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  1. But if you want to cook for me, or invite me to a restaurant that
  2. specializes in just one thing, or invite me to dinner with a preset
  3. menu, you need to know what I dislike:
  5.    avocado
  6.    eggplant, usually (there are occasional exceptions)
  7.    hot pepper
  8.    olives
  9.    liver (even in trace quantities)
  10.    stomach and intestine; other organ meats
  11.    cooked tuna
  12.    oysters
  13.    egg yolk, if the taste is noticeable, except when boiled completely hard
  14.    many strong cheeses, especially those with green fungus
  15.    desserts that contain fruit or liqueur flavors
  16.    sour fruits, such as grapefruit and many oranges
  17.    beer
  18.    coffee (though weak coffee flavor can be good in desserts)
  19.    the taste of alcohol (so I don't drink anything stronger than wine)
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