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Jan 26th, 2014
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  1. I've been tinkering with mapping for (G)ZDoom on and off in the past few months, so I think it's about time I sit down and work towards making something actually releasable.
  3. Maps are being designed for (G)ZDoom in UDMF format. No set goal number-wise at the moment; however many I feel inspired for, I suppose. I'm doing some testing in Brutal Doom, but I'd like to eventually incorporate my own gameplay enhancements into the maps; namely, more satisfying weapons, more varied enemy deaths, etc. Can't decide on some things like hitboxes and therefore headshots, so feedback on that is appreciated.
  5. My intent is for all the maps to be heavily influenced by some music track I've picked out beforehand, so I'll go ahead and provide links to those alongside any screenshots usually.
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  8. [b]THE MAPS[/b] (so far)
  10. Untitled
  11. track: [url=](From Out of Nothing) Up by Tarantula[/url], also heard in Agent Spork's [url=]Geo X[/url] although uncredited it seems (shame on you Spork)
  12. screenshots: [url=]imgur album[/url]
  14. Seaside Hotel (5 Acts Planned)
  15. track: [url=]Atlantis Highway by stinkbug and FearofDark[/url] and/or [url=]Seaside Hotel 2 - rooms by Purple Motion[/url]
  16. screens: [url=]screenshot from opening of Act III[/url]
  17. previous maps that will resemble these: [url=]Pogostick map[/url] and [url=]Seaside Hotel invasion map*[/url]
  19. =======================
  21. I have other ideas in mind but that'll do for the time being. Sometimes I find multiple tracks that would go well with the same theme (as with Seaside Hotel & Atlantis Highway), so I might end up having some maps split up into multiple "acts." So, for example, act 1 would be during the day and use one track, act 2 would be at sunset and use the other track, act 3 in the rain with another, etc.
  23. Additionally, I'll be including a few new monsters to hopefully be used somewhat liberally to fill gaps in Doom 2's stock bestiary. Some may be slightly modified from their Realm667 counterparts.
  25. [url=]Diabolist[/url] - health lowered to roughly Demon's HP; single attack is a pair of very slightly homing, floor-hugging fireballs; also considering giving it a raise ala the standard Archvile, but making it resurrect burnt n crispy, weak versions of the monster in question
  26. [url=]Suicide Bomber[/url] - no changes; runs at you and blows up, making it like a scarier Demon
  27. [url=]Fallen[/url] - also unchanged; like a Cacodemon but it dodges and shoots multiple projectiles, making it more of a threat in small numbers
  28. plus probably some other boss monsters down the road because scripted boss fights are cool right???
  30. Everything is obviously very WIP so any and all feedback is welcome :D
  33. * available for download on Zandronum forums [url=]here[/url]!!!
  35. ps is it possible to do thumbnails through imgur?
  37. 1/19/14 edit: added new Seaside Hotel screenshot
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