Spurred to Separation Event Story Parts 3-4

Jun 10th, 2018
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  1. Part 3:
  3. Yachiyo: Oh, you came here properly and didn't run away, did you?
  4. Kanagi: That's quite an attitude from the group that called me out here.
  5. Yachiyo: Seems you're being quite unpleasant as well.
  6. Yachiyo: Are you angry that things aren't going the way you want them to?
  7. Kanagi: What? I can say the exact same to you.
  8. Kanagi: Things aren't going the way you want to, either, and that's why you contacted me, isn't it?
  9. Mifuyu: Now now, we've gathered here to have a discussion with each other, so let's leave that here.
  10. Mifuyu: First of all, Kanagi-san.
  11. Mifuyu: Thank you for answering our request to meet.
  12. Kanagi: I am the Eastside's peacekeeper, after all. I have to think of the interests of the entire Eastside.
  13. Kanagi: I must clearly take responsibility for this.
  14. Mifuyu: Yes.
  15. Kanagi: So then, how shall I pay back this debt?
  16. Kanagi: I assume it won't be settled with an apology.
  17. Mifuyu: That's right.
  18. Mifuyu: The reasonable thing would be... an offering of grief seeds.
  19. Mifuyu: ...and also negotiating rights to the area known as the Central Ward, I would say?
  20. Kanagi: Ho ho, now this is getting big.
  21. Kanagi: Your side seems to think they can afford to ask for quite a lot.
  22. Yachiyo: That's right. At the very least, unlike your side...
  23. Yachiyo: ...we aren't desperate enough to start attacking magical girls from the opposing side in neutral territory.
  24. Kanagi: Wait. What do you mean by that?
  25. Yachiyo: What, you say...?
  26. Yachiyo: Momoko was attacked by an Eastside magical girl while in a witch's barrier in the Central Ward.
  27. Mifuyu: That incident was also a reason that we arranged this...
  28. Yachiyo: Perhaps you didn't know that?
  29. Yachiyo: I wonder if there was some incompetent supervision at work there.
  30. Kanagi: ......
  31. Kanagi: One of our magical girls was also attacked by a Westside magical girl.
  32. Yachiyo: Wha-?!
  33. Mifuyu: Huh?!
  34. Kanagi: ...By the looks on your faces, I'll assume that you didn't know that either.
  35. Kanagi: I wonder who exactly has the incompetent supervision?
  36. Yachiyo: I don't think that's something you should be saying.
  37. Kanagi: You either, right?
  38. Mifuyu: The two of you, please calm down.
  39. Mifuyu: Now that we've advanced the conversation to the point where we know about these attacks...
  40. Mifuyu: Let's take a moment to get things straight.
  42. ------
  44. Mifuyu: I see... so they were both attacks that happened in a witch's barrier in the Central Ward.
  45. Mifuyu: And the attacker called herself a magical girl of the Westside, right?
  46. Kanagi: Yes, that's what I was told.
  47. Yachiyo: It's the same as us. The magical girl that attacked Momoko also called herself...
  48. Yachiyo: "A magical girl from a ward that's against yours."
  49. Kanagi: ...The circumstances are incredibly similar.
  50. Yachiyo: If you doubt we're telling the truth, you can confirm it for yourself.
  51. Kanagi: Ohh?
  52. Yachiyo: We'll allow you to use your powers to read our hearts.
  53. Yachiyo: If it's necessary, I'll call Momoko here, too.
  54. Kanagi: I see, that's a good idea.
  56. ------
  58. Yachiyo: With that, you have proof, right?
  59. Kanagi: Yes, the two of you aren't lying.
  60. Kanagi: It's true that Togame was attacked by an unknown magical girl.
  61. Mifuyu: That you understand that is what's important.
  62. Yachiyo: So, how are you going to prove your story to us?
  63. Kanagi: Wh-?
  64. Yachiyo: Unlike you, we can't read your heart or anything.
  65. Yachiyo: How will you prove to us that the attack on your side actually happened?
  66. Kanagi: ...That's...
  67. Kanagi: ......
  68. Kanagi: ...I've been honest.
  69. Kanagi: That's the proof.
  70. Yachiyo: What is that supposed to mean?
  71. Kanagi: I could have just faked what I read in your hearts.
  72. Kanagi: Like "I read your hearts, and I know you're lying," or something.
  73. Kanagi: But I didn't do that.
  74. Yachiyo: ...You're saying that us believing you is connected to you believing us?
  75. Kanagi: Yes.
  76. Yachiyo: ...Mifuyu.
  77. Mifuyu: ...I think we can believe her.
  78. Yachiyo: ...All right, I wasn't planning on trying to take it that far anyway.
  79. Yachiyo: Fine, we believe you, Kanagi.
  80. Kanagi: ...Now we can continue with the discussion.
  81. Mifuyu: Yes, so we have a situation here that neither side fully understands.
  82. Mifuyu: If possible, I'd like to find a way to cooperate to...
  83. Momoko: Yachiyo-san! Mifuyu-san! There's a problem!
  84. Yachiyo: What is it? We were just about to reach a conclusion to this discussion.
  85. Momoko: ...Maybe I shouldn't have shouted that so loud.
  86. Mifuyu: It's an emergency, right? Kanagi-san, I apologize for this, but...
  87. Kanagi: ...Don't make me wait too long.
  88. Mifuyu: I'm very sorry.
  89. Momoko: More of our magical girls were attacked!
  90. Yachiyo: What?!
  91. Momoko: A team of magical girls were attacked in their territory in Sankyou Ward.
  92. Momoko: It's caused a bit of an uproar.
  93. Mifuyu: Oh no... can we get persuade them not to spread the story?
  94. Momoko: ...It's difficult.
  95. Momoko: It seems the story's already spread throughout the magical girls of Sankyou Ward.
  96. Momoko: Tsuruno's over in Sankyou Ward, but I'm not sure if she'll be able to stop things...
  97. Momoko: But, if it's someone like Yachiyo-san saying it, they may actually listen to you...
  98. Yachiyo: ...I'll go. Mifuyu, continue the discussion.
  99. Mifuyu: Understood.
  100. Yachiyo: Kanagi, it's rude of me, but...
  101. Kanagi: This is the end of the discussion.
  102. Yachiyo: Huh?!
  103. Kanagi: I just received word that another attack from the Westside has come.
  104. Mifuyu: ...I can tell you that it wasn't on our instruction.
  105. Kanagi: I know that, since I read your hearts before.
  106. Kanagi: But that's why I've concluded that this discussion is pointless.
  107. Yachiyo: What is this about?
  108. Kanagi: I don't think we can reach a conclusion when I'm negotiating with people who don't know what their side's magical girls are up to.
  109. Kanagi: Time is precious, so I'm going to have to leave it here.
  110. Mifuyu: P-please wait a moment!
  111. Yachiyo: ...It's no use. When she gets like that, she's not going to listen anymore.
  112. Yachiyo: Let's go to the Sankyou Ward and try to stop the situation from growing any worse.
  113. Mifuyu: ...Okay.
  115. -------
  117. Part 4:
  119. Westside Magical Girl 1: Yachiyo-san! Let us Westside girls enter the Central Ward, too!
  120. Westside Magical Girl 1: It's because we've been obedient that those Eastsiders have gone too far.
  121. Westside Magical Girl 2: If we don't give them a little taste of their own medicine, they won't learn!
  122. Westside Magical Girl 3: And besides, if we hand over the Central Ward to those girls who rampage through it doing whatever they wanted...
  123. Westside Magical Girl 3: ...wouldn't you feel bad for the Central Ward girls?
  124. Westside Magical Girl 3: Even now there are girls who are being oppressed.
  125. Westside Magical Girl 3: And also the girls who are being forced from their own territory!
  126. Mifuyu: ...Yes, we certainly can't forgive the invasion of territory.
  127. Westside Magical Girl 3: So then...!
  128. Yachiyo: But why do you girls know so much about this?
  129. Westside Magical Girl 2: Huh?
  130. Yachiyo: Have you been going to the Central Ward yourselves?
  131. Westside Magical Girl 1: ...Well, that's...
  132. Westside Magical Girl 3: My friend lives there, so...
  133. Westside Magical Girl 3: In the beginning, I thought we would just be on good terms and split up the witches, but...
  134. Westside Magical Girl 3: Now it's different...
  135. Westside Magical Girl 3: That girl doesn't have much experience, and she's not very strong, so I figured we need to protect her...
  136. Westside Magical Girl 1: A-and we're not exploiting them like those Eastsiders are!
  137. Westside Magical Girl 2: Sometimes she fights with us, too, so that girl is practically our ally already!
  138. Yachiyo: Allying with magical girls of the Central Ward...
  139. Yachiyo: ...strictly speaking, that's also a violation of the pact that the Westside and the Westside agreed to.
  140. Westside Magical Girl 1: ...That's...
  141. Westside Magical Girl 3: I was the one who originally did it, so I'll take the punishment.
  142. Yachiyo: ......
  143. Mifuyu: If you can promise to avoid making a further uproar about this...
  144. Mifuyu: Then we can close this matter here.
  145. Westside Magical Girl 3: ...Huh?
  146. Mifuyu: But I want the three of you to think hard on your actions.
  147. Mifuyu: And what happened as the result of those actions.
  148. Westside Magical Girl 3: ...Yes, I'm sorry.
  150. ------
  152. Momoko: I'm glad that things got settled somehow yesterday...
  153. Yachiyo: Yes, it's not like I didn't understand the feelings of those girls, though.
  154. Yachiyo: Wanting to help your friends if they're in trouble is a normal thing...
  155. Momoko: The discussions with Kanagi-san broke down as well, but...
  156. Momoko: Was there any movement toward having the Central Ward join the Westside?
  157. Momoko: If they're being tyrannized by the Eastside magical girls, wouldn't they want to join us?
  158. Yachiyo: ......
  159. Mifuyu: ...To be honest, I don't know.
  160. Momoko: Huh? Why's that?
  161. Mifuyu: ...We can't guarantee that the Westside magical girls won't do the same thing the Eastside magical girls are doing.
  162. Yachiyo: ...It's unfortunate, but they are.
  163. Yachiyo: People who are cornered and desperate can only think about themselves.
  164. Momoko: No way...
  165. Mifuyu: So our biggest problem now is that we don't exactly understand the current situation in the Central Ward.
  166. Mifuyu: If they're suspicious that we've had incompetent supervision, then there's really not much we could say in our defense...
  167. Yachiyo: I'm suspicious whether Kanagi fully grasps the situation or not...
  168. Yachiyo: In either case, it's a problem for me as a peacekeeper...
  169. Momoko: ......
  170. Yachiyo: So first, of all, we need to understand this situation as much as we can.
  171. Yachiyo: For the sake of resolving this situation as well.
  172. Momoko: That's right! If there's something you need help with, you can ask me for anything.
  173. Yachiyo: Thank you.
  174. Yachiyo: There's also the cases of these attacks, so I think we should go to the Central Ward to investigate.
  175. Yachiyo: I'd at least like to confirm with my own eyes the reality of the situation there.
  176. Mifuyu: I've certainly had my fill of hearsay...
  177. Mifuyu: For this, Yacchan and I will...
  178. Meru: I'm going, too!
  179. Meru: I'd feel ashamed if I just left this alone!
  180. Mifuyu: Hya?! W-when did you...
  181. Tsuruno: I'm here, too!
  182. Yachiyo: Ah, you've come.
  183. Tsuruno: If it's problem-solving, then leave it to Yui Tsuruno, the strongest magical girl!
  184. Momoko: If you're looking for the barrier where I was attacked, you're going to need me there, too, huh?
  185. Yachiyo: ...I suppose so.
  186. Yachiyo: There's a battle with the witch we need to think about, too. Shall we all go, then?
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