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Wind Riders

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  1. Wind Riders
  3. ---
  5. “Shirooooo…”
  7. The young man’s eyebrow twitched, but he remained silent,
  9. “Shirooooo…”
  11. Silence.
  13. “Come on. Pleeeease?”
  15. More silence.
  17. “Play with me! It’s been so long!”
  19. The black-haired youth continued to write on the scroll sat on the table before him.
  21. “Fine! I’ll just come back later.”
  23. A half minute of peace and quiet passed. He sighed in relief, now he could focus-
  25. “How about now?!”
  27. “Ah!
  29. Shiro’s whole body jolted in surprise, the scroll flying from his hands and to the floor. His female tormentor giggled from where she had surprised him, leaping in from behind to shout in his ear. Being able to levitate at will made it easy for her to sneak up on people.
  31. The young Zipangu man at last addressed his tormentor wearily. “Like I said ten minutes ago, we’re not kids anymore Aki. I can’t just drop everything and play with you whenever you get the whim. I have responsibilities now, the sun is setting and Lady Ryu is expecting this report on what I’ve learned in my travels by tomorrow morning. She’s the one who funded my journey; I owe it to her to have this ready.”
  33. In response the tall weasel yokai, Aki, frowned and put a hand on her shapely hip, her skimpy kimono barely containing her impressive bust. She had the look of an exotic woman of the night despite her rather childish behavior and rough tone of voice.
  35. “Oh come on, Izumi is much more laid-back than that. She won’t mind if it’s a little late. Besides, I know you’ve already written down all the interesting parts,” she remarked as she gestured to various finished scrolls nearby, “you’re just being too thorough.”
  37. Shiro thought about scolding her for referring to Lady Ryu by name so casually, but it was true the lady didn’t care much about such decorum herself so he held his tongue.
  39. Aki put her arms around him from the back, her breasts pressed firmly and intentionally against his head. “I just want to see what you’ve learned for myself, and I want to show you what I’ve learned,” she added with a wry smirk.
  41. Shiro tensed, trying to ignore how distractingly soft yet firm her bust felt against him, and how her fingers were tracing tingling circles on his chest, small sparks arcing from her nails. Her whole body was brimming with electrical energy and he knew it wouldn’t take much to set the energy off. He knew he was in no mortal danger from it, but collapsing in a twitching, orgasmic heap would not help the current situation.
  43. ‘Focus Shiro, focus on anything but how sexy she’s gotten.’
  45. Aki’s expression turned to a frown as he refused to answer. Her furry, pointed ears lowered against her head and she turned away, folding her arms in a huff. “Wait… I see how it is. Your new position has gone to your head. You think you’re too good for me now!”
  47. That caught him off guard. “What? Why would you think-“
  49. “Oh woe is me!” she cried out dramatically, hand to her ample (and bouncing with every exaggerated movement) chest. “My childhood friend leaves me to study and journey in foreign lands for eight years… eight years! While I wait patiently and wish him well. He returns, now a mighty wind elementalist and scholar, to spread the knowledge he has gained to the people of Zipangu. I greet him as a returning hero, but he shuns me! Me! A sacred beast deified by his peers!”
  51. “…calling yourself a sacred beast is going a bit far.” Shiro was not fazed by the monolog. Raiju were certainly held in high regard for their power, but they weren’t usually outright worshipped by humans the way yokai like inari and ryu were. They were just too wild, and Aki wasn’t disproving that point.
  53. She didn’t seem to notice his comment, proceeding to get in his face and continue her tirade. Her long, thickly furred tail twitched in annoyance; a spark of electricity travelling down it and ending in an audible sizzling pop.
  55. “Who gave every bully who called you ‘puny’ a jolt they wouldn’t forget? Who brought you out of your shell when you could barely speak up in class? Who was your only female friend in the whole temple school?!”
  57. ‘That was because you scared off every other girl plus most of the boys… besides, you didn’t have other friends back then either,’ he responded in his thoughts and reminisced.
  59. For as long as he’d known her Aki had been a bit unusual for her kind, having been adopted as a young child by the local ryu temple after losing her family to those invaders from across the sea. She’d grown up to be a bit more restrained than a typical raiju thanks to the gentle but strict discipline of the temple maidens and the ryu herself, but she was still a spitfire by most standards.
  61. He smiled to himself. ‘I am glad though. She may have grown into a sexy thunder beast but she’s still the energetic Aki I remember, drama queen tendencies and all.’
  63. Ignorant of his thoughts, Aki continued her own monolog, her eyes sparkling with fake tears. “I devoted my precious youth to being your friend because I saw greatness in you. Now you have achieved it and you won’t even show me what you can do! Perhaps I shall go and weep in Lady Ryu’s bosom until my tears run dry? She was the one who got me through losing my parents; perhaps she can help me now? Or perhaps I will pray to my dearly departed parents for guidance in this time of tribulation? Perhaps I will-”
  65. “Enough already!” He stood up to look her in the eye, only to be forced to look up when all he saw was eye-popping cleavage.
  67. ‘Eight years later and I’m still a head shorter than her… no matter.’
  69. Giving as serious an expression as he could, he called out to the air around him.
  71. “Zephyra.”
  73. At the mention of that name the wind picked up outside, and the door itself blew open, Shiro’s scholarly robes blowing about in what he hoped looked badass. A moment later a lithe green-skinned figure draped in similarly green and largely transparent cloth appeared floating beside him.
  75. “Yes master?” she asked cheerily in a melodic, singsong tone.
  77. “Full mana transfer if you please.”
  79. Her eyes widened. “All of it? You sure? I’ll be forced into fission form.”
  81. Shiro looked back at her apologetically. “I know you don’t like that form, but I’ll pay you back later, as many treats as you want. Right now I need to teach my old friend she can’t push me around anymore.”
  83. She put her hand to her chin as she considered it. “Okie doki,” she relented, then added “but be careful, I’ve only ever given you this much power as a test after all.”
  85. “Got it, but this is one gal I can’t hold back against.”
  87. Aki raised an eyebrow, “going to show me all your elementalist tricks huh? Let’s take this outside. We’re going to need a lot of room.”
  89. Shiro smiled back, starting to feel competitive, and sat his glasses aside on the table. He hadn’t actually needed them to see for a while, physical problems like being nearsighted were bound to be eventually fixed if one was partnered with a monster long enough after all, even faster a powerful one like Zephyra, so he’d gotten rid of the magnifying lenses. All the same, wearing them helped him think when writing. He wouldn’t have any use for them in what he was about to do.
  91. ---
  93. “This will do nicely,” Aki remarked as she stood on the hillside overlooking the valley their city was built within. “Won’t get yelled at for any collateral damage out here.”
  95. “We’re not going to be destroying things Aki,” Shiro remarked with a sigh.
  97. “You’ve always said that and that didn’t make it true,” she shot back over her shoulder.
  99. “Well better safe than sorry I guess,” he relented, then took Zephyra’s hands. “You ready?”
  101. “Always,” she said with more than a hint of excitement and love in her eyes.
  103. With only a little hesitation he took the sylph in his arms and kissed her. He tried to ignore that even with her feet on the ground he was only slightly taller than the little monster girl. He couldn’t be blamed for not noticing the way Aki looked away uncomfortably and bit her lip at the scene.
  105. Immediately the elemental and her covenanter were engulfed in a vortex of wind and green mana. They held the kiss, and soon the storm quelled, the energy settling into his body.
  107. The kiss finally broke and Shiro took a deep breath, reining in the immense amount of power Zephyra had transferred. As for the sylph, she had a pleasantly dazed and goofy look on her face, which turned to a frown as her true form vanished in a new swirl of green mana, replaced with an even more adorably proportioned body small enough to be held in a human hand. Shiro covered his mouth, suppressing a chuckle at the cuteness of her fission form.
  109. Zephyra pouted, only making her look cuter. “Masterrr, don’t laugh!” Her singsong voice had become hilariously high pitched.
  111. Shiro struggled to hold back his laughter. “I’m sorry but you’re just so cute like that.”
  113. “You just like having me be so much smaller than you for once!”
  115. “Hey! Didn’t we agree no more height jokes?”
  117. Aki, who had been tapping her foot impatiently, finally spoke up when a question came to her mind. “Hey, I thought elementals used sex to turn their wind mana into human mana their covenanter could use?”
  119. Shiro gave a quick ‘ahem’ to compose himself, then turned to face her. “They do, but this is all power that she’s already adapted for me in past… um… ‘transactions.’ She then took the energy back and used her body to store it.”
  121. “He’s not experienced enough yet to handle holding this much power all the time in his own body,” the sylph explained as she floated beside him, then giggled at a memory. “Silly boy eventually ends up knocking over things with random gusts.”
  123. Shiro’s eyebrow gave an angry twitch, “that hasn’t happened in weeks! I’ve been practicing a lot Zephyra.”
  125. “I know silly, you’ll master it soon if you haven’t already.”
  127. “Between us I’m really not the one who should be called silly. Anyway, I think I better stop making Aki wait.”
  129. “You can say that again,” the raiju said with a smirk. “I gotta say though, you’ve got a shit ton of mana, especially after that transfer. If it’s really all yours then you must be pretty far along to becoming an incubus.”
  131. He shrugged, “I suppose, it’s not really the sort of thing that’s easy to keep track of.”
  133. “With how much mana he can hold after his years with me, I’d say he’s maybe 90% there,” Zephyra remarked with a sage look. “Thanks to that his own regular mana regenerates fast, making it harder for him to keep hold of the mana I alter for him. Once he is a full incubus it will be easier since his body and mind will be able to grasp the changes fully.”
  135. Aki raised an eyebrow, “you’re pretty intellectual for a sylph aren’t ya?”
  137. “Nah, I’m just copying what the scholar we came here on the ship with said. I played with him and his little fairy a lot and now I think its fun to talk all fancy!” she squeaked and twirled around happily.
  139. Shiro’s expression turned stern. “Anyway, I gotta say that bringing up your parents earlier was a low blow Aki. You know one reason I left was to learn things about the foreign lands that could help in future attacks.”
  141. Her expression softened. “I know, and I’m grateful, but even though my mom and dad were slain, the fact is our people defeated the invaders soundly. The nation that attacked even became our ally, and while you were gone our relations with the foreign mamono realms have deepened. We won’t be caught off guard again.”
  143. Despite the hope-filled words her tone was uncharacteristically somber. For all the good that had happened since the invasion, the pain of loss would remain for her.
  145. “Aki…”
  147. Her smile returned. “So stop worrying and lets just have some fun together.”
  149. “Alright,” Shiro agreed, banishing the dark thoughts. “Prepare yourself!”
  151. With a whispered incantation his body lifted off the ground, a swirl of energy appearing and dissipating beneath his feet. He was left levitating a few feet off the ground.
  153. Aki frowned. “Hey, don’t hold back on me. That wasn’t elemental magic. You’re just using a minor levitation spell, any magic-user worth his salt can learn that.”
  155. Shiro concentrated. “Can just any magic-user do this?”
  157. He spun his arms in a quick arc, summoning a spinning circle of wind around his body that propelled him at high speed past the raiju. Contained in the sphere he turned on a dime further down the hillside, grasses and flowers scattering in his wake, and sped back to his starting point without slowing down. He then collapsed the sphere, and throwing his arms to his side released a blast of air pressure that sent him rocketing straight up at even higher speed. Now levitating high above Aki, he gave her a proud smirk.
  159. “Ohhh,” she raised an eyebrow, “so you can use the wind like that? I admit that’s faster than any levitation spell. But getting off the ground doesn’t mean you can ride the wind. It’ll take more than that to impress me.”
  161. “Then what do you suggest we do?” he asked as he floated down closer to the ground.
  163. “How about a game of tag? Much more epic then the ones I always used to beat you at. Catch me and I’ll acknowledge you’re all grown up and can take care of yourself. Your elemental stays behind; this is about how you use that power after all, not her.”
  165. “You okay hanging back and watching?” he asked Zephyra.
  167. The tiny spirit nodded. “Wish I could watch it all, but in this form I won’t be able to keep up with you two. Think you’ll be done before I can recharge my body to normal?”
  169. Aki’s eyes were blazing with excitement as the air around her began to shimmer with energy. “No telling little wind spirit, I’m really getting psyched and I don’t calm down easily.”
  171. “It’s true,” Shiro agreed, “she used to run me ragged on these hills as some kind of stress relief from school.”
  173. “You never were able to catch me unless I let you, or keep from getting tagged for that matter” the raiju added with a smirk, electricity arcing around her body, her skimpy kimono billowing about shamelessly.
  175. “I think I did pretty well considering you could fly and would shock me whenever you had to tag me.”
  177. “Heh, I thought of it as motivation for you to get stronger, and you did. Course, I’m stronger now too.”
  179. The black ash-colored triangular ornaments attached to her clothes were now shining a metallic blue, even moving a bit like they were alive. The ends of her hair and fur were shining as well, her whole body lit up with power as she too levitated off the ground.
  181. The tense moment was broken by Shiro’s sudden curiosity. “Those things,” he said, indicating to the ornaments, “They light up like your fur. Are they really part of your clothes?”
  183. She paused at the change in mood; then began explaining as she showed the objects off proudly. “Oh, that’s right; you left before I was able to make these things. They’re electrodes, made of my mana. Real useful for focusing my charges.”
  185. “Physical constructs made of mana,” Shiro reasoned. “Really amazing how a scatterbrain like you could learn to do that” he added as a jab.
  187. Aki was unfazed. “It might be difficult for a human, but these are a natural part of a raiju once we get strong enough. But enough talking, catch me if you can little Shiro!”
  189. The shine emanating from her grew brighter and with a flash she accelerated straight up at incredible speed, leaving a streaking trail of light and electrically charged air behind her.
  191. Shiro was stunned at the sudden turn of speed but gritted his teeth; he wouldn’t be outdone so easily. Focusing the largest sustained rocket of wind energy he could around his feet he followed her into the clouds. In his wake Zephyra was sent tumbling backwards with an ecstatic giggle.
  193. Up and up they flew, through and past the first layer of clouds, their magic blunting the effects of the cold and the thinning air, and soon reaching a huge expanse of open air with clouds above and below. Shiro was reminded of the sheer awe he had felt when Zephyra had first brought him to such a height years ago, but he couldn’t focus on that now. Aki had done a surprising tight turn and was now speeding back towards him. He caught her teasing smile as she shot by while he struggled to keep up with her now frequently changing course.
  195. As they streaked past each other time and again, the energy left behind seemed to settle in the clouds around them. They proceeded to darken rapidly over the next few minutes, and the wind all around picked up. Before long there was a huge flash within the clouds and a deafening crack of thunder resounded. A light rain began falling.
  197. Shiro had been so intent on the chase that he hadn’t noticed the changing weather, and looked on in shock that either of them could have created such a scene. Lady Ryu could create rain with her mate’s human mana helping her build up and maintain her massive amounts of mamono mana, but there was no way he or Aki were as powerful as her. “Are we doing this?” he called out, noticeable fear in his voice.
  199. “Actually we’re not making the storm, the conditions were already ripe for one, our magic is just speeding things up,” Aki explained, looking back at him before switching to a taunt. “Don’t tell me you’re scared? No lightning will harm you so long as you can keep close to me.”
  201. True, a raiju’s lightning was influenced and altered by her mana to not cause physical damage unless she willed it to, and the same would go for any electricity near her. Course that same mana also caused the electricity to inflict its target with orgasmic pleasure she had charged in her own body. He wasn’t sure if that part would apply to lightning from a storm. If it did he’d have to trust his own aura of elemental mana would be enough to lessen the effect if he was struck.
  203. So with both of them ignoring the mild thunderstorm now occurring around them, their own emanating energies keeping them fairly dry, the duo continued their chase.
  205. Eventually Shiro noticed something he could hardly believe at first. He was catching up. He was catching up! He briefly wondered if it was some sort of trick or if Aki was actually tiring, but so long as he still had the chance to tag her he’d take it. When it came to this he was confident that with the covering of elemental mana protecting his body he wouldn’t need to fear getting too serious a jolt from a careless touch.
  207. He put everything he could into a burst of speed and stretched out his hand, intending to tag her foot. What happened instead was the sensation of hitting a field of energy that both blocked his touch and aroused him. He ricocheted off as if he had hit an invisible wall. Sure enough when he managed to stabilize he saw that Aki was now surrounded by a spherical bubble of blue energy that crackled intermittently with electricity.
  209. “What the-“ he started.
  211. She gave him her most sultry smirk. “Sorry little Shiro, if you want to touch this you’re going to have to try harder,” she drew a finger up her thigh all the way to her lips suggestively as she hovered nearby.
  213. Shiro suppressed the surge of arousal from that simple sight, and was thankful that his aura of wind mana had indeed protected him from the brunt of the effect of touching her electrical mana. All the same, he needed to break through that bubble of hers now that he’d proven he could keep up.
  215. “So first it was speed, now a test of power?” He asked as he released mana to form his own sphere of energy enhanced by the wind.
  217. “That’s right, this is what I call ‘battle tag.’ Let’s see whose bubble breaks first and who can tag who.”
  219. Her energy surged even brighter and she flew forward, slamming her shield into Shiro’s with such force that he was sent careening. However, the boy recovered quickly and struck back just as strongly, sending Aki flipping back.
  221. He followed this move up by focusing the wind around him into a concentrated blast of air that sent Aki back further still. To her credit Aki shot back a bolt of lightning from her own excess energy even as she was still reeling, but it was blocked effectively by Shiro’s barrier, though it still left his own body tingling distractingly.
  223. However, he could tell his attack on her shield had been just as negligible. Her own mana had dissipated the wind too quickly, even if he concentrated the blast further he doubted it would be able to cut through. He’d have to stick to the direct approach.
  225. So time and again they collided, Aki’s expression getting more and more excited as the intensity of their battle increased. Shiro meanwhile had to also battle the increased arousal that came from every impact with her shield. He couldn’t give up, she’d never let him hear the end of it. More than that, he had to prove he wasn’t the spineless twerp he used to be.
  227. They twisted about in complicated arcs through the sky, dodging each other’s attacks at times, taking them head on at others, and leaving bright streaks of green and blue light behind them all the while.
  229. At last they could both feel their barriers reaching their limits, and surged toward each other for a final impact that resounded with all the spectacle of a lightning flash and thunderclap.
  231. Their energy exploded outward as their shields collapsed, the shockwave pushing cloud, wind and rain alike away in an expanding sphere of dissipating power. Both Aki and Shiro were stunned from the impact, but it was Shiro who managed to continue moving forward and at last collided with Aki herself.
  233. The two tumbled through the sky before stabilizing. Somehow their collision had become an embrace, Shiro looking up rather pitifully, his face sandwiched between the raiju’s breasts. It wasn’t the cool way he had hoped to end the game, and Aki was holding him too tightly to get away.
  235. Aki though looked equal parts proud and aroused, breathing heavily before releasing the embrace to take the young man’s face in her hands.
  237. “You did it, you actually tagged me. Course this means I caught you as well, my Shiro…”
  239. Before he could think to protest, she pulled him up into a mind-shattering kiss, his whole body trembling as jolts of pleasure spread into him from her lips. He couldn’t help but respond once the initial surge of pleasure passed.
  241. The roar of the wind and rain drowned out the sounds of their lips and tongues warring with one another, the sheets of water, bands of air and surges of electricity forming a tempest of elements in the space around the couple.
  243. When it at last ended Shiro was left panting and sputtering, his eyes unfocused. The kiss alone had been enough to bring him close to climax.
  245. The raiju’s eyes were similarly glazed over in pleasure from the kiss, surges of electricity visibly travelling up and down her body to the tips of her tail and ears as bands of light and crackling energy.
  247. “I- I always knew you would be the one who could really get my blood racing.”
  249. “…” Shiro couldn’t, wouldn’t, answer.
  251. “Shiro I love-“
  253. He released a blast of wind from his whole body, pushing her away. Red-faced and clearly still aroused, he needed the space to think clearly.
  255. Her shocked expression fell rapidly to a somber one. “Shiro… why? Weren’t we having fun?”
  257. He gave her a pained look. “That’s not the point, we can’t do this. I pledged myself to Zephyra.”
  259. The raiju gaped at his words. “Just who do you think suggested I confess like this?”
  261. “What?” Now it was Shiro’s turn to gape.
  263. A frustrated groan announced the arrival of the aforementioned wind spirit. Back in her regular form, she wore an exasperated expression.
  265. “Just when things had gotten good,” the sylph complained. “Honestly master, your concern for me is wonderful, and it’s true I wouldn’t normally want to share. But in this case I can make an exception. Especially considering Aki had her eyes on you for so long.”
  267. Shiro looked between them in confusion. “But when did you two-”
  269. “Aki came to me while you were greeting that ryu lady yesterday,” she interrupted. “She wanted to know just how serious we were and what she had to do to be with you. I saw how determined she was and couldn’t think of turning her away. She waited so long Shiro. You have any idea how hard it is for monsters like us to wait like that and not jump the guy as soon as we see him?”
  271. While Shiro was still having trouble processing what was happening, Zephyra floated over to Aki and gave a cute bow of apology. “Sorry the mood got spoiled Aki, I should’ve realized Shiro would try to be all noble.”
  273. The raiju chuckled, her expression a mix of relief and uncertainty. “Heh, guess he wouldn’t be the Shiro I know if he made things that easy for me.” She turned back to him. “You really have become an impressive little man Shiro, you’re everything I knew you would become. Don’t you feel the same way?”
  275. “Its not that I don’t,” Shiro answered, not sure what to say. “This is all just a bit overwhelming. That chase we just had, I haven’t been so excited since the day me and Zephyra formed our contract. I don’t know what to do.”
  277. “Well that’s pretty obvious, what should any gentleman do when a monster confesses her love to him?” the sylph said, giving Aki a conspiratorial grin that the raiju returned.
  279. “Of course, little Shiro needs to be led by the hand in sexual matters… Grab him Zephyra!”
  281. “Gotcha!” she declared as she did just that, restraining his arms behind him.
  283. “Wha-“ Shiro’s protest died in his throat as he felt his partner rapidly draining elemental mana back into herself.
  285. Aki floated up and caressed his cheek, sending pleasant pulses of relaxing electricity through her fingers. “Zephyra told me you haven’t done it while flying yet. So how about we join the mile high club?”
  287. “Right- right now?!” he struggled to yell after being so quickly sedated by the two women.
  289. Aki’s seductive smile returned. “Why not? You think that little interruption has calmed my blood? I’m still all charged up, and I’m done waiting!”
  291. “You’ve definitely mastered my power in combat and out,” Zephyra’s voice tickled in his ear. But that doesn’t mean you can control it during what is about to happen, and the sky is no place to test it. So just go with the flow master, I’ll take back control of the wind until we’re done, so you just enjoy it while she milks your balls dry.”
  293. The wind itself was now fanning his arousal, Zephyra blowing her mamono mana-infused breath past his ear and leaving him panting, what resistance he still had quickly leaving him.
  295. “I was expecting it to be just the two of us, but I don’t mind having the senior wife watch.” Aki sniffed the air and smirked, “it seems your body agrees too.”
  297. She floated in close, her lips to his left ear while Zephyra continued to nibble and blow on his right.
  299. “Naughty Shiro, do you have any idea what the smell of your arousal does to me?”
  301. Noticing the rising current of energy and the smell of monstrous pheromones, he spied one of the raiju’s hands between her legs while the other began undoing his robes. As his own pleasure began to build he gave himself over to the building storm of lust he was now at the center of.
  303. He did love Aki too after all, there was no denying that.
  305. For the next few hours the storm intensified, masking the cries of ecstasy high above.
  307. Shiro’s report of course ended up being late, but that only led to a teasing scolding from Izumi. The ryu couldn’t have been prouder of the little scholar incubus and his wives.
  309. ---
  311. The End
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