A little more succubus

Mar 9th, 2016
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  1. >Pony valentine day, and you are at home, drinking with Jubie fluttering around in the air and being confused to why you’re not going out
  2. >”’re not going out anywhere?”
  3. “Nope”
  4. >You take another sip of your canned beverage while Jubie frowns
  5. >”But it’s hearts and hoove’s day, surely you have something set up?”
  6. >You shake your head
  7. >”No dates, no nothing?”
  8. >You nod
  9. “Nada”
  10. >Jubie flies next to you and stares at you with confusion
  11. >”Why?”
  12. >You stay silent for a while, and then take another sip
  13. “Just because”
  14. >Jubie keeps staring at you while flapping her wings in the air
  15. >”Ok”
  16. >Yup, another Valentine’s, or Hearts and whatever’s day alone
  17. >Well, sort of alone, you’ve got Jubie, but alone in the romantic sense
  18. >”Well you know...I could be your special somepony if you’d like”
  19. >Hmmm, to be comforted by a filly or not...
  20. “Sure”
  21. >Jubie wraps her hooves around your head and gives you a hug, which you return with a pat on her head
  22. >Jubie lets go and lands down on your lap
  23. >”Too bad you can’t get your dick wet tonight huh?”
  24. >You look down and find Jubie leering at you lewdly, shifting around so that her butt gently grinds on your crotch a little
  25. >You can pretty much guess where she is going with this, but she won’t have her fun this time
  26. >You smirk
  27. “I’d rather spend it with my cute daughter anyway”
  28. >Jubie’s mouth falls open and the leer is gone from her now surprised eyes as her face brightens up considerably
  29. >”O-oh...”
  30. >Jubie quickly looks away from you and stops moving around in your lap and does her best to stay still
  31. >Hah, it’s your victory this time!
  32. >But you’re not done yet, you start to pat her head which makes her tense up
  33. >Shakily she reaches for the can of root beer you were drinking out of and takes a sip to calm herself down
  34. >Just what you were expecting, you stop patting her head and speak the magic words
  35. “I love you Jubie”
  36. >Root beer snorts out from her nostrils as she chokes on the root beer
  37. >You start laughing and Jubie gives you a glare
  38. >”I hate you!”
  39. >You hand her some tissue so she can wipe her face while trying to contain your laughter
  40. >Jubie wipes her face while pouting at you, making you laugh even harder
  41. >She then settles into pouting huffily while sitting in your lap
  42. >”You suck.”
  46. >”Now Mr. Contestant, what might it be?”
  47. >You keep munching the something, trying to wrap your head around what you might be eating
  48. >”Only 30 seconds to go!”
  49. >You are Anonymous, and you got invited to a gameshow, and tl;dr you’re blindfolded and tasting something, and if you guess it correct you’ll win a very large sum of money
  50. >”You can do it!”
  51. >Jubie’s cheering for you from the audience as you gently nom the thing and lick it, trying to come up with anything
  52. >You’re not allowed to take a bit out of it due to the rules which is making this very difficult
  53. >But what can it be? You only have one guess so you can’t screw it up
  54. >It tastes sweet, but not overly much, and there’s some kind of a familiar flavor
  55. >It’s like you’re supposed to know what it is but you just can’t remember
  56. >The consistency is...weird, soft yet it does not fall apart, some kind of a meat or fruit? Or maybe a gelatinous dessert even?
  57. >”Oh no we’re down to 10 last seconds!”
  58. >The audience and the host start to count the seconds as you start to panic
  59. >What could it be what could it be? Some kind of a clam or mollusk? But it does not taste seafoody, but it feels too much like meat to be any kind of a fruit...
  60. >”6”
  61. >Oh shit oh crap it’s...aaagh that counting is throwing you off and making you all panicky and sweaty!
  62. >”Come on Anon!”
  63. >Jubie’s not helping!
  64. >Shit shit it’s-
  65. >”2”
  66. >No wait maybe
  67. >”1”
  69. >Suddenly your eyes fly open
  70. >You just lie there as your heart pounds wildly
  71. >A dream? It was a drea...
  72. > that’s why you had a dream like that
  73. >You grab Jubie’s thighs and lift her crotch off of your face
  74. >”Mmm~that’s ticklish...zzzzz”
  75. >You wipe your mouth off of what you hope is just saliva and then wipe the back of your hand into your covers
  76. >Jubie’s not allowed to sleep with you anymore, or at least has to fix her habit of tossing and turning around in her sleep
  77. >How did this even happen...
  82. "Jubilation's going to grow up hot"
  83. >Bob slowly turns his head to face you while holding one hell of a pokerface as he looks at you
  84. >"Excuse me what?"
  85. >You glance at him and notice how he's staring at you
  86. "No not like that, I mean her mom's pretty hot so she'll probably be too"
  87. >Bob appears confused now
  88. >"Wait, isn't her mom dead?"
  89. >You nod
  90. "Yeah, but due to random demon bullshit I got to see her, and I think she was a looker"
  91. >"You think?"
  92. "Well I am not the best expert when telling apart what is hot and what is not when it comes to ponies since I'm a human but I think she was pretty hot, here look"
  93. >You dig out a video recorder from your bag
  94. >"What's with the cam?"
  95. "I left it on accidentally when Jubie's mom popped out of my fireplace, take a look"
  96. >You show the video to Bob and as Sweet Jubilation comes into view Bob's eyes suddenly bulge out and he grabs the cam and stares at it intensely
  97. >"Holy smokes Anon this mare is ridiculously hot"
  98. "It-I mean she is?"
  99. >Bob nods
  100. >"Yeah it's like looking at a 100/10, in fact let me take this cam with me home tonight I want to put this to good use"
  101. >You give your friend a disgusted look
  102. "Bob are you thinking of masturbating to a video of my daughter's mother?"
  103. >Bob turns to look at you with determination all over his face
  104. >"Heck yes I am going to!"
  105. >Suddenly someone clears their throat behind Bob and both f you look at the pony standing behind him
  106. >And suddenly Bob freezes up
  107. >"Hi...honey..."
  108. >Bob offers his wife a frightened smile as she grabs Bob and drags him off while he sings out apologies like he was about to be publicly lynched
  109. >You put the camera he quickly handed back to you into your bag and finish up your cup of coffee
  110. >You get up and you almost start walking home when you notice a familiar face
  111. >It's Fat-Anon...or shriveled Anon now, he looks lie all the life has been sucked from him and he's lost a ton of weight
  112. "Fat-Anon is that you? What did they do to you in prison?"
  113. >Fat-Anon looks at you with lifeless eyes and gives you a tired wave as a greeting
  114. >"Hi Other Anon, long time no see"
  115. >He shambles to you like a walking corpse
  116. >"I got out a while ago, and this is not because of that, I've just been working. So, so very much work..."
  117. >He chuckles and coughs up blood as he does so
  118. >"'d think when you're coughing up blood you'd get a sick leave from work but turns out yoru body works just fine enough to do work even if in this state...haha...ha..."
  119. "What's going on with you? Why are you working yourself to death?"
  120. >"no, not matter how much i pray for it everyday, you see when I got those 20 fillies pregnant things ended up working out and now I am married to 20 pregnant fillies. So you can imagine how much money have to make to carry food to the table, not to mention they all want to live in this big mansion with me...and I have to since paying child support would make sure I never had any money no matter what..."
  121. "Seems like your good situation has turned pretty bad"
  122. >No-Longer-Fat-Anon nods
  123. >" think marriage is bad, try being married 20 times at the same time..."
  124. >And with that Fat-Anon shambles on wards, but suddenly pauses, seems to gain his weight back from out of nothing and skips like a faggot right back to you with a really annoying grin on his face
  125. >"But there are good sides to it too, imagine being married to 20 wives"
  126. >And then all life escapes him again
  127. >"But now I have to rush to my third job today...out of 5...I wish I'd die of a heart attack while I'm at it ha ha ha..."
  128. >And with that he's off again
  129. >...well this was pretty stupid, time to head back home to see what your loving daughter is up to
  130. >Arriving home Jubie flies to you and gives your neck a hug while nuzzling her face against the top of your head lovingly
  131. >"Welcome home dad!"
  132. >Well, she sure is happy you're back
  133. "Ok what did you do?"
  134. >Jubie lets go and gives you a grumpy pout
  135. >"What, I can't act affectionate every once in a while?"
  136. >You ruffle her mane, getting the pout off of her face as she swats your hand away
  137. "Usually it's because you've gassed your friend into some kind of a cock-based craze or raped the whole neighborhood or something"
  138. >Jubie lands down and lets out a gasp as you kick your shoes off and head for the couch
  139. >"I wouldn't do that. Well the raping the whole neighborhood thing..."
  140. >Jubie climbs onto the couch as well as you flip the tv on
  141. >"Hey dad?"
  142. "Mhhm?"
  143. >Jubie suddenly flops down onto her back and on your lap with her hooves held up like a little kitten's
  144. >"Give me a tummy rub?"
  145. "Maybe later"
  146. >Jubie hops up and grinds herself against you
  147. >"What no, give me one now"
  148. >You don't reply her so she climbs on top of the backrest of the sofa
  149. >"Come onnnnn~"
  150. >She starts to nuzzle her face against your head
  151. >"Daddyy~"
  152. "In a minute Jubie"
  153. >Suddenly you feel something warm and moist on your earlobe as Jubie starts to gently nibble on it
  154. >"Dahdheee~"
  155. >You grab the pony and lift her back onto your lap
  156. "Well aren't you being indecent again"
  157. >Jubie giggles and rolls around to expose her tummy to you again
  158. >"Indecent? Jubie has no idea what you're talking ab out~"
  159. >And then she proceeds to wiggle around on your lap, completely taking away any concentration you might have had for watching the tv
  160. >With a sigh you put your hand down and gently start to rub her tummy while staring at the tv
  161. >Jubie lets out a delighted squee and settles down on your lap as you give her the tummy rub she wanted
  162. >"Mmm~"
  163. >"Mmhhhh~"
  164. >"Hnn~"
  165. >You look back down at her due to he moans she's making and find her biting her lip seductively with a rosy blush on her face and...
  166. >Her pupils are not like they normally are, but they're heart shaped now
  167. >Suddenly your heart skips a beat as you remember a certain accident that happened at a certain point in time and you pull your hand off of your daughter's tummy
  168. >"Awww why'd you stop? It felt so nice"
  169. >You find it kind of difficult to look her in the eyes when she's like this so you instead focus on the tv
  170. "You were being indecent"
  171. >Jubie lets out a delighted giggle
  172. >"No I wasn't~"
  173. >You put on a stern face
  174. "Yes you were young miss."
  175. >Suddenly your feel her wingtalons grab your hand and pull it towards her
  176. >"This is me being indecent~"
  177. >You stare in shock as she starts to lick your hand and then proceeds to take your finger in her mouth and suck on it seductively
  178. >All the while with a happy smile on her face and maintaining eye contact
  179. >As of late she's been not so lewd at you so you're completely taken back by this and let it continue for a while before shaking yourself out of it and pulling your hand away from her
  180. "Are you in heat or estrus or whatever it is!?"
  181. >Jubie shakes her head
  182. >"No I'm not in heat...but I'm feeling a little bit..."
  183. >Jubie nuzzles more tightly against your lap in a very uncomfortable manner
  184. >Uncomfortable because if you'd think of it as anything else it'd be...pleasurable...
  185. >"Amorous~"
  186. >And then she blows a kiss at you
  187. >Your mouth falls open and she giggles
  188. >"You're looking silly daddy~"
  189. >Suddenly Jubie rolls over and shifts her position on your lap so she's sitting on it while facing you
  190. >"I wanna give you a kiss~"
  191. >She grabs onto you wth her wings and slowly starts to lift herself up, moving her face closer to yours as you pull your face away from her
  192. >You find yourself starting to feel a bit sweaty and you're just about to sit her down and have a chat when she suddenly bursts into laughter and sits back onto your lap while laughing with her eyes closed
  193. >After a bit of laughing while you stare at her in confusion she opens up her eyes again
  194. >And now you're staring back into the usual slit pupilled eyes of your adopted daughter
  195. >"Sorry dad, I couldn't resist screwing around a little"
  196. >Jubie climbs off of your lap and nestles comfily next to you on the couch while you try to regain your composure
  197. " were just screwing around weren't you?"
  198. >Jubie rests her had against your thigh
  199. >"I wonder~"
  200. >You open up your mouth to say something but then find yourself in loss of words
  201. >Jubie rolls onto her back once again so she's looking at you again and winks her eye in a cutesy manner and puts her tongue out goofily
  202. >"Te~he"
  203. >You simple let out a sigh and rest your head against the backrest of the couch, feeling much more tired than you earlier were
  204. "Weren't you supposed to be feeling too awkward to screw around with me like that?"
  205. >Jubie just shakes her head and then smiles
  206. >"Nah not anymore"
  207. >You roll your eyes
  208. "Oh goody..."
  209. >Jubie gives you a sour look
  210. >"Aww come on, you like it too~"
  211. >Now you blush and look sour
  212. "No I don't, it's incident and not proper and-"
  213. >Jubie interrupts you
  214. >"I love you~"
  215. >You stop talking and Jubie closes her eyes and simply lies there with a happy, content look on her face
  216. >You stare at her and for some reason you can't find the energy in you to be crossed with her
  217. >So you just remain silent and watch the tv while she rests with her head on your lap
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