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Oct 23rd, 2020
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  1. You pulled apples from the tree.
  2. A tree that was not yours or mine.
  3. “They aren’t ours to take. Let’s go,” I plead.
  4. But you just threw a smile at me that was so divine.
  6. I couldn’t say no when you look at me with that
  7. shine in your eyes.
  8. So, I grabbed your hand as we slowly walked away-
  9. Bug ate apples weighing down our lies.
  10. My heart was in dismay because my body couldn’t help but obey.
  12. We ended up at a fence surrounding a horse pasture.
  13. You held out an apple, beckoning the horses closer.
  14. I knew this would only end in disaster,
  15. But the thrill filling my veins didn’t want this to be over.
  17. When you asked if you should climb the fence-
  18. I smiled and said, “You’re already breaking rules, why not?”
  19. I watched as you feed stolen apples to a horse that wasn’t yours, in suspense.
  20. When you waved me over, I shrugged, acting like I wasn’t afraid of getting caught.
  22. I placed my hands on the top of the fence-
  23. And pulled me up,
  24. Wondering how my morals got so complex.
  25. Because once I got to the top, I did not hesitate to jump.
  27. You placed an apple in my hand.
  28. And instructed me to bend down.
  29. My heartbeat against my chest, unable to withstand the demand.
  30. All I wanted was to turn back around.
  32. But as I tried to stand back up, you placed a hand on my shoulder,
  33. Pressing my knees into the ground.
  34. You always had to be the controller.
  35. I really don’t understand why you were crowned.
  37. I looked up at you,
  38. Your smile plastered to your lips.
  39. I couldn’t tell if you liked the view.
  40. Or if you were just playing by the script.
  42. Either way, I was afraid.
  43. Because I didn’t want to be a thief.
  44. I knew then that I shouldn’t have stayed.
  45. My hands shook in disbelief.
  47. Because at that moment, I realized it was too late to leave.
  48. And that you had me right where you wanted me.
  49. I believed the lies you weaved.
  50. In shame, my tears fell to the ground, deciding it was time to flee.
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