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  1. <div class="main">
  2.    <div class="cdt inoneline"><span>交 紙 橋 倒 數</span><br/><label style="font-size: 45px;">PHYSICS PROJECT SUBMITION COUNTDOWN</label></div>
  3.    <div class="tn inoneline"><span id="day" class="day abs"></span><span class="day blt">88</span><!--<br/><label id="time"></label>--></div>
  4.    <div class="dt inoneline">
  5.       <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;日</span><br/>
  6.       <label>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;DAY<label class="s">s</label></label>
  7.    </div>
  8. </div>
  9. <div id="today" class="absdaybox">
  10.    <div class="inoneline"><span>現 在 時 間 : </span></div>
  11.    <div class="tn inoneline zzz"><span id="dayx" class="day abs"></span><span class="day blt">888-88-88 88 H 88</span></div>
  12. </div>
  13. <div id="exam" class="absdaybox">
  14.    <div class="inoneline"><span>交 橋 時 間 : </span></div>
  15.    <div class="tn inoneline zzz"><span class="day abs" id="lastday">108-04-10 00 H 00</span><span class="day blt">888-88-88 88 H 88</span></div>
  16. </div>
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