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  1. Ri-Jai is a Khajiti former bandit who decided that he wanted a life of crime that was more glamorous. He had heard about the Thieves Guild being located in Riften, and made his way there. Unfortunately for him, the guild had fallen onto hard times, and it was up to him to help rebuild the once powerful guild. Ri-Jai also was abducted by Astrid of the Dark Brotherhood shortly after his joining the Thieves Guild, and was invited to join the assassin's guild, which he gleefully accepted. Ri-Jai is unafraid to commit a crime, and will not help anyone unless the reward is large enough. Ri-Jai is the dragonborn, but that will be revealed to him in time. Right now, his goal is to take leadership of the two most powerful crime families in Skyrim, creating a legacy that will last long past his dying days. Ri-Jai is adept in Sneak, Archery, and Illusion Magic, but is also relatively skilled in Light Armor and Pickpocket, and he can wield a dagger when necessary.
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