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  1. this is a shoutout to everyone
  2. thinra
  3. you were awful
  4. never play blitzball again
  5. rikku
  6. i fired you
  7. yuna
  8. i tried to make all passing the move
  9. but fired you
  10. paine
  11. you scored some goals, but i destroyed your career
  12. children
  13. you had like ten in the relevant stats
  14. that was, inexplicably, enough to help claw us past the beasts
  15. shuu
  16. the first true legend of the team.
  17. dragged her w ay back into the professional game after a distinguished career in X
  18. eventually destroyed herself in the pursuit of greatness
  19. ropp
  20. our forgettable rightback for so many, many matches
  21. 40 attack was good until it was bad
  22. you had no other numbers
  23. balkai
  24. an early stalwart
  25. bad at everything but murder
  26. woefully inadequate  for the challenges to come
  27. naida and nedus
  28. before endurance became the stat
  29. you were as playmaking gods
  30. nhadala
  31. i was afraid to touch your numbers
  32. i was right to be
  33. svanda
  34. loyal, faithful goalkeeper
  35. you hit your use-by date
  36. it became pretty clear that you were not up to the rigours of the top-level game
  37. but even so
  38. you remain beloved
  39. zalitz
  40. what a consummate murderer
  41. even at the end, you were an excellent rotation defender to have
  42. neffe
  43. you may not have been the striker we hoped for
  44. but your emergence allowed us to reach the next echelon
  45. god bless
  46. you went to kilika and came back an allegedly changed man and we never used you again anyway
  47. SHAAMI.
  48. the greatest player ever to grace the game.
  49. a legendary striker across two adventures.
  50. went from journalism to professional football, my dream
  51. somehow managed all this in a heavy dress.
  52. zev ronso and yuma guado
  53. existed
  54. proved yuna isn't racist
  55. kiyuri
  56. an excellent murderer
  57. limited at other aspects of the game, true
  58. but murder.
  59. she had murder.
  60. jaialai
  61. a truly complete player
  62. except at one thing, shooting, which she insisted on showcasing at all times
  63. all-action, all-murder
  64. pace
  65. the world's greatest pure midfielder or fullback
  66. mifurey
  67. legendary goalkeeper
  68. a beast in her field
  69. unstoppable
  70. miyu
  71. as neffe was our belated second striker, so you proved the upgrade from neffe
  72. formed a beautiful strike partnership with shaami
  73. a destroyer
  74. tatts
  75. you did not live up to our hopes
  76. cahhan
  77. the world's classiest defender
  78. always there
  79. to paper over a crisis
  80. our child
  81. hero fo the al bhed people
  82. dona
  83. two appearances at rightback
  84. and to our rivals
  85. nizarut who never let a catching stat of Three get him down
  86. bickson the jock in a high school sport film
  87. the enigmatic blappa, goalscoring machine
  88. raudy, our lategame rival(edited)
  89. we are
  90. the Invincibles.
  91. and of course
  92. such iconic moments as;
  93. Our first win. The balmy night where we, with some literal child mercenaries bulking up our squad, managed to defeat Kilika.
  94. The pre-season. After a mere six points in our first season, the resolution to go and pummel Kilika seven times until we could unlock new mercenaries (who would include the mighty Shuu) - we did, in the process, manage to draw at least once and lose 1-0 at one stage.
  95. But it was all worth it. We got Shuu.
  96. And enough people to, eventually;
  97. Our first win against a real team.
  98. Two wins became four in our second season, and we cast our eyes higher.
  99. but our third season would be stymied by injury and error, and we would fail to ascend higher.
  100. The doubts of Post Play.
  101. When its limitations became known as we were stranded in an infinite loop of Hildi to Shuu and back.
  102. The revelation that Shuu and Paine could no longer, according to the laws of the game, receive the ball.
  103. Things were dark.
  104. It seemed as though we would never escape fourth place.
  105. Until.
  106. The first breakthrough.
  107. Scout level 3.
  108. Neffe and Shaami, strikers who genuinely could do a job.
  109. Kiyuri and Jaialai, excellent midfielders and fullbacks.
  110. Mifurey, the world's greatest goalkeeper.
  111. Zev and Yuma, who finally gave us capable squad depth.
  112. We signed every player at scout level 3.
  113. Almost all immediately went into the starting lineup.
  114. We almost lost Jaialai - it took me a while for her to even show up.
  115. We almost had it then.
  116. The close call.
  117. We took four points from the Al Bhed.
  118. Four points.
  119. But we'd fallen early to the Ronso, and then Luca denied us on the final day of the season.
  120. To this backdrop, the accidental triumph.
  121. I wanted to throw the Cup final.
  122. There was a better reward waiting for me.
  123. Shaami disagreed.
  124. And hauled us, single-handed, to smack down Luca in the final.
  125. Even so, it would be our last success for a long time.
  126. The second period of Doubt.
  127. Two seasons lost to a lack of faith in our method, the 3-2-2 Post Play.
  128. The Post Play was sabotaged by a move to a 3-3-1 diamond attack.
  129. The Central Attack found no way through, we lacked the passing for the Long Feed, no formation seemed to work.
  130. Scout Level 4 saw us purchase Miyu and Cahhan, seemingly the final pieces of the puzzle, as well as the disappointing Tatts, but we couldn't force our way through.
  131. Until.
  132. The return.
  133. The return could have been disastrous.
  134. We went back to the 3-2-2.
  135. An experiment with the Short Pass wound up with a mere 3-0 defeat of Kilika.
  136. We went back to the Post Play.
  137. Training shifted focus, first to the attack, then to teamwork, then to endurance, getting all to a finely-honed edge.
  138. The seasons of failure prepared our squad for what was to come.
  139. Ten wins.
  140. One challenge remains.
  141. We must destroy the Aurochs.
  142. If they appear in a league season, we must destroy them there.
  143. Wakka must name the child.
  144. Wakka must name the child.
  145. Wakka must name the child.
  146. Wakka must name the child.
  147. Parrhesia01/07/2018
  148. ,
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