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Threk on mindset

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  1. Mindset:
  2. So a lot of people asks about mindset problems
  3. They don't know how to deal with losing, joining ranked, flamer and what not
  4. And I know this game can be hard to keep on playing, it can tear you don't if you let it get to you
  5. There's so many haters and flamers, a lot of people are so scared of ranked because of this.
  6. And in my opinion it's sad and kind of without reason
  7. This is a game people, it's fun to play
  8. First of all:
  9. When you join a game, be it normal or ranked, try to relax
  10. The best way to start off before gaming is: Eating, proper sleep and go to the toilet. (You'll plaay better with an empty blatter, trust me).
  11. After every game stand up and walk around your room for a minute.
  12. Get some air
  13. If you lost, calm down
  14. I know it's pissing you off, or making you sad. It does with anybody and it's healthy. It's competitive.
  15. But keep in mind, that getting angry at the game and players wont help you
  16. Any mistake you make is your mistake
  17. Any game you lose could be won
  18. Starting off with that mindset will help you improving, knowing that you suck, but you can get better!
  19. I've been there.
  20. Last season I was at 1250~elo for a long time but I started focusing on one role, that helped a bit.
  21. Many people will think "Omg, he can only play one role"!
  22. Your role might get taken, but hen I just played my second best role
  24. This game is your game, you can improve, and you will, as long as you keep up the right attitude.
  25. be competitive, with yourself mainly.
  26. Set goals.
  27. Reach them, fail them. W/e
  28. Set new goals
  29. Be it a higher elo or some mechanic you need to get down
  30. I aimed for D3
  31. Now I'm aiming for diamond 1
  32. And then I'll aim for challenger
  33. New goals is important
  34. Never stop challenging yourself in this game
  35. But you have to like the game
  36. Keep being in the right mindset
  37. Stay calm and do it
  38. Play to your best ability, lose and then do it better!
  40. But keep a clean mind whenever you enter a new game
  41. I've had those kind of problems for a long time
  42. "I've just been trolled, my next team will do the same"
  43. And you automatically just go into a defensive mode
  44. It's not good
  45. If it happens
  46. Bitch slap yourself
  47. Or w/e it takes
  48. Don't be angry at new teammates just becayse you didn't win last game and learn to ignore flamers/trolls.
  49. Don't spam them, don't play their game cuz they will drag you down to their lvl and beat you with experience.
  50. Their idiot experience.
  51. Ignore bullshit and keep doing what you do, playing to your best ability.
  52. That's all you can do, even if you fail
  53. Just keep thinking "What can I do better next time?"
  55. Another thing!
  56. This is one of the single most common phenomenons in league
  57. Tilting
  58. IF you don't know what it is, I'll explain it in great detail
  59. It's very easy to explain with gambling
  60. I suppose everybody knows what that is
  61. If you don't, I'm sorry.
  62. But let's say you head into the casino
  63. You have 10000$ in your hand.
  64. And you're ready to win
  65. You start of playing any game
  66. Doesn't matter which one
  67. And you lose.
  68. In the first 2 hours, you've lost 3000$
  69. You're getting anoyed
  70. You want to win
  71. It's understandable
  72. But it makes you tilt
  73. You start making irrational decisions
  74. You try harder, bet more and therefor you'll just lose more
  75. Cuz you can't beat the casino
  76. Only one out of a million does
  77. The same thing can be applied to LoL
  78. Or any other game, sport or whatever
  79. You go into lane
  80. You die in the first 4 min.
  81. You bot lane goes "GG WP"
  82. Top lane says "REPORT"
  83. You're gonna think "Oh fuck, I gotta turn this"
  84. But you can't
  85. You're behind
  86. You lost
  87. You have to keep a calm mind
  88. Knowing that you can't win is key
  89. Cuz you can't
  90. You can only lose 1v1
  91. Think that way
  92. Never understimate the strength of someone who got FB that fast
  93. Don't try to bet more
  94. Don't get aggressive
  95. don't try to be a hero
  96. Think "I'm weak, I can farm and get stronger, and then kick his ass"
  98. You have to combine all the things I just mentioned and take it into your game
  99. Keep a clear mind, do something physical, like walk around .
  100. Between games remember to drink water, sleep and eat and toilet breaks.
  101. Be careful with tilting
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