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  1. - Automatic client creation
  2. o Clients are created with ISPC3 client templates. You can set different options for every hosting package
  3. o All client features/options are supported
  4. o Client details, which are transferred to ISPC3: Company name, First name, Last name, E-Mail Address, Postal code, City, State, Username, Password, Country, Language, Theme
  5. - Automatic website creation (off/on)
  6. o Readonly (client can’t change website settings) (off/on)
  7. o ISPC3 domaintool: Automatic domain creation (off/on)
  8. o All website features/options are supported and can be set for every hosting package (such as Ruby, SSI, SSL, … everything)
  9. - Termination of accounts
  10. o Delete the client and all services (such as websites, FTP accounts, mail features, … everything)
  11. o Delete ISPC3 domaintool domains (off/on)
  12. - Suspend accounts
  13. o All websites are turned to inactive
  14. - Unsuspend accounts
  15. o All websites are turned to active
  16. - Password changing
  17. o Client and admin can change ISPC3 passwords
  18. - Displaying login link
  19. o ISPC3 login link in the admin area
  20. Off/on means that you can choose if you want to turn it off or on.
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