" She glanced over to the hamper which, as Sherri hadn't yet done the laundry, was full to the brim. Old Jess continued to stir as she looked from her shirt to the hamper. "Didn't I used to do the laundry?" She asked herself, "I thought I did...?"
  13. As if to interrupt the reappearance of her responsible thought, Jess' stomach growled. In a flash, Old Jess' words were carried away. "Sherri will take care of it," she reassured herself, "I wonder what's on TV?" With that she waddled heavily toward the stairs, on her way to her usual spot on the couch.
  15. She was looking forward to seeing Sherri tonight once she came home from work, but she was happy to fill time until then. Happy to eat more. Happy to do less. Happy to accept all the pampering her wife was giving her. As long as she was, Jess was just going to get fatter, lazier, and hungrier. But it didn't matter. All she needed was Sherri, and she had her.
  17. This was the life.
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