SArais gets #rekt

TerminusEst13 Apr 27th, 2014 507 Never
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  1. * SArais ( has joined
  2. * ChanServ gives voice to SArais
  3. <SArais> Well okay, get banned for joking about ice cream, seems cool.
  4. <TerminusEst13> I see no problem here.
  5. <TerminusEst13> Only justice.
  6. <DrVonFungi> SArais: Are you a Counter Strike bot by any chance?
  7. <SArais> Guy says "this icecream is delicious"
  8. <GMOTA_Guy> Ice cream? I love ice cream
  9. <SArais> I jokingly ask
  10. <SArais> "what flavor of frozen cow semen?"
  11. <pancake> Banned for trolling.
  12. <pancake> Kek.
  13. <Eric> weak joke/10
  14. <SArais> yes
  15. <SArais> i'm not good at jokes
  16. <Mike12-afkagain> pancake: you were banned, or he was
  17. <pancake> he
  18. <SArais> sunday shenanigans server "not john"
  19. <_sink> >frozen cow semen
  20. <SArais> he assumed i was insulting people when, not a minuite earlier i said
  21. <_sink> what kind of ice cream are YOU eating?
  22. <SArais> "usually the shit i say isn't serious"
  23. <pancake> >doom
  24. <pancake> >jokes
  25. <pancake> >fun
  26. <SArais> Oh right yes i forgot
  27. <SArais> doom is super srs.
  28. <pancake> What part of NO FUN ALLOWED don't you fucking understand
  29. <SArais> I can't read.
  30. <ijon> 18:02 <+SArais> Well okay, get banned for joking about ice cream, seems cool.
  31. <ijon> are you fucking dense?
  32. <ijon> are you just that goddamn retarded?
  33. <SArais> I fail to see how joking about icecream makes me dense or retarded.
  34. <ijon> did the past fucking HOUR of being a little twat and spewing neonazi bullshit suddenly leave your head?
  35. * pancake has quit (Connection closed)
  36. <TerminusEst13> This is the same guy who blamed someone else for shitposting about his project.
  37. <ijon> and causing shit for the sake of causing shit?
  38. <SArais> I wasn't on the thread at the time those events occured, you're aware?
  39. * pancake ( has joined
  40. * ChanServ gives voice to pancake
  41. <pancake> o-oh
  42. <TerminusEst13> So you say.
  43. <Mike12-afkagain> He's also the guy who kept intentionally fucking up the 'SO YOU WANNA PLAY SOME DOOM' picture
  44. <ijon> every single goddamn time you speak up, you prove yourself to be a inflammatory asswipe who does nothing but cause arguments
  45. <Mike12-afkagain> by his own admission
  46. <ijon> actually, y'know what?
  47. <ijon> the ban was only one day
  48. <ijon> I'm making it permanent
  49. <SArais> Generally because I was sick of people leaving me to update it on my own when that was never the purpose
  50. <SArais> it was supposed to be one person adds one wad, hands it over to the next person
  51. <pancake> too late mang
  52. <pancake> ijon just dropped the mic
  53. <SArais> Well that's incredibly childish
  54. <SArais> "waaah he joked about icecream"
  55. <TerminusEst13> I agree, you are.
  56. <SArais> And I said
  57. <Mike12-afkagain> Yeah, you really are.
  58. <ijon> wow
  60. * Mike12-afkagain is now known as Mike12
  61. <ijon> so the last hour of your neonazi bullshit
  62. <SArais> "the shit i say generally isn't serious"
  63. <DrVonFungi> are we gonna rekt him
  64. <ijon> DID leave your head!
  65. <DrVonFungi> Are we gonna rekt his ass?
  66. <ijon> congratulations, you have no short-term memory
  67. <SArais> I still don't know how you're taking the internet so seriously.
  68. <Eric> b-b-b-but i was just pretending to be retarded
  69. <ijon> tell me again why we haven't ostracized you completely?
  70. <TerminusEst13> Hey, Sarais.
  71. <pancake> notice how he's not arguing back about that
  72. <DrVonFungi> i love me some rekt
  73. <SArais> What, terminus.
  74. <pancake> he just resorts to "u guys r 2 srs"
  75. <SArais> No, really.
  76. <TerminusEst13> Do you know the problem with "I was only joking!" as an argument?
  77. <Eric> b-b-b-but it was a joke!
  78. <TerminusEst13> See, the problem is that you can say whatever you goddamn want and then pretend to be joking.
  79. <SArais> Hardly an argument when it's a statement.
  80. <TerminusEst13> But the thing is, joking or not, you still said it.
  81. <Mike12> that's some SgtMarkIV tier shit
  82. <pancake> SArais enjoys taking it in the ass.
  83. <DrVonFungi> I'll be lurking in #rekt in case this nigger gets the hammer.
  84. <SArais> I'm not denying I said it.
  85. <pancake> ...BUT I WAS JOKING
  86. <SArais> I'm saying it wasn't serious.
  87. <TerminusEst13> And, joking or not, you have to take responsibility for saying it.
  88. <SArais> Which I did say it.
  89. <pancake> you weren't being serious, fine.
  90. <pancake> but you were probably attempting to stir the pot.
  91. <TerminusEst13> And here we are. You are taking responsibility for saying it, but are trying to shirk it by saying "it was just a joke".
  92. <GMOTA_Guy> and even if it was a joke, it was pretty horrible
  93. <ijon> SArais: serious or not, you not only take responsibility for it, but you were also warned to stop that shit
  94. <SArais> I still fail to understand why john belived I was "continuing this shit" by joking about ice cream being frozen cow semen, but whatever.
  95. <ijon> and you kept doing it
  96. <Mike12> Here's the things
  97. * pancake switches back over to Netflix
  98. <Mike12> Jokes are supposed to be funny.
  99. <Mike12> They have a setup
  100. <TerminusEst13> Correct. A proper joke is done through subverting expectations. You build up, subvert, then punchline.
  101. <Mike12> and a punchline
  102. <TerminusEst13> You were being ED, "lol nazis heil".
  103. <TerminusEst13> That is not a joke.
  104. <Mike12> you don't spew stupid garbage and then say 'IT WAS A JOKE'
  105. <Mike12> because there was no fucking joke
  106. <DrVonFungi> And here you are SArais, your humor level is on "Andrew Dobson".
  107. <GMOTA_Guy> Lemme give you a good example of a joke
  108. <pancake> >describing /b/
  109. <Mike12> it's just you saying dumb bullshit to get people agitated
  110. <pancake> motherfucking this.
  111. <SArais> I love how you're all automatically assuming I'm praising hitler
  112. <GMOTA_Guy> What do you guys call a cheap circumcision?
  113. <Mike12> Gmota: what?
  114. <GMOTA_Guy> a rip off :v
  115. <TerminusEst13> <SArais> I love how you're all automatically assuming I'm praising hitler
  116. <Mike12> hahaha
  117. <TerminusEst13> You are the first fucking person to mention hitler
  118. <TerminusEst13> none of us mentioned hitler
  119. <SArais> "nazis"
  120. <SArais> "neonazi"
  121. <SArais> GEE
  122. <pancake> >nazis = hitler
  123. <ijon> okay so
  124. <pancake> Sure.
  125. <ijon> suggesting we throw babies into furnaces?
  126. <DrVonFungi> yeah, let's rekt this guy already
  127. <Bloax> praise satan
  128. <ijon> that's not neonazi anymore!
  129. <SArais> When do nazis =/= hitler
  130. <Mike12> there was also Himmler
  131. <Mike12> Mengele
  132. <pancake> and Rommel
  133. <Mike12> and other evil asshats
  135. <pancake> and all the other generals
  137. <SArais> it isn't
  138. <ijon> saying that we're "stopping natural selection" and that we need to for some reason crank it into overdrive
  139. <Mike12> who was Rommel again?
  140. <pancake> desert fox
  141. <ijon> that's
  142. <Mike12> ah
  143. <ijon> nazi as fuck
  144. <pancake> general in charge of the african front
  145. <SArais> Did I say we needed to?
  146. <Mike12> he was Luftwaffe though, wasn't he?
  147. <SArais> No, I pointed out that we're the only species that prevents it.
  148. * marrub_zz is now known as marrub
  149. <pancake> ...maybe?
  150. <ijon> you suggesting *throwing babies into fucking furnaces*
  151. <pancake> been a while since I brushed up on WWII history
  152. <Mike12> ie. not a part of the actual SS/Nazis, just the regular german army
  153. <ijon> Eric can you just ban SArais already
  154. <SArais> you're implying that i'd acctually do that
  155. <ijon> he actually believes his bullshit
  156. <SArais> How
  157. <TerminusEst13> SArais: You are splitting fucking fine points.
  158. <TerminusEst13> "B-but I didn't actually say Hitler!"
  159. <pancake> yeah, he wasn't SS
  160. <TerminusEst13> so fucking what
  161. <SArais> How do I belive in this shit, do tell me?
  162. <pancake> but he was a field marshall
  163. <pancake> those are your words, not ours
  164. <Mike12> yeah - i think he was luftwaffe then
  165. <pancake> luftwaffe was air force mang
  166. <SArais> god sakes, every time
  167. <Mike12> ah
  168. <TerminusEst13> Every time, what?
  169. <Mike12> i'm mixed up too
  170. <TerminusEst13> No, no, finish your sentence.
  171. <SArais> Every time I say anything it immidiately turns into a flame war, shit, i even bring up a wad and it devolves into a shitstorm
  172. <pancake> because you act edgy as fuck and when you have to pay for it, you whine and cherry-pick to garner sympathy.
  173. <TerminusEst13> Have you considered looking at your behavior, seeing what causes that, and stopping it?
  174. <SArais> How am I acting edgy?
  175. <pancake> Then when you get called out for being a faggot you claim you were only joking.
  176. <SArais> No, really
  177. <GMOTA_Guy> The cow semen joke for example
  178. <Mike12> Maybe if you weren't such a little shit
  179. <TerminusEst13> How are you acting edgy? Are you fucking serious?
  180. <SArais> I am serious
  181. <pancake> ijon
  182. <pancake> pls
  183. <Mike12> your interactions wouldn't devolve into this shit
  184. <pancake> pastebin dump
  185. <TerminusEst13> You just got booted off a server for "jokes" and are now defending them, and you're trying to say you're not being edgy?
  186. <SArais> How is that edgy?
  187. <DrVonFungi> wait a sec
  188. <TerminusEst13> how is that edgy
  189. <TerminusEst13> are you fucking serious
  190. <Mike12> [19:12:31] <ijon>: saying that we're "stopping natural selection" and that we need to for some reason crank it into overdrive
  191. <Mike12> [19:11:51] <ijon>: suggesting we throw babies into furnaces?
  192. <Mike12> [19:11:55] <ijon>: that's not neonazi anymore!
  193. <ijon> hold on
  195. <ijon> dammit where is the logfile for this
  196. <SArais> Bloody hell, why do i bother
  197. <DrVonFungi>
  198. <Mike12> It's ironic, you know
  199. <Mike12> if we were to 'crank natural selection into overdrive', you'd be the first to go
  200. <Mike12> for being a dumb motherfucker
  201. <SArais> oh boy, here comes the proxys
  202. <TerminusEst13> The "proxys"?
  203. <TerminusEst13> What?
  204. <Eric> you have ten seconds to naturally select yourself out of the channel before i unnaturally do it
  205. <SArais> Wanna know what's REALLY edgy?
  206. <Mike12> Eric
  207. <Mike12> Let's at least wait till Ijoin finds the logs
  208. <Bloax> socialdarwinism
  209. <Mike12> if only for extra ass-blastage
  210. <SArais> Clicking "#rekt" when you're the one being #rekt"
  211. <ijon> yeah uh
  212. <GMOTA_Guy> Wot
  213. <Eric> okay, i'll give him that much
  215. <ijon> I can't get to the logs because atd
  217. <ijon> I'll get them when the server ends
  218. <roman6a> oh shit
  220. <Mike12> ah right
  221. <Mike12> in that case
  222. <TerminusEst13> ...
  223. <SArais> Fuck sakes /doom/
  224. <ijon> which will be, uh
  225. <Mike12> boot this fag whenever
  226. <TerminusEst13> So now you're just being fucking stupid.
  227. <Bloax> you tried so hard
  228. <Bloax> and got so far
  229. <roman6a> so
  230. <SArais> Man the fuck up and stop acting like 5 year olds
  231. <roman6a> when's ban
  232. * SArais ( has left ("Doomseeker End Of Line")
  233. <DrVonFungi> In the end, it doesn't even matter.
  234. <roman6a> eric pls ban
  235. <ijon> >stop acting like 5 year olds
  236. <GMOTA_Guy>
  237. <GMOTA_Guy> WARNING
  238. <GMOTA_Guy> WARNING
  239. <ijon> does he not realize
  240. <_sink> not even the edgehog himself has as many edges as he does.
  242. <ijon> that in *any* social situation
  243. <pancake> >MAN THE FUCK UP
  244. <Bloax> GMOTA_GUY: (trigger)
  245. <pancake> >ragequits
  246. <ijon> he'd get the shit beaten out of him?
  247. <DrVonFungi> it's time for the rekkening
  248. * Eric sets ban on *!*
  249. <ijon> for being a massive fucking twat
  250. <Mike12> yeah
  251. <Mike12> like i said
  252. <pancake> kek
  253. <DrVonFungi> GIT REKT SCRUB
  254. <pancake> erig pls
  255. <Mike12> [19:17:57] <+Mike12>: It's ironic, you know
  256. <Mike12> [19:18:11] <+Mike12>: if we were to 'crank natural selection into overdrive', you'd be the first to go
  257. <Mike12> [19:18:15] <+Mike12>: for being a dumb motherfucker
  258. <ijon> Eric: ban SArais*!*@* too, to be safe
  259. <pancake> +B *!*
  260. * Eric sets ban on *!*
  261. <GMOTA_Guy> aw man I missed it
  262. <pancake> +b*
  263. <pancake> YES
  264. * Eric removes ban on *!*
  265. <pancake> YEEEEEEEES
  266. <GMOTA_Guy> Shoulda got there sooner
  267. <Mike12> get fukt
  268. <ijon> oh yeah
  269. <ijon> he's permabanned from suns too
  270. <GMOTA_Guy> so anyone want to guess that SArias was under 16
  271. <DrVonFungi> THE POLL = 5:0
  272. <DrVonFungi> HE IS #REKT
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