SSBU potential legal stages

Jul 5th, 2018
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  1. ==Ultimate pre-release singles legal stage list==
  3. Hazards off should always be better, and I don’t know of any instance yet where hazards on would be better, except maybe as a separate stage pick from hazards off.
  5. A lot of this is still subject to change due to having low info about many stages. I just tried to imagine how they would be like with the hazards switched off.
  7. Starter (12):
  8. * Battlefield
  9. * Final Destination
  10. * Dreamland (will hazards off disable wind?)
  11. * Pokémon Stadium if frozen
  12. * Yoshi’s Story
  13. * Smashville
  14. * Pokémon Stadium 2 if frozen
  15. * Lylat Cruise, better if frozen and bug fixed
  16. * WarioWare if frozen and no minigames
  17. * Town and City (fix exiting platforms though)
  18. * Midgar
  19. * Umbra Clock Tower if frozen
  21. Counterpick (16):
  22. * some Battlefield forms
  23. * some Omega forms
  24. * Jungle Japes if no currents or Klaptraps
  25. * Frigate Orpehon if frozen, but flipping isn’t too problematic if you know how to dodge it
  26. * Norfair if no lava
  27. * Yoshi’s Island (Brawl), better if frozen
  28. * Castle Siege if frozen, transformations are problematic
  29. * Pictochat if all drawings are legal when hazardless, could be a starter if frozen (side note: the status of what Pictochat this one is is currently unknown)
  30. * Halberd, but there’s an occasional walkoff and low ceiling
  31. * Prism Tower, but there’s an occasional walkoff and the main platform can be moved through from underneath
  32. * Unova Pokémon League if frozen
  33. * Mushroom Kingdom U if frozen
  34. * Mario Circuit (Wii U) if frozen
  35. * Skyloft if frozen
  36. * Wily Castle
  37. * Wuhu Island if frozen
  39. Unsure about (8):
  40. * Saffron City (kills PK Thunder though)
  41. * Pokémon Stadium with transformations
  42. * Kongo Falls (aka Melee Kongo Jungle) if no Klaptraps
  43. * Brinstar if no acid, even better if frozen
  44. * Corneria if no ships or lasers, left underneath area could be problematic though
  45. * Green Greens with no blocks, although I think they can’t be disabled
  46. * Luigi’s Mansion if frozen and no pillars
  47. * Find Mii (it might sometimes kill PK Thunder though if there’s not enough room)
  49. All in all, that’s a big stage list. If all this is possible, we would either need to cut it down or have longer stage striking and three stage bans. A lot of this is only speculative as we don’t have access to their hazardless forms yet. And shoutouts to Sakurai for putting the stage selection screen before the characters, as it’s the perfect order for counterpicks or letting the loser choose the stage.
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