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OpenComputers Applied Energistics 2 Auto Stock Installer

Zoidbert001 Jan 13th, 2019 238 Never
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  1. print("Installing Applied Energistics 2 Auto Stock")
  2. print("----------------------------------------------------")
  3. print("Downloading GUI Library from https://pastebin.com/Dfgc6z0T by D_Puppy")
  4. os.execute("pastebin get Dfgc6z0T /lib/gui.lua")
  5. print("Downloading Applied Energistics 2 Auto Stock from https://pastebin.com/zB6k3Pii by Zoidbert001")
  6. os.execute("pastebin get zB6k3Pii /home/AE2AutoStock.lua")
  7. print("Setting up Auto-Start of Applied Energistics 2 Auto Stock")
  8. local file,err = io.open("/home/.shrc", "w")
  9. file:write("AE2AutoStock.lua")
  10. file:close()
  11. print("----------------------------------------------------")
  12. print("Finished Installing Applied Energistics 2 Auto Stock")
  13. print("Rebooting in 5 seconds...")
  14. os.sleep(5)
  15. os.execute("reboot")
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