Sana's Story

Nov 20th, 2017
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  1. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  2. Part One: The People Who Used to Be My Family
  3. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  4. Sana: ..........
  5. Iroha: ........
  6. Sana: ..........
  7. Iroha: Um~...
  8. Sana: ....Ah! Yes!?
  9. Iroha: You've been staring at me for a while there something wrong...with me?
  10. Sana: T, That's not it! ...Th, That key-chain...
  11. Iroha: Key-chain? Oh, this? Do you know who this character is? It's from a puppet show they used to show on TV...
  12. Sana: "Koneko no Gorogoro"! "Koneko no Gorogoro", right!? [1]
  13. Iroha: Y, Yeah, that's right...
  14. Sana: Iroha-san, you liked "Goro"!?
  15. Iroha: Yeah, I loved it and I used to watch it a lot...
  16. Sana: "Goro" was such a good show, wasn't it? It was a masterpiece that really would warm your heart up... First, a key staff member was the scriptwriter, Niboshi Hajime-sensei! Then the one who brought out all the good parts of Niboshi-sensei's script, Director Nekoyanagi! The world those two created was both dreamy and idyllic... The movements of the dolls were also so amazing, thanks to the puppet theater group Futamiza! They only aired 15 minutes of it...but the number of times they did it was over 2000!
  17. In particular, I loved the story where the Purrs get on the balloon and go to outer space...Huh? ...What's wrong?
  18. Iroha: Nothing, it's just you're really getting into talking about it so I was thinking "she really loves Goro doesn't she~".
  19. Sana: ...Ha! I, I, I'm so sorry~! Seems like I'm the only one who's been talking...!
  20. Iroha: It's okay! Don't worry about it!
  21. Sana: No, I'm sorry! I...I...
  23. Sana: This isn't good...this is dangerous...If I loosen up and start talking to people...just like 'last time'...things will end up just like it did back then... I have to remember...that I shouldn't step in...and why I became a magical girl...
  25. Sana: My parents remarried and I got tied to them. I'm what you would call my mother's "stepchild". My actual father has been dead since before I was able to remember. If you ask my mother about my actual father...
  27. Sana's Mother: Marrying that guy was the biggest mistake I've made in my life...!
  29. Sana: I don't know the details, but even I know that their relationship was probably not a good one...
  30. ...Anyway my mother was very strict with me, and no matter what I did she always got mad.
  32. Sana: Um, Mother...
  33. Sana's Mom: ...What is it?
  34. Sana: The teachers at school told us to give this to our parents...
  35. Sana's Mom: What?
  36. Sana: Oh, this sheet of paper.
  37. Sana's Mom: And where is it?
  38. Sana: Ah, um, here...huh? I put it here in my bag, but...
  39. Sana's Mom: ...WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Don't tell me you lost it!!
  40. Sana: I, I found it! Here...
  41. Sana's Mom: .........Why are you always so unsorganized!? It's because you don't use your head! Think things through more and then act! matter what you do you're stupid and slow... Do you know how shameful that is!? Do you!?
  42. Sana: I'm sorry...
  44. Sana: My current father is a professor at Kamihama University and teaches at the medical school there.
  45. I guess he's researching some pretty complex things...but I don't understand it at all...
  46. Anyway, as far as I was concerned, grades were the one thing he cared about and whenever there was a test he'd get mad at me...
  48. Sana's Dad: Sana, sit right there.
  49. Sana: Y, Yes...
  50. Sana's Dad: What's the meaning of this? The grades you got on your test at cram school...Every single subject and yet your scores range from 60 to 70... YOU STUPID GIRL!
  51. Sana: I, I'm sorry!
  52. Sana's Dad: You're my daughter now, do you understand!? Why are you this stupid!? ...It's proof that you've been neglecting your studies. I'll hire another tutor. Next time, don't you dare show me an answer sheet as pathetic as this one! Got it!?
  53. Sana: Yes...!
  55. Sana: Anyway, my parents have gotten mad at me and been disgusted with me ever since I was little. Regardless, we've been living together with the relationship of parent and child.
  56. Until 'that day', that time...
  58. Sana: I have an older brother and a younger one. ...They're kids that were born from my father and my father's previous wife. My older brother in high school was smart from an early age and naturally his grades were top of the class. Eventually, he even got the top score in the country. The difference between my grades and his were like that of heaven and earth.
  60. Sana's Dad: That's my boy! It's the Futaba blood!
  61. Sana: ......
  63. Sana: And my younger brother who was one year younger, was athletically gifted and got into a famous school through an athletic referral. No matter what it was he was good at it, his movements were skillful and he got along well with others. My mother really adored my younger brother... The difference between how she treated him and me, her actual daughter, was like that of the mud and the clouds.
  64. By showering my younger brother with love, my mother might have been trying to become not "his mom" but a "mom of the Futaba household"...
  66. Sana's Mother: Someday, I'm sure you'll become a star athlete in some pro sports team!
  67. Sana: ...........
  69. Sana: I was the only one in this house who seemed to stand out like a sore thumb. Even then, I couldn't abandon my family. That's why I tried my hardest to connect with the rest of the family.
  71. Sana: O, Onii-sama, um...I have a favor to ask...
  72. Sana's Older Brother: ...What?
  73. Sana's Younger Brother: Sana-neesan, what's wrong? You're being so formal.
  74. Sana: Oh, you were you help
  75. Sana's Older Brother: ........
  76. Sana's Younger Brother: ...H--m.
  77. Sana: My grades are always awful and Father keeps getting mad at me...If you could help me study, Onii-sama, I'm sure that I'll...!
  78. Sana's Older Brother: THAT'S WHY YOU'RE SO STUPID!
  79. Sana: Huh...
  80. Sana's Younger Brother: Think about it. Why does Nii-san have to waste his valuable time on you, Nee-san? The "Futaba family" Nii-san...!
  81. Sana: ......
  82. Sana's Older Brother: I think it'd be a complete waste of time if I spent it on you. Right now, like this's so obvious, you don't even have to think about it!
  83. Sana's Younger Brother: Also, let me say this but don't try to count on me either. I don't have the time either. Anyway, that'll be all...
  84. Sana: ...Okay...
  86. Sana: The gap between my family and I did not close at all. Rather, one day, something happened that ended it once and for all.
  88. Sana: U, Um, Mother.
  89. Sana's Mom: ........
  90. Sana: Mother...? Um...
  91. Sana's Dad: Sana.
  92. Sana: Y, Yes!
  93. Sana's Dad: Yesterday we all talked about you. And we're changing the way we deal with you from now on.
  94. Sana: ...Deal with me...?
  95. Sana's Dad: As your parents we will look after you at the bare minimum. But we'll consider you as something separate from our family.
  96. Sana: ! ...Wh, What does that mean...?
  97. Sana's Dad: You don't deserve to be a member of the Futaba family. Do you realize how much you've tarnished the family name with your actions...!? ...That's why we'll stop treating you as a member of the Futaba family. By doing so all the time we wasted interacting with you will... Understood? We won't expect anything from you anymore. In exchange, you are not to interact with us. You're no longer seen by our eyes.
  98. Sana: ...No way...
  99. Sana's Dad: This is all your fault for being unable to stay even an inch on top of things...! Basically, from now on, don't directly talk to us. If you need something, send an email. Got it?
  100. Sana: .........
  101. Sana's Dad: ...I'm asking if that's fine with you or not! Answer me!
  102. Sana: ...Y, Yes...
  104. Sana: Ever since that day my family and I haven't said a word to one another. I was cut off from my family. Even if I go home, I can't interact with anyone. But even so, I can't live outside. So that's why I had to keep staying there. I became like the air drifting over there...
  106. Sana: At home I had to stay quiet, or else it seemed I was going to be abandoned and that scared me...
  108. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  109. Part Two: The One Who Used to Be My Friend
  110. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  111. Sana: Ever since I was cut off from my family, I started spending more time outside. Home was just uncomfortable. Besides, they didn't even care about curfew. That being said, I don't have the courage to act like a delinquent. Furthermore, I don't have friends. That's why I just wander...with no destination, I just walk...
  113. Woman: Now, today we have a special sale! How would you like to try eating Korean barbeque at home?
  115. Boy: Today I have English class--!
  117. Girl: A new movie's coming out this weekend? Awesome! Then c'mon, let's go see it!
  119. Boy B: O--kay, then let's go do karaoke next!
  121. Sana: ........
  123. Sana: The voices from inside the city just swept past me. Students that happily talked with one another...couples that intimately walk together...a family overflowing with smiles...even among them, I just walked by myself...But...But! Even I made a friend...! A friend that would keep me company...!
  124. (...School is finally over... I need to hurry and go meet them...!)
  126. Woman B: Um, do you happen to have some time to spare?
  127. Sana: Eh! Um, uh...
  128. Woman B: I just want you to answer this simple survey! Okay? It'll be over in 5 minutes!
  129. Sana: No, I...
  130. Woman B: Okay? Then, could you come over here?
  131. Sana: ...I, I'm sorry!
  132. Woman B: Oh~...
  133. Sana: I'm very sorry! E, Excuse me!
  135. Sana: This might be the first time I ever refused someone this clearly... If this was like always, then I would have gotten swept away, since I wouldn't have a reason to refuse...But, right now I want to go see my friends right away! ...Those feelings pushed back. I hurried away from that place and headed towards the usual place.
  137. Sana: ...Haa...haa...I'm waited for me...!
  139. Sana: I'm waited for me...! Goro--!
  140. Goro: Meow~
  142. Sana: A white kitten named Goro. That's what I called it. I took Goro from a "Koneko no Gorogoro". Ever since we happened to meet in a back alley, we've been meeting everyday like this. Goro is my friend...I might be one-sided, but...
  144. Sana: Goro, I brought you food today too. Here! Eat it all up.
  145. Goro: Meow~
  146. Sana: No one talked to me at school one at home either, but...that's why I can only talk to you, Goro. So...thanks, Goro.
  147. Goro: Meow~
  148. Sana:'re so cute... Hey, Goro. Do you live in an animal city or something? The city the GoroGoros lived in "Koneko no Gorogoro"...if you happen to live there, I wish you'd take me there.
  150. Sana: Back then, I was <only living>. I wasn't living in an attempt to accomplish something. I wasn't living because someone wanted me to. I wasn't living in order to be of some kind of use. That being said, I was so scared of dying that I couldn't. I was just living...
  152. Sana: Goro. I'm tired already...The world of humans isn't easy...Please, take me with you, to your city...
  153. Goro: Meow~
  154. Sana: ...I'm sorry. That's not possible, is it? Humans can't live there, after all...
  156. Sana: Goro and I met nearly everyday. To me, those times were priceless. That was the only peaceful moment I had left...but...
  158. Sana: Goro--! Today I brought you a new treat. .......... Goro--! .........Goro--? No matter how much I called for Goro, Goro wouldn't appear. I continued waiting there for several hours...
  160. Sana: Come out...Goro...
  162. Sana: The next day too...
  164. Sana: Goro...
  166. Sana: And the day after that too...
  168. Sana: Where did you go...
  170. Sana: Eventually, I started to look for Goro in the city. I walked to different places, peeked, and called out for Goro.
  172. Sana: Goro--? Goro--? (...Not here either...)
  173. (Where are you...Goro...)
  175. Old man: Ojou-chan?
  176. Sana: Hie! Y, Y, Yes!?
  177. Old man: Ohh, I'm sorry. Did I startle you? ...You see, this is the back of this old man's store. When I came out to throw the trash away, I found you wandering around here...What are you doing?
  178. Sana: N, No, um...
  179. Old man: ...There's been a lot of stray cats around here lately. It seems like someone's been feeding them and there were traces of something like food too...Is that food in your hands?
  180. Sana: looking
  181. Old man: You see, stray cats really cause trouble, yeah...Just a while ago someone from the health department came to get rid of them. I can't tell if there's fewer of them now or not...
  182. Sana: ...Eh?
  183. Old man: Well, anyway, it'll cause me trouble if you feed them here.
  184. Sana: ........
  185. Old man: ...Um~, are you listening?
  186. Sana: ...U...uu...
  187. Old man: Huh?
  188. Sana: I'm...sorry...
  189. Old man: Ohhh~no, did I make you cry... I didn't intend to...
  190. Sana: I, I'm sorry!
  192. Sana: I ran away from that place as if I was trying to escape.
  194. Sana: The harsh days continued. I don't remember them very well. I only knew that I was scared, I guess... Then I started to think like this:
  196. Sana: Goro went to the animal city...Goro probably wanted to leave...because I talked to it...
  198. Sana: ...Regardless
  200. Woman: Today fish is super cheap! It's 30% off the usual price--!
  202. Boy: Geez, that teacher's classes are seriously boring~
  204. Girl: That, that! I heard that the sequel to that video was uploaded yesterday!
  206. Sana: ........ ....... .....! Right now was...!
  208. Sana: Goro! For a split second, I saw Goro running by just now...! The instant I thought that I chased after it.
  210. Sana: Haa...haa...haa...not here...
  212. Sana: In the end, I'm unable to find Goro...something like this happened twice, no, three times before. Somewhere inside of me I believed a miracle would happen...that my prayers would go through...But nothing happened. Only time passed by...
  214. Kyuubey: .......
  216. Sana: I searched for several days...but, I never met Goro ever again...
  218. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  219. Part Three: The Me That Used to Be Lonely
  220. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  221. Sana: Ever since the thing happened with Goro, I stopped walking around the city and decided to stay at school after class. My classmates went to clubs or went out to have fun...I sought out places like classrooms that didn't have any people in them and killed time. Then, one day
  223. Sana: ...Whew. It's finally over...
  225. Sana: I was taking care of my English homework in a classroom. I chose the place since no one was there and spent all my time...with my "Koneko no Gorogoro" keychain on the desk, lost in my loneliness.
  227. Sana: ...I spent quite a bit of time here, purr purr. I better head home. The sun's starting to set...
  229. Sana: Even though I said that, I remained face-down at the desk. I didn't want to go home. I didn't want to go home if I could help it. Back then, everyday was like that...
  231. Sana: But there's nothing I can do about it...
  233. Sana: I said that and tried to get up. Then...
  235. Girl: Ah, um--...
  236. Sana: Uwaaaah! ...Y, You scared me~...
  237. Girl: I, I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to scare you, um...
  238. Sana: ...Eh, ah, eh, who...? ...No, um, who might you be...? [2]
  239. Girl: I, I'm...
  241. Sana: The one talked to me was a girl from the same class as me. She was a girl who was quiet and didn't stand out...just like me...Why did that girl talk to me...that was...
  243. Girl: you like...Gorogoro...?
  244. Sana: Eh?
  245. Girl: U, Um...that keychain...
  246. Sana: ...Ah. ...Y, Yeah!
  247. Girl: I, I also love Gorogoro!
  248. Sana: Eh! Eh! Really!?
  250. Sana: This is the first time someone approached me like that. The more I listened to her talk, it seemed like she was also lonely and suffering because of it. But Gorogoro pushed her to talk to me. My favorite Gorogoro became something that brought us together...
  252. Sana: T, This key-chain is something I've had since I was little...!
  254. Sana: I made a "friend in class" for the first time.
  256. Sana: The friend I met because of Gorogoro...Ever since we talked for the first time and from then on, after school we would spend time together.
  258. Sana: Oh, that's right! Do you remember this episode? When Gorogoro went to the ocean with Wonderful[3]!
  259. Girl: Yes, I do! Then they played beach volleyball there...
  260. Sana: Yeah, yeah! They took part in the tournament! They made it to the final round, but...
  261. Girl: They lost, didn't they?
  262. Sana: I thought for sure that they'd win! But, I never thought that Tategami Paama[3] would come out then. That's Niboshi Hajime-sensei's script for you!
  263. Girl: That's right. Director Nekoyanagi's performance was also skillful too!
  264. Sana: Yeah, yeah!
  266. Sana: Those were some really fun times. To think that it'd be this wonderful to have someone who shares the same feelings as you was the first time I ever experienced anything like it since I was born. ...But... Even those times didn't last that long...One day, during break...
  268. Girl B: ...Nn~?
  269. Sana: ! .........
  270. Girl B: What's with this key-chain...Ahh-...wasn't this that Gorogoro thing?
  271. Sana: ...Y, Yeah...
  272. Girl B: .........Kuhaaaa--! How lame!
  273. Sana: !?
  274. Girl B: How old are you anyway? Hanging something like this--! You're totally a kid! How embarrassing! Hey, come look at this!
  276. Sana: She yanked my key-chain away and showed it off to the other girls. I think she was just trying to joke around. But, that key-chain was my treasure. My precious memory...I knew I had to do something...But, I was so scared my voice wouldn't come out... Without thinking, I searched for my one and only friend. She was a bit far away. But...
  278. Girl: .........
  279. Sana: Eh...
  281. Sana: When our eyes met, my friend soon turned her gaze away and kept silent.
  283. Sana: The day after the key-chain incident, I stopped going to school. In the morning, I would leave the house and just walk around outside...I called my friend just once.
  285. Sana: ...Hello? Um, this is Sana, but...
  286. Girl: ...Ah, yeah...
  287. Sana: key-chain...
  288. Girl: ...Yeah.
  289. Sana: Um...I'm...okay, so
  290. Girl: ...I, I'm sorry...
  291. Sana: Ah, no, not at all...actually I'm...sorry...
  292. Girl: ...No, not at all...
  294. Sana: The phone call marked a turning point, and I separated myself from her. I think she was scared too. That's why I don't have any hard feelings towards her. It just...made the empty feelings in my heart grow. ...That's when he appeared.
  296. Kyuubey: ........
  297. Sana: ...Eh? ...Goro? ...Goro!? ...No... you're not Goro...but...are you a cat...?
  298. Kyuubey: Nice to meet you, Futaba Sana.
  299. Sana: !! A, A cat talked...?
  300. Kyuubey: My name is Kyuubey.
  302. Sana: That was when I met Kyuubey. If I become a magical girl, he'll grant any of my wishes. ...That's what Kyuubey said. I want to get along with my family...I want to see Goro...I want my friend and I to go back to the way we used to be... At the time, those kinds of wishes never came to me. There was no way I would make a wish like that, back then... Actually, I was betrayed because I had those kinds of connections...! ...That's why, what came to mind was...
  304. Sana: Please take me to the city of animals...
  305. Kyuubey: The city of animals?
  306. Sana: The city of animals where Gorogoro and the others live...
  307. Kyuubey: Gorogoro...? Who in the world is that?
  308. Sana: ...Fufu... never mind. Please forget what I just said...then...please make me invisible.
  309. Kyuubey: Invisible?
  310. Sana: I want to disappear from this world...I don't want to meet anyone...I don't want anyone to find me...because I'm worthless! I'm stupid and I can't do anything right, so...! I couldn't get along with my family, or my friends, I never did anything right! I just cause trouble...I just get in everyone's way! So! ...Please...make me invisible...
  312. Sana: That's how I disappeared from the world until now...
  314. Iroha: ............
  315. Sana: .........
  316. Iroha: ........
  317. Sana: .........
  318. Iroha: ...Sana-chan?
  319. Sana: ...Eh? Oh, yes!
  320. Iroha: What's wrong?
  321. Sana: No, nothing's wrong...!
  323. Sana: Until I met Iroha-san, I lived by myself. Normal people couldn't see me so I stopped going home and to school. I threw all of that away...I didn't want to deal with the world around me...but...that was the beginning of true solitude. If I hadn't met Iroha-san, right around now I would...
  325. Iroha: Um, do you remember what we talked about that one time?
  326. Sana: Eh...what...?
  327. Iroha: About "Koneko no Gorogoro"! You know, that episode! The one where Gorogoro rode the giant bird and went to a different animal city! I love that episode!
  328. Sana: ...I, I love it too!
  330. Sana: When I was at the bottom of loneliness, she grabbed my hand...Iroha-san...thank you... Thank you for finding me...
  332. Sana: Now I think...that I'm glad I wasn't alone forever...
  333. ======================================================
  334. [1]= Literally a "Kitten's Purr".
  335. Edit: Actually, it'd be "The Kitten Gorogoro".
  337. [2]= At first, Sana informally tries to ask "who" (誰) the girl is. The second time, she uses the more formal "どちら様で".
  338. [3]= These are some...interesting character names. First is Wonderful. Then there's Tategami Paama-> Mane Perm (Google "Perm hair" for details). By the way, Nekoyanagi = Pussy Willows.
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