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Transformers Roll For It Missing Scene Dialogue Transcript

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Nov 3rd, 2016
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  1. Full Episode Script (earlier draft to studio session)-
  3. [Wally Burr Intro]
  5. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  6. STARSCREAM: Thundercracker, Soundwave, follow me!
  7. *NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: Since when do you give the orders, Starscream?
  8. *NEW* STARSCREAM: Since Megatron deserted us in our hour of need, Thundercracker. I am the new leader of the Decepticons.
  9. POWER PLANT WORKER NO. 1: Those jets sound like they're gonna land in our laps.
  11. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  12. CLIFFJUMPER: One bash comin' up!
  13. THUNDERCRACKER: It sure is!
  14. *NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: [groan]
  15. CLIFFJUMPER: Oohh!
  16. *NEW* BRAWN: Atta bo, Cliffjumper! You've got him right where you want him
  17. *NEW THUNDERCRACKER: [groan]
  18. *NEW* CLIFFJUMPER: I'll be back!!
  19. BRAWN: Okay, little buddy! You feel tough enough for another go-round?
  20. CLIFFJUMPER: Sure thing, Brawn. Let me at 'em!
  21. *NEW* BRAWN: I love your attitude
  22. *NEW* CLIFFJUMPER: ooff
  23. *NEW* PROWL: Way to go Cliffjumper
  24. *NEW* BRAWN: I told ya the little piston pusher was tougher than the looked!
  25. *NEW* CLIFFJUMP: [laughter]
  26. OPTIMUS PRIME: Cliffjumper! Above you!
  28. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  29. OPTIMUS PRIME: Try picking on a mechanism your own size!
  30. *NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: I will, Prime! Bigger mechanisms make bigger targets!
  31. *NEW* BRAWN: And bigger bozos, Thundercracker!
  32. STARSCREAM: Stop!
  35. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  36. [Dan Gilvezan was not present for the recording so some dialogue is missing but this takes place after the securityi guard welcomes]
  37. *NEW* CHIP: My pleasure ... say cheese!
  38. *NEW* SPIKE: Cheese!
  39. REFLECTOR: There. That was the last bit of info I needed.
  42. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  43. *NEW* STARSCREAM: Hurry! We've got to rendezvous with Megatron in less than a billon astro seconds.
  44. STARSCREAM: I don't like the idea of Megatron getting the anti-matter formula! He can't be trusted!
  47. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  48. MEGATRON: Unlimited energy is almost mine!!
  49. *NEW* MEGATRON: No. If they hear us coming they'll destroy the anti-matter formula
  50. MEGATRON: This way we'll grab it before they know what hit them.
  53. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  54. *NEW* CHIP CHASE: Come on, Dr. Alkazar, acknowledge!
  55. *NEW* PRIME: Shove it into overdrive, if Megatron gets the formula, the Decepticons will be unbeatable
  56. CHIP CHASE: Come on, Dr. Alkazar, acknowledge!
  58. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  59. *EXTENDED* RAVAGE: [snarls]
  60. BLUESTREAK: (Strains and pants)
  61. PROWL: [panting ]Stay clear, Bluestreak!
  62. *EXTENDED* RAVAGE: [snarls]
  63. PROWL: Ohh! My battle computer's down! I'm... (strains) helpless! Uh!
  64. *NEW* BLUESTREAK: Get out of here Prowl! I'll cover ya!
  65. *NEW* PROWL: No!
  66. PROWL: Uhhh! I must link up with another on-line computer.
  69. ==== ADDITIONAL WORK ====
  70. CHIP CHASE: I just hope this works.
  71. *NEW* PROWL: Chip
  72. PROWL: Why are you directing me to take this action?
  75. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  76. MEGATRON: Finally, I've located the anti-matter formula! Starscream, an outside computer now holds the formula we seek. I will transmit the coordinates. Get the formula -- bring it here immediately!
  77. *NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same computer that helped Prowl clobber us
  78. *NEW* STARSCREAM: In that case pulverising it will be a pleasure!
  79. [NOTE: The tape skips which may be why the lines were cut]
  80. SOUNDWAVE: Ravage, eject. Operation: retrieval.
  82. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  83. *NEW* SPIKE: Prime! We can't desert chip now!
  84. *NEW* PRIME: Wo's deserting? We're just following Rumble's advice .. to not do anything stupid
  85. OPTIMUS PRIME: Autobots, transform for action!
  87. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  88. RUMBLE: Hey... I don't remember seein' that
  89. *NEW* RUMBLE: boulder there before?
  90. *NEW* SPIKE: Ok Bumblebee, go!
  91. RUMBLE: now what's that?
  92. MIRAGE: Good question!
  95. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  96. MIRAGE: Hold it right there!
  97. MEGATRON: Who said that?
  98. HOUND: We did!
  99. HOUND: We did!
  100. HOUND: We did!
  101. *NEW* HOUND: We did!
  102. *NEW* HOUND: We did!
  103. *NEW* HOUND: We did!
  104. MEGATRON: Blast them!
  106. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  107. VARIOUS: *Coughs*
  109. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  110. RATCHET: You guys are in pathetic shape!
  111. SUNSTREAKER: Oohh! That's a very sensitive junction!
  112. *NEW* BRAWN: Quit complaining, Sunstreaker! It could be a lot worse! It could be me!
  113. *NEW* VARIOUS: [groans]
  114. CHIP CHASE: Ah, this is my fault!
  116. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  117. VARIOUS AUTOBOTS: (extended chatter)
  118. RATCHET: Hey, everybody, listen up!
  120. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  121. SIDESWIPE: All right, bro, let's go!
  122. *NEW* PRIME: Autobots! Roll for freedom!
  123. SUNSTREAKER: Okay, big noise! Let's see how tough you are!
  125. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  126. SUNSTREAKER: Hey, I get the feeling our jet judo needs a little more work!
  127. SIDESWIPE:Oh? What makes you say that?
  128. *NEW* WINCHARGER: I dare you to try that again!
  129. *NEW* STARSCREAM: With pleasure! What's happening????
  130. *NEW* WINCHARGER: I've just got a magnetic personality!
  131. *NEW* SKYWARP: Ha! You won't catch me, Windcharger!
  132. *NEW* PRIME: He doesn't need to!
  133. MEGATRON: Thundercracker! The anti-matter! Quickly!
  136. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  137. BRAWN: Okay, Prime, let's hit it!
  138. *NEW* STARSCREAM: What?
  139. STARSCREAM: Skywarp, help! Get the anti-matter gun!
  142. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  143. SKYWARP:You little fool! You're no match for Skywarp!
  144. CHIP CHASE: Spike!
  145. *NEW* SKYWARP: You .. you microbe!
  146. SKYWARP: For that I'll blast you first!
  148. ==== EXTENDED SCENE ====
  149. **EXTENDED ** AUTOBOTS: [Cheering]
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