Henric and Alex Interlewd I (v2.2)

May 26th, 2014
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  4. Henric wasn’t magically fixed when Alex bested him. He was furious with her, of course. He followed through with what he’d threatened to do, of course. Alex survived, of course, but she felt smug at the same time. Henric was a monster through and through, and that was how it was. Of course.
  6. Alex didn’t need to fight him and make things worse. She was pragmatic and compliant and she kept her mind on her future rather than her present. After her birthday though, she didn’t feel like she was losing every time he used her. Though she was often tired and sore, she was able to think of those things he made her do like chores. He interpreted this as submissiveness, and it didn’t make him hornier but it made him want to hold onto her tightly. He didn’t like to sleep unless he could wrap her possessively in his arms.
  8. In daytime at least, Henric’s controlling grip loosened with the weeks and months. The squire’s best guess at this was simply that he sometimes got sick of her and wanted his alone time, or that her unwillingness to fight made him bored of her. He went into town without her, or sent her to town without him sometimes. Those were good days. He even stopped insisting that he always be the one to bathe her meticulously and occasionally trusted her with the chore herself if he had better things to do.
  10. Close to Alex’ half-birthday, there was a night that she got out of the room by leaving to bathe. Henric was awake and restless but irate for his own reasons and glad to see the girl leave him be. With a towel in her hand she ran silently out of the barracks and up to the springs, then stopped when she saw a lantern come to light just up ahead. It was a good thing that she knew the path so well that she never took a light herself, or she might have been spotted in return. As it was, there was time to hide behind a tree.
  12. She was about to head back to Henric’s room, but after an internal struggle curiosity got the better of her and she peeked around the trunk. If she looked back at that impulse she would have agreed that it wasn’t a good one, that it was overly-curious at best and lecherous at worst. But she wanted to see who was there.
  14. It would be a good night.
  16. With only his feet in the water Ellis' naked body sat on the edge of the springs. The yellow glow of the lantern illuminated him and allowed Alex to see him well in profile. Normally he would have heard Alex walking up, but he had other things in his mind.
  18. Ellis' fist pumped in his lap and he groaned, tilting his head back. In the bright lantern's light Alex could see the head of his cock emerging from his hand and then slowly disappearing as he stroked himself.
  20. Alex' jaw dropped and she immediately squatted down next to the tree, hiding herself in shadow while she watched him. She watched his hand, his cock, his face. His eyes were closed as Ellis had imagined some elaborate fantasy in his head.
  22. The girl decided not to leave. If she had left without letting him know she was there, she knew that she would feel gross and dishonest, and she didn’t want to be the kind of person who would spy on other people. But, underneath those more virtuous motives, she still had all the curiosities of a girl her age and they were a powerful drive. “Ellis?” she called. Her voice was edged with nerves that came from having been hiding.
  24. "Ahh!" He yelped with surprise before he recognized her voice. He cleared his throat. "Alex. Thank the Gods, I had thought you were one of the knights here to bust me for sneaking out so late past curfew."
  26. He still fumbled a bit with the erection in his lap, as if there was a good way to hide it from her where she stood on the other side of the lantern from him. "I was just," he hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to say, "Getting ready for a swim.”
  28. He was blushing immensely and praying that she hadn’t seen what he was really doing.
  30. “It’s okay,” she said, and went to the lantern and blew it out so they were both mostly in the dark. They could see each other’s faces but not much else. Ellis was grateful for her solution. Alex said, “I’m sorry, I should have just turned away when I saw the light.”
  32. “What are you even doing out here?” he asked her, and he slid into the water so he didn’t have to keep his hands over his crotch. The water barely reached above his navel.
  34. “This is when I bathe,” she said flatly, a little surprised that he had failed to put the pieces together. She smiled at it though and lifted an eyebrow at him. “I kind of need the privacy. You get three guesses why.”
  36. “Ohh,” he said sheepishly, bringing a wet hand up to his brown hair to push it out of his eyes. He succeeded only in getting the dark locks superficially wet and messy. “I can leave.”
  38. “Don’t,” she said before she thought. Alex mulled over her mouth’s decision and decided it was actually a good one. She wanted to be brave. She wanted to swim with Ellis.
  40. Alex reached the edge of the pool and, rather than prolong Ellis’ embarrassment as the only naked one, she started to strip down. For her, it was an emotional risk. He knew she was a girl. He knew Henric abused her to the point where she had once feared for her life. But she had never shown him the scars that Henric always told her would repulse any man but himself. But oh, she wanted to risk it.
  42. Ellis stared at her with mouth agape. He wasn’t proud, but he wouldn’t regret it. All attempts at hiding his erection were abandoned as futile when Alex stepped out of her pants and untied her wraps. He saw her scars, all of them. Uncountable flecks, lines, splotches, blotches that reflected more light than the rest of her skin. He accurately assessed many of them as splash marks or cuts, but a few had origins that he couldn’t identify. He didn’t want to ask. The immediate impression on his mind that overcrowded other thoughts was not that the scars were ugly but rather that, by the gods, he got to see her breasts again. Ellis’ eyes panned down to her hips and her crotch--even in the dark he could see the pink lips between her thighs--and he swooned.
  44. He swallowed hard and told her, “You’re gorgeous.”
  46. She grinned sheepishly and sat down on the edge of the pool, casting her feet into the water, and brought her right hand up across her chest to try to cover up the handprint on her shoulder. She was more embarrassed of it than she was of her breasts or vulva. “Thank you,” she replied. Her eyes were misty with relief immediately at his verdict.
  48. Ellis walked closer to her. He was slow and deliberate, not sure if she wanted him to keep back or if she wanted him to come to her. Alex didn’t stop him. She wasn’t sure what she wanted from him, if anything, just that she trusted Ellis.
  50. “I,” she started uncertainly, with no idea of what she wanted to say or ask. “I’m not… I don’t want you to think that… I don’t know.”
  52. He stopped a few feet away from her. “Well, do you wanna get in the water?”
  54. “Oh,” she said. “Yeah. I should.”
  56. She slid into the water, close to Ellis. Her arms were at her sides, then she brought them up and folded them under her breasts.
  58. Ellis said, “I won’t be upset if you don’t want to… do stuff.”
  60. She kept him in the dark about Henric as much as she could, because she didn’t want him to be spending all his time worried about her. She didn’t want him to be consumed by her problems, but he was. A lot. Only the fact that it wasn’t what Alex wanted kept him from telling Sir Isaac what he knew.
  62. He didn’t like feeling helpless. She didn’t like feeling helpless either.
  64. It wasn’t clear to either of them who initiated the hug, but they were both glad that it happened. Alex sniffed. “I’m sorry everything is so fucked up.”
  66. “It’s not your fault,” Ellis assured her.
  68. Alex relaxed into the hug. When Henric embraced her, it was to crush her into him, to hold her prisoner. Ellis was much better at hugging than Henric was.
  70. She asked, “Have you had sex before?”
  72. He was kind of quiet and then admitted, “Yeah.”
  74. That made Alex feel better, that neither of them were virgins. She wasn't entirely sure why. She said, “I’m sorry I showed up and killed the mood. You looked like you were having more fun before I let you know I was here.”
  76. He squeezed her. “Well you know. I was thinking about you anyway.”
  78. Alex kissed his neck and grinned to herself, blushing. “What were you thinking about doing with me?”
  80. “Well,” he stalled. He flushed when he felt her lips on his neck and his hands fell to her hips. He let his forehead fall against hers and he was honest: “I was imagining that we had a tent to ourselves while we were traveling or something, and we decided to share a bedroll to uh, to conserve warmth.”
  82. Alex liked that, and she was surprised. She hadn’t been aroused--except by force--for months and months. She thought that she hated sex, but decided in the moment that it was more probably that she just hated sex with Henric. The girl suggested, “And did we take off our clothes in the bedroll to get closer to each other, and embrace?”
  84. “Y-yeah,” he stuttered, still blushing at his fantasy.
  86. The girl put her hands on his shoulders and backed him up, her abdomen bumping against his erection and her nipples grazing his chest as she got closer to him. He hit the edge of the spring and hopped up, out of the water. Alex smiled at him, and smiled at his penis. She reached up and wrapped her hand around his shaft and felt him. Ellis. Her friend. Her best friend.
  88. Ellis’ inhalations were noisy and excited. Hopeful that she would hop up out of the water with him, onto his lap, but Alex didn’t. She just came closer, looking up at him, the top of her head coming up to his shoulders where he sat. “I want to help you out with your fantasies,” she said. It was shockingly hard for her to push the words out of her mouth. Hard to come this close to sex.
  90. The young man was ecstatic at the offer, and he stiffened further in her hand, pushing out a bead of precum that slid down over her hand. “You mean, well, would you want to… have sex?”
  92. She felt small. “I can’t.” Henric had ruined it for her. The only pleasure in sex was rough and physical and not really pleasure at all. Alex wasn’t able to imagine a scenario where sex could be fun, it was only a sport of humiliation and struggles. Orgasms, she had learned, weren’t the same as enjoying herself. Sex was exhausting and degrading and loveless.
  94. Ellis hugged her while she stood between his thighs and stroked his member. She could do that for him. She could give him the pleasure that she didn’t want, and he held her as she rested her head on his shoulder. He felt guilty to be the one receiving pleasure, thinking that he didn’t quite deserve it, but when Alex’ hand really got going he wasn’t able to think about much of anything but that. She smiled just to herself to hear him moan and breathe and hear that she was using the awful skill Henric had taught her to make Ellis happy.
  96. That felt good. Ellis held her gently with his arms and thighs even though he was probably just as strong as Henric was. He was amazed by her hands, her grip. She was a bit too rough with him sometimes, but he thought she was better at the chore than he was, her hand sliding, caressing, perfect. He came so much more quickly than he had expected--he didn’t want it to end--that he gave a soft cry of surprise as his cum spurted onto Alex' arm and abdomen.
  98. She rinsed her arm off in the water.
  100. “You didn’t have to do that,” he told her. Now that he’d cum, he felt a looming feeling of grief come to wash over him and he slid back into the water. “I shouldn’t have… let you. I feel selfish.”
  102. “I wanted to,” Alex said, dismissing his doubts. “I wanted to make you happy, to give you something good to fantasize about.”
  104. That eased his anxiety. He asked, “What do you fantasize about, Alex?”
  106. Her answer was canned, and she was smiling in a slightly serious way. “Being a knight, I guess.”
  108. “No, I mean… sex stuff.”
  110. “I guess...I don't really,” she said, and dunked her head to get her hair wet. She supposed it might count as a fantasy that she kept hoping she would continue to avoid pregnancy. She knew by the odds, by everything, that she had been extremely lucky. At first she'd been too horrified by being raped to think that far ahead. Then when the shittiness became the norm she had worried about getting pregnant. She'd counted days on calendars and at this point, more than a year in, she had simply come to the conclusion that she was unable to become pregnant--at least from Henric.
  112. And it was a blessing for her. The day that Alex had finally believed that she would never, could never, be a mother to Henric's child was a day that had brought her relief.
  114. Alex dwelled on that for a moment, considering that the off chance it was only Henric's problem and not hers was another reason she should be wary of sex.
  116. Ellis interrupted her thoughts and said, "I'm sorry it's like that to you."
  118. She shrugged and forced a smile. “Not your fault. Nothing I can do about it. But, I’ve been out here too long already…”
  120. She saw the sad, guilty look on Ellis face again, and she kissed his lips and left the pool, dressed, and went back to The Barracks before Henric could come looking for her, with her head of wet messy hair held low because she felt shit for not being able to even have sex with the only boy she had ever liked enough to do so, while Henric fucked her almost every night.
  122. The knight greeted her return by putting his book down and demanding that she come up to the loft to sleep. She did. He stripped her down (she helped just to get it out of the way) and held her too tight all night long.
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