diary entry 6

AntipathicZora Apr 18th, 2019 86 Never
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  1. Dear diary,
  3. I have seen a lot of shit happen this week.
  5. I did what I could to prepare but I still got caught by surprise. I threw anyone I could defend into my apartment and told them to stay down. I fought and I fought and I didn’t let them kill me and have my spark. I’m kinda full of holes and I’m stuck in the palace infirmary now. Considering how everything is normal I’m kinda sorta glad I decided to get married before this?
  7. I forgave my sister. It was probably a good idea because we both almost died and she’s just as stuck here as I am.
  9. I watched a man fry a god and I think I maybe I kinda want to be a storm mage now? Just a little?
  11. I saw the big bad demon boss carry a big guy up to throw himself at the dickbag tyrant who started all this. Big guy got swatted out of the air.
  13. Elis summoned a bunch of penises. That was cool.
  15. Emilius is still headbutting things.
  17. Pretty sure Cecelia is here because I see clockwork surgical tools.
  19. I feel like I need a year-long nap. Planning on going back when I can move to perform funeral rites for the people that I saw die and couldn’t do anything about. Whether anyone likes it or not.
  21. After that maybe a day can go by where something stupid doesn’t happen. Please?
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