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  1. comeunity: caue u want more and more and more . why be fair ? ^^
  2. comeunity: nvm u had enought time. i did enought
  3. comeunity: be careful ;)
  4. Today, 6:34:03 AM
  5. comeunity: u guys have big mental healthy issues!! that one like me (and im not like YOU, one of 8 Billion.. IM NOT! u should know that, kid) and if I must hear that shit like i have mental issues i say: YES . im 32 and my hairs falling out, cause i have so much stress, why i have much stress? cause i feel like i am the only one who cares about the planet and the humans on it. cause espacially u USA blended slaves) and i have to hear i have mental issues FROM YOU - a fckn SLAVE. maybe u and most people ha
  6. comeunity: i dont write it 2x. sad for u . u cant learn...
  7. comeunity: amnit now u have to wake up alone
  8. comeunity: fckn MONEY addicted EGOIST
  9. comeunity: "we dont want much people" but he care much about his subs ^^ and if u dont wana have more viewers, why THIS UNDERHUMAN says instagram every 3mins ?
  10. comeunity: what a fckn contradicts
  11. comeunity: CEEZ IS 100 % a contradict
  12. comeunity: in his self
  13. comeunity: authentic? hahah if u really belive u stupid like me
  14. comeunity: ban hurt hard, u cant immagine, cause u not human, ur a fckn capitalist machine
  15. comeunity: u cant difference between good and bad
  16. comeunity: and u wanna be a mod
  17. comeunity: damn. pls kill urself
  18. comeunity: no one will find it out ^^
  19. comeunity: or finally prove to me that you CAN BE a good person too
  20. comeunity: i dont really care the chat BUT i have principles
  21. comeunity: i know u guys never heard about
  22. comeunity: google it ;)
  23. comeunity: greetz from the mental health issue man ;) u know the song of michael jackson - man in the mirror?
  24. comeunity: its your language and u never understand that song, huh?
  25. comeunity: poor little nation
  26. comeunity: blended (not only usa -.-) modern slaves... ther is no politics for people. there are JUST politics made for industries
  27. comeunity: u like it, huh? u can be V ERY proud of YOUR nation what YOU have a BIG ROLE in it, huh?
  28. comeunity: ur nothing btw
  29. comeunity: sry if i tell so much truth, but u guys need it. i know u dont like it
  30. comeunity: sry 4 that! truth always hard to understand
  31. comeunity: but if u anna be a good person (i guess u dont) make JUST senceful things
  32. comeunity: is it senceful what u do? some things i would say yes. and other things i dont care - u should know it better  ;)
  33. comeunity: is it senceful to go to regular WORK for a industrie and the Boss say: make this and that? is that senceful
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