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  1. /uma/ genius tactics
  3. Meta
  4. 1. Start odd games on P1, even games on P2 (so the cycle is P1-P2-P1-P2-...).
  6. Pre-game
  7. 1. Always start Trainer-san as GK.
  8. 2. If Trainer-san can't play (red cards lmao), put Urara in. NEVER play Hana-san.
  9. 3. Sub in best conditions for the rest.
  10. 4. Check that the non-medal DMF takes both corners.
  12. Game
  13. 1. Subs anywhere between 60' to 70' when the other team is subbing.
  14. 2. Sub out the CMF, DMF and most tired CB for best conditions.
  15. 3. If we're losing at any time after 60', go P3.
  16. 4. If something extraordinarily meme happens, hit the meme button.
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